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Dawlish Sands Holiday Park

Reviewed Mon 13th of July 2009

"Dawlish Sands Holiday Park operated by Park Holidays is without doubt the worst caravan holiday of many I have had. The caravan, a so called Silver Plus had the following faults:

Lights in the main circulation area consisted of one light with none of the others working, not repaired for three dyas.
Electric kettle with a defective on/off switch.
Portable appliance testing labels absent on various items of electrical equipment including the defective kettle so I assume they had not been safety tested.
Dining table only sat four for an eight berth caravan.
Double mattress threadbare, worn and dirty, springs were only covered by the mattress lining as all padding had long disappeared.
Bedding dirty and old.
Insufficient crockery for eight people.
Seating and carpets dirty, badly stained, old and dingy.
Decor old, dirty and dingy.
Curtains would not meet in the middle.
Blind would not adjust, broken.
Shelving trims, some missing allowing bare MDF to show through.
Bathroom cupboard glass door completely missing.
Stools unstable resulting in both children and adults overbalancing on them.
Shower drain hole blocked, had to clear myself followed by bad smells from the drain.
Gas boiler gave insufficient hot water.
No toaster, received an old one after three days.
Waste bin suitable for two people but not eight, constantly overflowing.
Wad of chewing gum found stuck beneath the food preparation area.
Caravan door locks on both doors not working correctly giving rise to concerns over the operation in case of a fire in the caravan, would they open or not?
Power points in the childrens bedroom at waist height with no blanks fitted to prevent inquisitive children poking their fingers or other foreign objects in.
Handle on the bedroom window came off with the window locked and unable to open.
Club house very poor and crowded with tables and chairs blocking access to easy movement.

I will never take my family to Dawlish Sands Holiday park or any other venues owned by Park Holidays. Hard earned money wasted.

All of these points reported and some dealt wit but not satisfactorily.


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  • Travel date: Tue 7th of July 2009

Absolute rubbish

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"To cut a very long story short, me, my partner and two kids had a rubbish time.

Were not provided with info about any entertainment, and halfway through the holiday when we were, what a load of rubbish, my kids aged 2 and 10 were bored senseless leaving me feeling terrible that I had made a wrong choice to holiday here!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 16th of May 2009

Not for us

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"We had a bronze caravan and did not expect it to be fantastic so weren't disappointed here! (Two blown lightbulbs, stained duvets, wet floor in the bedroom and intermittant hot water) However it was right at the back of the site and next to the railway line and as far away from the complex as possible. The entertainment for children was basic during the day and does not start until 8pm in the evening. We left early and wont go back to a Park Holiday Site."

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  • Travel date: Wed 15th of April 2009

A caravan holiday home

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"22ndSeptember 2008
A trip adviser from Hampshire UK. - Having just returned from a mid week break to Dawlish Sands caravan park my husband and I, teen. son and 1 large dog had a enjoyable and relaxing stay. We booked a Bronze Pluss 8 person caravan with 3 bedrooms, so as to have plenty of space in compact living.
Theese vans are popular with pet owners. There are silver and gold accommodation types with more added luxuary (no pets aloud). Our caravan had a comfortable lounge with small TV/dvd player. Kitchen, fully fitted bathroom with toilet, sink and shower cubicle. Bedrooms - 1 double. 4ft wide bed, 1 twin with 2,6 beds and 2.6 bunkbeds in the 3rd room.We booked a sheets pack.
Outside there was parking on a concrete standing.Grass verges.
Our caravan, being Bronze accommodation was one of the older models, was clean and great value for money.
All staff were very friendly and said to ask if we needed anything.
I read in the brochure, you could have an extra electric fire FREE of charge. We had good Autunm sunshine and so did not use any heating, prefering to have all the windows open.
The entertainment was a club house with evening kids disco with Loopy rabbit,bingo, caberet time @ 9.30pm. Cafe and takeaway. Indoor heated leasure pool and outdoor small pool with terrace.Mini Mart store.Launderette."

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  • Travel date: Mon 29th of September 2008

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