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Edinburgh  -  spring travel destination in Scotland.
Edinburgh - spring travel destination in Scotland.
The United Kingdom is comprised of four countries: Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each country is culturally distinct from the other and all have an intricate historical background. For visitors this diversity is a great attraction and many tourists choose to tour the UK and see each country during their holiday. Historical sites are in plentiful supply as are vast areas of natural beauty. Capital cities like London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff offer unlimited options with regards to food, entertainment, culture and shopping. Outdoor activities are in abundance throughout the UK with the varied landscapes and terrain offering everything from extreme sports to countryside rambles. There are thousands of miles of coastline and hundreds of seaside resorts dotted around Britain making it an ideal destination for a summer holiday especially for native holidaymakers. Coupled with theme parks such as Alton Towers and Legoland and with various zoos and museums the UK is perfect for family holidays. With all this on offer, and so much more, the UK really does have something for everyone.

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