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not made to feel welcome

Reviewed Wed 30th of July 2014

"Very disappointed with the hotel. The rooms looked outdated and the staff had problems understanding us.
the manger had a don't care attitude.the grounds looked a bit neglected.
This could be a lovely hotel if it had the right management."

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  • Travel date: Fri 25th of July 2014

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  • 3 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 3 Cleanliness

Nice place, but the room was cold

Reviewed Fri 16th of November 2012

"We have friends in Guernsey and have been going to this hotel since 1992. It has passed through a number of phases, some good, some bad. It is in a lovely location and is probably more suitable for couples than for families with children, although it has extensive grounds and a "recreation area".
We came by fast ferry from Weymouth and brought our own car. Guernsey has a habit of closing roads, and the last couple of times we have been we have found some of the roads around the hotel closed, so it wasn't that easy to find. Basically go to the west coast and turn right!
Arrival was fine: our room was ready at midday. It was on the ground floor, and had a large single-glazed patio door and single glazed window. The heating was not on and it was very cold. We went over to the main building for lunch, and asked about the heat in the room. We were told they could either turn the heating on for the whole building, or put a heater in the room. We asked for the latter, but this was never done. On our final morning, it was almost too cold to get out of bed at 7:30 a.m. and the heating was off. We rang Reception and they turned it on, but this should not have been necessary in a three-star hotel.
We had lunch on two days, and it was very good. Breakfast was variable. The staff's interpretation of orders, such as "poached egg on toast" and "continental breakfast" depended on the day. One morning it took 20 minutes for "continental breakfast" to arrive, although it has to be said that the hot pain au chocolat was delicious. Sometimes there was fruit, and sometimes not: sometimes there were bowls, and sometimes not! The bar service is very friendly. The staff, who are mainly from Eastern Europe, were delightful, and there was no problem with English.
The ownership of this hotel has changed recently, and the new owner was much in evidence, frequently telling us about his previous place, the Salutation Inn in Weobley, Herefordshire (see TripAdvisor reviews). When we checked out, we were presented with a bill which I started to check against our bar receipts. He appeared put out by this, and was more put out when I commented on the phone charges (e.g. £1.63 to call Cable and Wireless Directory Enquiries). He then complained that we had not had dinner in the hotel, although our purpose in visiting Guernsey had been to see friends and we were occupied with them on most evenings. I do not have to justify how I spend my time while on holiday!! This experience rather spoiled our stay, and there are many hotels in Guernsey!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 14th of April 2007

Wouldn't be our first choice in Guernsey

Reviewed Sat 15th of December 2012

"My husband, my mother and myself stayed here for a week just before Easter. It is good in parts and poor in others. On arrival we were made to feel welcome but on being shown to our rooms, they could not have taken us on a longer and more difficult route which involved carrying our bags and suitcases up and down stairs and along corridors. We finally arrived at our rooms and then were shown a door in the hallway which led to the outside world and was a straight path to Reception and would have been a much easier way to get to our rooms, it was as if the staff didn't know where all the rooms were!

My mother's single room was big, bright and airy with a nice sized shower room but the showers in both hers and our rooms had very big steps in/out of them and stepping out after the shower you had to be very careful as there was no handle to cling onto. We did feel that they were rather hazardous.

The rooms were bright and airy and had obviously been recently refurbished and thought had gone into the furnishings.

On the food side, The Restaurant served good well cooked food, although rather too much of it but It was delicious and beautifully cooked. The cooked breakfasts were about the best I have eaten as I am very particular about my bacon and eggs and the Chef in this hotel really does know his stuff! The staff were so friendly and very helpful and made you feel very welcome.

Just 1 other thing, if you want a drink before dinner, don't bother going into the bar! They will only serve you with a drink if you are going to eat in there, they told us we could sit in the Restaurant proper with our drinks but reading the hotel blub about the bar we thought we could just relax with a pre-dinner drink. In the week we stayed the bar was never full and it seemed to us a pity that you couldn't just sit with a drink. You could sit in the garden with your drinks which is what they expected you to do and in high summer, that would have been fine but not at the beginning of April when it was rather chilly and damp in the evening!!

There was a small lounge which was housed in a conservatory but it had a huge television (on our first night a member of the staff kept wanting to switch it on for us and we found it very hard to stop them!) and 3 sofas but they are not ideally arranged, again it might have been better with some individual easy chairs and get rid of the tv as there are tv's in all the rooms anyway if you wanted to watch.

We enjoyed our stay there but not sure if I would want to stay there again."

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  • Travel date: Thu 27th of April 2006

Only good in parts

Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"This could be an excellent hotel but has some problems.

On arriving at the hotel, we were not made welcome but simply told that we were too early and should leave our luggage in the foyer. We were not shown any of the facilities and when our room was ready, were simply given a key and left to find our own way to the room.

Although the hotel is a member of the Silencehotels group and supposed to be quiet and peaceful, we were kept awake on the first night by loud music from a tent in the garden outside the window - apparently a Medieval Banquet party. This went on until 11.30 pm.

The bedroom was spacious and could have been very comfortable but it was very cold. Although the weather was warm during the days, our bedroom was on the ground floor and did not get the sun at any time of day. Several other guests complained about the cold but initially we were told that heating could not be turned on in the hotel because it was required for the outdoor pool. Eventually the heating was turned on, but only for a couple of days.

Only two of the staff spoke English or French with any fluency. The manager was English but was seldom there. The majority of staff were very young and willing to please but struggled to communicate.

Food was generally good and wines were excellent. It would not take a great deal of management to make this an excellent small hotel but at the moment, it does not seem to live up to its 3-star rating."

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  • Travel date: Tue 11th of October 2005

Comfortable and Peaceful

Reviewed Fri 16th of November 2012

"My partner and I stayed here for a long weekend break in the summer, and we were very impressed. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the room was clean, comfortable and spacious. There is an excellent restaurant (a bit pricey but well worth it), a cosy bar with a reasonably-priced but limited bar meals menu, and a small but attractive garden which is lovely for a quiet al fresco lunch. The pool was a bit small but was never too busy, and I spent many a happy hour reading a book on a poolside lounger. I would recommend asking for a room well away from the bar, though. We had the room directly above it, and late-night revellers kept us awake on the Saturday.

There is nothing much close by in the way of entertainment - just a few shops and pubs fifteen minutes' walk away in Cobo bay. (Not the most attractive beach in the world, but well situated for watching the sun go down). Children would probably be bored senseless. If you're only after a few days' peace and quiet and have no intention of leaving the hotel grounds, this is perfect. The next time I need a relaxing break, I will definitely go back."

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  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of September 2005

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