Golenye Mah Manolya Cad 9, Icmeler 48720 Turkey
3 star hotel


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  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 5 service
  • 5 value
  • 5 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 5 location

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want aholiday?then this is the place


"this was our third time staying at turgay.what brilliant familie they are.they just cannot do enough for you.by the wy josh were coming again on 30th august.could we have the same room again 206.cant wait to get there!see u soon.john +lisa"

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  • Travel date: Tue 29th of June 2010

June 2010 - Turgay Apartments - Had a lovely, relaxing and chilled out holiday!!


"The apartments are lovely, small, intimate, well maintained and spotlessly clean. They are situated in the quiet “old town” part of Icmeler, a pleasant 10 - 20 minutes or so flat stroll from the centre and the beach.

The apartments only have 19 rooms so the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Guests do tend to mix more, although you aren’t in anyway forced to. There’s room enough to enjoy some peace and solitude. We met and enjoyed the company of some really great people (Hello Marcus!!).

The apartments are run and owned by the Turgay family – Josh and his Mum and Dad; they are helped by, Orhan, Jack and Ayesha. They are all really lovely, pleasant, cheerful, friendly and helpful but without the “hassle” that you can get in some other places.

The apartments are spacious and spotlessly clean, although the self catering facilities are fairly basic. There are several small supermarkets (corner shops) a few minutes walk away and a couple of larger supermarkets in Icmeler centre.

The pool is fairly small, but is really clean thanks to Jack. Just right for cooling off after a hard days sunbathing, on more than one occasion I was lucky enough to have the pool all to myself!! There is also a small children’s splash pool.

Josh’s Mum and Dad do all the cooking. Breakfasts, snacks and evening meals were 1st class and compare favourably with prices in Icmeler town. Try the Marble Steaks, Lamb Chops and any of the fish dishes - the King Prawns were superb. If you find Efes beer a bit gassy, try the Tuborg, Josh and Orhan are dab hands at making cocktails!!

If you want a quiet, relaxing holiday in pleasant surroundings with lovely staff and without too much fuss than this is the place for you!!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 28th of June 2010

wonderful holiday


"Stayed two weeks at the Turgay and had a lovely time . A big thank you to all the staff , it is like home from home staying there , we were made so welcome, Also thanks for the tastie lunch we took to the airport . well done Turgay staff you came up top of our hoiliday list,"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 26th of June 2010

Best Holiday ever


"We have just returned from staying at the Turgay Apartments and, without a doubt we have had a fabulous holiday. Orhan, Josh, his parents and the cleaner could not do enough for us. Orhan (Mr All inclusive) made us laugh, had great chats and catered for our needs. Food, cooked by Josh's Dad, was excellent and we eat there most mornings and evenings. We enjoyed the Turkish night (if you were there, you know what I mean) and the belly dancer had everyone joining in.

The room was spacious, very clean and tidy and the cleaner came in on a daily basis. Not been abroad before and had a shower cubicle!

The Turgay is about 15 minute walk from the town and the sea front and we thought it was ideal for walking as there were no hills to climb and everywhere was on the flat.

We would like to also thank the other guests that were there at the same time as us, who also added to the atmosphere at this resort. We all had a good laugh, plenty of chats and it was like being with a new and extended family. Thank You x

If you have any doubts on where to stay in Turkey, we can honestly say that Turgay is the place and we will hopefully be there again next year."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of June 2010

Great staff at the Turgay, nothing is every too much trouble, you need to go here!!!


"This is gonna be a long review but I'm gonna tell you everything you need to know from the airport and onwards. Be patient!!!

OK, Dalaman airport is fine as long as you are not on your journey back home. It is expensive, now we all have an idea how expensive airports are ok, but when you have to pay £8 for a 250ml bottle of water and a bottle of powerade you get the idea. Other costs, well burger king, £11 for a whopper meal. I even heard someone say that a tub of Pringles was £12. Do not on any circumstances buy anything from here. Hahaha easy eh? We made up sandwiches and rolls and took crisps, sweets and fruit with us. Now, you are told to leave all water outside the terminal as you go through one security scanner. But when I got inside people still had bottles of water on them. You do need to ditch them before going through the 2nd security scanner.

