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  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • free internet
  • restaurant
  • bar lounge
  • fitness center
  • free parking
  • spa
  • business services
  • wifi
  • suites
  • public wifi
  • wheelchair access
  • air conditioning
  • room service
  • dry cleaning
  • refrigerator
  • meeting room
  • non smoking rooms
  • non smoking hotel
  • laundry service
  • concierge desk
  • flatscreen tv
  • banquet room
  • family rooms
  • multilingual staff
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • conference facilities
  • parking
  • housekeeping
  • free breakfast
  • minibar
  • private balcony
  • breakfast available
  • beach
  • reduced mobility rooms
  • sauna
  • free airport transportation
  • hot tub
  • facilities for disabled guests
  • kids activities
  • tennis court
  • swimup bar
  • poolside bar
  • kids club
  • babysitting
  • golf course
  • butler service
  • safe

Reviews summary

34185 reviews
  • 4 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 4.5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 3 value
  • 4 food
  • 3.5 cleanliness
  • 3.5 location

75 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Stolen money from hotel room

Reviewed 18th June 2018

"We are currently staying at the Moon Palace Hotel and we had money stolen from our room on our first full day at the hotel by hotel employee(s). The hotel are currently looking into the matter and we have filed a police report."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 1st January 2018
  • 3 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 3 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

Loved it!!!

Reviewed 18th December 2015

"Where to begin...the resort is beautiful, our room was spotless and the staff was amazing, Everyone was so helpful and no matter who you spoke to you were always greeted with a smile and a hello. So many different style restaurants to choose from and the fact that it was all inclusive made it 10x better. Had a blast hanging out at the pool and swim up bar, defiantly go to Alberto he knows how to make the best drinks. I GIVE THIS PLACE A 10!! The only complaint we had was the weather...My fiance and I can not wait to go back."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 6th December 2015
  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Bait & Switch at the Kaboom! (Moon) Palace

