Suncity Hotel & Beach Club

228 Sk., Oludeniz 48300 Turkey
3 star hotel

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( 2788 reviews)
  • 4 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 4.5 service
  • 4.5 dining
  • 4.5 amenities
  • 4 value
  • 4.5 food
  • 4.5 cleanliness
  • 5 location

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Nice surroundings but .......

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"The hotel is set in lovely surroundings with lots of plants and trees and does look very pretty.

The accommodation is set in three storey blocks and room sizes are comfortable. The bathroom is what I would call the usual size and the showers very powerful.

The main area where everyone goes is the main pool area. Sun beds can be a problem after half past eight (Mondays are usually better because alot of people go home, so you can have a lie in!). A few days I got up at half six because I found it difficult to find a sun bed. Even at that time sometimes three quarters of the beds had already been 'reserved'!

The pool area can be very noisy and when we went in August, there were lots of children and groups of teenagers. If you want a bit of piece and quiet you can go to the Oasis adults only pool. There are no other areas on the hotel grounds to do a bit of relaxing and sunbathe or get away from the noise as there are no grassy areas. The only place to do this is the pool area and it can be a bit claustrophobic.

By the pool there are a few small shops, you can go to the barber or have a manicure or pedicure. There is also a small shop selling basic stuffs and lilos etc!

The main area where everyone goes is the main pool area. Sun beds can be a problem after half past eight (Mondays are usually better because alot of people go home, so you can have a lie in!). A few days I got up at half six because I found it difficult to find a sun bed. Even at that time sometimes three quarters of the beds had already been 'reserved'!

The pool area can be very noisy and when we went in August, there were lots of children and groups of teenagers. If you want a bit of piece and quiet you can go to the Oasis adults only pool. There are no other areas on the hotel grounds to do a bit of relaxing and sunbathe or get away from the noise as there are no grassy areas. The only place to do this is the pool area and it can be a bit claustrophobic.

By the pool there are a few small shops, you can go to the barber or have a manicure or pedicure. There is also a small shop selling basic stuffs and lilos etc!

Food - If you like a good old english cooked breakfast while you are on holiday, this hotel is NOT for you! Breakfast consists of fruit, yogurt, jam, cold meats, cheese, cereals, bread, continental bakery type items, omelettes, fried eggs, tomatoes with cheese. There was a sausage dish in a sauce, but do not expect any bacon, hash browns/potatoes or baked beans. If you do fancy a cooked breakfast there are a variety of restaurants that do cook them. We went to the Hippy Shake restaurant where we had a massive cooked breakfast that consisted of two fried eggs on toast, baked beans, two rashers of bacon, two sausages cooked tomatoes and something that was like a potato cake. It was enormous!!!!

Lunch and dinner were pretty similar - soup, plenty of salad in all different shapes, sizes and variations, meze type dishes, usually about three meat dishes (two were usually a type of stew and a grilled meat), a fish dish and a couple of vegetable dishes. Rice and chips were available at most times, as were roasted peppers. Turkish pizza is also always available and is gorgeous! Occasionally there was a 'special' where there was either a carvery type dish or chops. To be honest it did get a bit monotonous and we did eat out a few times, which havent felt the need to on previous all inclusive holidays.

There is a snack bar available from 12 o'clock until 5, which had burgers, cheeseburgers, chips. Also available was either turkish pizza or sometimes spaghetti bolognese. I would have liked to have had a sandwich for lunch sometimes but these were not available.

Tea and cake was available between four and five in the afternoon and icecreams only for an hour or two.

Drinks on the all inclusive was not the best. There were about four locally produced spirits - vodka (which didnt taste very nice and was very weak), gin, brandy, and raki. Beer was available on draught which was nice but quite gassy. Usual soft drinks were available. NO cocktails are free at this hotel and as with branded drinks, do have to be paid for. There was a 50% off cocktail night while we were there, to which we took full advantage of!

All in all I do not feel that the food and drink available was very good on this all inclusive. The food was very nice and tasty but did get monotonous and it would have been nice to have had a bit more available at the snack bar if you fancied a late lunch but didnt want burgers! A sandwich would have been nice or even a kebab.

Eating out is very cheap. We had a set meal one night and had garlic mushrooms for starters and a T-bone steak for main meal with salad etc, plus a drink, which cost £12. Very good value and there are alot of good quality low cost restaurants to chose from.