So you gotta buy water right. The airport is stiflingly hot, I was feeling quite ill actually. Maybe they do that so that you buy more water, etc? You don't save much on the duty free either and there are shops where you can buy last minute stuff at extortionate prices, 8 euros for some turkish delight? You can get 5 boxes in Icmeler for 10 lira. Anyway, that is all I have to say about the airport, but is something you need to bear in mind.

Before you get to Icmeler which is a 2hr transfer, you allegedly stop off for 15mins for a comfort stop which is an excuse to be ripped off, again don't buy any food or drinks here, way pricey!! Bring your own food (or water from UK airport) from the UK to see you from airport to Icmeler. Anyway, transfer was fine, we were itching to get to the resort!!

The Turgay apartments are in a nice secluded spot away from the main shops and restaurants and bars which is just fine for us. On entering you have the main bar/eating area with a pool table and big TV for World Cup, etc. Greeting you is Orhan, a lovely lovely guy, he serves, chats and does anything to make your stay more enjoyable. This was a running theme at Turgay. Josh the owners son runs things day to day and again is very friendly. Their english is excellent, Orhan speaks 5 languages, which he teaches during the off season. If you want to know anything about Icmeler then speak to Orhan or Josh.

The pool is just outside, nice and small, 19 rooms in the apartments, ours was on 1st floor overlooking the pool and lovely view of mountains. The room was basic, clean and was just what you need. No bottle opener/wine opener, bring a sharp knife if you need one. They had pots and pans there, etc. Safe is still £10 a week, air con £30. We didnt need air con, but near the end of holiday when temps were pushing 40 we were a bit hot in early hours of morning. Turgay offer meals, we didnt eat any so cannot comment. Drinks prices were reasonable, will upload piccie of current drinks prices from a photo.

Right onto Icmeler. Info you need to know. Don't book excursions thru the rep, they are a rip off. There are loads of guys in town selling the same tours, etc, talk to 2 or 3 of them, find out prices and then haggle a bit. I recommend turkish bath and jeep safari. Bath was £8 each, safari think it was £25 each. Don't know about any trips, there are loads of boat trips, visit mud baths Dalyan, Ephesus, etc. The jeep safari was wicked fun, water fights for 1hr, hire of guns was 10 lira. Eventually 2 or 3 jeep safaris turn up together and there is a massive water fight as cars overtake each other, some bring 5litre bottles which they filled up earlier and everyone gets soaked. You go offroad a bit and have a stop off for a drink or food, again you get ripped off at these small places with pricey food and drinks. You leave there and end up at a waterfall which is OK, people basically go there to jump off it into a pool, which is about 20-25ft up. Afterwards you get lunch which is a small chicken kebab or fish, with some salad and chips. Tasty food, but small portions, you buy drinks there which are a bit pricey but hey captive audience!! On the drive back you goto the jesus beach which is basically a shingle area stretching 500ft into the lake. Big deal!!

Right back to Icmeler, like other reviews, 15 min walk to town, lovely stroll by Turkish homes with grapes, olives, figs, limes in garden. They all grow their own vegetables, very organic!! You pass a few apartments and restaurants on the way.

I recommend the Romance, nice staff and food, they also have shows on later on about 10pm onwards. You have to see "CLAP", the male turkish belly dancer, he is as gay as you like and is really good. He is in his element when he gets his hand on a mic and interacts with the customers. He does other restaurants in Icmeler, in fact shows are a common form of entertainment in the resort. Other shows worth mentioning are the Michael Jackson (There are some poor imitators around unfortunately), transformers robot, barman juggler. There may be some others around. Most in fact the majority of the restaurants have super confident, cocky young male waiters/servers/everything. They do dances, they flirt with the women, they are really good with kids as well. Some bars have better guys than others, Joes is good, the guys there do breakdancing and other stuff as well, they had a wee Michael Jackson performer, he must have been 8 or 9 and was really good. Be careful of their 2 for 1 cocktails on special, they don't have any alcohol in them!!!

