Konya Holidays

Meke Crater Lake - Meke , Konya, Turkey
Meke Crater Lake - Meke , Konya, Turkey.
Konya is an interior city of Turkey, in the Anatolia region. At 3,937 feet above sea level, it has a modest population of 1.5 million people inhabiting almost 15,058 square miles.
Archeologists date Konya back to 3000 BC. Once part of the Persian Empire, Konya saw the greatest of historical figures come to her aid to restore order. Examples like Alexander the Great in 330 BC defeating the King of Persia then at his death, leaving his beloved Konya to the great Roman Empire are what make this city such an inspiration. The Turkish city of Konya has been rebuilt and destroyed many times by external invaders.

Konya has always been a site that inspired magic and romance in the greatest of warriors throughout history and the same holds true today. With Mosques at every corner of the city, the atmosphere is rich with Greek-Turkish flavor and lore.
Known around the world for handmade carpets, Konya's use of muted pastels in floral patterns makes Konya's carpets among the finest in Turkey.