Siesta Beach Apartments

Degirmenler Alti Dayilar Sk. No:31, Gumbet 48400 Turkey
3 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 4.5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 4 value
  • 4 food
  • 4.5 cleanliness
  • 4.5 location

155 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Don't risk it.


"After reading these reviews i honestly thought i was in for a treat. How wrong was I?

We were given a room below ground level which absolutely wreaked of some horrible foisty smell. The room was huge, but like a cave. No balcony, just a little patio that barely got any sun. The lock on the patio door which we had to use when entering, looked like the worst diy known to man. each time you wanted to go in or out it would take about 2/3 mins to get it to lock/open. There was no proper lighting, just some lamps that didn't work and a couple of bulbs above 2 mirrors which hardly let off any light at all. The loud buzz of the prehistoric fridge kept us awake for most of the first night. I promised my girlfriend we would get this changed asap as the smell more than anything was unbearable.

I saw the rep the following day and the room was changed with no fuss (Although the bloke on the desk was a little off with my girlfriend when changing the keys). I thought we would get a nice room above ground level, but no we were shifted 4 doors along. GUTTED. The room was much much smaller, but still cave like. Poor lighting and furnishings that were falling apart. But the smell had gone..or so we thought. We hung our clothes up in the wardrobe provided and when we came to get them out, they stunk of the foisty smell. The cupboards around the sink, upon opening, stunk basically. The wardrobe also did when you stuck your head in.

We tried to get on and enjoy our holiday, accepting that were unlucky in our choice of hotel but then one night the key could not work in the lock. I went to see reception and the bloke’s response was “See Security”. So I did (the security guard looked just like one of those young rose sellers pestering people on the beach but in this smart blue uniform). He tried for about 5 minutes with no joy. We were locked out. The Security bloke thought it was hilarious. He was ok though so we laughed along, it was not his fault. After he gave up I thought I’d have another go. I pulled the key out and it felt into 2 pieces. Great! I took the key up to reception again. The bloke looked very annoyed. I asked for another key and suggested they change the lock. He then proceeded to tell me there was no other key but the skeleton key which I could not have. I was told the Security is excellent and it didn’t matter if my door was locked or not. After kicking up a little bit of a stink the reception bloke miraculously pulled out a key with room 507 written on it! After another 2 minute struggle the door was open.

On our second last day we asked if we could keep our room, or any room (at a cost of £15) on our departure day as our flight was late and check out was midday, just so we had somewhere to get changed. We were told “no we are full, you can use the shower by the pool”. The shower by the pool didn’t have a shower head on so it was just like a hose. We were speaking with another couple we were friends with on holiday and they were saying that they were offered to keep their room on the day of their departure! They also told us that the electrics in their room were off 50% of the time and that twice though the week mud was coming out of the shower! The poor lady was covered in mud and had to shower by the pool until their shower was fixed! And this happened twice! So maybe they had it a lot worse than my girlfriend and I!

The advert for the hotel said it had its own private beach. It does but they charge you 8 Lira to stay on it. Surely if you are staying in the hotel it should be free??!

When walking to the harbour we peeked around the side of the hotel behind where our rooms were. We were shocked to see it looked like a rubbish dump. Old sunbeds and other furniture as well filthy linen covered the area.

Finally some positives:

The two pools at the hotel were decent. So too were the pool bars. It was very safe for kids and everybody always seemed to be having a good time. They had games of water polo going on to keep people entertained. The staff at the two bars seemed to be very good with younger children but seemed a bit too interested in the teenage girls! You see the Turks looking cosy with one girl then as soon as she goes it's on to the next. I am sure most people can see through the slimy banter!

Drinks at the hotel were reasonably priced. Expect to pay around 4 lira (£1.50 at the time) for a pint of Efes which is good value.

To sum it up, we expected a lot more from this hotel and left disappointed in our choice. When we return to Gumbet we will definitely be staying at the Jasmin Beach hotel just 2 buildings along from the hotel. We stayed there in June and it is simply a cut above this below average accommodation. I think the people who have wrote all these reviews should thank their lucky stars they didn't have to stay in the filthy pit that we had to.