You may be shocked at the price of food and drink in Turkey, everyone bangs on about how much cheaper it is than in the EU, this isn't true. Efes is the local beer, it's nice, priced from 4 lira upwards which is about £1.70. Wine is expensive, £15 minimum, spirits are £3 upwards, cocktails are about £4-5 minimum. Don't expect large measures!! If you buy Efes in supermarket it is 3 lira a can. Wine is a lot cheaper too.

Most meals in Icmeler are about £8. If you want to eat donner kebabs, chips and burgers you will find the food cheap but why do that when you can eat some great meals out?? The food consists of shish kebabs, beef, lamb and chicken. They do the usual pizzas, pastas, etc. Fish is sea bass or sea bream, king prawns, prices for bass is 20 lira up, prawns 28 lira up, they are so yummy. You normally get a free starter of a massive pitta bread served with 3 dips. All the restaurants in Icmeler do roughly the same stuff, the only difference is service, prices and location. Weirdly there are a lot of indian and chinese restaurants, I don't know about you but I haven't had a good meal in one of those places overseas. So we didnt eat there. The restaurants nearer the main beach area are more expensive generally but walk about Icmeler and check out the prices, is it busy, etc??

I recommend Venice, to get there goto the beach, walk left towards the Fantasia Hotel and you will walk over a wee bridge, turn left up here, past the shops and you'll find it. Good food, friendly, prices are good and it has regulars going back year after year. Cafe del Mar is good too, don't know about food but excellent location for a beer near sunset. To get there walk left along the beach, past the Fantasia Hotel, up the slope and you'll find it. You get great views of the bay, all Icmeler, etc, lovely lovely spot.

For drinking, most bars are open late, all music has to be turned down at midnight, cops are very strict on this, so once music goes off people start to leave, atmosphere kinda goes. The barmen like I said do shows, dance, get you to go up and dance. Friends bar is good for instance. There is an Irish pub which is tucked away down a side street, Guinness is 10 lira, ouch!!

Eastenders and Pleasure nightclubs are only clubs in Icmeler, can't comment on them as didnt go.

Shopping in Icmeler is pretty much same as everywhere really, lots of fake goods to buy, didn't buy any of that stuff, fake jeans, shirts, watches, perfumes, it's up to you if you spend your money here. The Icmeler market is good but is pretty much same as in town, loads of fake goods, they sell food there which I would recommend. Freshly grown
fruit and vegetables, the fruit is spectacular, especially the strawberries and oranges. You can buy spices, honey (real honeycomb yum yum!!!).

You can get around Icmeler in the Dolmus buses, just wave them down and jump on to Marmaris, really cheap.

Weather in Icmeler was 35-40C, really muggy at night, there was a thunderstorm at one point but passed really quickly. The beach is nice, you have to pay 2.5 lira per person for sunbeds, the only free ones were towards the right end of beach. Shaggy the beach boy, his sunbeds are free. You don't have to eat there but can if you want. Most beach areas are attached to restaurants or hotels. Be careful though as these guys can mix up your orders so that when you pay your bill it may have extra stuff added. The beach has watersports available as well, we did brought snorkelling gear, water was clear, not so many fish. Beach itself was clean, sandy in some areas more stony in others.

I hope this has been informative, if a tad long. Please goto Turgay apartments, you won't regret it. One thing I forgot to mention is that Icmeler and Turgay are more for older couples and families. While at Turgay we were only 2 of 4 young people there, most were in late 40s upwards. Icmeler again mostly frequented by older couples and families. Lovely lovely resort, great atmosphere, relaxing, lovely people, lovely food, great summer holiday, you will love it!!!!!

