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  • 4.5 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 4 service
  • 5 dining
  • 4.5 amenities
  • 4 value
  • 4.5 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 4 location

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Overall it was good but not fantastic. I would recommend it.

Reviewed Tue 28th of August 2012

"We stayed at the Fantasia Deluxe 9th to 19th August 2012.

The hotel was clean and well maintained. The décor and furniture were elegant. I found the hotel a little dark in places.

Food was plentiful throughout the day, varied and good quality.

There were activities a few times during the day, eg. water aerobics, pentanque, darts, step aerobics, volleyball and something going on in the amphitheatre every night, eg. Mr Fantastic, Best Couple, folk dancing show, animation team dancing.

We discovered a table-tennis table and pool table in the Games Room only half way through our holiday which was good for our teenage (13 and 15 daughters) but other than that there wasn’t much to entertain teenage children at all except for the foam party on the beach.

There was a mini club which we didn’t use but the childrens’ actvities looked like fun for the little ones. There was a playground hidden away at the side of the hotel.

The hotel had a small shopping centre with souveneirs, swimming gear, papers, crisps, chocolate, etc.

The No.6 bus goes into Kusadasi market (Wednesday fake gear – bags, tops, sunglasses, headphones) and general stuff and Friday food) and centre. You catch it at the opposite side of the road to the hotel. When you come back No. 6 again in the opposite direction. Takes about 15 minutes and costs about 80p each way.

At the market DO barter and don’t be embarrassed to do so – you can usually get at least 30 to 50% off everything.

I was really pleased that sunbeds weren’t all reserved at stupid o’clock! We could always find sunbeds whenever we arrived at the poolside. Not always four in a row but the odd one or two together which we were able to move around. There were blue towels given out at the pool (1 per person per day).

As I run a business and needed internet access, we booked the hotel because it had free wi-fi internet access in the lounge area which is a large, comfortable, cool area by reception. During our stay they changed it and you could only get it if you sat almost next to the router in the stiflingly hot, dark, ‘library’ (a room where there were tables and chairs and a book exchange). You could get it in your room but only if you paid. We complained but no-one got back to us or seemed bothered.

We had a family room with 4 beds (2 adults and 2 teenagers) and there wasn’t much room to manoeuvre around and very little wardrobe space. The décor was very dull – a mushroom colour with no pictures on the walls. The bathroom was basic. Air conditioning was very good and available 24 hours.

Overall it was good but not fantastic. I would recommend it. We’ve stayed in better in Turkey (Lara Beach, Monuchus) and elsewhere.

Hope this helps.

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  • Travel date: Tue 28th of August 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

I have my best memorise in fantasi hotel!

Reviewed Thu 16th of December 2010

"this is the first time we have ever wrote a review after coming back from our holidays,I have pleasure in saying that this is a very good hotel,t is very clean and the hotel staff be it the reception, restaurant, bar or cleaning staff they are all very helpful and always smiling. FOOD, for an all inclusive it was very very good,The Hotel is beautiful and well situated with great views.every thing was great.we stay there for 7 days ,bau it was not enogh!


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  • Travel date: Thu 9th of December 2010

"Fantasia" amazing hotel August 21-Sept 5th 2010

Reviewed Fri 10th of September 2010

"Arrived back after eight hour delay due to problems with plane, this did not spoil our wonderful time spent at the relaxing hotel fantasia at kusadasi. From entering the hotel until leaving we found the staff amazing nothing was a problem to them.The food was exceptionally good beer and red wine OK.My ten year old found the cocktails very good and staff made a real fuss of him.We Had a twin room with camp bed, fine for three people. The air con was very useful as the thermometer hit 40 regularly the first week of our two week club available my son really enjoyed to our surprise asked when next session were, Freida was very good with all the children.Entertainment team great, no false pretense really enjoyed there jobs it showed in there enthusiasm. Beach a little disappointing however I enjoyed lazing on the jetty on one of the large cushions provided with a wonderful breeze coming in from the blue glassy sea.Be open minded about the town very busy, brush off the "hawkers" with humour we found this helpful, don't feel committed to buy. Tipping staff i feel did help in our pampered stay we realised they work very hard for little money and truly appreciated the service provided."