Don't risk staying here. If you get a horrible room they will just tell you they are full and it could (if you have any hygiene standards, or any standards at all) ruin your holiday. If you are luck you will get a decent room but after this week, i don't think i would risk it again.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 7th of August 2006

Turkey Virgin!!!


"Just come back from a week in Turkey staying at the Siesta Beach Apartments. Its the first time we stayed in Turkey and with a young family aged 6years 2 years and 9 months i was a little nervous about the facilities etc, but no need it was very nice. Rooms were lovley bright and clean with air con at only £20 it was a must.
The pool was 1.4m deep so no good for the kids unless they can swim, the baby pool was tiny like a small paddling pool really.
Food was nice resort was too and it was all clean. The turkish people are very friendly especially to the children ,my 9 month old daughter was treated like royalty.
My only concern staying at the Siesta was the loud music into the early hours, we were not really affected in our room but there are a few rooms right next to the bar so it must be very loud if you are staying in one of these.
We will be going back next year as its so cheap there and a good price to go.
So all in all you will not be dissapointed, staff are all fab too!!!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 25th of July 2006

Shy Girl!!!!!


"Hi All,
I have just returned from Turkey with my partner, and parents. We all stayed in the Siesta apartments, and had a wicked time! The apartments were modern, spacious, and cleaned regularly.
My only complaint is that the towels and sheets were not changed as regularly as they could of been.

The bar staff were really friendly, and plied us with alcohol whatever time of day or night.
The poolside bar stays open while silly o'clock in the morning, and can become quite noisey in the early hours of the morning.

The restaurant serves good food both English, and traditional Turkish food! The otttoman Honey Chicken, and Mixed Grill need to be sampled!

The apartments are very family orientated, with sunbathing facilities, and a pool.
The beach is literally across the road, and buses stop outside of the apartments.

I would definately reccommend the accommodation to couples, and families.

Heres to all the bar staff! Brave, Muzzie, Imdat!!!!!!!

A big shout out to: Hey Quiet Man (love you baby!), Soldier, and White Chicken!!!!

Had a fantastic time!

From Shy Girl! xXx"

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  • Travel date: Wed 28th of June 2006

Went Last Year And Going Again July


"Went last year, mega holiday 5 minutes from resort. 30 seconds from private beach. Recommend Thomson all inclusive mini cruise all the beer you can drink, kids looked after and lunch included. What more do you need for an excellent holiday. The Steak House just round the bend from the hotel on the beach give you a bottle of wine with your meal. Reasonable prices. Im a travel agent and can't wait till 23rd July 2006, neither can my wife and kids wait. Its brilliant and the weather is superb."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 17th of June 2006

Love Siesta Beach Soooo Much!!!


"ok well where do i start, i have been to these apartments for 5 years now and i find them excellent!

They are cleaned daily by very nice pleasant cleaners, and well you cant pick fault with any part of these apartments.

The staff are fantastic and have become amazing friends to me over the years i've been. Especially Imdat, Mustafa, Veysel, and well all of them at bottom pool, and i keep in touch with msot of them all year long, i love them to bits! Me and veysel have sorta got a thing for one another too, so i cant wait to see him again, been speaking to him everyday without fail since aug 05 and it is now april 06!!!

well anyway enough about that, i would recoment these apartments for anyone and everyone, they provide something for all types of holiday makers!! My holidays already booked for Aug 14th and im counting down everyday til i go!!

So if you havnt booked to siesta, DO IT NOW!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 31st of March 2006

The best 18th birthday present any single girl coudl of wished for.


"I had the best time of my life here, me and mum left form italy to go to turkey, being there 4 years in a row i thought it couldnt get anything better, i had the best nights out (clubs), all my friends form years before where there, the turkish are so kind, funny and oh so fyne, the hotel was so welcoming the rep of the hotel will have my ever lasting love, mustafa was awsome, and the other tow bar men are fantastic, i truely love this hotel and will return june next year with my best frend JENNA!!!!!!!!! LONDON!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx
You should really opt for this hotel, food excellent, its so clean, and the atmoshpere will make you never want to leave."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 3rd of November 2005

Lovin the turks


"I went to the siesta in end of may beginning of june during my AS level exams and although i was nervous as i thought i would fail my exams and stress too much to enjoy the holiday i was completely wrong.

