Riva Bodrum Resort

Adnan Menderes Caddesi No :110, Gumbet 48400 Turkey
4 star hotel


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  • 2.5 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 2.5 dining
  • 2 amenities
  • 4.5 value
  • 3 food
  • 4.5 cleanliness
  • 4 location

34 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Could be sensational - but not at the minute


"This hotel has bags of potential and could be sensational.
But not at the minute.
Although we enjoyed the holiday, there were a few things which prevented it from being as good as we hoped.
First of all, the entertainment is awful.
During the day the DJ plays the same CD every day which he will sing along to.
At night, with the exception of the Turkish night, the entertainment was the worst I have ever experienced - and I have had a few bad ones over the years.
Don't do the bingo nights because it lasts for two hours - and that is just one game!!!
Other gripes we had were:
The kiddies club was on for just one day of the 14 nights we were there.
The bar closes at 11pm when the all inclusive deal runs out and you can't buy anything, meaning you have to go into town if you want to carry on with the night.
The air conditioning didn't work in our room - but at least they provided us with a fan.
The manager is surly who overworks his staff and won't allow them to really mingle with the holiday makers.
There are stairs everywhere and you won't be able to do anything if you have walking difficulties.
And it caters mainly for Dutch, German and Russian people so we were in the minority - just an observation, not a complaint.
But other than that it was fine!!!
The food is good, it has three nice swimming pools, most of the staff are friendly and the rooms are cleaned everyday with fresh towels provided.
The Turkish bath on site is well worth having as I had a massage afterwards which sorted out a five year back problem - I was very grateful for that.
There is table tennis, billiards, a volleyball court and a small children's playground so the facilities are excellent.
Overall, it is not as bad as some reviewers have written but if they could sort out the minor problems, the main ones being the entertainment and bar closing time, this has potential to be brilliant.
If I knew that had done that I would definitely go back."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 6th of August 2007

OK Not the Best, Food Terrible


"We all arrived AT 5.30AM and was sent to room 103 got our heads down for 3 hours then asked to be moved as air conditioning was turning off every 10 minutes we were moved to room 1081excellent right by the pool, The hotel is fine, got alot of steps, food terrible, too many NATIONALATIES there to cater for, entertainment terrible Sarco Entertainment manager just likes to sing to the songs like Kareoke all day. Poola nd drinks fines. We cleaned the air conditioning filters ourselves in the shower then it blew out ice cold. This is our 6th time to Turkey and are easily pleased and not fussy but the food is terrible, If your going here for Honeymoon forget it and get it changed now...The Turkish are just out to rip of the english 5 Euro for a can of coke BODRUM AIRPORT thats £3.50!!!!!! We went into Gumbet for our food, full breakfast £2, But if the food in the hotel was good we would have been ok, Really we eat anything but the food was just like pig swill and thats no LIE!!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of August 2007

It was average


"I had read the reviews about this hotel before we left. So when we arrived and were put in a small, run down club room I checked we had warm water a toilet that worked and air conditioning that didnt swicth off every ten minutes we decided to stay put. However after a couple of nights the water went cold!! Reception were not helpful. They gave us a key to another room one night for a shower. We never changed rooms because talking to people who had we discovered they were all the same!!
The maid cleaned our room every day puttting flower petals on the bed.
There is NO mini club at this hotel and the playground is over grown. There was a hole in one of the chiildrens pools. On our last day one of the animation girls who was lovely took the children for a couple of activities. I think they had lots of complaints about the non mini club. There was a mini disco each night.
We had the photos taken they are lovely but they will try and rip you off!! We told them we had not enough money left to give them what they wanted for a cd. They eventually took less than half the money they originally wanted.
The food was the same all the time so we went into the resort a couple of nights and had lovely meals. The resort was nice and i would go back but this is not a four star hotel.
My daughter is six And we all did have a nice holiday apart from some of the things about the hotel. I thought the staff were lovely."

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  • Travel date: Wed 18th of July 2007

Dont Do It !!!!


"When we arrived at the hotel it looked great, but beyond the reception area it all goes wrong.
It was late at night when we arrived and was dark we went to the Club room with a guy that carried the bags and there was no outdoor lighting and 100's of steps it was quite scary.
When we got in the room we had a terrace that had a massive tree hanging over it so no sun, and it was full off ants not clean either.
The food at this hotel was horrible we ate there once on the first night and never again for the whole two weeks, we never stayed at the hotel after the first few days there, as the hotel staff when you are trying to sunbathe pestered you all the time, and the music was really loud and the entertainment staff were not entertaining
I would never stay here again worst hotel ever, lift broke down hot water went off, air con stopped working, ai drincs rubbish, food rubbish hotel its self rubbish,#
Do yourself a favour if you are due to go get it changed asap.
Gumbet town itself and the local beaches are very nice though."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 17th of July 2007

Not a 4 Star Hotel!!


"First Impression as you walk in reception is a great hotel, but then as you are lead to your club room, it was quite dissapointing, very small room, although our air con worked, other people were complaining about theres. We have stayed at many hotels including 4-5 Star Turkish Hotels and we could only rate this a 2 star. The food was very boring, meat balls in a variety of shapes and rice nearly every night, we did eat out quite often even though we were all inclusive, the drinks were fine though. Entertainment was limited and finished by 11 along with the drinks. Your are pestered to have a Turkish bath, Shave, Nails, Hair which is fine but they end up trying to stick a face mask on or start doing something which then becomes an extra cost that you weren't quoted and they suddenly become unable to understanding English when you object. The Photographers are very good, and the CD we had was amazing but they REALLY try and rip you off!!! A few of the Staff were freindly others weren't, reception can't speak english and there are loads of rude Dutch & Germans who push in every que. Anyway, I wouldn't go back there and was ready to come after 5 days."

