Safranbolu Holidays

safranbolu in turkey
safranbolu in turkey
Safranbolu is a town within the Karabuk Province, just 8km from the city center of Karabuk. It is also known as saffron town, the spice for which it is most famous. Long a place for growing and trading saffron, visitors can still buy some of the best saffron in the world. Safranbolu is located near the north western Black sea coast of Anatolia. The town is predominantly covered by forests, hills and mountains.

Safranbolu was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, largely due to the presence of well-preserved Ottoman homes. The architecture in Safranbolu influenced home building throughout the Ottoman empire.

Other points of interest include the many mosques, hamams that were built in the 14th century, The Tennaries Clock tower, Incekaya aqueduct, fountains and homes all around the city.
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