Can Garden Resort

Uctepeler mah. Turizm cad. No:15, Colakli, Manavgat 07600 Turkey
5 star hotel


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  • 4.5 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 4.5 service
  • 4.5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 4.5 food

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excellent holiday even off season


"european 4* in every aspect, functional, designed with taste;
very kind service, they do their best; hotel located in quite nice peaceful area, we got western side room so we had great view over the garden and mountains, lots of free space around; 5 mins to the nearby shopping center with gifts, clothes etc; 10 mins to the private beach (sidewalk), there is also shuttle bus every hour; food included in AI varied and tasteful, every day new dishes; local wine of good quality; they keep rooms and common areas clean alltime; animations all day directed by 2-3 people, but they don't force you to be active; mostly English and Germans, families or couples; beach clean and nice, sea warm!! matteraces they bring you themselves when they see you come (all beach stuff free!); in general we recommend strongly, all bad comments would mean we are picky :):)"

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  • Travel date: Sun 4th of November 2007

Animation Team Made the Holiday!!


"We have just returtned after a 2 week stay at the Can Garden Resort. We went with another couple and this was our 4th trip and their 5th trip to Turkey.

This Hotel was by far the best we have ever stayed (in Turkey) but in all fairness it was way better than the hotel we stayed in last year in Antigua...!! Definatley value for money!! Can Garden is spotless, the food is good and the Animation Team made our holiday!! They dont force you to get involved in the activities through the day such as water polo, water gynastics, darts etc, and dressing up!! But if you show willing you will have a fab time!! we got involved day and night and we are the type of people that wouldnt normally, but for us this made our holiday., Did nothing but laugh. Chacky, FuFu, Robert, Pinar and DJ A ... Lee are a great team, Oh and the Cheif! (Animation Manager)

We would go back next year just to see the Animation Team.

Overall a great All Inclusive Holiday... If you want to go out for a meal we have a few great meals at the Chian Restuarant just down the road on the left hand side, with Tony, the wappey waiter!! It is great food and really cheap. 7 of us had a big meal and plently of drinks for £40!! The bread you get for starters with salad is to die for!!!

The only down side to our holiday was having to get up at 6am every morning to beat the germans to the sunbeds as there are simply not enough sunbeds for the 470 people that the hotel holds.. But it was worth it - I just went back to bed for a couple of hours and the sunbeds were still there...

Enjoy your staty here..."

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  • Travel date: Fri 12th of October 2007

Really good holiday


"We have just returned from the Can Garden Resort hotel after a 2 week hoiday there. Upon arrival, there was some confusion over our room allocation (we were travelling as 2 couples) and they tried to put us in a family room due to the hotel being fully booked. However, we spoke to the holiday rep (Pat) about this and managed to get 2 seperate rooms without any further problems.

The hotel is very plush inside with high standards of cleanliness. There are a lot of polished floors around the hotel so do be careful, especially as a lot of water gets carried in from the pool!! The rooms themselves are fairly basic but they have all the essentials. There is a mini bar fridge which gets replaced on Tuesdays and Thursdays which has soda, water and Pepsi. There is also a TV in the room but it only has 2 or 3 English channels (music, News and BBC Prime). We found a great Sky Sports bar about 5 mins walk from the hotel which also does food. We ate there a few times during our stay and it was very reasonably priced and good food. The owner was more than happy to put whatever sport you wanted on and he even saved a table for us during the England v Germany football match!

The food in the hotel was lovely and there was always plenty to choose from- lots of salads, pasta and fish. It's a good opportunity to try new dishes as you can always have something else if you don't like it! There is the main restuarant and also 2 a la carte restuarants at the hotel (one fish and one mediterranean). You can eat once at both the a la carte's during your stay but if you want to go there more than once there is a £5 charge. We just went the once to both but they were very nice.

