Amara Dolce Vita Luxury

Tekirova Mevki, Tekirova, Kemer 07 980 Turkey
5 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 4 pool
  • 1 beach
  • 1 service
  • 3 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 3 food

11 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Best Holiday EVER


"This has been the best hotel I have ever been to. I really loved the food, I have tried 5 restaurants and they were all perfect. There is live music all over the hotel, the rooms are astonishing, beach parties are just great. It was totally clean, the rooms were cleaned really good. I was not even bitten by one mosquito, they take really good care of the insect problem. The food tastes just great, all of the restaurants serve high quality food. The beach I find is at the best point on Tekirova Bay. The architecture is also magnificent. I strongly recommend everyone to experience this feeling once, you will never be able to give up :))"

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  • Travel date: Wed 10th of June 2009



"Family resort. Not the kind of place we would want to visit again. The hotel was rather empty so that allowed us to have some peace. However we imagined it would be a nightmare during the height of season. Rather friendly staff, but it is in no means worth the money. Far better options available for this kind of money. Frankly over all we were dissatisfied. When we booked the holiday we were led to believe it was a 5 star hotel but its far from that in terms of service and quality. I booked the hotel from Moscow and soon realised that it is a hotel that caters purely for Russian people. With tourism being relatively a new thing for most russians it was quick to see that the hotel is set up for naive travellers, who have the money but not the experience to realise that they could get far better value for their hard earned cash. Our advice for travellers who have this kind of money is go to Bodrum where you will find a far better class of hotel which will cost you the same."

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  • Travel date: Mon 20th of October 2008

Butlins like, Campus style, Loud, frankly ghastly


"Firstly hotels are relative to your expectations. If you are looking for a genuine 5 star resort then forget it. If you have stayed in SLH or LHW or anything discerning youd be on medication at the end of this lol. Well its not that bad thats exaggerating lol. Its nothing more than a large glorified, Butlins kind of trade off. If you like being fobbed off from the main building accommodation despite paying top dollar, seeing yesterdays food trays still awaiting getting cleaned up from peoples doors, towels hanging from Balconies drying, and the sound of obnoxious music which is to load to ignore, then go to this hotel. Oh I forgot also if you like things stolen from your room, but when approaching management they couldnt be bothered. The poor russians are really ripped off in this hotel. If you have standards then seriously please save your cash and dont head for this resort. It would be even better to pay for a 3 star at least you get what you pay for there. And I am sorry to denigrate or insult the people who have given it rave reviews but guys" what kinds of hotels have you stayed in before?""

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  • Travel date: Sat 18th of October 2008

Great vacation


"Great hotel, large and spacious rooms. Considering that it is a resort everything is 5 minutes away. If you want a vacation where you don t have to go out from the hotel, this is the place for you.
You can eat and drink all day if you can. They can entertain you and your children all day long. This hotel has something for everybody. I hope to return to this wanderful place."

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  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of September 2008



"Been to this hotel in May 2008 on a corporate retreat for 3 days. This is the best hotel I've ever been to!
The hotel area is immense. There is a zoo, aquapark, plenty of sport and entertainment facilities,
The rooms are spacious, we had 2 king-size beds in a double.
The meals were abundant. Just to give an example - about 15 types of omelette at breakfast. Lots of delicious fruits, huge variety of meat and fish, salads, cheese, desserts, whatsoever. Everything amazingly fresh and tasty.
A lot of animation - bellly dance, aqua aerobics etc etc
The staff was very polite and helpful
The only defect which is not the hotel's fault after all - the beach is not sandy but pebbly."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 24th of August 2008

perfect for families


"Just got back from Amara Dolce Vita and I can say that it was an excellent vacation. We went there, with my wife and 4 children, based on a recommendation from my travel agent.
The hotel setup is unique and spectacular. nestled between the sea and green forest hills. the layout and the grounds are well thought out. everything there was superb; the food, the pools, the beach, the sea, and the staff.
the staff is so helpful and friendly and want sincerely to help you have a great stay. we lose things on vacations. so we lost my glasses, my wife's glasses, and 2 goggles. my glasses were found and returned to the reception. the two goggles we found them by the beach hanging from a changing room, two days later. i have been to so many resorts worldwide and rarely do things you lose there get found.
if you are english speaking you might have problems finding staff who speak english. some of them speak english, but most speak little english. however, one of the staff, her name is Elena Chirita speaks excellent english and is exceptionally helpful. when we ask her a question, she would not quit until she gets us an answer. i cannot express enough how helpful Elena Chirita was, and all the staff for that matter.
the pools and grounds and beach were immaculately clean. the rooms were spacious and modern and good furniture.
excellent place."