Reviewed 19th March 2015

"Summary: This resort would not give us the accommodations listed on their website unless we would sit for their sales presentation for their "Vacation Club" (timeshare). Our nightmare: I am writing on my vacation in Mexico. Our experience at the Moon Palace was so bad that I am writing this at the JW Mariott, the hotel we moved to. We had a 7 night reservation at the Moon Palace at what they call the Concierge Level. Our experience was so bad that we left after less than 24 hours (even though we pre-paid $5000). Since our stay was limited, I will let others comment on the food and facility. I will comment on the terrible service and mandatory sales pitch. We paid extra for the Concierge Level because these extra services appealed to us, especially reserved beach chairs. The thought of not having to compete with other travelers for a spot was worth the extra money alone. Here is what we paid extra for: $1500 in resort credits 2 private beach chairs on the beach with waiter service Aroma therapy Candle light dinner for two Massage for two Exclusive Beach bag Nightly petit fours In room coffee maker Early check in/Late check out Here is our experience: We arrived at the Moon Palace at 1pm. At check in we were told our room wasn't ready. We were fine with that as official check in time is not until 3. We were told to come back at 3 which we did. After 15 minutes of waiting in line with a surprising number of frustrated travelers we were told our room is being cleaned and to come back in 15 minutes. OK, we were a tad frustrated because we were suppose to get early check in but, no big deal, we waited 15 minutes and got back in line. It is now 03:30 and the staff disappears for another 15 minutes to "check something". Upon return, she said our room is still is not ready and to come back in 1/2 hour. OK, now we are starting to get frustrated. We were back in line at 4 and our room still was not ready. This time we were told its not ready because we are the ones that chose the concierge floor and that takes longer. Wait. What? I guess "Late Check In and Early Check Out" is what we paid more for? At this point we asked to speak with a Manager and, though we waited and waited he/she never surfaced. Finally, the service person returned and said she would give us a different room. It was now a bit after 5pm. As the bellhop was taking us to our room, a manager stopped him and gave him keys to a different room. I bring this up because later that day when we wanted to return to our room our keys did not work. Back into the dreaded line with all the other frustrated Americans. When we got back to our room no turndown, no Petit Fours as promised. The next morning we were excited to get to our reserved beach chairs but we couldn't find any information on where this private area was located. Back in line. The customer service person said there is no such area and I must have misunderstood. To get into their exclusive area we need a black wrist band. Fortunately, I had my iPad, went to their site and showed her what is listed and what we purchased. She pointed to an area with long tables of representatives and said we should talk with one of the Vacation Representatives. I walked up to a gentleman who seemed very eager to assist us. He asked our room number and when I told him, he said "I called you this morning and you said you didn't want to meet with me." I explained that the call I received was for the Vacation Club presentation and we are not interested in buying into their resort and do not want to sit through their sales presentation. My significant other than told him we are not interested in a time share. The sales rep responded "no comprende". We were surprised at his sudden loss of English and I said that we really have had a terrible first experience here and just want to start our vacation and want information on the amenities I have listed above. He replied "I can't help you. Your husband won't even look me in the eyes. I can't do anything for you". I told him that we simply want what we've paid for and asked how we get the massage, candle light dinner, private chairs, etc. He said if we don't sit through with him we don't get our "Welcome Package" that explains how to use the services. Wait. What? We need to sit through their sales pitch to get the upgrades that we purchased in advance? That is bait and switch. OK. Now we are STEAMING. We went back to our room to strategize. After a few calls we found that there was an Apple rep right in our building! We headed off to see Daniel at the Amstar desk. Daniel was very receptive and the first person to actually apologize and stated he would resolve the issue. He explained that the vacation planners are only there to sell their vacation club but he could help. He asked us to wait as he went to speak with the Manager. He returned, appearing frustrated and explained the Manager is out until 1pm and that he couldn't get anywhere with the front desk. He asked we please give him until 1 pm. I explained VERY CLEARLY that we appreciate his help and will gladly come back at 1, but if he didn't get us the amenities we paid for we would be leaving. He said no problem; he understood. We returned a bit before 1 and Daniel asked us to come with him. Imagine the shock when he put us in another line with a different vacation club rep, this one named Natalia. We stood in line listening to another traveler ranting to Natalia about her terrible experience. We tired of waiting and went back to our room to pack and find another hotel. On our way our Natalia stopped by our room. Still no Welcome Package. We need to go downstairs and go through their pitch before we can exercise the benefits. ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS HAND US THE WELCOME PACKET SO WE COULD START OUR VACATION AND WE WOULD HAVE STAYED. We simply wanted to enjoy our vacation without a 6 hour sales pitch, truly what we paid for. This place has one goal: Sell their time shares (yes, Vacation Club sounds much better). If you are an owner, you receive a different wristband that (I assume) results in a much better experience. We are experienced global travelers that have never experienced anything close to this horrible experience. I am stunned as all the reviews are so positive; how can that be? There were no less than 20 ticked off people in the lobby at any given time. If you've read this far you may be wondering why I called it the Kaboom Palace. The room doors are very heavy. Most people have their patio doors open which creates a strong draft. All day, most of the night you hear KABOOM! As room doors slam shut. I would worry about a child losing a limb in the door. Here at the Marriott (and I am sure most other mindful places) the doors have a spring to prevent the slamming. I read of this problem in the reviews but had no idea just how loud and dangerous the doors really are. Buyer beware. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 18th March 2015
  • 3 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

Villa Innis Fueventura

Reviewed 7th January 2011

"When we arrived the villa was dirty had been cleaned 5 weeks before we arrived then shut up. The pool was not working and also dirty we had to wait 2 days before the pump was repaired. We found the management company very unhelpful and did not even come to see if the could sort out all the maintenance that needed to be done,ie, bulbs missing shower heads falling off, bath handles that come off in your hand. Kitchen was missing lots of cooking equipment. It was a shame the villa would have been lovely if the management company had done there job !!!!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 1st January 2011