The hotel animation team was great - they work so hard and always have a smile on their face. The evening entertainment is not so good but this is more down to a lack of resources than a lack of enthusiasm! There's lots going on around the pool during the day but there is no pressure if you don't want to join in. The animation staff organise nights out to the local disco on Mons and Thurs where there is a foam party. The main resort of Side is only a short taxi ride away.

There are lots of trips to do - we would recommend the waterpark (but would suggest hiring the ringos at the start of the day to avoid queueing). The dolphin show (seperate to the waterpark) was really good - they even had a walrus that did sit ups!!

There are lots of watersports on the beach (jet ski, banana boat etc) which is a 10 min walk away (or there is a bus service from the hotel). The all inclusive applies at the beach as well which saves you walking back at lunchtime. There is also plenty of shade at the beach, which is a welcome relief! Be warned about the man selling boat trips on the beach. We thought we had a bargain as the trip to the waterfalls was half the price of the Thompson trip, however all of the commentary was in German and, despite my asking for a translation as there were other English people on board and the photographer could speak English, we had no information!!

Sunbeds were a problem at the hotel. There didn't seem to be enough for the rooms in the hotel. The management had signs up stating that towels would be removed on unoccupied beds but the first day there were no sunbeds at 8am! A number of people complained to Pat about this and the next few days did see towels being removed but the general consensus was that you had to get up early to get a sunbed! There is also a gym at the hotel but in the loosest sense of the word! There are a few weights and a running machine but the room gets so hot that you can't stay in there more than 20 mins!!

The Turkish bath and massage at the hotel was lovely. We would recommend this at the start of your holiday (so they don't rub all your tan off!!) but it was lovely and relaxing and your skin was very smooth afterwards. My boyfriend would also recommentd the Turkish (cut throat) shave which is only about £3. there are lots of other beauty treatments att he hotel which are all reasonably priced.

Overall, we really enjoyed our holiday at this hotel and would recommend it. The weather was great (40's most days) and the locals and staff at the hotel are all really friendly and made you feel very welcome. The animation team were great!

Have a lovely time if you are going there!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 30th of August 2007

Ruined by stomach bug


"Family of 3 from Nottingham.
14-28 August 2007

We have just returned from 2 weeks at this resort. The hotel is new and as such modern and well presented. The food is however limited as are the drinks, this hotel is probably the most limited all inclusive we have been on.

Sun beds were a nightmare, often all taken by 6am!!

The resort is basic and still very rural with limited shopping and bars.

However the entire 2 weeks were taken over by a serious stomach bug in the hotel. Everyone you spoke to was either ill themselves or members of their party were. Pat the rep tried to blame us for bringing it in to the resort and stated the hotel was not too blame. Estimates of people affected must be about 100+ during our stay alone, with some requiring hospital treatment.

Numerous accidents occurred due to the slippery tiled surfaces around
the pool area some of which were quite steep slopes.

Evening entertainment was poor and appeared to have little planning.

Overall it is not one we recommend."

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  • Travel date: Wed 29th of August 2007

Not Recommended....


"We have just returned from the Can Garden Resort in Side, Turkey, unfortunately with the worst food poisoning we’ve ever had.
I’ll try and write this as honestly as possible but please remember this is a personal view only!!

On arrival, the Hotel looked exactly as it had been marketed. It seemed very clean and the public areas were very well presented and maintained. The room too was spacious and clean and the air con is fabulous.