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  • Travel date: Sun 5th of September 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

Family friendly

Reviewed Fri 13th of August 2010

"I stayed at Fantasia hotel from August 5th to 12th 2010.

Negative points:
1- There is no sand beach at this hotel.

2- No Air-condition at lobby, bar and corridors.

3- No free or paid wireless internet. There is a wireless network at lobby and bar;but signal strength is very low and no one can connect to the internet through it.
You can use the internet at hotel's internet cafe by paying 1.5 Euro for 15 minutes, 3 Euro for 30 minutes or 6 Euros for 1 hour. Remember that there is no A/C at the internet cafe.

4- People at the reception do not speak English well; how ever, they do their best to help you. One of them named Mustafa was a really nice and helpful gentleman.

5- Few dishes were not clean.

6- Pools are very busy.

7- Number of sea view rooms is very limited.
Positive points:

1- The location is good. You can take local mini-buses called DOLMUS to the city center. It is a 5-10 Minutes ride and the fare is 1 TL per person. Line No 6.
Taxi fare to the city center is 15 to 25 Tl. Do not forget to bargain.

2- The food and beverages are of good quality.

3- The hotel is beautiful and the quality of animation is acceptable.

4- House keeping and the A/C at rooms are good. From 9AM to 1 PM room A/C is off.

5- It is really a family hotel.All other good options of a good 5 star hotel are available.

Enjoy your vacation"

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  • Travel date: Fri 13th of August 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 5 Food

lovely hotel

Reviewed Thu 15th of October 2009

"We went to Fantasia Late sep, hotel was really well maintained, you would think you where walking into a palace. Our room was quite spacious but the people I went with their rooms where quite small because they had to have a double bed in and two singles, not enough room to swing a cat. Fresh towels everyday. Rooms where very clean. food was ok in the main restaurant but after the week it was boring, we used to have something to eat at 3.30 when the jacket potatoes came out, which are to die for, they are huge but very nice, they only have 2 fillings though cheese and something like potato salad but it was nice. There are a couple of other restaurants but they where closed because of end of season which was so annoying, they not the only thing that was closed, the kids club never opened at all, the entertainment of a night was not really anything so the kids where bored, they had kids songs from 9.15 till 9.40 and it was the same songs every night (agadoo, Superman, I am the music man ) you know the ones. So if you got kids dont go this time of year. Market was great on wednesday really cheap, shops great too, pools where good too, they never had any water sports on though but that is because end of season too. If you looking for entertainment you need to go peak season which is supposed to be better. We had a really relaxing break though and couldn't fault the hotel."

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  • Travel date: Thu 15th of October 2009

fantastic fantasiahotel

Reviewed Wed 5th of August 2009

"this is the first time we have ever wrote a review after coming back from our holidays but we all felt we had to share our fantastic experience of our stay at the fantasia hotel . but first find out who you are flying out with as we were booked on a turkish airline the flight was long and boring and very exspensive, no entertainmentie no film or even radio station,flight-attendents not very friendly we asked for pillows and blanket for our two children was told they were none in not to nice a manner.they came around with drink trolley asked for two glasses of wine they had none we ended up with two small beers cost us £8 so a little advice take your own juice and snacks for the flight and make sure you have stuff for the kids to do. but after all that and the long bus ride your tired and the kids are starting to get on your nerves you arrive at the fantasia hotel you know how your waiting for that first climps of your hotel with a little bit nervousness just in case its not what you had exspected well stop worrying,as the bus drove up to the entrance the fantasia is very impressive beautiful gardens and all marple stairs we got off the bus and were about to hunt out our luggage from the bus when the porters all came out took our name asked us to just point out our luggage and said to just go into the reception desk can I just say from arriving at the hotel we were in our room escorted by a porter shown how to work everything in the room and starting to unback all in 30 minutes pretty impressive the whole hotel was spotless staff were fantastic they could not do enough for you to make your stay more relaxing the food was also wonderfull plenty of choices at every meal and never any ques ,I do not know about other family,s but we usually get bored with eating at the same hotel every day but not this time. the kids had a great time to we hardly saw them as they were so busy doing stuff or just playing in the pools, I say the only slight down fall was the entertainment at night time the kids disco started at 9.15 and then they put a small show on at 10pm for only an hour but apart from that we had a fantastic time the whole two weeks we were their and met alot of people who had been going to the fantasia hotel for 5 or more years, we are deffinetly going to book up again next year so please stop worrying about staying at the fantasia as you will have a wonderfull time so just pack those cases and enjoy."

