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Tower bridge at sunrise with reflection in London,England
Tower bridge at sunrise with reflection in London,England
As part of the United Kingdom, England shares its borders with Scotland and Wales and is separated from mainland Europe by the English Channel.

A large proportion of visitors to England come for the sightseeing opportunities which, due to its long and varied history, are in plentiful supply. There are archaeological sites, man-made landmarks and naturally occurring places of interest spread throughout the country. England also boasts numerous national parks, two popular ones being the Lake District and the Peak District. With mile upon mile of coastline there are numerous beach towns which get quite busy in the warmer weather as native holidaymakers head to the coast for their summer holidays. Cornwall with its sandy beaches and Atlantic Ocean waves is a surfer’s paradise. The capital: London has so much to see and do that many visitors can easily fill out their holiday days visiting the multitude of attractions and never leaving the confines of the city. Other notable cities and towns are Liverpool; home of the Beatles, Bath; with its Roman remains, the famous university town of Oxford, and Stratford-Upon-Avon; birthplace of William Shakespeare, to name but a few.

Although famously painted as cold, grey and always raining, England, in fact, experiences quite mild weather much of the time. Admittedly, rain can occur at anytime throughout the year but summers can be very warm with average temperatures usually in the low to mid 20s. Seasons are quite distinct in England and winters can get very cold.

Most major airports are located in the south of England, the two largest being Gatwick and Heathrow.

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