NOA Hotels Oludeniz Resort Hotel

Kidrak Cd. No: 20 Oludeniz Mah.Belcekiz Mevkii, Oludeniz Turkey
4 star hotel


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  • 4.5 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 5 service
  • 5 dining
  • 4.5 amenities
  • 5 food

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All inclusive - including the rabble, the noise and the small pool


"Just returned from a stay at the Olu Deniz Resort.
Most flights from the UK land you there in the early hours of the morning and if you haven't booked through a tour operator - make sure you have transfer vouchers or you'll end up getting a taxi - we paid £55.
We got a receipt - cos we are having a bit of a debate with our tour operator.
I told them its like ordering a meal and the waiter tipping it in your lap because you hadn't specifically requested a plate.

Anyway, having arrived at the hotel it takes a while to adjust.
Yes the rooms are small, but it is worth seeing other guests after checking-in later in your break. They come running back to reception demanding to see the manager and the funniest description was suggesting that they refused to stay in a cellar. Best entertainment of the week

The facts are that you can’t see any hotel rooms from the beach and that’s what makes the place appealing. Therefore, few if any rooms at the hotel or in the town itself have a room with a view worth dieing for.
So you get a room, which is small and has a veranda or terrace that keeps felines at bay, in case you decide to give them a good swing and check the old saying out.
You get a medium size bathroom with bath sink and w/c – a bin for your “used paper” and a rather disappointing light. The bed is good and the cupboards etc are sufficient.
Remember this, you are not going there for the room – if you want a nice room I would recommend the Bellagio in Vegas – looking over the fountains - two beds superb bathroom and what a view – Now that was a good room ! Alternatively the Point Suite on Heron Island on the Barrier Reef – again not even worth trying to match.
So face it, you or stuck in a small dark room with a/c and a poxy terrace area, but then again you could venture outside.
The gardens housing the accommodation are delightful and attended to regularly and the complex itself is not overly cramped. Unfortunately though, the pool area is.
It caters for less than half the guests, and the Hotel’s Entertainment Team think that the majority of their guests want to participate in pool games or dance along to this year’s Turkish Eurovision Entry. As regards the sun loungers – well they are in full regimental order and I think the Entertainment Officer also announces when the inhabitants should turn over. It was reminiscent of someone attending to pink sausages on a barbeque.
The food is excellent and the staff are generally of an equal standard.
The bar offers local stuff, which is perfectly adequate in numbing the effects of the evening’s entertainment or the kiddies hour (including a Turkish version of the Birdy Song) – I would recommend the local Brandy – it takes effect quicker.
The all-inclusive nature of the hotel is that just like any other such accommodation – the tendency is to stay within the confines of the perimeter fencing.
The attitude seems to be why pay for meals or drinks in the town when you have already pre-paid for it at the hotel. You should try some of the bars and restaurants in the town,
The main problem with the AI option is that it is fuelling to the breakdown in society. I have taken my kids on such holidays in the past and they help in budgeting for things.
This time though – it was just my wife and I, and you can see things for what they really are.
The inmates attending to little Lucas, Brad, Jade or Oscar are fast-tracking the little gems on the road to juvenile delinquency and then the prospect of having their own children in order to keep the production lines rolling. Its just a question when to get the body piercing and tattoos (preferably one that is spelt correctly). Perhaps these are offered as medals to this fraternity on achieving the dizzy heights of prolonged screaming, offending a foreigner, or perhaps even throwing up or defecating in the pool.
“No” is completely removed as an option for things to do at such a hotel – cos it is all there, right on tap.
Think about it – kids should be told “No” from time to time rather than“but you’ve had six ice-creams already today”
Later in the holiday the parents might attempt to add green things to the savoury delights of their children’s mealtimes. This results in screaming children en-mass being affronted by the prospect of eating veg or salad. It is as though they have been shot whilst attending the food bar – now there’s a thought !
Meal times come with the unadvertised cabaret of the vocal strains of children from around Europe. Those from the UK usually end up with threats of violence from their parents. However, some of our continental cousins think that its okay for a youngster to scream throughout their meal. They don’t even try and pacify the kid, they just sit there, tucking into their fayre under the watchful glare of other diners.