The animation team worked their socks off during the day and evening. If you wanted to take part you could, if you didnt, no problem.

Overall I would say that I did enjoy the holiday although it wasnt the best All Inclusive that I had been to. Also, First Choice who I went with rated it as a four star but I would say it more borders a three for various reasons. It is very much a family hotel with lots of groups of families with children.

If you like a holiday with lots of families with young children or teenagers then I would recommend this hotel for you but for me I prefer something with a bit more space and more of a mixture of different types of people, i.e. couples and older groups as well as families.

Turkey is a lovely place to visit and I would recommend trying the mud baths and paragliding!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 14th of August 2006

Loved it !!!!!!!!!!!! Cant fault it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But avoid BLOODY GEORGOUS

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"Sun City ... Well what can I say, stunning backdrop, very pretty complex, spotless, clean, very welcoming, everything you need for a family holiday. The rooms were of a good standard for Turkey, the aircon was so good in our room that I had to turn it off each night. The food was of a varid choice, and plentyful. The local drinks are great, and there is a good choice of soft drinks aswell. The staff work very hard at all times and were very polite and freindly. The childrens club was great and the entertainment team didn't stop.

Two points to watch out for. One, is the very slippery floor around the pool when wet, but if you go carefull and dont run you will be ok.
The other is a local chap who books excursions from oludeniz, who's name is BLOODY GEORGOUS.... he aint bloody gerogous and he will RIP you off... He charged us double for an excursion and told us it was sutible for a baby, when we found out it was not he told us in so many words to bugger off and what did we want him to do about it, so we lost our £45.00, but no probs as other people came back very late and burnt to a cinder as no shade all day!!! Go carefull and avoid him like the plauge.

On the other hand the rest of the resort is stunning, with paragliders dropping out of the sky all day long, which is great to watch. Theres a nice pizzeria Papios ( I Think) on the main strip if you get board of the all inclusive, and lots of other resturants to chose from.

The private beach is a free bus ride, about 5 mins away and is worth a visit, its great for children as it has very little tide.

Would we go back... I have never been back to the same place twice and have travelled well, but the answer is yes, as it was great for the little one, and very relaxing for me."

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  • Travel date: Fri 28th of July 2006

Beautiful Surroundings. Superb Hotel.

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"Surroundings / Location:

The Sun CIty is set in the most beautiful suroundings. At the base of 3 moutains which are truly breath taking. Its a 5 minute walk to the beach, and the beach, again is wonderful. The grounds of the hotel are lucious and green with trees, plants and flowers everywhere.


This hotel has 2 main pools - large family pool and the quieter adult only pool. There is also a 3rd pool for the very small children. All the pools are kept very clean and we only had trouble gettng a sun bed once on our weeks stay. There is a main buffet restaurant and seperate snack restaurant (neither airconditioned so can get quite hot) They have a entertainment area (amphitheatre) and large balcony bar which overlooks the pool and the rest of the hotel which is lovely. This is where the music gets loud and all the fun goes on.
When you have had enough of dancing to the Macarena, the poolside bar is open through the evening also and is a more quiet, relaxing space. (And usually child free.)
They have a hairdressers, a shop, a turkish bath and pedicures / manicures all on sight. And very reasonabley priced with lovely staff.


Our room was very spacious and very very clean. Air Con worked well at keeping the temp down. maid came every day and linen changed twice in the week. Nice clean bathroom. Couldn't fault it at all. Balcony which overlooked the gardens and pool.


Everywhere in this hotel is kept scrupulously clean at all times.


We are lovers of the All inclusive package and this hotel is in our top 3. We would definately stay here again. Its location and standards were second to none. Stay at Sun City and you won't be disappointed."

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  • Travel date: Fri 21st of July 2006

Very nice holiday resort

Reviewed Tue 18th of December 2012

"We simply love Sun City – great, hard working, friendly staff, nice and large pool, clean all over, very beautiful area and good, spacious rooms.

Many things have been written in the previous reviews which we will not repeat - we will just add a few comments.

In the restaurant – with plenty of selections of Turkish food for all meals (they are very good at varying the food from day to day)– you help yourself with water, juice and wine – nice and easy. If you need drinks, beer or soda, you find bar in the restaurant.

Sun beds – at nine o’clock you can still find vacant sun beds.

