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Reviewed Thu 12th of May 2016

"Cheap , Abusive staff , Don't care about people just the money that's why it hasn't been furbished in 10-20 years you will find better value for money all over Blackpool. Don't waste your time with the staff and hotel they just don't care about their customers."

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  • Travel date: Fri 29th of April 2016

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Absolutely Brilliant

Reviewed Mon 10th of December 2012

"This hotel was very clean and comfortable with an excellent host who gave brilliant service and helped out when needed. My family have already talked about booking to go there in september to see the illuminations and staying at the Brayton Hotel again."

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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of March 2010

we had a very plesant and enjoyable stay

Reviewed Mon 10th of December 2012

"the brayton was a cosy and frendly hotle that made us feel welcome from day 1.
the room we stayed in was just right for us, it had a good view of the sea and it was kept tidy by the hotel staff throughout our stay.
the food was great, the manager was friendly, polite and very helpful by sorting out cheap day tickets for pleasure beach via internet 1 day in advance for us.
the hotel location was perfect because it was in a quiet place but only a 2 minute walk from seafront and few minute drive from the train station.
both me and my partner have agreed next time we visit blackpool we will definitly stay at the brayton hotel again"

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  • Travel date: Wed 24th of February 2010

Clean & comfortable.

Reviewed Mon 18th of March 2013

"Had a double and single room with ensuites for our stay both comfortable, warm and clean. The landlord Laurence was very helpful and friendly and made both us and our dog feel very welcome. The breakfast was enough to keep us going until well into the afternoon. The area is quieter but only a tram ride away and you are in Blackpool for the shops and entertainments. Would definitely stay here again."

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  • Travel date: Mon 8th of February 2010

Not that impressed

Reviewed Sat 2nd of February 2013

"Stayed here for one night, thats was enough really! the family room was small, although clean and fresh bedlinen and towels but the whole place did smell of cigarette smoke and the decor was dated. Staff ok, beakfast ok, ok for a budget 1 night stay."

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  • Travel date: Sun 2nd of November 2008

Aggressive Landlord made it a very uncomfortable Experience

Reviewed Sun 3rd of February 2013

"Everything was fine in the evening when my wife and I, my 10 & 12 year old sons and our parents arrived back to the Hotel from an evening out along the sea front. This is probably because there was no one still up. So off we all went to bed.
The problem came when my sons decided to have their cereal after their cooked breakfast. They were pouring a bowl each from the buffet table, when the kitchen door flew open and there stood the furious landlord. "I HEAR THAT THEY HAVE HAD THEIR CEREALS ALREADY' he said in front of all of the other guests in the breakfast room... Have you ever heard so ridiculous? We had to justify that they hadn't to him! He did not respond. Off he went without a even a word of an apology... What an ignorant and very rude man! All of the other guests were horrified, and could do nothing but laugh and the crazy outburst. I am sure that everyone in that room that morning found it such an uncomfortable situation in the same way we did, no one is likely to return there... with so many good Hotels in Blackpool I can assure you we won't be!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 25th of October 2008

Discusting Hotel, Was Glad To Leave

Reviewed Thu 24th of January 2013

"Blackpool is a place we like to visit probably once a year.
We met a couple on holiday so thought it would be good to meet up with them in blackpool for the day and night.
On arrival we was greated very pleasently by a nice lady, we checked in and was made to pay for the room there and then.... (before we had even seen the room) maybe this was that they knew we wouldn`t pay after seeing the state i dont no.
We headed up to our room and said to our friends we would meet them in the bar in 10 mins.. Mine and my boyfriends room was on the 1st floor our friends room was on the second floor (would of been nice to be next door to each other seen as though the hotel was very quiet and we booked together)
We arrived at our room and couldn`t belive our eyes- it was awful.. Toothpaste stains in the sink, mould around the shower and sink, the shower had no water pressure and was that small it would of been a strugle for even a child to wash in it. My boyfriend sat on the bed and it was not soft at all the mattress went that flat it was just like sitting on the wooden boards underneath.. We met our friends in the bar about 3.30 as said and a very nice man opened the bar for us to get a drink (Bar open 7pm - 11pm usually)
We wnt for a walk round the townh for a couple of hours then got a tram back to get ready for our big night out...!!!

Back at the hotel we asked the men to book us a taxi for 7pm which he did no problem, my boyfriend refused to get a shower as he said he would feel dirtier so he didn`t bother, but i showered and couldn`t belive all the hair that was inthe plug hole, i felt extreemly sick..I got ready and met my friends outside in the taxi..

We got back to the hotel about 2am and went straight to our room, my boyfriend said he was sleeping on top of the cover as he didn`t want to lay in muck, but as i was very drunk i got under the cover.....
I then woke up about 4am- my back was killing me due to the mattress on the bed, i was debating weather i should sleep on the floor but it wasn`t clean at all, so i lay half awake the rest of the night....

We had decided the previous day we WAS NOT EATING our breakfast at this hotel, we would go walk somewere at pay for it...
1- we didn`t trust it to be clean
2- it was only served between 9 and 9.30

While getting ready my boyfriend noticed thick black hairs in our bed linen, very simaler to dog hairs.

We left and checked out the hotel about 9.45 we just couldn`t wait to leave.

I think this hotel was discusting and a discrase i would NEVER recomend anyone to stay at this hotel, COSTING £50 a night and having to spend £5.40 each way in a taxi or a tram.... It is a joke.

DO NOT GO......... TRUST ME"

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  • Travel date: Wed 6th of August 2008

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  • Ryan W by Ryan W

    "DO NOT STAY. OWNER IS Aggressive and abusive "

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