The beach sunbeds (2 plus a brolly) set us back 15YTL per day (about a fiver) – but it was worth it particularly to avoid the decibel level of the hotel pool area.
Unfortunately when we were there, the sea suffered from a bit of pollution. It was a bit “scummy” as though one of the passing boats had clean out its tanks. Other people on the beach felt it might have been from a sewerage pipe from the neighbouring resort. The trouble is that the lack of activity in the tidal department ensures that any slick sticks around for a while. The beach does have Blue Flag – but this may be for the other end of the resort – down by the lagoon.
This area is well worth a visit and is an easy walk away.
The hotel offers a free shuttle bus to the lagoon, but unfortunately this takes you to a little area on the lagoon with very limited space and a similar mentality to the one that you’ve just left behind at the pool.
We stayed about 10 minutes and then set off back – a 20 minute walk in the mid afternoon sunshine and heat (42ºC) wasn’t what we had in mind but it was preferable to what we had just been dumped in.
The better option is the area along the front of the lagoon, you could even use the free-hire bikes from the hotel. It really is a wonderful place to spend the day

Sorry for appearing to be so down, but Turkey really is a delightful place and Olu Deniz is one of the best settings around the Med, but it is becoming completely spoilt by those that it appears to attract.

Enjoy it, or try to, and a must do is the paragliding. You can book at the hotel or at various booths along the beachfront. You can even barter for a special or nice price.
I would recommend ‘Mahoney’ from Re-Action, he’s a nutter, but completely professional and ask for the tricks and spins.
It’s enjoyable watching the solo pilots honing their skills – the less fortunate ones end up in the sea, or even worse.
Avoid going early on in the day as the thermals aren’t at their best, although I also think it might take one or two jumps for some of the pilots before the effects of their previous night actually wear off
You just wish that some of the inmates from the pool area would give it a try, while you participate in the clay-pigeon shooting of course– oops !"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 25th of July 2006

wicked holiday


"we've not long got back from olu deniz resort hotel, loved every minute of it, the food was fantastic and lots to choose from, all the staff were very friendly and helpfull.
The entertainment team kept the children busy up on their toes. And performed great evening's, the shows what the team done were very good and they all put alot of effort into them, there was also karoke and athletic nights which were fun to watch. The beach was great but make sure you buy some shoes as at times the stones might hurt a little.
The sea was beautifull, and refreshing when you get hot! the weather was brilliant,could'nt ask for a better holiday!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 29th of June 2006

loved olu deniz


"Just returned from Olu Deniz was there for two weeks. Was also there two years ago. Good food and friendly staff.Nice clean rooms. Lots of kids this time though! Bit noisy at times in pool. The area is lovely watched paragliders land and went for nice walks along the promenade near the beach in the evenings. Weather was very hot needed plenty of high factor suncream got hotter each day."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 26th of June 2006

Great Hotel


"My Fiance and I returned from two weeks stay the the Olu Deniz Resort Hotel in July 2005. We booked with First choice and have always trusted them. The flight out of Gatwick was excellent as usual with no problems and excellent service.

Upon arrival at the hotel we were greeted by a rather grumpy manager. He checked up in and the bell boy showed us to our room. When we got to the room we were dissapointed to find that we had been allocated a twin room, dispite booking and paying for a double. We went straight back to the reception to complain.The manager gave another key and the bell boy showed us to a double room that was 10ft away and ready. Makes me wonder why give a twin when the double was ready? I have heard other people have has this problem.

The food was buffet style and was always good and had a massive choice. The food does get a little repetative but its only to be expected. The private beach was really good! only 150m fom the hotel with a free drinks machine and cookies and cakes in the afternoon for the all inclusive guests.

Be warned about the on site photographer!! They do take nice pictures but they get very pushy. We had our photos taken on a " no obligation basis ". The photographer took over 40 pictures but we only decided we wanted 3 of them. I saw no problem with this. He on the other had got very angry with us. He wanted us to buy all forty for nearly £120.00!. He got more and more aggressive and and one point i was very close to punching him.

The all inclusive bar is not all inclusive. You have to pay high prices for the cocktails and the wine.The entertainment was really good and have a brilliant kids entertainer.

Apart from these few gripes it was a really good holiday with plenty to do. If you have children its a fantastic place but if you are a couple the pool can get very busy. I would recommend this hotel due to the great location, good food and excellent staff."

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  • Travel date: Fri 17th of March 2006

Smashing Hotel, friendly staff


"We first visited the Olu Deniz Resort Hotel in May 2004 for a week all-inclusive. The hotels grounds are lovely, with lots of flowers and well laid paths.

Our room was quite basic but adequate and clean.

The buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner was outstanding, lots of variety to choose from. Even when the restaurant is shut you won't go hungry. They serve burgers, toasties and fruit and ice-cream plus coffee all day.