We noticed signs up in the public areas stating that due to a shortage of sunbeds and improper use of those existing, sunbeds reserved before 8am and not used within one hour would be liberated. We thought this was a very good idea – no-one wants to get up at 5am on their holidays just to get a sunbed. Therefore, on the first morning we trundled down at about 8.15am to find not one sunbed free. Every single one has a towel or personal belongings reserving them but only 2 people actually sat on them! We quickly came to the conclusion that perhaps we were the only ones paying the signs any heed and went to the beach instead (that’s another story which I’ll move onto!). On the second day, we came down at 7am and managed to bag a couple of sunbeds which we sat on reading until about 8am when we felt safe to go and get a cup of coffee. In the ten minutes it took to do this, the towels had been removed and placed in a pile at the side. We were only away for 10 minutes!!! I retrieved them, put them back, and proceeded to stay put on the sunbed for the rest of the day, fearful of moving!
We soon discovered this had happened to a fair few people.
The fact is that there are just NOT ENOUGH sunbeds, and those there are, are packed in like sardines, literally arm to arm with the next one. After 4 days, they ordered in about 20 more and put them on the grass which improved the situation but you still had to get down by 9am to be assured of one.
If you are going to Can Garden, be aware that there is a certain amount of ‘poolside badgering’ to put up with too – the Turkish Bath man can be fairly blunt about how pale and dirty you look!

The Beach – well – the beach is lovely, soft sandy beach and beautiful clear warm waters. You will find though that bagging your spot is less straightforward.
Each hotel has a designated area and the sunbeds are lined up in straight lines under canvas. This is fine if you want to sit in the shade. We went to pull our sunbeds a little further forward to get some sun and the ‘Sunbed warden’ came charging down the beach pulling it back! I explained that we wanted to sunbathe but it seems that having the sunbeds in a straight line in the shade is how it had to be. It took some lengthy arguing with a few choice words to sort it out. I.e., I just pulled the thing into the sun anyway and ignored him. Having spoken to some others on the beach, they had exactly the same with him and were sitting seething in the shade having been told they could not move their sunbed!!!
Other than this, the Beach is lovely, the Can Garden Beach restaurant leaves a bit to be desired but to be honest, you don’t really expect too much from a Beach restaurant and it has everything you need there.

Hotel Reception we found fairly unhelpful too. They don’t really speak English – which is fine as when in Turkey etc…. But, you do expect to be able to speak to someone who grasps the basics. There was an occasion where the Water delivery man had been to our room with the water, knocked and just walked straight in without waiting. At the time, I had just got out of the shower and shot halfway up the wall clutching a sheet. When we tried to explain to Reception that we found this a little ill mannered, we were greeted with complete nonchalance.
On another occasion, we were going to the Beach for a walk and splash about in the sea and asked Reception if they would hold our key for us to save us leaving it unattended on the Beach. They point blank refused and said ‘it was not their responsibility’. Now, I may be wrong but I would have thought, being their key, it was partly their responsibility and should be able to hold it for a couple of hours!! But alas, no.

The Entertainment or ‘Animation’ Team were pretty normal. I’ve been to a fair few all inclusives and you don’t expect theatre. They were friendly enough but we only went to one of the shows due to illness.
One thing that bothered me a bit though was that at the end of the holiday, when we were sat waiting for coaches to arrive, the Animation Team were going up to folk, and actually asking for money, literally with their hands out. Now, I have no issue with making donations, tipping etc BUT I found it quite embarrassing to actually have a man in front of me asking for my purse (quite literally). I said no but I could see a number of people fumbling about for money in an embarrassed way. If they just said that there is a box for donations for something that would be acceptable but to quietly sneak up to people on their own and actually ask for money is wrong in my eyes.

The last and most important part of this review is the one that I would advise anyone reading to make a note of.
During our one week stay at the Can Garden Resort, no less than 100 reports were made about stomach illnesses. My partner was laid up for 4 days with this which understandably spoiled our week. Having spoken to other guests in the hotel it seemed we may have got away fairly lightly. There had been over 100 complaints to the Thomson Representative ranging from diarrhoea to sickness to headaches to hospitalisation. We witnessed one man with a drip in his arm and an ambulance taking someone off to hospital – these are only the ones that we saw and we didn’t stray from our room too much because of my partner’s sickness. Nothing was confirmed about the cause of all this whilst we were there but I will be looking out on this site for more news. For so many people to be struck down it leaves you to draw your own conclusions. Suffice to say, Can Garden will not feature in my future holiday choices."