Wedding in paradise

Reviewed 4th November 2010

"We got married there in Oct 08,We travelled first class from gatwick with tomson,it was just heaven. Staff were lovely,to put it in a nutshell the holiday and wedding was just perfect.Would love to return again every year,its just an amazing place. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 5th April 2010
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

still the same old moonpalace

Reviewed 27th October 2009

"Been to the moonpalace ten times in a row.Last year we noticed a big change in the dress code you could go for dinner in a football shirt.Food all the same as year as before but ok if its your first time you will think this is great.But for people that have been going back for years it a bit downhill now.People that work in the moonpalace are great.They do not get great pay so you should always tip for the service that you get.Rooms need updated if you like the ants your ok.When you used to arraive at the palace you were greeted with wines now if your luckey you will get a silly cocktail.Food has not yet changed in the last elven years.Plus they have stoped the english and scottish newspapers but hey if your american your alright.The dress code is whatever you want to wear but if your like me and like to get dessedup in the evening god help you.You will be sitting with people thet like shorts or sleevless tshirts or people that had the same on for breakfast lunch and dinner.Did complain to the management but was told that the hotel had to change they said the food was great but its the same in all the reasturants.Booked holiday with first choice flew out with thomson airways prem seats great flight out exellent comming back. I would give the hotel now three star. staff five star. cleaning staff three star."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 26th October 2009

Cant beat it

Reviewed 9th March 2009

"Me and the wife went for our 1st time and loved it!. Clean Rooms and very nice staff, tend to your every needs Food: I read some of the bad reviews, simply not true. If you know where to go, you can find great places to eat. Chefs that make you waffles, omeletes, eggs, bacon etc for breakfast outside in a big tiki hut where you can sit and eat a nice breakfast on the beach. The Italian and Mexican restuarants were excellent. I had steaks cooked in front of me with large shrimps etc! Alcohol: Very weak, it taste great but ya drink twice the amount to get that buzz :) Signing up: We got a great deal. We were looking for a lifetime vacation for our family and we found it at Palace Resorts. Being in sales, I knew the routine and if you play hard ball you can get them to come back with better offers. We got 6 free weeks at any Palace Resorts, 5 vouchers for 50% of golf and my wife got 5 $100 vouchers for the spa. We paid 16,000 USD, $8,000 down and no intrest on the remaining balance paid out in 5 years. But when you consider the cost to be around $3000, the free 6 weeks paid for itself and then some, In addition we have 80 vouchers to visit any Resort at about 30% off Thats a savings of $1000. We can get a 7 day vaction at any resort 80 times for around 1,500 - 1,800 for 7 days depending on the time of year. Thats around $200.00 per night with food and alcohol included, you aint gonna find that nowhere. I can stay at a Days in in Georgia and pay 130 for just one night They have resorts in the Bahamas and Mexico. So plenty to choose from. Gambling: Not much but your typical slot machines, no card games. What I like is the bets room, where they have 20 or so flat screens on the wall where you can bet on every sport from horse racing to college basketball. And you can collect right there at the window. Pretty cool around the NFL season, they have every game. Cons: We were on the 2nd floor.. they have NO ELEVATORS!!! wasnt that bad but we had a big stroller and it was a pain to carry it up and down the steps Recomendation: Before you go, do yourself a favor and go to Radio Shack and buy yourself a set of walkie talkies. Cell phones don not work there and its a big place, got seperated from the wife and it took us 3 hours and many walks around that big place till we found each other. So do yourself a favor and go buy a cheap walkie talkie set. You'll be glad you did Overall: It was like paradise, perfect, nice breeze through the room Waking up to the cool breeze and sound of the ocean waves was awesome!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 9th March 2009

misold holiday

Reviewed 7th December 2008

"where do i start!!! went to moon palace golf and spa resort for our anniversary absolutley disgusting. On arrival we got a bottle of water, not the champayne as promised, the room was dirty with missing tiles round the jacuzzi, the food was poor and repetative and the entertainment was very poor, only two shuttle buses a day to cater for the whole resort. So it was like living in a prison. We took our 15 year old son who was bored from start to finish. Do not accept any free gifts from the presentation, an issue occured after accepting the free gift and this is now in the hands of our lawyers. Basically the worst decision we have ever made was to use first choice to book a holiday to the moon palace resort.We have always booked with first choice but when we needed their help GUESS WHAT......They don't want to know."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 6th December 2008

Fantastic!! We booked Moon Palace for ou...