We got to our resort at 4:30am to find that almost everywhere in gumbet was still alive much unlike where us three girls live in stratford upon avon. When we walked up the walkway towards the reception we were greeted by the bar staff who were still serving drinks at this time (amazed) admittedly we were'nt willing to be all friendly and join them fo drink as we were tired and just needed rest before our holiday began.

When we were located to our room on the second floor of the bottom siesta beach appartments we walked in to find a pleasant and clean spacious room. We immediately put all our cases down and went straight to bed with a fine nights sleep and no mozzies!!!!! We awoke in the morning and decided to take a walk into town, where we passed many turkish men trying to get you into their restaurants and hundreds of boat trips we should go on as their amazing at an amazing prices. Beware if you find people like this not amusing or annoying dnt go here as they are all like it i perasonally found it hilarious and went along with all that they said.

When we got into Gumbets town although there were'nt many huge shops what they had was alot of cheap (or as they like to call them cheapy shops cheapy shops) merchandise which was of the quality you would expect.

While staying in Gumbet we went on a cruise (unfortunatley not with the hotel), shopping in Bodrums market (don't go there as i was unfortunate enough to get fel up by one of the marketers there) and scuba diving which i highly recommend as it was an amazing experience and one that i would definately do again.

We mainly ate within the siesta appartments as easy access lovely staff and at not a bad price. We also started our nights at the bottom bar with the enjoyable company of emre, ahmed, josh and mussie behind the bar and just generally floating around. Also it has to be said we loved imdat to who was the restaurant manager. The restaurant had a good selection of food which took almost no time to prepare and was delicious, the bar was alot of fun there was loud music from about 9pm til 3 or 4 am. All of the staff love children so in that perspective it is definatley a place to go for the family.

Definately would go again in fact what am i saying with the appartments that are cleaned daily and the friendly staff we are 2 weeks and 5 days from today (23rd august) seeing as the summer doesnt end til middle of october its an alround summe in turkey!!!!!! See you there soon hopefully!!!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of August 2005

Family Orientated


"I stayed here from 1st August 2005 for one week with my partner and his family which included a child aged 5.

The view from the apartments are very pretty as you overlook the huge bay and the short walk into town is along the beach which is a lovely stroll either by day or night.

The Siesta apartments are ideally located if you want to be a nice distance away from of all the bars and restaurants. The apartments are actually the last apartments on the strip but the walk along the beach to the first bars and restaurants that are situated on the beach front only takes about 10 minutes. If you fancy a much more lively atmosphere, head to Bar Street which only takes a few more minutes to walk to as it is just up from the beach. There are lots of roads leading off from Bar Street and here you will find literally hundreds of bars and clubs. It is absolutely buzzing here but doesn't really get going until 11pm.

I found Gumbet to be very English which was something that I didn't like at all. There are quite a few English bars showing English football on big screens and serving (of all things) Sunday roast dinners! To me you go on holiday to get away from English things! The Siesta Apartments has 2 pools and bars (lower and upper). The lower has a much bigger area but sometimes did play football too in the day which was very annoying.

The staff at the hotel are friendly, especially at the top bar which seems much more entertaining for families during the evenings. However, I tended to head into town in the evenings to eat and drink in different places.

The apartment that I stayed were a little disappointing (room 903). Not all of them have balconies (ours didn't) and the air conditioning was in the (small) lounge rather than in the bedroom where you really need it the most. The rooms are extremely basic and the self catering facilities even more so. You do get a fridge but the cooking facility is just a portable 2 hobbed cooker. My family who were 4 people sharing were firstly incorrectly allocated the same size room as ours but quickly got moved into a much larger, nicer apartment which was much better suited for 4 people.