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  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of August 2009


Reviewed Wed 29th of July 2009

"Just returned from Fantasia . This was our second time of going. The hotel is spotless and all staff really friendly especially at the pool bar. First day there we visited the spa for a relaxing hour and half of begin pampered.What a wonderfull experience and well worth what we paid. Food at the hotel is plenty full and always hot. A must to try on a Monday night is the hot icecream. Entertainment was ok. Shows on 3 nights a week and the beach party held once a week is really good. Rooms were cleaned every day with fresh towels provided. Excellent hotel for either familys or couples. The hotel was full at the time of us going but no problems getting served either at the bars or the reasturant. Would definatly go back. No need to take your own towels as these are provided fresh every day at the pool. Would recomend taking euro as this seems to be the most common currency. There is also a market 10 min down the road for all those who like to grab a bargain. Last but not least there is a photographer that goes around throughout the day and early evening. The photo's he takes on the beach at sunset are out of this world if you dont do anything else make sure you have one of these took as a reminder of your stay at the Fantasia. "

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  • Travel date: Mon 27th of July 2009

Great Hotel But.......

Reviewed Tue 30th of June 2009

"I have pleasure in saying that this is a very good hotel. It is very clean and the hotel staff be it the reception, restaurant, bar or cleaning staff they are all very helpful and always smiling.

FOOD, for an all inclusive it was very very good and I'm certain that when the Al-a-Carte restaurant opened after we came back home things could only get better.

BARS, all I can say is that the choice of drinks on offer were more than expectable, the local beer Efes, is more than drinkable and the Cocktails superb.

POOLSIDE, plenty of beds though in the main pool area they tend to be a little close together. while we were there you could not do the usual dawn patrol and reserve beds before 8.00am which was a blessing. there is also a smaller pool which is much better with a couple of terraces overlooking the beach, there are also good bar areas at the poolside, the main pool bar also being open in the evening.

ENTERTAINMENT, well it was the usual mix of daytime activities that you get at most hotels, the Kids seemed to be well catered for during the day around the hotel and poolside, and night time in the Amphitheatre where the Kiddies entertainment went on until 10.00pm most nights. After 10.00pm the evening entertainment was a bit hit and miss but don't let me put you off because this is always subjective an issue anyway.
A couple of nights they did have a duo playing some nice music by the main pool but we could have done with a little more of this, and in any case when the entertainment was going on in the Amphitheatre they had to have an hours break because the noise from there just drowned every thing out.

BEACH, not terrific, it appears to be a made up beach but if you like lying by the beach then I suppose you wont be to disappointed there is also a bar down there and a volley ball court and enough space to play several games of Boules at the same time.

DOWNSIDE, during our stay part of our holiday was I'm afraid spoiled by the rude behaviour of several British families who just took over an area and made relaxing a little difficult at times there Kids just did not seem to have any respect for other people and the parents certainly did not appear to be bothered in calming them down or teaching then good old fashioned manners such as excuse me, yes, no, thank you or even please, and they were so hyped up on cola and other things that pushed there E numbers through the roof that some where still running around at midnight while there parents were filling up with the double rounds of drinks they had ordered before the midnight all inclusive drinks curfew.

As I have said in my review title, GREAT HOTEL BUT .... just make sure that if you do fancy going to this hotel beware of the British families running riot never mind the Germans they get the blame for everything when sometime we should look at the things that some of our fellow British holiday makers get up to. It's a shame really as this is a really smashing hotel, please don't let me put you off going just be aware if you go during times of school holidays, it could get a little overbearing at times. Have Fun. "

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  • Travel date: Mon 29th of June 2009

Great Hotel

Reviewed Mon 22nd of June 2009

"I looked at past reviews and booked on this basis and was not disappointed. The Hotel is beautiful and well situated with great views. It is situated on the outskirts of Kusadassi which is an 8 euro taxi ride away.