Bar - you have to wait for your turn and we usually were served right away, but when the hard working bar staff were very busy we waited maximum a couple of minutes for our drinks.

Diving in Ölüdeniz is just great. We did not manage to see all the different sites, but there were great caves and “swim troughs” for the experienced diver, and we cannot wait to go back to see the rest. We dived with Dive Med from Ölüdeniz. Great fun and only a maximum of 12 passengers all together plus great staff (including 3 to 4 dive masters) on the large, former sail boat."

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  • Travel date: Sun 16th of July 2006

Great value fun for all ages

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"On the whole we found this hotel and its staff very efficient. The reception were helpful and tried their upmost to solve any problems quickly. Bar staff were friendly and worked hard,we never waited more than 5 minutes to be served at any of the bars. The animation team bent over backwards to get people to join in with their varied activities both during the day and night. They even took time after work to show us the local disco's and fun bars. The best local nightclubs were N Joy's and Crusoes and we spent a few nights watching the sun come up from North to Defend (open 24/7) after dancing the night away in Crusoes.

Sun City has one restaurant - breakfast was continental mainly with savoury and sweet rolls, jams, ham &cheese and any kind of eggs that you like! (oh! and the yoghurt is lovely)
Lunch was not the best choice, salads and a couple of meat or veggie dishes.
Dinner was a much better choice of hot and cold dishes but like other all inclusive holidays you do get fed up with it after a while. They did however try their best to cater a variety and my advice would be not to pile your plate with too many dishes at once because you get fed up with the choice much quicker.

There is a snack bar and this was the only part of Sun City that I was unhappy with - both the staff and food were poor, the waitress was very rude (snatching our plates away before we finished eating and washing the table while we were eating) she spoke abrubtly and riled more people than just us. The snack bar chef handles all of the food with bare hands which was a put off. The Turkish pizza is great and available from 12 - 5pm but the rest of the snack menu is limited and poorly cooked which is a shame when the main restaurant is run much more professionally.

The animation team were great as I already said. They organise a variety of activities during the afternoon and evening, I recommend the water aerobics and quiz nights and belly dancing, they also did comedy sketch shows, break dancing shows and bingo (we didn't play bingo as it is £10 a game and I disagree with paying this amount when you are already paying for allinclusive entertainment). Every day there is a coffee game at 5pm which involves ball games, limbo dancing, etc... There was also water polo and table tennis tournaments. For evening entertainment there is a pool bar with music and large screen sports tv and upstairs there is an ampitheatre with kids disco first followed by entertainment at 10pm then adult disco in the terrace bar till after midnight. The all inclusive stops at 12am but you can order drinks and put them on your room bill afterwards and they will serve till around 2am at the pool bar.

My advice is don't do any trips with your rep we went with First Choice and the trips were overpriced and the rep very unhelpful. We did the last day trip to Dalyan (booked with our rep) which cost £64 for 2 of us and was a complete waste of money as we had to pay for all food and drink and were unimpressed with the trips itinery.

Buy trips from the local travel agents in Olu Deniz high street, we found Cadianda, easy riders and Focus were good value (avoid Bloody Gorgious he will rip you off if he can!). We paid £5 each for the 6 island boat trip and had a fab day out with lunch included, the Jeep Safari was £10 each and great value again with lunches. The paragliding can be bartered down to £45 and you get the exact same treatment as those who pay more (some paid £60) - we flew with Focus and had a great time (expect to pay around £20 each for the dvd though!)

The pools are lovely, the adult pool is very quiet and usually all beds are taken early but if you can get a bed there its pretty quiet with a bar. The main pool is the best and you can usually find a bed at any time of day - you just have to check around and ask people what beds are free - then move spare ones together. There is also an indoor pool which is lovely and cold after a hot day - most days were boiling a couple of days it reached 48 degrees. The private Sun City beach is nice and quiet and based in the middle of the lagoon. Our favourite beach was the National Park beach at the tip of the lagoon where the water was turquoise and shallow and the shingle was smooth and easy on your feet. This beach costs 5 lira and then you pay around 15 lira for the beds and umbrella but worth it.

In all we had a fantastic fortnights holiday, the shopping is pretty good and if you eat out try Sugar and Spice restaurant near the main beach. We had roast dinners and steaks there and they serve up the best pancakes and ice cream. For two of us for two courses and a drink each was a total of around £15. So we found it pretty good value there. However in Olu Deniz expect to pay almost english prices for everything its not that cheap there but if you go out to Hisoranu on the dolmus you can shop, eat &drink cheaper.