Reviewed 6th October 2008

"Fantastic!! We booked Moon Palace for our honeymoon, we could't have picked a better place. On arrival which is only 10 mins from the airport I asked reception for an upgraded room and they changed our room to an ocean view room which was great. We were given a little tour on route to our room which was Sunrise side. We hade the wine and fruits waiting for us and the room was perfect after an 11 hour flight to avoid the Hurricanes. We ate at a different restaurant everynight and was not disappointed - We enjoyed the oriental at the golf club & the Italian the most. Room service was also nice quite allot of food! and they will bring you anything you like champagne etc.. Staff were great and the pool entertainment guys were great fun and have you doing allsorts ( Kayak racing in the pool, Water polo etc). The pool service is great if you tip the waitress in the moring say $5 - But this is not expected. Night out in Cancun is great Coco Bongos is a must see and great night out again if you can find a waiter tip about $5 and they will find you a table and drinks all night. Jungle tour (Driving your own speed boat) was amazing and swimming with the dolphins - If you go to Dolphin Discovery on the island Haggle the price as they will try to charge about $140 for the DVD and all the pics but you can get this allot cheaper. We found you can knock the price down on nearly everything! We had a great time and can't wait to go back, worth everypenny and was really sad to come home - only downpoint was all the Americans who would not stop moaning about walking (even from the table to the buffet - yeah I know!) We were told by the staff not to come at spring break because it is a nightmare! I have recommened this place to everyone I know - if youve booked I'm jealous and you won't be dissapointed!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 6th October 2008

just arrived back from moon palace had a...

Reviewed 30th September 2008

"just arrived back from moon palace had a fantastic time our son got married while we were there it was out of this world they had the horse drawn carriage the weather was brill would recomend this hotel to anyone. the staff were so friendly The rooms were very big and spotless and you have got to try the Jaccuzi it takes half an hour to fill but it is worth the wait. There is so much different food to try the breakfast is brill. The only thing we didnt like was the flight nearly 10 hours but what awaits you you can put up with that , the staff were so friendly hope to go back in the near future "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 30th September 2008

What a great place to stay - we can't wa...

Reviewed 21st September 2008

"What a great place to stay - we can't wait to go back. The rooms were beautiful and I especially enjoyed the ocean view jacuzzi tub right in our room. We were greeted with a bottle of wine on arrival. On several of the days a cheese plate and wine would be waiting for us after a day of pool activities. The all inclusive was amazing. There were many restaurants to choose from and the food was top notch. We were there for 7 days and didin't get to all of the restaurants."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 21st September 2008

My husband and i went back again this ye...

Reviewed 15th September 2008

"My husband and i went back again this year.We also went on febuary and noticed some big changes.The food was always the same.Entertainment was very very poor same thing every week.Also we took our daughter as we have been to the moon palce eight times.My daughter thought the hotel was very nice was the swimming pool she is twenty three.She was bored of the same food night after night as nothing in the entertainment as well.She complained to the staff about the bed bugs as the ants which had to be killed of about ten times.Also my room had ants which had to be killed of four times.asked if we could change rooms or have the bed changed as we were bitten by bed bugs.It is a lovely hotel if you have never been before.As we have been many time before we have always had nice clothes on for the evening well forget about that you can just wear football shirts every night to dinner."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 15th September 2008
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Top traveller tips for Moon Palace Cancun

  • by Tammyzelten

    "Only go if you are prepared for a very hard sell on their "Vacation Club""

  • by lottie loo

    "none as the were all cancelled and trying to get our money back was a nightmare"

  • by lottie loo

    "night life good if its your first time.if its your third or fourth dont go out"

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  • Moon Palace Resort Hotel
  • moon palace
  • moon palace hotel

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