If you are 4 sharing a room, be warned that you will only get 1 key between you all. Air conditioning is £20 for the week but you can't leave it on when you are not in the room because the card to activiate it is attached to your room key! This kind of defeats the purpose of having a nice cold room to return to after a day in the sun. There aren't safes in the rooms but there are security boxes by reception that we used and these are £10 for the week.

Eating out is fairly cheap but spirits, especially imports, are expensive so check the price before ordering.

So if you're not really too bothered about having a balcony and a wonderful view from your apartment, that everything in the room is absolutely immaculate or that there are just so many English people there then I'd recommend these apartments in Gumbet.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions - [email protected]"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 15th of August 2005

loved the siesta b apartments


"great place to stay, staff very friendly nice place to relax apartments large and clean would go back again"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 8th of June 2005

great place to stay


"we arrived in the early hours of 05/10/04, the staff were great they helped with our luggage and made us feel very welcome. When we woke we looked out of our window to the most spectacular views accross Gumbet bay, i will say that not all the apartments had great views though, i did hear people complaining about certain rooms, they were moved. it is a little bit of a trek into town, worse if you have had a skinful. we have already booked to go back next May and my Girls are counting the days."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 5th of November 2004

If you siesta you loose


"Just got back from my 5th visit to siesta beach , love the location . I had money stolen out of my locked case last year , so this year we have been extra vigilant . Iv heard lots of people's experiences of the maids stealing and reception staff not giving a darn about it . Iv made the decision I won't be going back again. Keep your belongings with you , get safety boxes do what you have to do to keep your things safe . Write a review to warn people about this and let's hope staff at siesta beach get the message ."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 19th of September 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

Great holiday


"My husband and I recently returned from Siesta Beach. The first room was not acceptably - no window, air conditioning in living area not bedroom, so we complained and asked to be moved, which we were the following day to a room that was so much bigger, with a beautiful balcony overlooking the bay of Gumbet (318). We had a small kitchen with a fridge so if you choose to go self catering, although you should enquire how to get the Dolmus bus to Carrefore (in Bodrum) for your shopping as the local supermarkets do not cater much. Do not take rooms overlooking the Dolphin Bar as the music is loud day and night. Or rooms 325 to 327. The accommodation is not suitable for the elderly or buggies, as there are steps to all the rooms. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, but I found JayDee to be a bit overwhelming on times. We were half board and although the breakfast is continental - there was plenty of it. Our evening meal was exceptional. A full menu to choose from everynight, so plenty of choice and large portions of everything. No need to eat out although I do recommend Windy Bay and Mistral Bay for cheap meals and drinks, if you so wish to have a change. All day breakfast for 4 lira. These bars are only a short walk along the beach. The both pools in Siesta were beautiful and clean, but the beach I found to be dirty. Empty bottles of water and cigarette ends, although it was more bearable with a lovely breeze as the temperature was in the 40's. Entertainment was pretty good, and i recommend the Turkish Night, for joining in and getting to know people. For the young there is Bar street, with its nightclubs and bars, although drinks here were expensive in some bars, best to shop around. I enjoyed Atlantic Bar, Staff very friendly and you could join in the dances. Bodrum is a must on market day, and a visit to the castle. Be warned the castle has very high steps everywhere so not suitable for buggies or elderly. I would certainly consider a return to the Siesta Beach and recommend it."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 20th of August 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness
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    "The Outback Bar, The Windy Bay Restaurant, The Columbia Restaurant and many many more! "

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    "go and enjoy but take plenty of money "

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    "Choose rooms away from the Dolphin Bar "

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    "Gumbet is a lively place but beware of the scam at the Siesta Beach Apartments !!! "





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    "the best place in gumbet "

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    "Gumbet is a bit quieter than Bodrum but still the hassle from street vendors gets wearing. "

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    "Keep your valuables with you at all times "

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    "go on the boat trip only 30 lira and its brillant!! "

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    "colombia, the food is amazing, such good value, lots of it and the setting is lovely and spotless "

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    "dont be affraid top ask the staff if u need to know something "

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