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The best was return home!!!

Reviewed 25th August 2011

"It was likely to be worse than expected. But we did not actually expect so much dreadful and shoddy hotel. At the moment of admitting to the reception, we felt it would be a terrible holiday. The first warning was that, “this is a French holiday village, so all the announcements are in French”. We were held as foreigners in our own country. There is neither a bell boy nor a trolley to carry luggages. These kinds of jobs are being done by security officers. Transportation of luggages is being performed in several times. Meanwhile, they give some damage to luggages. We were only given one room key. It would be more convenient if we had 2, so we could move independently in hotel. When we requested for another room key, the receptionist did not give and said that “If we give the second, the first is blocked”. What a wonderful explanation!!! However, the Turks who had come from France just said: “The reception, who doesn’t give you the second key, gives the second key to young people to take money from hotel room in order to obtain alcoholic beverages”. The reason they do not give the second key is to prevent the working of air conditioner. Hotel is completely trying to make profit. There is no value of the hotel customer satisfaction. In restaurant, there were even no pitchers on the tables. You need to stand up many times and carry tap water with water glass. After many days, we learned that free water tickets were given from reception. Because we were not given tickets, we drank tap water during 6 days. Owing to warnings of other hotel customers, we could obtain water tickets. When we asked the receptionist why he did not give the tickets on arrival, he replied that “Probably, hotel reception was too busy at that time, so tickets were forgotten”. Actually, we arrived hotel with our own car and, the reception was extremely calm when we arrived. It is impossible to drink any other beverages except tap water during meals. If you want to drink other beverages, like cola or beer, the waiters point to the pool bar 200 meters away, so that you get yourself. In two remote corners of restaurant, there are two barrels filled with cheap wines. Everyone, including children gets wine very easily from these barrels. There is no alcohol control. What could be expected from such a hotel, which gives the second room key to young people for getting money to drink alcoholic beverages? Foods are very bad. There are no more two kinds of the main meals. The other food trays are filled with boiled potatoes and broccoli, etc. Rice pilaf is a luxury food. It is cooked very rare. We ate pasta and eggplant in every meal. Every day, desserts only change shape. We saw the baklava only once during the nine days. Instead of cheese, precipitate cheese is served excessively for breakfast. In order to give an impression of different kinds of cheese, precipitates are served with spice and dried mint. When tea and coffee waste in teapots, they aren’t substituted. Although there is time for breakfast, deficiencies are not completed. There are also many flies. The same fruit yogurts and salads are served many times. Spilled residues on the floor and bench are not cleaned up. If the air conditioner is working in the restaurant, it is being closed by an officer. If you insist, the waiters open the air conditioner reluctantly. Drinks at the bar near the pool are served in plastic cups. These cups are collected again and immersed in water, then reused. The drinks called fruit juice are artificially colored drinks. There is not fresh fruit juice already, but we could not buy packaged fruit juice even with money. In hotel, we could not find anything for our child to drink. The hotel staff was clearly unwilling or uninterested in being helpful. Workers are waiting for an opportunity to escape from work and frequently they are hiding. When there is a problem, neither employees nor management can find a solution. They just look at your face. When we requested a reservation for a la carte restaurant, we were shown the menu. In a la carte restaurant, we had completely different dishes. There was no choice of meals. Already, this so-called a la carte restaurant was in a dark, damp and dirty place. It was illuminated by candle-looking lights. That was romantic a la carte restaurant as described on the Internet. Even here, the cups were plastic. Essentially, we came to this hotel hearing the beautiful beach and sea. But the sea was too cold. We had to swim in pool. Music and announcements begin at 9.30 and last till 19.00 without interruption. If you have a little child, it is impossible to get your child to sleep. It is extremely frustrating to hear the same song and French announcements continuously. In hotel rooms, there are not even the simple needs such as cotton swabs, sewing kit, sanitary plastic bags, pencil and paper. There are not a piece of paper containing hotel information and telephone directory. There are only small plastic unlabeled bottles in bathroom. When used, they appear to be shampoo. The number of hotel workers is insufficient. We waited until evening for housekeeping almost every day. We found a solution by giving garbage and taking clean towels. Tables in room were very dusty. We had to use the same bed sheets for many days. The same hotel employees are being worked for many different tasks. You can see the housekeeping workers when they turn dough on evenings. Just after cooking, the cooks in hotel kitchen do hotel cleaning. Anı Tour staff was unqualified. On arrival, we were not given any information about hotel facilities. Because, we could see him only after days. We were given hotel bracelets and in a way, we were left in the hotel. Well, was not there any good side of hotel? Eh! The swimming pool can be supposed clean. The air conditioner in room was working effectively. However, no doubt the hotel management will find a solution as soon as possible such as central air conditioning and cooling in limited hours. Most important of all was return home. "

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  • Travel date: 21st August 2011
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