About Temptation Cancun Resort

  • high speed internet in room
  • shuttle bus service
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • bar lounge
  • fitness center
  • spa
  • free parking
  • business services
  • wifi
  • suites
  • public wifi
  • wheelchair access
  • air conditioning
  • room service
  • dry cleaning
  • refrigerator
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • flatscreen tv
  • concierge desk
  • multilingual staff
  • airport transportation
  • breakfast buffet
  • outdoor pool
  • paid wifi
  • parking
  • housekeeping
  • free breakfast
  • minibar
  • private balcony
  • breakfast available
  • beach
  • reduced mobility rooms
  • hot tub
  • facilities for disabled guests
  • paid internet
  • swimup bar
  • poolside bar
  • butler service
  • adult pool
  • safe

Reviews summary

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36 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

me and my sister went to blue bay getawa...

Reviewed Tue 13th of May 2008

"me and my sister went to blue bay getaway last year for a week in october.....well well
it was a fab holiday all in all, at 1st we didnt know what to do as it turned out to be a swingers hotel, now they dont tell you this in the travel agents they just class it as an all adults hotell,after a while we just got used to it and made the most but with me being 18 and her been 23 was something diffrent ill tell you that 4 nowt!!!
was very clean and ohhh i miss the breakfast so much, a bit repetative but its good!
the pools lovely
the room was fine
the beach is just at the side of the pool but not very big and the waters not very clean, i didnt go in it witch i usualy would, but you can get a boat trip just outside the hotel and go scuber diving
the staff were very helpfull and helped as much as possible apart from the sales people who try and rip you off! was so hot!
over all we loved it th food was good and theres seafood eastraunts, 2 diffrent pools and a beautifull free spa witch you have to book in but some how no one seems o know about it so we spent loads ov time in there relaxing,theres also a sauna and steam room the other down to this holliday is that there are so many perves and they are just drinking from morning to night and will snake on yo beyond belief to the point were you cant just sit there and say nothing!
we payed 600 £ all inclusive and i would say it was worth it but dont go there if your easily offended lol if you need to ask me any questions ill be happy to answer them! [email protected]"

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  • Travel date: Tue 13th of May 2008

This is the best holiday I have ever had...

Reviewed Wed 9th of January 2008

"This is the best holiday I have ever had! Be warned through this is only for the light hearted due to the sexual day time games around the pool and for what I heard about the evening shows (which I didn't go to). I made some fantastic friends who I still keep in touch with.

The food was lovely and there was so much choice. The rooms were pretty much as you would expect, clean but basic! Also on the TV there was a selection of adult channels.

The private beach was lovely and there were hammocks so that you would lay and just watch the sea. There were also a lot of games played in the day such as beach volley ball.

I would love to go back as there was such a range of people there and everyone was friendly. I have heard it was a swinger’s hotel but I think only if you go for that - it's not like they jump on you. The whole time there was such a laugh, I can't wait to go again!

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  • Travel date: Wed 9th of January 2008

Decided on Mexico because my best friend...

Reviewed Wed 19th of December 2007

"Decided on Mexico because my best friend and I fancied some sun at Easter, and that is a rarity in the UK. We decided upon two weeks at Blue Bay Getaway. On arrival we were really excited and the week was really fun. Namely because we were 18 and had only really been away with parents before. I got so burnt after a long walk on the beach without sun cream (My fault) that I had 3rd degree burns and spent 5 days in agony fully clothed with inflated lips and horrific streaks all over my body - it is SO windy there that it masks the heat and you can get seriously burnt. Felt really self conscious as I am rather vain, and it kind of ruined bikini wearing and nights out in little dresses. My best friend got food poisoning after day 2 and spend 3 days bed ridden. The place is full of Americans which can be a bit annoying as they are all spring breakers and really rowdy. The activity is cheap and tacky - all about simulating sex and doing things to bananas...we just sat there a bit disgusted to be honest. It was just so tacky! The food was average - think greasy spoon buffet...we ate out most nights which pumps up the expenditure a great deal but is certainly recommended, because chips and chicken wings gets a little bit boring after a week. The room was nice enough - just basic, but clean and fine really especially if you have travelled in India before so are used to 3* accommodation. There were hardly any cockroaches, but there were a few mosquitoes. The staff were annoying. They get really moody if you don't tip which is hard because they are really incompetent at times. Evening entertainment is rubbish - BAD cabaret...nothing to stay in for. What saves Mexico is - the weather, the beaches, the sea, the jet skiing and best of all the night life. Cancun is brilliant for clubbing and Coco Bongo was fabulous - you really can dance all night. It is not cheap by any means - we spend WAY over our budget on nights out because of entry while it usually includes all drinks is about £30 and that every night for 2 weeks comes to a lot of money. The drinks around the bar are also a bit rubbish. While the cocktails taste awesome and at first it seems like paradise to have endless top ups, the hygiene is NOT good. The glasses are all plastic so they are reused and I watched the bar man rinse them under the tap and then reuse...I am really fussy like that and it put me off so much that I could not drink anything there all week after that. I don't recommend swimming with sharks (this is a set tour) - it was rubbish. There was one nurse shark in a tiny pen in the sea and people went and held it and had photos taken. It was upsetting and cruel, and moreover it was astoundingly expensive. We went on the booze cruise which was OK but you just subject yourself to brits abroad getting wasted on beer and throwing it about on the boat before being sick and worst of all you cannot escape them. However it is a good way to tan and you do visit a nice island - all be it for about 15 minutes before moving on. All in all Cancun was an experience. I may be a snob but for me it was not classy enough...it was like what I imagine an 18-30's holiday to be and since it cost us over £2K each it was NOT worth it at all. This is NOT the holiday for you if you like - nice people, a chance to relax as well as partying, good facilities, good food, hygiene, good staff. It is good if you like - sleeping around, getting ill, getting sunburnt, meeting lots of Americans, eating McDonalds. I won't be going back! "