The staff were very friendly.

The bar could do with having more seating around it and the entertainment is mainly geared for children or families. But they do put alot of effort into the shows.

The pool is too small for the size of the hotel and the sunbeds are extremely close together and laid out in rows.

Would recommend using the beauty salon. I had sunburn and had a body mud wrap which was very relaxing and helped to soothe my skin.

The hotel operates a free bus to the Blue Lagoon but it takes you to a certain part of the Blue lagoon and you don't really see all of it. I would recommend you make the effort to walk along the path near the beach and the shops and bars all the way to the Blue Lagoon. They do make a small charge to enter the Blue Lagoon but it is worth the money to experience it.

The beach close to the hotel is clean. They serve you soft drinks which are included in the all-inclusive package. The sea is very rocky to get into so definately pack your jelly shoes. The scenery is stunning lying on the beach, mountains all around, a few goats with bells on meandering up the mountain.

We went back for a second time with some great friends for a week in September 2005. We all had a great time and all the staff remembered us. Will definately be going back again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 18th of January 2006

loved it would go again


"brilliant hotel, the best holiday i have ever had. Entertainment and bar staff were really friendly. The room was spacious and the view was lovely. The food was ok we ate in the restaurant every day 3 times a day. Snacks were available throughout the day, the cheesy pizza things they made in the clay oven were lovely, i think they were called pides. Ice cream was really nice and of good quality. The alcohol was fine and they were generous with the measures, i noticed the more you got to know them the bigger the measures got. Didn't have a problem getting a sunbed but probably would have in high season, the pool is really nice and the kids pool is great, not to deep and you can watch them whilst you are lounging. The staff were brilliant with my child i can't recommend this place enough. People in the jewellery shop on sight were so trusting they have this thing about trying everything before you buy and they would let you borrow the stuff for the night."

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  • Travel date: Tue 25th of October 2005

great 40th birthday


"i stayed at this hotel with20 friends and family what a great time we had and i had my 40th birthday here the ent team were the best the weather was great the food was good and a lot to pick from it is so good that we are going back next oct to see the team."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 14th of October 2005

wedding bliss


"me,my partner and our 2 children stayed at the olu deniz resort, along with 13 family and friends.
we got married on the blue lagoon during our stay which was totally amazing.
the staff at this hotel could not do enough for us. i booked myself for a massage on the day of the wedding, and the next thing i know the staff whisk me into the salon and do my hair and make up for me. many of them gave us gifts and the hotel photographer took our photos and gave some of them to us as a gift.
they gave us all rooms within 10 secs of each other.

the food was amazing and was always hot and such a variety for all three meals. before we went we agreed to eat out for a couple of nights to experience the real turkish food but we were so happy at the resort we didnt bother.

the evening entertainment was brilliant and one of the staff junior became a good friend. there was a different show every night and many contests including the guests

you must go to the fethiye market on a tuesday, plenty of bargains, cheap and really friendly people!

i cuold not of wished for a more perfect place to get married!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 5th of October 2005

Just got back


"Just got back from our holiday after fortnight spent here. Really enjoyed our stay, it was great for our 9 and 6 year olds to have some safe independence to go around the compound at will. Pool rather crowded and don't forget to get up early to reserve your bed!!!! Food was great, big choice plus continual stream of things for kids eg icecreams, cakes, burgers, chips etc on tap. Staff were very nice and helpful. No real complaints other than the manners of our fellow British travellers, but then that's not the hotel's fault!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 19th of August 2005