Very well decorated. I was in a suite and it was spacious. Cleaned everyday with fresh towels.


A good selection for all meals. It did get a bit repetative in the buffet restaurant, but they have a bbq area outside which could easily be missed. A la Carte restaurants were very good and there is no limit to there use as long as you can get a booking. Only down side were the Germans ( not too many thank goodness), they have no manners and just push in.


Very clean and a good temperature. Lots on sun beds, but very close together. Was no problem getting a sunbed at the beguining of the holiday as you can not put towels out before 8am. The Germans arrived and it did get a little harder in the morning.


Good service drinks good.


Not a beach hotel, but was nice. The beach is a strip of rased sand and you have to go down steps into the sea. Nice to sunbath and sea was nice to swim in.


Adult through the day was good and not intrusive. Kids club seemed ok. At night the entertainment ranged from not good to very good. Will improve in the season I imagine.


A beautiful hotel with great views, good food and accommodation. Good entertainment and everyone I spoke to had a great time. Well worth a visit."

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  • Travel date: Fri 19th of June 2009


Reviewed Wed 17th of June 2009

"we booked this hotel,2weeks before departure,and it was brilliant ,we did go because of the animation team who had moved from another hotel we had been to ,we like them so much ,we had a suite and it was beautiful spotlessly clean ,and kept that way all the time by the maid,the staff cannot do enough for you ,barstaff are great although the glasses are abit small ,the resturants good and we did go to the international but the service was slow but meal great ,maybe because it was only the 2nd night ,typical salad bars,but also nice selection ,i cant rave on enough about this hotel ,i cant say anything bad about it ,you do get a few cats about but i like them as well so that didnt bother me ,you dont have to bring your towels as hotel provides these as well,we will go back next year "

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  • Travel date: Tue 16th of June 2009


Reviewed Sun 19th of April 2009

"Defenitely worth the name! Fantastic staff, clean hotel, very friendly environment, excellent town, hospitable people and wonderful sightseeing options, relaxing and (nominal cost)Turkish bath available in the city."

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  • Travel date: Sun 19th of April 2009

Fantastic at Fantasia

Reviewed Wed 21st of January 2009

"Had a superb holiday at this hotel. I've been to Turkey numerous times and traveled all over and this hotel was the best by far.
Had booked with Wingsabroad to stay at Pine Bay Resort in Kusadasi but when we arrived
they tried to put us in a shed/bungalow. We opted to move hotels and pay an extra £270 to move to Fantasia. When we arrived they only had the honeymoon suite available which was unbelievable with no extra cost.
The food was lovely and staff really helpful. At a lot of all inclusive hotels you have to pay extra for freshly squeezed orange juice or ice-cream but this was all included.
There was plenty of sunbeds and towels and the beach is just down the steps, although there is no shore as such, but still sand and very warm sea (October).
Downside was as we went late September the entertainment had trailed off a bit in the evenings. In addition, if you go late in September early October you will there for Ramadam and this is the preferred hotel for Turks to stay, so its get quite busy for 4/5 days. Although you do go lots of little treats left in your room though...Turkish delight/chocs etc!
Ephesus is also only 4km away.
I was intending to give Turkey a miss this year but loved Fantasia so much I am booking to stay for 2 weeks this September 2009.

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  • Travel date: Wed 21st of January 2009

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  • johcham by johcham

    "Excellent town, plenty of shops, nice port area and Marina worth a visit go by the local bus 2 lira. "

  • johcham by johcham

    "the ancient ruins of Ephessus, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Kusadasi. "

  • the crossan family by the crossan family

    "plenty of shops for those of us ladies who enjoy a liitle retail therepy "

  • Al by Al

    "Get it at a reasonable price "

  • minicat by minicat

    "Very comfortable, clean and friendly hotel "

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  • Hotel Fantasia Deluxe
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