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what a great vacation!!

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"We traveled on July 17-23, 2002. Our expierierce was great. The first day u arrive u should let them know what Kind of room u want. We did this, and waited an hour and got an ocean view room, which was really nice. The hotel had lots of locals, but the beach was nice.HOTEL: The rooms are ok, but the bathrooms are a little out dated. They do smell a little of mildew, but its because of the humidilty. The beds are nice and there is a big tv. The fridge needs a key and u have to pay for it. U might want to bring a cooler, but BEWARE only two bags of ice per guest, and no ice machines. ThHe pool is alright, and nothing out of this world, but we never went swimming in it because the water was hotter then the temperature outside. The pool is only 4ft deep and was used more by children then anything else. The staff was nice and left clean towels everyday and did not speak any English. However we were able to communicate just fine. Also you should leave a tip for the cleaning lady which will ensure that your room will get cleaned and nothing stolen, we left about one or two dollars and we had great service.RESTURANT: The food is good and the price is not bad.BAR: The bar outside makes good drinks buts its pricey.Food: The best place to get cheap things is WAL-MART, the liquor there is cheap so are the things u forgot at home. but if u have no time, u could walk to the plaza accross the street and walking toward Fat Tuesdays there is small supermarket.BEACH: It is small and the water is not deep because it is a bay. the water is blue and warm. THe beach is cleaned every morning. There is also huts and chairs to lay down on. It is quiet and peaceful. Thier is also jet-skies and banana boat for extra charge. Para-sailing is also available.Location: It is located near all the clubs and walking distance to coco bongo and daddy-o's. Also near TGIF.The vacation was great. But be aware that u are in mexico and they are there to rip u off. So make sure u pay in pesos for ur bus ride and also pay for ur food using ur credit card. It is also easy to use ur ATM and u get pesos in return. So exchange is done easy. I would return anytime and stay at calinda viva again."

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  • Travel date: Fri 26th of December 2003

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