Good and Bad


"Ive just come back from a week at the hotel, we travelled as a party of four 2 adults and 2 teenagers (15 year olds).
The weather was outstanding and the hotel was set in fantastic surroundings. The hotel itself had good and bad points, to be fair I will start with the good:-
The rooms were very clean and fairly spacious, they were cleaned daily and the towells changed. The cleaning staff were excellent.
The hotel itself was very clean in all areas including the poolside.
The Food was good and well presented and there was plenty of choice however the menu was repeated daily with some items being the same for lunch and dinner.
The staff were very friendly and hard working and would go out of their way to meet your needs.
The hotel runs a free bus excursion daily to the blue lagoon which takes only 10 mins and when you get there you have a small private beach wher the sunbeds are free, the bus will also take you back to the hotel for lunch if you wish.
Now to the bad and not so good:-
The pool is far to small for the size of the hotel and number of guests, the sunbeds are crammed together so tightly that you have absolutely no space from the person next to you and the area around the pool is very slippery and very easy to fall on.
To get a sunbed next to the pool you have to get up at 6am at least and then you run the risk of having your towells removed by the manager causing absolute chaos amongst the guests, there is no consistancy in his actions as he only does this on certain days sending out inconsistant messages.
The entertainment is poor, in the day there is there is the usual activities such as water polo, darts, air rifle shooting etc and in the night there is a kiddies disco whch starts at 9.30pm followed by a show at 10pm and lasts no longer than 45 mins. This show is put on by the entertainment staff and is normally a cabaret or pantomime theme (very poor) There is a disco that follows but it is poor and the same tunes repeated nightly. In the week that we were there there was only one night where there was something different and that was when the hotel actually brought in a turkish belly dancer. My opinion is that for the kind of money you pay for a four star hotel I would expect a full entertainment programme.
Next on the bad side is the bar area, this is situated next to the pool and again is far to small for the hotel, every night we had problems in finding somewhere to sit as the limited amount of tables were taken very early. You were not able to sit by the bar and watch the show as the show was done in an ampetheatre on the other side of the bar. I was very disappointed in the evenings and as a result we went out into olu deniz where we found some lovely bars with excellent entertainment, this defeated being all inclusive.
Lastly the hotel employs two photographers who harrass you every evening to take your photograph and are reluctant to take no for an answer. Also beware as they display the price for their photographs in pounds sterling and expect to be paid in the same way, if you ask to pay in lira they will rip you off with a hugely inflated exchange rate which they seem to decide upon at the time.
Finally the all inclusive package isnt all its made out to be I say this because I expected there to be food and drink available until midnight, this is not the case as between meal times there are only burgers chips and toasties available for an hour in the morning and sometimes for an hour in the afternoon I say sometimes because although it is advertised they do change it and put on a pizza type menu instead but you have to wait for up to 30 minutes to get served and its not everyones choice.
In summary my opinion is that this hotel is suitable for families with small children although I did enjoy my week there but mostly because of the outstanding weather and location of the hotel.
My tips are to take more pounds than Lira because the locals prefer sterling and you can get far more for you money and make sure you visit the blue lagoon."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 19th of August 2005



"Had the most amazing time ever! Hotel staff were very friendly from arrival until departure!! Pools were clean. Entertainment was very good every night! I'm from a family of 6. Have four children, a son 17, daughter 16, daughter 8 and a daughter 6, and they all loved it, so this hotel is great for all ages! The food was very decent! Rooms were cleaned every day! Bar staff were very friendly and made the stay very enjoyable!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 16th of February 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

Careful where they put you


"We booked this with First Choice after being assured it was a genuine 4 star hotel. Ha-ha, we arrived at 11pm to be shown to a disgusting 20 year old room with the paint peeling off the walls. I would not have washed my dog in the bath. I would not give these rooms a 1 star rating LET ALONE A 4 STAR AS STATED. We were not alone, we spoke to a few people who were not at all happy with the rooms. It seems they put everybody in the crap rooms and move the ones that complain the most so, when booking be sure to insist on a room in the new part, YOU WILL NOT LIKE THE OLD ROOMS.

It seems they rate it as 4 star on the new rooms, somehow they have forgotten they have some -2 star rooms.

They also say bedrooms include Plasma TV's and aircon. What a joke, the TV was as old as the mountains behind with a real crap picture.

We spent ages that night Txting the so called 24 hour help line, another joke, all we got was "sorry you are not happy with your room please speak to you rep in the morning.

This we did but after spending a night in a hell hole I insisted they move us to another hotel, the rep to be fair was very helpful and went and spoke to the management, they offered us another room which I turned down flat. The rep asked to give them a chance and just have a look at the offered room which we agreed to do. The new room was in the new part of the complex (not the 20 year old part) and the rooms were 100% better, still no plasma TV (another very very old TV) or bath, just a shower. The room was clean and overlooked the pool but if there was an adult only pool in this complex it must have been underground because both pools were full of screeeeeeeming kids.

The staff were excellent all round, very friendly and helpful so no problems there.

Food, oh my god, no problem if you like it cold and the same thing day after day, we ate out some of the time to relive the boredom of the same old thing.

They also advertise an A la carte restaurant but that must have been underground with the adult swimming pool.

If you want a quiet holiday (it would be if they kept one of the pools as adults only as advertised) hot and varied food then this is not for you


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 29th of May 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 2 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 2 Amenities
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