Club Med Kemer

Kemer Tatil Koyu Kemer Merkez, Kemer 7980 Turkey
3 star hotel


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Agree with the reviewer before me.


"To start...

There is nothing like Club Med.

It truly has formulated an incredible model, and that is the reason why I have been a consistent client for over twenty years.

What Club Med offers to me is this...

It is a venue that people who are social can interact with many cultures. They sit people at tables of eight and employ smart and savy, socially ept hosts.

I have mostly travelled in their North American venues, however I did travel to Club Med Kamarina about five years ago. They catered to all languages.

I only speak English...sigh....however, every venue, including Kamarina offered more than one language around the pool, in classes, in lessons....for bar games.

Not so in Kemer....

I am a very outgoing kind of gal and working my was daunting at times. I did not understand anything at anytime and many times I felt invisible. I could not comfortably enjoy any bar games, any dance classes or ...yikes tennis classes.

I joke to my friends that everything said in tennis was in French except this one thing to me in English.

Any Questions?!

I love traveling and I don't think the world revolves around me but at least point me to what court to go to; I do not expect instructions in English however I do expect an instructor who has worked in North America to tell me where to go and what is expected. The hardest part of it is that if an instructor ignores you, so does the whole class. When English was spoken even a bit the other students realized I was from Canada and included me, when I was ignored by the instructor I was ignored completly.

I know I am going to a place where English probably won't be spoken but I play tennis and thought that at least I would be happy just doing that if nothing else. Talking can be minimal to enjoy it on the courts, but...ya kinda need to be noticed somewhat.

I guess I did not mention that I was there for four weeks. I played every day and I missed more than one event for tennis because it was not repeated in English. This included cocktail hours at the tennis court.

The joke when starting the "Pool Entertainment" is....

Is there anyone who speaks English? (a false count of five ensues and then everything else is spoken in French...and there is a bit of laughter)

Anyone who I met who doesn't have French as a language dropped out of dance or fitness classes because they could not follow anything and if they tried, they looked very silly.

The venue is beautiful and of course there are individuals who are amazing at what they do....

Front Desk is spectacular....
Sorry for not remembering names but a gentleman who is from Turkey (knife) was wonderful and I can say that front desk works amazingly.

Boutique...the gal who runs it was terrific as well as the gentleman who mans the shop.

The gal who coordinates things who talked to me about Mother's Day was great. Val in tennis always tried his best to include me whenever he could, the reality was that his english was not as fluent but that isn't the point. The point is that I was included.

There are so many wonderful individuals who work at Club Med and without them I wouldn't be able to have a good time. I was there for four weeks and I am thankful for those who work there who tried their best.

The reality is that being fluent in English was not the thing that made the difference, the difference was being professional. Clients and staff who made my vacation were the ones that were simply...sweet.
Staff and clients including me, even though their english wasn't fluent touched me big time. Sitting at a table where everyone speaks French and the G.O. who speaks fluent English just joins in to a conversation that doesn't require him is kinda hurtful. Some days I would just make a plate for myself to have in my room because I would rather be alone than ignored.

In other Club Med's staff seated people coming in, it would have made a terrific difference if there was someone orchestrating this feature to sit me down with people who might converse with me. On the last day of vacation another gal mentioned this and steps were started to organize those that were struggling because there was a need. Clearly management needs to be cognitive of the message given.

Once again, I have been to many Club Med's and I have never seen such a club that only caters to one language.

The venue is beautiful no doubt, the rooms are clean, the food is to Club Med standards.

I was lucky enough to be meeting a couple I had met years ago in another Club Med. The reality was that I met them in Kamarina at the bar games where many languages were catered to. If not for this factor I would have not met them at all because I wouldn't be joining in. In Kamarina they had offered to find a teacher who was English speaking for tennis and I said that it was not necessary as long as I got the basics. Sure it was a bit harder but workable and I met a lot of people who I still am in contact with. Believe me, I am no shrinking violet and I do do my part and I really wonder how anyone not as outgoing as myself would fare.

In closing I must stress that there are individuals that work there whom I thought terrific and I would hate that this review would put a slight on them, however the problem is from the top. It is not inclusive to other nationalities than French as opposed to every other Club Med I have visited.

I would not return to this Club Med and I am rethinking my loyalty to the company.

Oh, but I do have one tip.

