Istanbul Holidays

Cityscape with Galata Tower over the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey
Cityscape with Galata Tower over the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey
Although it is not the capital, Istanbul is Turkey's largest city and is an interesting and exciting tourist destination. With such a range of areas to visit and experience, holidays in Istanbul are popular with all kinds of people, whether they are seeking a cultural holiday, a clubbing holiday or something in between.

The district of Sultanahmet is the place to go for culture and history. It was once called Constantinople and is the traditional centre of the city. Cruise ships can take visitors to this district and there are good public transport links. There are some fantastic sights there, including Hagia Sophia at Sultanahmet Square – a basilica with a beautiful dome that was originally built for Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I.

Galata is the area to visit to experience the exciting nightlife, and package holiday deals can be found for young groups hoping to find good value for money. It is considered to be the main centre of the city in terms of shopping, restaurants, clubs and bars. Tourists can get about on the vintage trams that run through the city, and can hop off to go shopping, grab some food or try some hooka.

The New City will be of less interest to tourists as it is the main business district, but it is a good place to go shopping, perhaps for a day trip. Alternatively for a little more adventure a day trip from the city to the Princes' Islands is well worth it. The islands lie south of the city in the Sea of Marmara. They are beautiful and car-free (except for service vehicles) and so there are horse-drawn carriages to get around the islands, which is a fun aspect in itself. For those booked on a package holiday in Istanbul it is an opportunity to experience something that bit different.
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