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Reviews summary

( 587 reviews)
  • 3 room
  • 5 beach
  • 5 service
  • 1 dining
  • 5 value
  • 2.5 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 5 location

13 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog


Reviewed Wed 23rd of November 2016

"I can't say enough good things about the schooner , staff are always very friendly and helpful
The chef is very good and the food never disappoints
Yes it is a bit scruffy but that just adds to the feel of it being haunted
Had 2 great days and nights there, the 2nd of these with Gateshead paranormal investigations who were fantastic too
Booked another 4 nights in may before leaving and can't wait for that"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 4th of November 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

Fish and Chlips

Reviewed Mon 1st of June 2015

"All the other pubs / restaurants in Alnmouth we fully booked so we ended up in the schooner . It was empty when we arrived (Saturday night) and we soon realized why . We had fish and chips , the worst I have ever had . When the waitress was told this she said she would tell the chef ! My wife was up all night with a bad tummy .
Don't go near this place it's awful."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 31st of May 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Food

Ghastly not Ghostly!

Reviewed Mon 1st of August 2011

"What can I say. My partner and I went to Alnmouth to stay in what we were informed was a romantic hotel and break away. We were charged £90 per night to stay, which on arrival we HAD to pay. Which we thought was unusual. After only an hour at the hotel, we realised why they wanted the money upfront. It was because it made it difficult to ask for a refund. The hotel was shocking. Dirty, tired and in great deal in need of refurbishment or simply a good clean! The room were given looked onto the back of what could only be described as a junk yard! There was no shower and we could even have a bath as the hot water wasn't working. We complained to the management who exchanged us to another room. This room was now overlooking a very noisy beer garden with a stench from the toilet that became too unbearable to stay in. After another complaint we decided the best thing was to get a full refund and find somewhere else to go. After considerable arguing with the manager we eventually got our money back. By this time it was late at night and we ended up driving all the way back to liverpool. This hotel is shocking and I have never felt the need to complain about anything but hotels like this should not be trading. The Schooner Hotel BE AFRAID not of the rumoured ghosts that haunt this place but of the lack of facilities and the rude staff. NEVER AGAIN!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 29th of July 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach

Haunted Hotel/Nightfreakz ghost hunt- total rip off!!

Reviewed Mon 25th of October 2010

"I feel the need to warn others off from wasting money at this place! A group of 11 of us stayed for just one night in 2 family rooms. We also participated in the 'nightfreakz' ghost hunt. We each paid £55 for this. We all feel very let down by the service we recieved. Here are a list of reasons why:

1. The rooms we stayed in were horrible- cold, scruffy and with many damp patches on the ceiling. The beds were extremely uncomfortable although they were clean. There was no shower in the bathroom only a pretty dirty looking bath and we didn't even have a light bulb in our room! We reported this to the management who sent up another guest to fix this (reportedly a friend of the manager). The rooms were freezing- less to do with ghosts and more to do with a lack of heating I feel.

2. Neither ourselves nor some of the other guests in the hotel had any hot water. We were offered another room to share which was supposed to have hot water but did not.

3. The staff were unhelpful and often ignorant/rude. The girl on the reception even had the audacity to argue back when we complained in the morning. She was unapologetic and rude and failed to offer any kind of goodwill gesture other than to take my number to get the owner to 'call me back'- I'm still waiting!! Barstaff were also unfriendly and ignorant at times.

4. Ooh don't even get me started on the nitefreakz 'ghost hunt!!!!' Do NOT give these charlatons your hard earned cash!! They happily took our £20 knowing fine well that we had had some drinks at the bar prior to starting. None of our party were very drunk at all. The 'ghosthunter' himself was also drinking prior to starting the tour. The team kept stopping for 'breaks' (cig breaks for them by the looks of things) and we spent about half an hour to an hour standing in the dark in 2 corridors of the hotel. We also ventured into a bedroom. There was no interesting information or tour of the hotel just a lot of cheesy 'spirits- are you there?!' type nonsense. We asked to move around the hotel but the socially-challenged ghost hunter took offence at this and cut the ghost hunt short on the grounds that we had been drinking and were not taking it seriously! He refused us a partial refund when I asked for one in the morning. To make matters worse, the 'ghost hunters' were located in the room next to ours and spent the whole of the rest of the night laughing (presumably over scamming us out of over 200pounds). Nitefreakz- what an absolute joke!!! Do not waste your money on this rubbish!!

4. The hotel was also noisy and we were strangely woken at 6am by a half naked young lad at our door trying to get into our room!! I didn't feel very safe or secure in the room needless to say.

5. Parking is limited and we had to park in a residential area further down the street.

On the up side, the hotel is in a beautiful location and Alnmouth really is a gorgeous place.