I was able to pick up a sim card for my ipad in Istambul airport. I was able to have internet for about 15 dollars a week. It costs about 9 dollars an hour to have internet access when you are in the club and this time I really needed to be in contact with those I knew at home. Thank god for small miracles!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 4th of July 2011

A different Club Med experience


"I don't normally write reviews
though I really felt compelled to this time re the Club Med Kemer I visited this May just gone...
Having been on 5 other club Med vacations, this one was my least favorite and I always loved Club Med ........
Too Much Loud Music every single day from 11am to 4am Loud stupid banging music and considering the resort did not favour use of the English Language as the damn music was all English bang bang bang enough to make one crazy almost. A few of us retreated to the farthest beach corner not far from the gym to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and nice weather.
Many people we met were not happy or satisfied we made the best of it.
Club Med Kemer seemed more like a club 18-30 low grade in its entertainment and general ambience.
Beautiful seting nice rooms great maid service in every way .

Other wise the GOs were very average in their enthusiasm and all they are usually known for was largely missing. The coach I arrived on carried people who would be starting as GOs the next Day , so they don't get time to ease into their position or familiarise with their role etc........

Food was Ok there was plenty of it variety wise and choice wise thought the standard used to be oh so much better than this time here in Kemer. Less choice and more quality would have been the way to go .

Predominatley French Speaking and very little effort made to bring peope together as used to be at other clubs MEds ..... No effort to create an international table a and all the trophy giving and entertainment was in French in fact there seemed to be distaine for English Speakers and I was informed that this was a very Internation Village ! Not this time and not any more ! I guess as there are only a few seasons left before the closure of this as a club Med village who care anyway right .

Med some cool people had a nice time though hated the herding to the buffet at each meal time the overly loaud thumping called music and the lack of warmth in atmosphere at the village.

I have little good to say so Its best I stop, I have no regrets though I wont go again . rahter have gone to Opio ClubMed which is in a great spot if one want to leave the village or Turqs and Cacos. Ce La vive. I am done with the club Med Experience. Time to move.

beautiful birdsong in the mornings though the area around kemer is way too touristy."

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  • Travel date: Wed 29th of June 2011

The best fun and sports holidays available!!!!!


"Whether you're alone or in a group, whether you want to relax (a little), do sports and party (a lot), that place is AMAZING!
Great variety of activities (water skiing, windsurfing, tennis, fitness....), great entertainment all day long, good food, beautiful location...
The GO team (entertainment, sports teachers, etc) are lovely and professional. They create a great atmosphere in the village.
All inclusive formula...
What can I say... Can't wait to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 28th of June 2011

Just perfect


"I spent one week in Clubmed in Kemer and I have just one comment: wonderful.
Everything was perfect: clean room, good food, incredible organization, friendly GOs....

If you like the possibility to spend one funny week, speaking with people of different countries and enjoying life, I suggest you to go to Clubmed in Kemer. I'm sure you will appreciate too."

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  • Travel date: Fri 24th of June 2011

Beautiful Resort. Disappointing Service at Reception.


"Just returned from one week at the Club Med Kemer. Really had a great time in an absolutely beautiful resort, right on the water surrounded by mountains. Arrived to clouds and rain on the first day, but the sun was shining the rest of the days! Absolutely loved our week here.

We have now been to several Club Meds and really enjoy the Club Med experience. No different here. Its an all adult resort, so ready to party well into the evening most nights. The GO team here is very enthusiastic and entertaining.

Food was delicious. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner always included a wide selection to choose from. Dinner selection each night was themed, Turkish night,etc. If you're not so adventurous when it comes to food, they always have the standard salads, pastas, etc to pick from. There is a special restaurant where you can eat with a reservation, but honestly, we were not that impressed. Just stick with the main restaurant. From the moment you sit down you have a very attentive wait staff bringing you wine, drinks, clearing plates etc.

If you are a late sleeper, take advantage of the breakfast which is served from 10:00 - 11:00 at the alternate restaurant. Main restaurant breakfast only goes until 10.

Rooms are adequate, but honestly, we were out of the room each morning by about 9am, only to return at about 7pm for a shower, and then straight out for dinner and dancing, only to return after midnight.

