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United Arab Emirates
The camels on Jumeirah beach and skyscrapers in the backround in Dubai,Dubai,United Arab Emirates.
The Sun always shines in the UAE, its naturally desert climate and its convenient location in the Arabian Gulf has endowed it with warm seas and cozy beaches. Together with a booming economy, where trade and tourism are encouraged, it also makes for the ultimate shopping destination. Its state-of-the-art tourist infrastructure with numerous world-class hotels, sports events and shopping spectaculars held annually, ensures its position as the Middle East's number one tourist destination.

Every year, tourist attractions are constantly being upgraded and added - from one of the world's largest aqua parks to cultural and wildlife museums.

From Wind Towers to Towering Skyscrapers, The UAE has a unique blend of traditional Arab, Islamic values and culture with the modernity of a cosmopolitan living environment. It celebrated its 25th year of formation in 1997. Its massive oil wealth is being wisely utilized to keep pace with technology and social changes the world is experiencing. As a result, tourists will find the UAE a modern country with thriving sky scraper filled cities no different from modern cities in Europe or Asia.

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