I have serious doubts that the schooner inn is the most haunted hotel in Britain, if I were a ghost it would be the last place I would want to spend the whole of eternity.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 25th of October 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Room
  • 1 Dining
  • 1 Food

wonderful weekend and wonderful staff

Reviewed Tue 6th of November 2012

"we stayed here over the bank holiday weekend 14 people in total, 3 us stayed in room 28, the room was clean, we had a bath and shower, we found the breakfast lovely and it was clean, no dirty tables for us and plenty of food left we went down at 9:45am, staff gave us as much toast as we wanted, everyone was so helpful and freindly and made us all feel at home, i would stay here again and i would recommend this hotel to everyone, loved it,loved it,loved it"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 1st of September 2009

Do not pay money to stay here

Reviewed Sat 8th of December 2012

"We stayed in the Schooner as we were taking part in the Raft Race that happens in Alnmouth each year, we got to the hotel (if you can call it that) and was told that we couldn’t check in til 2pm, this was fine as we knew rooms needed to cleaned etc so we came back at 2 and then waited over 20mins to be seen by anyone at reception, in the end we had to go looking for someone in the bar to check us in to our room. They stipulate that you pay your £75 up front so that you can leave with ease on the day of your departure - well I can see the point in that because a) I couldn’t wait to leave and b) I would not have wanted to pay if I hadn't already been MADE to.

The room we were given (room 25) was meant to look contemporary, I think it was one of the 'newly re-furbished' rooms they go on about but it looked like it had been decorated by a 17 yr old with the paint all on the edge of the ceiling. The room itself wasn't bad, it had a flat screen TV in it but it was tiny and just about fitted the double bed. The kettle was on the floor and there were no spoons for the cup of tea that I so desperately wanted.

On the night the walls became paper thin and I heard the man next door snoring so loud you would think it was a ghost, then the dripping from the dodgy drain pipes started and it lasted all night long. It was a terrible night and it wasn't thanks to any ghosts!

The breakfast was horrendous, no plates to start with, manky bacon and sausages and runny scrambled egg (which you had to ask for), the tables weren't cleaned down so we were sat at a table that had crumbs and bean stains on! The staff didn’t seem to have a clue at what hospitality is, aimlessly walking around without a care in the world!

Overall this hotel is a joke, it needs some new mgt to shake it up and should stop focusing on the ghosts and focus on providing a hospitable service to its guests."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 25th of August 2009

This place is so grim, even the ghosts have moved out!

Reviewed Tue 6th of November 2012

"Just got back from a lovely weekend in Alnmouth....lovely apart from our stay in the Schooner Hotel. Don't quite know where to start, but place was horrendous....how they have the cheek to call themselves a hotel, I really don't know. Here's just a few issues to note, which I hope would be any future parties off spending a night there:
1. Friends of ours who arrived a day after us had to wait 20 mins at reception for service
2. We asked for a double when we booked - originally ended up with a twin (until i protested and they eventually found us a double)
3. Breakfast - barely anything left when we got to the dining room at 9.30 (30 mins before end of service). Plates covered in grease, bacon and sausages cheap cheap quality, had to ask for toast, spoons, milk - not good
4. 2nd day - asked for extra tea and coffee in room - took over an hour to arrive
5. Teaspoons for tea an coffee in room were dirty and stuck to the paper doily they'd been sat on
6. Room - dirty, very tired, threadbare carpets
7. Coridoors and communal areas - most of the lights had gone, they were dirty and generally grim
8. Outside areas - paint peeling off the walls, mould growing on the walls and what could be a lovely space overlooking the stunning alnmouth beech resembled an inner city wasteland complete with fly-tipped furnite.

£75 a night? You must be joking! And as for all this haunted house melarky....try focusing your attentions on the state of the hotel and the service it provides rather than training your staff on how to deliver the week's ghostly tales."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 24th of August 2009

Service - What Service?

Reviewed Sat 27th of October 2012

"In retrospect I wonder whether I should have looked for the hidden cameras in the breakfast room filming a sort of reality TV show - The Worst Hotel Experiences - Ever. At the time I just wanted to be anywhere else. Arrived in the room to find no available set and cleared tables. A pet dog tied to a guest's chair (in a hotel dining room - please!) did not augur well. We sat at the only available table not adjacent to the dog. The "waitress" (about as sullen as it is possible to be) was asked to clear the table. She made a partial effort, although the detritus left by the previous occupants was not removed - merely pushed to one side. I ordered tea. It arrived - but without cups. My companion wanted coffee. Cups arrived, but no milk. We ordered a full English. Toast arrived but no plates or cutlery. Breakfast arrived. "Oh I suppose I had better get some cutlery". Yes please or how else do I eat the beans and runny egg? I could go on - but why bother? They showed no interest really and a complaint would almost certainly have led to a shrug of indifference. I could not recommend this place and I will never return."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 17th of August 2009

For the sake of Alnmouth close this place down!

Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2012

"I hate to complain, and I imagine that the owners might be doing their best to get this place up to scratch, but someone needs to tell them how to do this properly before more people waste their money and ruin their holidays by staying there.

I recently stayed at The Schooner hotel for a night with friends. Our expectations weren't high after looking at the reviews on this website. Our fears were realised and more when we got there.