If you are coming from the United States, be aware that reviews about this being a French resort are completely accurate. In fact, I would say that we were the only guests from the United States. Just be aware that most of the announcements are in French. The GOs speak English as well. This was never an issue for us.

As expected with Club Meds, the entertaiment was outstanding. GOs are always out and about. Shows were well organized and entertaining. And yes, they do have the Foam Party!!! (Pictures attached to review - foam party on Sunday and Friday)

Numerous activities thruout the day- we tended to just hangout pool side or at the beach. Did do the snorkeling trip one day - very nice boat ride, but not so many fish to be honest. We did the snorkeling in Cancun and Turks- much better there. Also have archery, volleyball, water ski, etc throughout the day.

Only negative, and it was a real surprise to us since we have been to several Club Meds in the past, but when we arrived on Friday evening at about 9pm, after a long trip from the US, it was almost as if the reception staff couldnt care less. And we used the Club Med transport, so they knew we were arriving. We are used to a very enthusiastic reception, but we had to walk to the front desk to even get anyone's attention, along with the other passengers on the van.

When we finally got their attention, we were checked in, but we wanted to grab dinner before it closed at 10pm. Reception said OK, but as we were walking to the restaurant, the baggage handlers told us that we needed to go to the room right away, because they drop the bags in a common outside area, and by that time it had started to rain,and our bags would get wet.

Back to reception and they told us, no, go to dinner, and they would deliver the bags when we returned. Again, walking to the restaurant and the baggage guys, said fine, your bags are going to get wet because we are taking them now.

Turned around, back to reception and they said, well just go to the room -its only a 5 minute walk and you will be back with plenty of time for dinner. We werent happy, but OK, off to the room. We werent familiar with the resort, and had travel compainions almost 70 years old.

Our rooms were in the 800 series,which was on the far end of the resort, and up a long hill with numerous steps. Our guide, apparently not happy with the speed of the 70 year old up the 50 or so steps, sped up, and by the time we got to the top of the hill, just pointed to two rooms and walked off.

By the time we got up there, we discovered that he had taken us to the WRONG rooms!!!! Seriously! Then we had to find our rooms, go collect our bags (apparently they take them to a common collection point and then you take them to the rooms) and get into the rooms.

Way past 10:00 by the time we returned and food was taken away. We did speak to the front desk manager who arranged for some salad and cheese for us. She also promised to look into moving our rooms a little closer so that our companions wouldnt have to go up the hill severaltimes a day. She asked us to return Saturday morning at 9am.

When we returned the following morning, I was really expecting her to have some options already worked out, but she initially pretended as if she had no idea what we were talking about, then took our information only to return a few minutes later to say that there was nothing she could do because that was what we paid for (?).

Just a very, very poor way to start the week. Any established Club-Medder would be shocked to hear of this service and I hope that Kemer will take steps with their reception people to address this lack of service.

Despite this, we really had an awesome time the rest of the trip. Would absolutely recommend this resort!!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 29th of June 2011

The full package - a dream stay


"Here you have everything, beautiful landscape, three private beaches, free waterskiing / wake-boarding, snorkel-trips, tennis, party, top-notch entertaining including, pool / beach / foam parties, great food and friendly / beautiful people. Two special notes for 2010: i.) the chef du village Matthias is the craziest guy of all but at the same time very professional and a grat inspiration for his crew as well as the guests, ii.) other than in recent years there are no guests or GO's from Israel due to the political turmoil between the two countries. So beware that the club is almost exclusively French speaking, from reception over evening entertainment to other guests sharing the table with you."

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  • Travel date: Thu 16th of September 2010



"It was my second time in Kemer Clubmed this year and I was slightly disappointed.

As far as I understand Clubmed Kemer became famous as a party village. It should be great if you are a French speaking 20 something party person. But it was far beyond our liking. I can happily enjoy the crazy signs for 3 times, but I can not enjoy the 10th.

During the day, we were able to relax in the larger beach, where you would hear the animation from a distance. There is a smaller restaurant behind that beach, which serves late breakfast and late lunch, perfect for us lazy people... However there is no escape from it during the night. It would start with some music or shows before dinner, and some more shows and dancing before the crazy signs. You would be invited to the theatre for the cabaret about 11:30 pm, but there would be another round of crazy signs and shouting before the actual show starts. After the cabaret the partying would start in front of the bar. So, a word of advice - make sure that your room is away from the theatre and bar, if you would like to sleep before 4 am or after 10 pm.