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  • Travel date: Wed 19th of December 2007

I cannot speak highly enough about the B...

Reviewed Sat 3rd of November 2007

"I cannot speak highly enough about the Blue Bay. Don't get me wrong if you are not broad minded please do not be offended. The entertainment staff, Chino, Lalo. Omar etc are amazing. It was the first time I can say I have let my hair down.

I am not sure if it is 4*, the adult entertainment was worth it. Thank you Chino and Omar! Coco Bongo what are you guys missing. I cant tell you. You need to pull your fingers out!

Bluebay Loud, Brash but definitely worth it!!!!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of November 2007

We loved the Blue Bay Getaway. We went f...

Reviewed Thu 11th of October 2007

"We loved the Blue Bay Getaway. We went for 1 week in January and wished we had booked 2.

The selection of food in the buffet restaurants was great and the ala carte restaurants are fantastic. We were happy with the size and facilities in our room but the view was slightly disappointing as we were at the front of the hotel facing the main road.

However we spent very little time in our room anyway as there is so much to do. Watersports such as windsurfing and kayaking are free and you can have beginners windsurfing lessons for free (I was actually quite good, much to my partners disgust).

The staff are all extremely friendly and provide a fantastic service. We did give tips quite often but 1 or 2 dollars is fine, and they really appreciate it. Top tip is to make sure you have change when you arrive so you don't end up dishing out large value notes as tips to the transfer driver and bellboy.

Overall, we had a fabulous time and are booking to stay again this January, for two weeks this time.

We would highly recommend the Blue Bay Getaway."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 11th of October 2007

Our first impression of the hotel was no...

Reviewed Wed 3rd of October 2007

"Our first impression of the hotel was not good. We arrived tired after the long flight and our hotel was in a run down area.

We were shown to the wrong room and the baggage handler made it quite clear he thought the mistake was our fault. He was not impressed when we couldn't give him a tip. That was the start of the constant "hand in pocket" policy for the next 14 days! I have to say, if you do tip, you will receive a far better standard of service.

I was disappointed in our room. The top bed cover/quilt had a 12" circular ink stain on it and it never got changed in the 14 days we were there. I think the other sheets did get changed, but we only slept under the quilt. The balcony was very small and the sea view was limited - but at least we had one.

A lot of other guests had views of the air con plant.

I thought the food was of a good standard and variety in the main buffet restaurant and the waiters were very attentive but hovered around waiting for a tip at the end of meals which made me uncomfortable.

The Village Wok was by far the nicest restaurant to eat at, but trying to get a reservation meant being at the booking office at 8am as it was very popular.

We ate at the Italian restaurant twice. The first time we were basically ignored and made to feel as if we didn't exist - two blonde American women got all the waiters attention, and it felt like they got our drinks too. Second time was far better.

The Sea food restaurant was a disgrace. I had stake which was all gristle, fat and uncooked. Service was very slow. Not even busy. Three other couples said the same that night. We didn’t go back.

The pools were all very clean. Main pool entertainment was of an adult nature but good humoured fun. Pool bar staff like to have a laugh and work hard to get your drinks refilled before your finished.

Only one hour’s entertainment in the evening and it was in a small room that didn't have enough seats, got very hot and was a bit dark and dingy. Not a lot to do if it rains or if you don't want to go night clubbing.

