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Reviewed 30th August 2007

"I would have put 0 if that was an option! Please, please, save yourself by never staying in this hotel. Apparantly it is a 5*, whoever rated this hotel has obviously never stayed in a 5* hotel before - I would honestly rate this as a low 3*. Staff are completely obnoxious, the hotel was full of Russians and no-one could speak a word of English. The reception staff and bar staff were completely rude and unhelpful! When they wanted something or payment then funny how they could communicate in broken English but when we wanted help with something they conveniently could not understand. Its advertised that the "private" beach is 400m away from hotel, what a joke! They actually have a bus service to the beach as it is across a busy dual carriageway about 2 miles away! Although the hotel rooms are air-conditioned no other part of the damn hotel is so when you are looking for somewhere to chill from the sun there is nowhere to be found other than the bedrooms! There are supposidly 3 bars and a vitamin bar - the vitamin bar was never open, the juice bar was just a drinks dispenser with orange / friut squash in it and the inside bar was never open. They had one bar outside to serve the whole of the hotel! We met up with some people from the UK (in the week we were there, there was a total of 9 British people), thank God we found them as if not the holiday would have been completely unbearable. We did ask to be moved but as it was bank holiday weekend this was impossible and we are all now seeking compensation (including all the other UK tourists we met). If you are expecting to go there and chill out with fellow holidaymakers then you will be very unhappy - unless of course your first language is Russian or Turkish! I am about to speak to the company we booked with to make a formal complaint so just wanted to warn other travellers before they go as I noticed there was not a single review on this hotel before we went! I could go on and on about the other problems but I think this info is sufficient to make people aware this is not the best hotel to opt for! "

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  • Travel date: 30th August 2007

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