Have a great holiday - we did!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 8th of July 2006

Stunning Mountainside Location

Reviewed Tue 18th of December 2012

"Just returned from a week at the Sun City the location is stunning with fabulous views of the mountains.We travelled in a group of 17 of various ages no major complaints from any of us.The complex is kept spotless at all times with quick efficient service to this.The food was hot and very good although some Brits might complain the lack of Bacon and backed beans at breakfast. There was always plenty of choice and waiter service in the dining area excellent . We did not hear of any instances of upset stomachs or illness.
The bar staff can sometimes be a little slow but combat this by ordering several drinks at once! also every one gets the same colour wrist band this could cause problems under age drinking one 14year old was easily served.The private beach is well worth a visit in a picturesque setting excellent on free canoes in this safe and beautiful setting.
Sunbeds poolside can sometimes be scarce do as everyone else and put towels out early before 9 oclock, or try adult only smaller pool.Turkish bath is very expensive in hotel much cheaper outside.
Mosquitoes caused a problem for some people in some cases quite badly take antihistamine during stay to help. The heat is very hot and sensible to use shade at times.
Would recommend this holiday very stongly beautiful setting lovely clean hotel close to centre and main beach,take me back!!!!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of July 2006

Good crack for T and Jack

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"We recently returned from a glorious weeks holiday when i spent the majority of the time propping the bar of the adult pool whilst my partner soaked up the sun. this was for us and the others who used it on a daily basis an absolute joy, having travelled as two adults, blissfully child free. the resteraunt was great and anyone who could not find any food of there likingmust surely broaden their palate. Our room was coool and comfy and made even better after our request for two extra pillows was granted swiftly and gladly. My partner and I went on the Turkish Delight excursion where she had a great time. I unfortunately did not feel too well when we got there but the rep was more than happy to get the bus driver to take me back to the hotel which was an hours round trip for him without any question of any extra charge. Great service I am sure you will agree and he was duly tipped. Yes the hotel entertainment is aimed mainly at the kids but why not, it is their holiday too and with the choice of bars nyou were not forced to watch or listen. Afterall, us adults can make our own entertainment eh.. If your flight home is late at night I can reccomend the Dalyan Departure excursion. A great way to spend the last day of your hols. A boat trip down the river, sightseeing, mud baths and turtle spotting. Although the hotel was not a patch on Sun City and left you reminded of how lucky you were to have been there. On the whole the staff were friendly nand hard working despite their long hours and small pay. After closing nat the hotel we had some good nights out on the town where the North to Defend bar was loud and lively till the early morning. In summary we both had a great time and hope to return someday. If Dave and Sarah read this, sorry we did not get to say gooodbye at the airport where the security was over the top and rushed us through prematurely before delaying the flight by half an hour nmaking a dozen needless head counts. There, I had to moan about summat."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 2nd of July 2006

Scenic Location, friendly people, But awful food!

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"Just returned from a week long break to the Sun City Holiday Village (Hotel) and was looking forward to it after reading some of the reviews here. Unfortunately, I couldnt wait to get home. Turkey itself is a beautiful country and the weather is perfect if you like want a hot destination! (42 degrees at beginning of June)
The views from the hotel were lovely, nice to see when you're sunbathing and the complex itself is very scenic and beautiful with all the brilliant gardening.
Yet, Please take note of the transfer time. We travelled in teh evening and the transfer was 2 hours from the airport - which is a bit wary at such a late time!

1) Taking 20 year old and 17 year old- they could find no one their age range and could not find anything to do
2) Private beach is not within walking distance - have to travel by bus to reach it
3) Food - AWFUL - We are not that fussy, and we are not the only ones that felt this way! Breakfast was ok - fruit, yougurt and some cereal. No fried food except eggs.
Lunch- Snack bar with burgers, chips and pizza (ok for kids) and a buffet (very little) meat was odd.
Dinner - Again a very small amount to choose from and no food is prepared in front of you (like many other all inclusive resorts)
5) Lack of entertainment at this time (very much children orientated)
6) Expensive (very) for turkish bath treatments and nails etc.
7) Watch the mosquitos!
8) Be wary of some of the turkish men at the shop parade -although very charming, I found some of them to be quite leery at the women which can be off putting.
9) some staff arent the most friendly

1)Short Walk to bars/restaurants and lots of shops with nice bargains
2) free Ice cream for 2 hours
3)Comfortable spacious rooms
4)Adult pool - no kids
5)Lovely area and scenery

In all, I would recommend it if you have kids and arent too fussy about your food! Im sure its also a it better for families in high season.