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  • Travel date: Tue 21st of August 2007

Good hotel


"Just returned back from hotel yesterday had a very good hotel we thought the hotel was excellent especailly for the cleanliness and staff especially Fatima in the terrace bar she smiled allday we tiped here every evening,food in the main restaurant very good choice especially the cakes which were FAB,fish al a carte restaurant was excellend,turkish al a carte restaurant was good. The bad points of the hotel were the following sunbeds if you did not have your towels out by 6.30am no chance for a sunbed around the big pool,evening entertainment was very poor even 7 year old daughter did not want to go too it also felt the choice of drinks that you were allowed on the all inclusive basis was very limited felt the choice could be improved. Only there for one week which we felt was enough as the evening entertainment spoilt the holiday."

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  • Travel date: Tue 14th of August 2007

Simply Fantastic


"This place is just fantastic there is no other way to describe it, we stayed here for our first time in side for a week, and we will be going back next year for 2 weeks. The hotel itself is spottlessly clean with rooms cleaned daily with plenty of fresh towels and clean sheets. There is a great size swimming pool which again is spotless. Then there is the staff They are just brilliant they are very helpful and great fun, they are also brilliant with kids keeping them entertained for hours. The food is very good with plenty of choice so satisfy every taste bud and is very reasonably priced as is the beer, The local beer is called effes and is plesently refreshing in the baking heat.
All in all weather its a relaxing holiday or family fun you can not do any better than Cats Gardens its Just fantastic."

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  • Travel date: Fri 10th of August 2007



"An absolutley superb hotel, one of the best we have stayed in ever!
Completeley agree with all comments of previous review, so won't repeat. Helpful hints; Take Euros or Sterling, don't bother with Lira, they don't really want it, although they will take it. Safety deposit box £14 for 2 weeks. Beach towels supplied, one each, which you can exchange at reception for clean ones every few days.Enjoy the Turkish massage, but do beware they will try and sell you medical treatment which they want you to claim back on your insurance. Do have your photos taken by the photographer- The pictures he takes are fantastic, but do not pay full price, you must haggle! We got a really good deal. Get up early if you want to reserve your sunbed by the pool, there aren't enough, for the number of guests, however the beach is only down the road. I would rate as 4 star plus. We were allocation on arrival, and weren't disappointed- you'll love it!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 30th of July 2007

Great Hotel


"We are just home from a week at the Can Garden Resort. The hotel is rated at four stars but should be higher. The hotel is very clean and the staff are really good, especially Inci, a waitress who is in her final year at university studying hotel management. She was very pleasant and courteous and nothing was a problem to her. The majority of the staff were like this. The rooms are spacious and very comfortable a/c free, you need it the temperatures were in the 40s. There was a very good choice of food in the restaurant which was very tasty. The pastry chef is something else, he prides in his work, and the choice of cakes and pastries was extreme and very deliscious. (i gained 7 pounds). The hotel is family friendly and being all inclusive, caters for all ages. There is a courtesy bus service to the beach, although it only takes about ten minutes to walk. This again is all free are the chairs and beach towels. The location might not suit all who want a lively resort with bars and discos. There are some bars and restaurants within walking distance. Transport is very cheap, so if you want to go into the larger town of Side (about 10 minutes in a taxi) then there is much more to do. The animation team at the hotel do their best to entertain you.
Overall this is one of the best hotels we have stayed in and deserves to be recognised."