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  • Travel date: Sat 5th of July 2008

very good


"Been there for 5 days in December on short vacation.
First of all, Tekirova is a true gem of all the region. The most beautiful place in this part of Turkey. You gotta see this! Green hills, forests, mountains and clearest sea - absolutely magic! (of course do not come in December like I did - water was cold. The best time to spend vacations here starts in the very beginning of July and continues till late October).

Regarding Amara Dolce Vita, I can only say three things.
1) As any other hotel in Tekirova, it has a big and green territory. Lots of trees and flowers between the main building and two separate garden blocks (Istanbul street and Roma street) which are closer to mountains and have no seaview. Remember to ask for a mountain or garden view as the "streets" can be noisy at night. Or book deluxe room in MB, they are better (although ALL the rooms are big, spacious, modern and very well furnished).
2) The main restaurant serves so big variety of food, that I hardly could choose what to eat. Everything was fresh, tasty and of a very good quality. All kinds of meat, fish, desserts, pastries, vegetables, sweets, fruits...Nevertheless, don't take salads, take just vegetables instead. Fresh juice every time.
But don't waste your time going to multiple a'la carte restaurants. Food was normal, but they are crowdy and lack atmosphere. Stay in the main Amara restaurant - it will satisfy you completely.
3) The hotel belongs to Amara hotels chain, which is Russian. So if you don't like russians - choose another one in Tekirova (Marti Myra, for example)."

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  • Travel date: Tue 18th of December 2007

A Fairytale


"Just after coming back from Kemer. i have been travelling to Turkey for the last 5 yeras, and i must say i have never stayed in such a place as Amara Dolce Vita. It was more, much more, than i could have expected after checking their web-site. The hotel itself looks like a palace, gates, reception, rooms especially, massive size beds, plazma tvs, balcony with see view, walk-in wordrobe, newspapaers in a morning, late breakfast... Service was fantastic, as well as entertaiment. I can not name one thing that was wrong. It was trully a dream holiday."

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  • Travel date: Mon 8th of October 2007

Loved this place (in contrast to previous poster!)


"Wow - I can't belive what has already been written about this place - although the only thing i can think of that is different is that we were there last year before it was popular.

Having just returned from a distasterous stay in another hotel (Long Beach Resort, Side) we realised how lucky we were to have had last year in Dolce Vita!

It was seriously the best hotel I have ever been to - from the beautiful suite-like rooms (we had two showers in our bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe, an enormous triple-bed and constant champagne and fruit on our table), to the setting by the sea, to the layout of the village (you don't feel like you are in a hotel as the layout is more ike apartments and no more than 3 storeys high).

The food was ok - but we couldn't have cared less really, as long as there was place to relax and enjoy ourselves. We called in advance to request a special room and when we arrived (having been offered champers at reception) we were told we had been booked in to the al-a-carte restaurants already (I think they thought we were on our honeymoon - so good on them!) and each evening we had rose petals on the table!

Our rooms were made up 3 times a day - the maid comes to turn down the bed at night and leave your free slippers for you!

I could go on and on about how fantastic this place was for us and how utterly disappointed we have been since with the standard and quality of other places in Antalya we have subsequently been to.

I can only hope that Amara Dolce Vita is still the amazing place it was last year and they have not succumbed to the machine that is club-hotels.. from the last review I fear this may be true, but from our experience, it was simply a fabulous place."

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  • Travel date: Mon 27th of August 2007

What a disappointment


"We just came back from a week-long vacation in the Antalya region of Turkey, a vacation that we looked forward to as a chance to relax and forget about the world. But what a disappointment in was!!! We came back more stressed out than when went there.