Recommend: MisSilver for jewellery - brilliant prices!
Be careful if you dont like paprika as they cook alot of meat in it - e.g. steak"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 9th of June 2006

Loved this holiday

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"We have just come back from club sun city,our 2nd visit in 2 years,we came back because we have kids(age range 4 to 18)and i highly recommend it,very safe area for the kids,they can roam around and pretty much do there own thing.
Like before the entertainment crew did there best to make everyones holiday a happy one.
The rooms are lovely,clean,and good air conditioning,which is what u need in the 100 degree heat(lovely)
The food is very good,plenty of choice,and very tasty(if u like turkish food)snack bar for kids if they are not too keen on whats on offer in restaurant.
lovely staff,a bit slow at times in bar area,but considering the ammount of people there this time of year,they do there best.
we met some lovely families,and had a totally great time lijke we did 2 years ago.
if anyone reads this from our holiday,hello to jim and susan,old bobby boy,chris and karen and your lovely little girls,and also babs and ellie and mum,lotsa love to u all,and maybe one day we will all be sitting by that lovely pool once again,having a few drinks or 2 or 3 (maybe 4),also hello to the brighton families
we a will be going back again some time soon .My email adress is [email protected],if our holiday buds want to contact
michelle and sexy john xxx"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of June 2006

Beautiful area, lovely hotel in low season.

Reviewed Thu 11th of October 2012

"Hi, have just returned from 11 nights at Sun City as a couple with an 11 and 8 year old and later joined by grandparents for 7 nights, travelling with First Choice. We had a really enjoyable relaxing holiday. We were first timers to Turkey and really enjoyed the hotel and holiday.
They hotel itself is very attractive, particularly with the stunning mountain backdrops and beautiful well kept garden areas. I had read all the reviews before we travelled and was a little apprehensive, overall we don't really have any complaints as we went in low season, the hotel wasn't full so we didn't have any trouble with queueing or sunbeds as in previous reports. It can get extremely hot around the pool, even in May, as it is so sheltered, it was more pleasant near the lagoon and I definately wouldn't want to go in the school holidays when it is full and the temperature gets up to 38 - 40 degrees.

Trips through First Choice are a real rip off, eg £80 for the 12 island boat trip for 2ad+2child, we booked locally instead and it cost about £20 for us all!
Also, paragliding was £75 with First Choice or £50 locally.
The boat trip was lovely and very relaxing with fab food, an absolute bargain.
Paragliding was an experience, not one I would do again! the jeep trip up if horrific!, takes about 50 mins and is so bumpy and dusty. It then takes about 30 mins to come down by the paraglider but wow, what amazing views.

Olu Deniz is in a beautiful area with spectacular scenery. It isn't as cheap as I thought it would be, cocktails around £6-7. A two course meal for two cost us around £40, although beer is inexpensive. It would have been an expensive holiday if we had not gone all inclusive.

Sun City
We received good service throughout our stay, the restaurant staff work really hard and were very friendly, especially with children. Food was really nice, plenty of variety, far better than Cuba where we went last year. There was a huge salad buffet, various breads, cheeses, lots of turkish desserts, a grill some nights, nearly always rice, chips if you want them, and lots of variety in hot dishes, fish kebabs, shish kebab, stews, stuffed peppers, moussaka, spaghetti bolognaise, lamb, bbq chicken, etc, etc.
Breakfast could have been a bit better but that said there was always something to have. I can see that they would run out of cutlery, glasses, etc when it is very busy.
Fantastic value considering what we paid.
Our family room was very cool and pleasant, spotlessly clean and the maid kept it nice during out stay. Several rooms were being refurbished and were beautiful inside.
Entertainment is very basic but it's a bit of fun, kids disco could have a been a bit longer than 20 mins. The team work hard and are all really nice, they could just do with a few acts 'bought in' professional acts.

Calis water park
We had a day trip here for around £8 each. The park is very small, don't expect one like Florida!, there are around 8 slides and a couple of swimming pools, that said we had a fun day and there were only around 30 people there. Food was nice here too.