Our room smelt of damp, the carpets looked like they'd been there for a good 50 years and we had about six different patches of wallpaper on our ceiling presumably to cover previous damp problems. Notices in the hall way told customers not to worry about wires hanging from their room ceilings and paint was hanging off the walls in the corridors.

The whole hotel needs to be completely refurbished. It looks like they are attempting to do this gradually by the looks of the newish furniture and botched paint jobs , but for the sake of visitors to Almouth, in needs to be closed until it has been done properly.

Staff were fairly friendly but their appearance and behavior were not very professional - spraying Fabreeze around the bar while we were sat in it... wearing beer t-shirts and jogging bottoms to serve breakfast .

What was most shocking though is the price they're charging for the room - £75 a night!!!!

I spoke to a local the next morning and she said she could only apologise for it. The Schooner is bringing down what is otherwise a beautiful village and there is actually a campaign website set up by the residence of Alnmouth to get the place shut down.

I like to think the staff are doing what they can but with 32 rooms filled at £75 a night what are they doing with their money? I suspect they might be going for the shabby look to promote their reputation as a haunted hotel and a the same time ripping their customers off in the process.

There seems to be plenty of other lovely looking places to stay in Alnmouth so avoid this one at all costs!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 13th of August 2009

A real shame – has the potential to be lovely

Reviewed Sun 18th of November 2012

"My partner and I stayed at The Schooner in early August, and if our experience is considered an improvement by other reviewers, then previous guests must have had a dreadful time.
First impressions were not great. After being surprised at the stylish dining room that faces Alnmouth’s main street, we were disappointed to find out that this was the recently opened Indian Restaurant that is based on the premises – it really highlighted the amount of care and attention the hotel desperately needs. Having fought the door to get in we were greeted with the smell of a school corridor which was not pleasant, but at least it meant the hotel had been cleaned. Our booking was processed with an old carbon copy style card machine as a PDQ has not been installed (not being able to accept payment efficiently sums up of the running of the business). The member of staff was polite and personable but is either overworked or is new to working in a hotel judging by her slightly harassed look. Our questions about car parking were met with a ‘how should I know?’ look.
The room we booked was acceptable at best, and I can only echo the comments of other reviewers; tired decor, poor bathroom fixtures and fittings, a worryingly damp ceiling and wires everywhere. Plus points were the clean bedding, and a lack of dust and damp that other guests have posted about. The bed looked new but had very sharp corners which took some avoiding in what was a small, cramped room and there are still bruises from numerous bumps four days on. I get the impression that furniture has been replaced in most rooms but renovating one room top to bottom at the time would have been a better approach.
There is a recently decorated bar (colour scheme: lime, purple and pink) that is adequate with average prices. The bar does have a late licence so if your room is near the conservatory area the noise will travel, and could affect your night’s sleep. As we checked out two guests were complaining of noise till 3am, but were having little luck with the same member of staff that had checked us in as ‘the Manager is not available’ and ‘I’m not authorised to refund or offer discounts’. The guests were reassured that the hotel had their address and would be in touch with them, to which the guests replied ‘you have never asked us for our address’. A fantastic example of the lack of interest, experience and attention to detail that the people who own and work at the hotel have, and I hope that these guests get some sort of refund.
Breakfast was edible, but tea and coffee was poor, and there was no hot water available for the herbal teas that were available.
£75 per night is blatant cheek, and the money is clearly not being spent on the hotel. The example of the bar suggests that making money is the priority rather than the quality of each guest’s stay. The hotel should charge no more than £35 per room per night.
I will be amazed to hear that the owner and staff have worked in a hotel before. While friendly, the staff do not seem to have a clue and it’s hard to work out if this is down to a lack of interest, training, or experience in customer service. This is a very poor hotel that really lets Alnmouth down."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 5th of August 2009

In desperate need of refurbishment and over priced

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"The hotel is in urgent need of refurbishment. It is all very tired and where new furniture has been added in the bedrooms, no other decoration has been done so it has little impact.

The communal hallways are very dirty and there was a significant amount of dust in the bedrooms. Our room stank of damp and the carpet in the bathroom had stains from wee.

Staff were very friendly but lacked a professional edge.

The main problem with the hotel is the price. If it was only £30 or £40 a night you might not complain but £75 is outrageous given how dreadful the place is."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 4th of August 2009

Lots of atmosphere but in need of refurbishment and a good clean.

Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2012

"The hotel seems to be suffering from several rapid changes in management according to the staff, who seemed remarkably thin on the ground although the three we spoke to were very friendly. We survived two nights in the notorious room 28 with a few interesting experiences to discuss, and found our room to be rather run down decoratively, though reasonably furnished with a quite comfy and very heavy bed (possibly to stop it moving around of its own accord!). The new owners or managers had only been there a couple of days when we stayed and admitted there was a lot to be done. The breakfast was unexceptional - unfortunately there was no food in the evenings other than burgers and chips although we ate at other pubs in the village very close at hand so it was not really a problem. By no means the worst place I have stayed in, hopefully it will be able to improve standards once the new management are settled in as it has a very interesting past to capitalise on and is in a very lovely part of the country."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 25th of July 2009

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