The resort, Amara Dolce Vita, was supposed to be an ideal place to wind down and rest while enjoying the luxuries expected from a “5-star” ultra all inclusive resort. However our problems began as soon as we arrived there. After a two and a half hour ride from Antalya Airport we were told our rooms would not be ready for another five hours. We were tired and sleepy after waking up at 3 a.m. in order to make the flight. So, like homeless people we had to go and find some couches to rest on. In the meantime I thought I would change some dollars to Turkish liras at the reception desk. The reception desk refused to change my dollars and told me to go 2.5 km away to the town of Tekirova on foot. I had to call the manager and complain to him to get my money changed. After dragging ourselves around for five hours we were finally taken to our rooms. However despite our package agreement they did not have a child bed for our 3.5 year old daughter. It took three phone calls to housekeeping for the child bed to finally materialize. Another issue was that a number of toiletries that were supposed to be in the bathroom were not there. It took two phone calls and a trip all the way to the reception desk for the items to show up… the next day! The following day, as instructed by the hotel booklet, we began calling at 9 a.m. to make dinner reservations at one of the a-la-carte restaurants for that evening. After getting a busy signal for 20 minutes we called reception and were told that the restaurant was already full for that day. Later that day, we were shocked when told that we were limited to only two a-la-carte restaurants for free during our entire stay. But our internet research had shown and we were told by our travel agency that there were no limitations on the use of a la carte restaurants. When we complained to Guest Relations we were told a “big secret”: “Well… actually there is a limit, but we have no way to enforce it.” When we told them that it was impossible to make reservations by using the sole number provided, the Guest Relations representative finally agreed to become our “reservations agent” for the duration of our stay.
Our next shock was at the so-called Aqua Park. This was located at the very edge of the hotel complex with difficult access. There were a minimum number of lounge beds around two tiny pools. There was only one person controlling the top part of the five slides for adults but there was no one at the bottom to keep the area clear of people and prevent accidents. The kids’ slides were totally unsupervised and that led to accidents some of which we witnessed when we were there. Furthermore, the Aqua Park is located in area encased on three sides by mountains which prevents air movements and makes that space unbearably hot. After being there just a short while we escaped to the main pool area, never to return.

A few other inconveniences that we noticed:

1. Housekeeping came at odd hours such as when you are trying to take an afternoon nap. On one occasion, the housekeeping lady just opened the door without knocking and walked in while we were in our underwear!
2. Minibar check was also done at odd hours, sometimes twice a day, but the funny thing is there isn’t much to check or replenish in the minibar in the first place.
3. For the first four nights there were so-called shows in the general pool area, which were trite and amateurish and relied totally on spectator participation. For the other three nights, the shows took place in the newly opened amphitheatre with the use of dance groups. These were a little more entertaining; however they were barely of a half hour duration. The amphitheatre is so badly planned as a structure that allows no air flow and thus one has the feeling of sitting in a sauna. Aside from those useless shows there is almost nothing in the entire hotel complex to keep guests entertained during the evening hours. There is a bowling alley but the prices are so high that for the entire week we were there we did not see guests using it. There are also billiard tables but those were constantly monopolized, mainly by children.
4. The “Internet Café” was a bare room with a few computers which were always monopolized by unsupervised kids playing computer games.
5. The central pool bar is located way off at the end of the pool area, serving a space almost the size of a football field. There are no waiters coming around to take orders at the pool side, so if one wants refreshments one has to travel a pretty good distance to stand in line.
6. Bathrooms are located far apart and a long distance from where most activities take place. For instance if you are at the main restaurant and you need to go you have to travel a long long way before you get to a bathroom. This is specially inconvenient when you have children with you. The same is true for most of the a la carte restaurants.
7. There is only one point for the entire resort where one can get beach towels. Although it is on the way to the central pool area and the beach but there are other pools, including the Aqua Park, which is far away.

The only positives we can note were the comfortable size of the rooms, the quality and variety of the food in the main restaurant, the general attitude of the serving staff, and the cleanliness. All a la carte restaurants except the Casanova were disappointing in terms of the quality of their cuisine and the authenticity of their dishes. In addition, it is obvious that the owners spent a great deal of money in an attempt to make this a luxury resort. However it is also obvious that they failed to pay enough attention to the proper management of the place, which ultimately is the most important aspect of any such establishment.

In conclusion, after paying top dollar with the expectation of a restful and enjoyable week, we ended up stressed out and unsatisfied. We would not recommend this resort to anyone who wants to have a quality, stressless and enjoyable vacation. We would, however, recommend having the name of the resort changed to correspond to reality, from Amara Dolce Vita to Amara Amera Vita…"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 12th of August 2007

If you don't speak Russian don't go !!!


"The hotel rooms were very spacious, the main reception was grand and almost a palace.

After a few hours we started to realise that we could not understand a living sole. There were loads of children playing in the pool but our daughter could not interact with them at all. The kids club was being conducted in Russian and our daughter of 3y11m was very upset at not being able to join in as she did not understand a single word and with minutes returned to us crying.

The last straw came when my daughter needed to use the toilet and as we were unfamiliar with the layout of the pool area having just arrived, my wife asked a member of a staff where the nearest toilets where, she could not make her self understood and our daughter peed herself.

We returned our room to gather our thought and went to the reception desk and inquired as to how many guests the hotel had, were informed 1573, we then enquired as to how many had British passports we were told 3, my wife, daughter and I. We also asked how many Europeans were stay and the answer was the same, 3, my wife, daughter and I.

So if you do not speak Russian or Turkish don’t go we lasted less than 24 hour before asking our tour operator to move us or send us home. They moved us with no fuss but had to pay extra.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 18th of August 2010

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  • 1 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 3 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 3 Food
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