Having said all that, I came home relaxed and happy. The hotel isn't the worst. It is hygienically clean (we saw them scrubbing and cleaning most of the day). I wouldn't go back but I did have a good holiday. The staff was friendly and the other guests made the days pass quickly."

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  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of October 2007

Hotel rooms great, we had Jacuzzi on bal...

Reviewed Mon 11th of June 2007

"Hotel rooms great, we had Jacuzzi on balcony. Food ok, bit repetitive.

Entertainment bit naff. Weather fantastic even though thunder storms in night.

Rep very unhelpful had trouble at hotel trying to change travel cheques, if your slightly out they won’t accept.

Few metres from hotel cars still overturned and dumped left from hurricane previous year, few hundred yards unsafe like the ghetto. You always need a taxi not safe to walk around."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 11th of June 2007

Oh my god what is all the fuss about! I...

Reviewed Wed 21st of March 2007

"Oh my god what is all the fuss about! I went to this hotel with my then bloke Mr A, I was just browsing thru the First Choice Holidays for 2007 and was upset to see that BBG was not on there after searching on I was surprised to hear it had been on telly I guess there was complaints.

BUT!! Take it from me this place is Great!!!!! Yes you do have to be open minded and it’s all in the name of fun and you do not have to join in anything it’s all closed off if you wanna watch you can its funny!!! So you people that can't take having a laugh don't go, just leave it to the people who know how to have a laugh and have fun (even if we don't wanna join in).

Go on be wild for a change go to the hotel see what you think about the rest of it it’s Brilliant! So you all the rest of you there sometime in 2007 !!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 21st of March 2007

One of the best hols I have ever had. Th...

Reviewed Wed 20th of December 2006

"One of the best hols I have ever had. The resort had been given a very bad report in the media for being a hotbed of swapping. This is wrong.

It is adult orientated as far as entertainment goes, but it is very tongue in cheek. Games around the noisy pool and night time entertainment involve being naughty, a few people go topless in the pool area only.

Also there is a quiet pool and bar at the other end of the front. We never saw anything like swapping going on.

The facilities are great, excellent food at 4 restaurants, snacks 24 hours. Drinks 18 hours a day. Great service, very friendly staff. Rooms smell damp because it’s on a peninsular right on the beach, get an air spray.

Where else could my Son learn to windsurf in 1 hour free of charge? I learned to sail catamarans in 20 mins.

Downtown trips to Cancun nightclubs are amazing, Coco Bongo. Beat any nightclub I saw in Las Vegas, a 4 hour show and endless booze in the VIP area.

I am 55 yrs, my wife 48. Son 22. Broadminded, we think the publicity was very unfair and will go again!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 20th of December 2006

We just got back from 2 brilliant weeks...

Reviewed Sun 3rd of December 2006

"We just got back from 2 brilliant weeks at BBG. What can I say?

Staff were excellent. The room was large and clean, with sea view....fab.

Food was ok, but like any holiday it gets a bit boring towards end of holiday, that’s to be expected on an all inclusive.

We met loads of people from all over...USA, Canada, England. We were the only two Irish there I think!

Anyhow, we definitely will return.....already planning the next trip.

I only gave it a 9 because I thought the night entertainment in the hotel was a bit quiet.

BBG rocks!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of December 2006

Our stay at the BBG was top notch! This...

Reviewed Sun 26th of November 2006

"Our stay at the BBG was top notch!

This was my first visit, even though my girlfriend had been 5 times previously.

She was wary about how I would take it (not like that, naughty, naughty) after hearing the bad reviews on British TV. I was therefore expecting (and hoping) for some adult fun.

That is exactly what we got. It was not explicit or "hard core", but good adult fun enjoyed by all. If you didn't want to see or participate, then you didn't have to.

The entertainment was awesome. Chinos, Lalo and Omar (to name but a few) were very warm and friendly. Coco Bongo's rule!

Will be going back in 2007. Peace out!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 26th of November 2006

I had an amazing time at this place. The...

Reviewed Wed 8th of November 2006

"I had an amazing time at this place. There is so much to do. All inclusive so no real reason to leave the hotel. This is an adult only hotel so expect rude entertainment i.e. strip dancing etc - The hotel is on the beach and the waters are clear and clean. The restaurants are great (food yummy!). I went to Senior Frogs nightclub - If you like loud music and dancing you will love this place (not my cup of tea though). The temperature is HOT! - The whole island is full of activities (swimming with dolphins, shopping centre and much much more). I can't wait to go back there again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 8th of November 2006

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