One should accept that the main language will be French in a Clubmed, but as a courtesy to non francophones, I expected to hear a brief summary during the night shows. The more enjoyable shows were the one with more acting, but we gave up when they started reading poems in French.

The GOs were very helpful and friendly in general. Some of them were clearly thinking that repetitive shouting cheered people up and their shouting became the subject of jokes towards the end of the week. The Chief of Village was incompetant in English and he was politically incorrect whenever he managed to speak a couple of words.

The rooms were a bit tired, no change compared to 3 years ago. Try to avoid the rooms downstairs as they lack air towards the morning. The rooms were cleaned everyday but we noticed that they never changed the bedsheets for a whole week.

The food was fine. The quslity of meat and checken were poor but there was fresh fish every time. One of our friends were poisoned by dinner one night (doctors suspected the sushı) but we did not hear any other poisonings.

In any case we had a nice holiday. But it could have been better..."

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  • Travel date: Tue 8th of June 2010

Sports and Party


"I never thought I would go for a club holiday. Well, I have returned to Club Med in Kemer 2009, one year after my first stay there. And I'm sure I will return... hopefully 2011

++++ Watersports: wow! I learned wakeboarding, enjoyed water skiing. Was not really successful with windsurfing.
+ Great people from 18 to 70, majority around 25-35. Many from France, but as well Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Israel, even Australia, etc.
+ Excellend variety of food at the buffet
+ Large tables, so you easily start conversatios and make new friends
+ English is fine, you don't have to speak French

+++ Nightlife +++, great party sound, good crowd, JUST FUN
+ foam party twice a week around lunchtime.
+ beautiful beaches, the rooms are spread in a forest park
- the steambath is quite old, not hot enough and usually crowded.
- the rooms are functional, nothing exciting: who needs a beatiful room if you spend 80% of the day outdoors anyway.

Tip: combine your beach holiday with a city trip to Istanbul. Great place: culture and amazing nightlife at the bosporus. Flights are usually not much more expensive if you have a stop over. Or spent a night in Antalya before headingback."

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  • Travel date: Sun 6th of June 2010

Great, but Club Med newbies do your research first!


"If you’ve been to Club Med before and you liked it, you will most probably love Club Med Kemer. This review is aimed at Club Med novices and/ or non-French speakers. I was both Club Med novice and speaker of only basic French.

The staff are almost invariably professional, friendly, polite and very hard working. The village is large, clean and very well maintained; the food very good (including for vegetarians) and beautifully presented.

I found a week there simultaneously a lot of fun but also a little challenging and occasionally tiring. It became wearisome to have to ask the staff (“GOs”) to explain what was going on, all the time. There seems to be a pervasive assumption that you'll know what's going on because you've been to Club Med before. It was rather disorientating until we worked out where the notice board was that gave such information as the dress code for dinner each night. (Being the only people in hundreds not to be wearing 100% white clothing one night was a curiously unsettling experience that felt like having stumbled into some cult or other!) Most activities are 80% delivered in French with occasional English summaries, but others (eg Body Pump class) were 100% French delivered and hence very hard to follow. This would be fair enough it marketed that way but the multi-lingual marketing of the Club Med website in my view is misleading. The guests (“GMs”) felt to be about 80% French speaking with the remaining 20% being Israelis, Brits and sundry other.

There is a lot to do during the day with great sports facilities that are well described on the website, but the evenings quickly become a little samey if you’re not an enthusiast for communal fun such as the “Crazy signs” synchronised group dancing to the same pop tunes each night. At first it's plain weird, then entertaining, then fun to join in. But at first it seems just plain weird; as does the uniformity of everybody's clothing.

The resort works hard to please everybody, but it’s clear that its target demographic is French (or at least French speaking) singles in their late twenties and early thirties; probably who have grown up knowing what Club Med is about. If that doesn’t describe you, then you might occasionally feel a little like a stranger in a strange land; albeit quite a friendly strange land.

If this description makes you curious rather than immediately put off, I’d suggest giving it a go; though take a French phrase book rather than a Turkish one!

The review asks if I'd recommend this resort, which is hard to say. Some of my friends would love it; others hate it. Only a few would be somewhere in between."

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  • Travel date: Mon 27th of July 2009
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