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My boyfriend and I have just returned fr...

Reviewed 1st June 2008

"My boyfriend and I have just returned from a week in Diamond Beach Hotel, Side. I will begin with the positive, The hotel was thoroughly clean, the cleaners made a real effort everyday and the pool area was spotless. The drink measures were very generous which was excellent for us. The beach was a 2minute walk and we were overjoyed to discover 'Diamond Beach' had its very own beach bar where you could continue to eat and drink all inclusively. You could also access sunbeds and shade areas and the beach was lovely (however, we were not told about this by hotel staff, we found it for ourselves). Lunch and Dinner was beaut. We were however, let down with breakfast which consisted of Eggs and Salad. No fruit or toast or bacon or sausage or anything of a cooked variety, and only 1 cereal type per morning. Now i will crack into the negative, The staff, although friendly, spoke little/no English and were very unhelpful. DO NOT BOOK AND PAY FOR TRANSFERS!!!!! The Turks are great big faffers! When we landed in Turkey, we had to wait on a hot bus for an hour and a half while other flights came in so that they could cram as many people onto the bus as possible! When it was time for us to leave the hotel, our transfer arrived 1hour 10minutes late so we checked in 40minutes before our flight!!! very irritating and stressful from our point of view, the hotel staff did nothing to help us, just told us to relax which we found unhelpful and patronising to some degree! Do not go to Diamond Beach if you like to be entertained at night, there is absolutly nothing to do, there is a GERMAN kids disco 9-9.30. Then you must entertain yourself or sneak over the road to the Nova hotel where they had FANTASTIC caberet style entertainment!hehe! My final point, the hotel is built in a building site 40minutes from any kind of town/village. We had a great hol but would not go back to Turkey again. Hope this has helped."

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  • Travel date: 1st June 2008

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