We didn't go on the main beach as it isn't suitable for kids, the hotel beach is tiny with lots of grassed areas but the sea is calm and it is so peaceful down there, really enjoyed it there. Pedaloes and canoes are free and you can get a sandwich and orange included in the all inclusive option, but thats all. Don't miss the bus it's a 40 minute walk!

A few people were getting married while we were there, I don't think it looked that good for a wedding, one couple had complained it was nothing like the brochure pictures, rather than being green and lush it was quite muddy and dusty. I don't think I would have liked to have got married there.

I liked the Turkish people, who are very friendly and quite funny, particularly in the market where everything is " as cheap as chips" according to them. Just be careful in the market, only expect to pay around 1/2 of the advertised price, we bought towels, 3 for 20 lira, when we got back they had only given us 2!! cheeky or what.
There are lots of fake goods, some better than others.

Money, I changed mine in England and got 2.28lira to the pound, wait and change it there, you could get around 2.68 to the pound in the resort.

I think I probably prefer Greece to Turkey but that said, I would recommend the Hotel in low season and definately the resort for families and couples.
Have a look at the photos."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 26th of May 2006

great hotel

Reviewed Thu 20th of June 2013

"Just returned on 15th June after spending a week at Club Sun City.
3 of us had a fantastic time, food lovely, plenty of it, and varied, loads of choice as well even if your a veggie, lovely choc pancakes offered in the afternoon, waiting and catering staff work very hard and always there to please.
Entertainment team fantastic, and very sociable to all.
Rooms quite basic but very clean.
Poolside kept clean, pool also, only thing in that area is that sometimes the music is a bit on the loud side during the day.
Drinks and bar staff very good, never had to wait long to be served.
Sun city beach great, was a mini bus on offer, but we decided to walk,about 2 miles, right in the Blue lagoon, would recomend.
Oludeniz is a beautiful area,drop back of mountains, greenery etc.
Will certainly be going back.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 16th of June 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

sun city hoilday

Reviewed Tue 28th of May 2013

"me and my family stayed here may 2013 ,music was bit to much whist in pool ,food was bit boreing, i reported about the ants as when sunbathing by pool there was every everywhere. we all got mosqiute bites so constanly put cream on . hotel room was nice n clean ,cleaners was pleasent n lovley make sure u tip them work very hard. i got 2 small chidren and the gate on park always open need locked stop kids going out .. hotel just needs srt these few promblems out then be perfect hoildy !"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 24th of May 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

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  • T.Rubble by T.Rubble

    "Yes but not the hotel "

  • MeganbABE by MeganbABE

    "Olu deniz is such a kind place to go to. "

  • quackers-ox by quackers-ox

    "N-Joy karaoke bar was fab and very friendly!! and the boat trips were good. "

  • teeth by teeth

    "lagoon sat at end where sea meets lagoon stunning and mud baths at dalaman great day out. "

  • carole and jimmy by carole and jimmy

    "simons bar. njoy and the irish bar the boat trips around the islands and the markets the lagoon is "

  • Tan and Paul by Tan and Paul

    "beautiful place, fantastic beach "

  • Tan and Paul by Tan and Paul

    "Dalyan Turtle Beach, Mud Baths "

  • 07877833137 by 07877833137

    "the 12 island boat trip on popeye or olive oil not to be missed day trip with lunch £10 each "

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    "blue lagoon, crusoes bar "

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    "You have to been here one t?me ?n your l?fe "

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    "hisarönü bars and dalyan "

  • neil causer by neil causer

    "paragliders in the air. boat trips "

  • Lorna by Lorna

    "would definitely recommend "

  •  Scouse Solly by Scouse Solly

    "If all you want from a holiday is beer, sun, burger, chips & cheap tattoosthis is the place for you "

  • Schmoo by Schmoo

    "If you are looking to have a relaxing holiday this is the place to go. "

  • kathy by kathy

    "there was quite a few wasps but there more intrested in the food than people "

  • Dave n Zoe by Dave n Zoe

    "Will be going back to sun City sometime, loved it. "

  • Claire by Claire

    "Definitely - very enjoyable stay. "

  • hazyd by hazyd

    "Would recommend to families with teenagers "

  • tomo by tomo

    "Great location, fantastic views "

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