If you want pumping music and bar crawls then goto Marmaris, but beware, Bar St drinks prices are 10 lira upwards with prices changing depending on day of week/weekend. Don't get ripped off!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 15th of June 2010

Peace and Quiet


"My husband and I stayed at the Turgay Apartments in June of this year. It ws our first trip to Turkey and we absolutely loved it. The apartments were lovely, spotless and comfortable. and the owners/staff were warm and welcoming. We arrived in the early hours and staff were waiting to welcome us and helped with our luggage.The apartments are set away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets, but near enough to stroll down to. I would recommend these apartments to couple and families alike. \it was so relaxing and we will definately be returning."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 21st of October 2009

Loved the turgay had a great time


"Me my Mam and Daughter stayed at Turgay Apparts for 2 weeks in june.
Hotel was situated in the old village away from the hussle of the main town but only about 10 minutes walk .
Our room was looking on to the swimming pool which my daughter liked and in the evening it was very quite and peaceful.
The appartments are basic but very clean and comfortable.
The pool area and bar were always very clean.Food and drink was reasonably priced and food was excellent.
Josh and Joesph could not do enough for us and were always happy ,friendly ,and full of fun.
Turkish night great fun josh and joseph worked very hard to make are holiday special and i hope to go back some day.
Plenty of trips and excursions to try out if you dare.I loved the jeep safari great fun day out.
Great Beach with plenty of water sports to try and was only about 10 to 15 mintues walk from turgay and lots of bars,shops and restaurant to choose from on the way.
The pool never got to busy or noisy and has a great view of the mountains while lazying on the sunbeds.
My daughter loved playing the pool and table tennis with her nana while i had a drink at the bar talking to josh and joesph.
We got to know some great people and we have kept in touch, just want to say thank you to josh and joesph for making are holiday special ."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 18th of October 2009

Fantastic 10 days


"What a fab holiday, these apartments are lovely and clean, the food was great the staff couldn't do enough for you, every aspect of this holiday will stay with me for a long time...well until we go again next July...:) Cant wait to go back.
See ya soon. xxx love Michele and Leanne."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 13th of August 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

First time in Turkey


"Returned on 2nd October from Icmeler. Not impressed with the main town but the location of the Turgay apartments was idyllic, far enough away from the hassle of bar/resturant owners, shopkeepers and tour companies all wanting you to either eat, drink or go on their tours or purchase something from their shop.
Our flight was delayed 3 hours and the boys were there to greet us with a smile on htier faces when we arrived at 4.30am.
The apartments, bar area and around the pool were spotlessly clean with apartments cleaned on a daily basis. The Turgay family were welcoming and you only had to speak any member of the family if you had a problem.
We wanted a week of relaxation and that is what we got as we lazed at the side of the pool and ventured out into the town at night.

Would defintely stay at the Turgay again if we return to Turkey."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 5th of October 2009

Turkish Delight-ful


"What's not to like about the Turgay Apartments?

We have just come back from our first Turkish holiday.

Icmeler is quiet in comparison to Marmaris up the road and the Turgay is on the edge of the old village in a very quiet location. It is only about a 10 minute walk to the livelier parts of Icmeler but there are some nice restaurants only 5 minutes away. The Love Star is very good.

The beach is about 15-20 minutes from the apartments. Sun beds are very cheap but some bars, including Lineker’s, provide free sun beds.

The apartments are basic but comfortable and very clean. The pool area and bar were always spotless. Food and drink in the bar is reasonably priced and the food is very good.

Turgay is a family run business. Mr and Mrs Turgay are the owners but son Josh is responsible for the day to day business and is helped by Joseph.

From the time we arrived to the time we left we were made to feel like guests of the family rather than guests of the apartments.

Josh and Joseph could not do enough for us and were always cheerful and ready to have a laugh and joke, particularly on Turkish Night (recommended) which was great fun. People may not realise the long hours these guys work and it speaks volumes that they are always pleasant.

