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Poor Food Hygiene,cleaning and service

Reviewed 23rd October 2015

"We did intend to return to Voyage Torba next year for our 25th wedding anniversary but we have decided not to return because of the deterioration in standards of hygiene and service at the hotel. We first visited the hotel in 2010 and were amazed by the standards of service, entertainment and food quality, but on this occasion it was very poor. We used the main beachfront pool between the restaurants. We used sun beds at the far front end overlooking the outdoor sky disco. On the very first day we noticed fish and chicken bones on the floor that had been given to the cats by the guests. The same bones remained on the floor for 5 days until I asked for them to be cleaned up. The waiter for the adult section came up and cleaned some of the bones but even then left some on the floor. The floor around this area was not washed down for the entire 7 days with the same stains from ice cream around our beds. Maybe if the General Manager had diverted from his normal morning route past the adult beach section he would have seen this? The fridge at the pool containing drinks had a dirty old towel covering the top. This towel was not changed for the 7 days and was even left after the storms, completely wet through. Cats also sat on this which is very unhygienic. We also noticed that there was a full daily bar waiter service to the adult area and was disappointed not to have had the same service at the pool area. It would seem they are failing to provide consistent service to all guests? One of the great memories from 2010 was the fantastic rotisserie chicken and Donner kebabs at lunchtime at the beach front restaurant. We had lovely freshly cooked chicken and Donner meat every day. This year the food was very disappointing. The rotisserie was never switched on; the chicken was per-cooked and then deep fried. It was obvious that it was not freshly cooked but re-heated in the deep fryer as the skin and meat was over cooked and dry. It was the same with the Donner meat, the rotisserie was never switched on, the meat was re-heated on the griddle and was again dry, over cooked and sometimes even hard. The chips were also per-cooked and cold at the start of service at 1230hrs. They also now serve dinner meat on AMERICAN BURGER BUNS!!!! IN TURKEY!!! Why don’t they serve the lovely TURKISH BREAD like you did 5 years ago? I have better Donner kebabs from my local Turkish cafe in Manchester. The chefs and kitchen staff also serve food at the beachfront restaurant with their bare hands and fingers. If they served the food freshly hot off the rotisserie this would not be possible. I saw them doing this every day in front of managers who did nothing. This sort of practice is very unprofessional and very unhygienic. The standard of cleaning at the bar between the steak and Italian restaurants is very poor. The bar area was always covered in stains from the drinks glasses and debris falling from the trees. We never saw bar staff cleaning the bar. They also served out of date Diet Cola cans. Service in the main restaurant is very poor; on most occasions we had to fetch our own coffee at breakfast and had to ask repeatedly for drinks with our evening meal. We felt that some of the staff deliberately ignored us. Sometimes walking straight past and serving others. The day before we were due to fly home, my wife was admitted to Bodrum hospital, where she was placed on a saline drip and given antibiotics. She had severe stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting and sickness. On the last day the senior management team were greeting guests at the main restaurant at breakfast whilst I had a walk around the hotel. I took a photo of the kitchen service entrance which was very dirty and had not been cleaned properly for the 7 days. The street pavement was stained a dark gey/black color from the spillages that had not been cleaned properly. There was rubbish on the road that had not been cleaned up, empty bottles and empty food containers left just lying around . This gave me the impression that if they couldn’t clean the pavement on the street or keep the service entrance clean in full view of guests then what was the kitchen hygiene standard like and more importantly the food preparation areas. Maybe this was why my wife was taken ill? Every day we saw kitchen staff, chefs and even managers smoking and feeding the dogs in the kitchen service area. The standards in this hotel have clearly deteriorated, whilst the business has clearly invested the buildings including the reception, Central Bar, Panarama bar and beach restaurants, the hygiene and service is very very poor. "

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  • Travel date: 22nd October 2015
  • 5 Location
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  • 1 Pool
  • 1 Service
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  • 2 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

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