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  • Travel date: Tue 10th of July 2007

Good hotel


"I travelled with my husband and my two teenage daughters aged 18 and 14 and we all had a great time. Lovely hotel that was tastefully decorated, everything is new, shiny and clean. The rooms were really nice, balconies a little small but better than not have a balcony at all in my view. Bed linen was a little strange, no top sheet between you and a small waffle blanket. The shops in the hotel were a good idea and the paper shop sold reasonably priced chocolate, magnum ice-creams for just over 1 euro and 20 cigarettes for 3 euros.
Food- We always managed to find something we liked and the service was excellent even though the hotel was running at full capacity. We had booked 2 rooms but were given a family room which didn't suit our need for 2 bathrooms and we were in this room for 3 days, almost half our stay. They offered us free late check out and free safe usage to compensate. Thomson said it was the hotels fault for overbooking. They chose us because we all had the same surname and didn't look at the ages of the girls. This also happened to some other guests.
The courtesy bus to the beach leaves from the back of the pool area running to a timetable posted on the gate. I found this to be a reliable service that is a good idea especially for the first trip. There are steps down to the beach and the area to the right of the steps is for Can Garden guests which has plenty of shade. There are toilets tucked away to the left of the bar which were ok. The service and food were very good.
The animation team work hard with very few resources. Games around the pool area during the day and a mainly mimed show in the evening at the amphitheatre. A little too much attention paid towards my daughters but nothing unmanageable.
We had a Turkish bath in the spa at the hotel. We had the £22 package which included, Turkish bath, face mask with Turkish apple tea while the mask dries and a full body aromatherapy massage. I went in with just my daughters as my hubby didn’t fancy it. We were put at ease straight away and there wasn’t a hint of any hanky panky even though my daughters are very good looking. Instead my husband had a head and beard shave in the salon with a cut throat razor which he said was the best shave he’d ever had.
My girls also had a pedicure which cost £9 each.
Thomson excursions -
Manavgat waterfalls, shopping and boat trip with lunch provided about £22 per adult. Not as hectic as it sounds, leaving the hotel just before 9am and returning for 5pm. You can leave any shopping on the coach before the boat trip and the boat takes you to a beach with enough time to relax or swim. It really was a lovely day out . You get time to shop at a market and at a fixed priced shop if you don’t like haggling. Lunch on the boat made a nice change, drinks had to be paid for at roughly the same price as at home.
Aspendos - Fire of Anatolia - absolutely amazing. What a venue , although this trip should carry a caution for small children or the less mobile. This roman Amphitheatre holds about 18,000 people and we all had to get in through one small entrance. If you don’t like crowds this is not a good place to be but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Take a towel to sit on, plenty of drink and use the ladies before you get a seat because believe me you can’t move once you’re all in. My advice would be ‘google’ this venue before you go. If you want anymore info feel free to contact me."

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  • Travel date: Fri 8th of June 2007

Good All-incl Resort


"Small but cosy and efficient houses with tv and tidy bathroom. Hardworking and friendly personel, really had a fun time, in and out of the resort.

Tip: If you are looking for a nice place to have a diner I recommend Restaurant Gül on the east side of Side."

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  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of August 2011

Can Garden The Truth


"we have returned from can garden resort on the 9th of july. the only fault we could find was the brakefast and thats because there was hardly enything "normal" to eat it was like "scrambled egg with mince" but the anamation team was amazing they got on with you and they put there heart and soul in to there jobs. The rooms are very good and looked after the cleaners are very good and they are never short of ideas (pettles on bed). There is one more problem the bar staff are very misrable i even found my self singing "if your happy and you know it" the location for me couldent be falted 5 mins to the beach and 5 mins to the bazzar. heard a lot about the mosque but i only heard it on the first day then i didn't here it. all in all it was an amazing holiday and would go next year
Liam Smith
Leeds "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 11th of July 2011

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  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food
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    "White water rafting. Amazing experience, excellent value for money. "

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    "beautiful place with plenty to do "

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    "Cikan best kebabs and perfectly priced "

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    "A fantastic family holiday with something to suit everyone "

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    "take euro as well as lira,get bus into side and go on some trips. "

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    "Side is a must see, the harbour is beautiful and shops are amazing "

  • Liam by Liam

    "dont go out at midday (Too Hot) "

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