Josh speaks excellent English and was a mine of information about Turkey in general and Icmeler in particular. We had some great conversations and he answered all of our questions. He was also keen to learn about England and very patiently taught us some basic Turkish phrases. Not only did we have a great holiday we learned as well.

Because the Turgay is small the guests tend to mix more than at large complexes and a lot of friendships were formed. We met some really nice people and hopefully will keep in touch.

Trips and excursions are reasonably priced and if for any reason your pick up is late, Josh will ring for you.

We will definitely be going back, if not next year the year after.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of September 2009

Actual Facts


"With reference to the previous reviews regarding incidents that occurred at Turgay apartments I feel that I must point a few things that did/didnt happen during my stay.

I did have money stolen from my safe deposit box. I did have cigarettes taken. I did have clothes under my mattress without my knowledge. I did have a problem with the staff after they where told about the incidents. I did point out the clothes situation after I told the staff about the money. I did tell other holiaymakers to check under their mattresses for any hidden clothes, underwear,etc; I was told by another holidaymaker to keep the situation `in house` and not say anything outside. I did report this to the rep. I did ask to be moved to other apartments. I did believe that the cleaner was employed during the season of 2008 as told to me by a member of staff.

I didnt see the police at the apartments. I didnt get interviewed by the police. I didnt believe that the cleaner had a mad 5 minutes and was sacked because of her cleaning skills. I didnt jump on the bandwaggon or lie about what happened at Turgay. I didnt think that the clothes situation was dealt with as the clothes where just left at the end of the bar.

These apartments are great if you book independantly and holiday as the staff like...

I would holiday in Icmeler again but not at these apartments.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 24th of August 2009

The best place to stay in Turkey


"We stayed at the Turgay Apartments at the same time as the people in the previous review.....

Whilst we had heard rumours of a couple of issues that were going on at the time, for what we could see was that the Management and staff at the Turgay did everything in their powers to sort out any problems that anyone had, bending over backwards to assist people, for which went above and beyond the call of duty!
Our own experience of the Turgay is that you will struggle to find a place not only in Turkey, but anywhere, that offers such a friendly/ family atmosphere.....
Nothing was too much trouble for the staff, they provided everyone who stopped there with a memorable holiday experience! Which was not only my view, but of everyone we talked to whilst we were there.
The accomodation was spotless, cleaned on a daily basis, and of a high standard, especially for Turkey, where you usually find that the accomodation is more basic than other countries, but most of all, we came away wishing that we were back there, WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK OF A HOLIDAY...... this was mostly down to the influence of the Turgay and its staff.
We would not hesitate to recommend the Turgay to anyone, the only thing that we ask, is that you take us with you when you go!!!!!!!! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 18th of August 2009
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  • terry weir by terry weir

    "Lovely location and a ideal holiday resort "

  • gayella by gayella

    "Be prepared for a little banter when passsing shops and restaurants. "

  • Meepmeep64 by Meepmeep64

    "lovely quite place, the beach is abit better in marmaris its more peaceful. "

  • Meepmeep64 by Meepmeep64

    "To be honest we stayed and ate in the turgay apartments mostly as the food was so brilliant and chea "

  • kallen by kallen

    "venice and kingsland chinese "

  • sharon baldwin by sharon baldwin

    "Lovely place and clean, no mosquitoes "

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    "Robin Hood, Istanbul Restaurant "

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    "a fr?endly place to go "

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    "Meyzen, Oscars, Waterfall, Ozzy "

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    "Great place for familes and couples alike "

  • John & Mark & Families by John & Mark & Families

    "Waterfall, Oscars, Ozzy's "

  • mark and john and families by mark and john and families

    "If you go once, I gaurentee you'll go again!!!! "

  • mark and john and families by mark and john and families

    "Waterfall Restaurant, Oscars Bar, Rose's Cafe. "

  • peterbaldwin by peterbaldwin

    "Sinbads, Robin Hood and Istanbul Restaurant "

  • Michele W by Michele W

    "Go with an open mind and just enjoy the most relaxing time you will have. :) "

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