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  • Travel date: Sat 14th of July 2007

dont go there


"just came back from the art bodrum,one of the worst hotel we stayed in,was told we had club room,dont go in these rooms,they are so small and gruby,we got put into a suite,two days later,which was a little better,but toilet stopped workin,shower blocked,and the air con made terrible noice when it worked,dont go there if you dont like lots of steps,there are 120 from top to bottom,lift never worked,the food was rubbish meat balls for four days running,the ai drinks was crap,only beer,vodka,gin,no cocktails,staff was freindly,i would say its a 2 star not 4 star,dont wast you money going there"

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  • Travel date: Sat 7th of July 2007

Once we sorted out a decent room!.....


"Well our holiday didn't really get off to a great start! we were left waiting at the airport for an hour and half in blistering turkish heatwave!
When we eventually arrived at the hotel check in went fine and a young turkish lad helped with the cases, which was good cos this hotel does have a lot of steps but if you look at the surrounding hotels so do they! I have weak knee's and i still managed!
When we got in the room we took a look round and found that shower was mouldly, i must say they did send a cleaner very quickly, but they was no hope really! We insisted to change rooms which they only obliged to do when i turnned the water works on!?
The second room was in the hotel and was a lovely large room but like another review said the air con switched off every ten mins! Which during the heatwave was unbearable, so after trying to sort out a new room untill 2am we gave up and coped the night.
On the moring we rang about changing rooms and were very speedy in getting us the key and help up to the new room, At last a room that was clean and had air con, it would have been nice to have a balcony, but the view was still lovely.
The food was a bit repetative but it was edible, soup is always a good choice. We were never awake for breakfast so cant comment. The restaurants in gumbet (5min dolmus ride) have a wide variety on offer, we had a meal at Bar Tempo it was fantastic and it cost £25 for everything!!
The hotel nightlife goes to sleep at 11, which is a bit annoying as the bar shuts, but unlike a lot of all inclusive places you could get as many drinks as you wanted at the bar so we used to stock up! The entertainment wasn't brilliant but it was there and its better then nothing! the turkish night was pretty good!
the entertainment staff took you to disco's at 11.30pm if you wanted, id heard the music was german techno which seems rather popular not my kinda thing!
We got photo's taken by the photographers (one of them looks like Sahjid from LOST) at the hotel which are amazing. They take you down to the beach at sunset and make you look amazing with no special effects, really nice memento if your a couple!
The hotel in general was good but not 4* more 3*. It has three swimming pools, one quiet, one with a bar and music and the other had a bar and was activities central through the day!
The only member of staff we had a problem with was the first receptionist about the rooms, but everyone else made us feel welcome.
PLEASE dont book an excursion with the hotel man they is a huge mark up on the price. Go to gumbet and book trips they cheaper and all do hotel pick up's. We booked a boat trip in Gumbet for £7 the hotel was charging £12. The boat trip is a must, the food was better on the boat unbelievably?!
I DO WANT TO SAY THAT I FEEL THEY ENGLISH WAS EXCELLENT! We dont speak turkish so why expect them to speak english such a typical british arrogance!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of July 2007

steps, steps and more steps


"Art Bodrum Hotel is definitely unsuitable for over sixties. To get to the bedrooms one has to travel down 3 floors in a lift (which broke down when I was using it one day) and then go down about 60 crazy paved steps, with no handrails. I felt most insecure when descending to our room. The food was very 'samey' although the dining room staff at our table were very good. The all inclusive package left a lot to be desired. The only snacks we could see were burgers and chips which were served at the pool bar for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I noticed some 'biscuity things' being served one day. There was no whiskey or rum available in the package. The white wine was, in my opinion, only drinkable when ice was added and the red wine - ughhhh! The receptionist was very lacking in English and my Turkish was even worse, so communication was difficult. Our local rep arranged tours for us, but the transport did not appear to arrive on the first occasion and we had to make numerous phone calls to get the next tour. On this tour, we were taken to a jewellry store before getting on with the actual tour. We had not been advised about this visit, nor did any of the coach passengers want to go. We only had entertainment on one evening which I think had been sponsored by a jewelly outlet, who were selling their stock on the evening. The rest of the entertainment consisted of pre-recorded music. The hotel was quite far from any nightlife and we would have needed a taxi or bus. We also needed a shuttle bus(which left twice daily) to get to the beach. I could not even be bothered taking photos of the place."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 25th of June 2007

Not Good if u got small children


"Our first day was a waste we reached the hotel at 7am and were all exhausted, it went on waiting to change rooms. Before we left our tour operator said we had club rooms which were supposed to be great, but they werent. The first room we were given was a small room which had 2 single beds stuck together and a cot with a small bit of space to walk infront, we changed rooms, they gave us a room that absolutely stunk of damp, I couldnt even stretch without touching the ceiling (Im 5ft 2"), this was room number 2.We had to wait till 2pm until we changed to a nicer room which costed us more. Finally we felt settled then i realised the ac kep turning of every 10 mins by itself and with the heat out there u cant survive with no ac, I still didnt complain. I had a shower with my daughter and guess wat?? The whole bathroom flooded. By now i was fuming, Nobody spoke clear english, and if they did when u complained they pretended they couldnt understand. I then went to reception shouted and screamed and finally our room we were given was ok. The AC still didnt work properly but every thing else was fine as it was a family suite. They cleaned the rooms daily but didnt change the bedsheets even once. The food was terrible, I have travelled alot but this was the worst holiday of my life. If u r hungry at an odd time or sleep through their food times its tough and they wont do n e thing for you. When u go out of the hotel the people are lovely but they try to make alot of money out of u so u have to bata bog time or u will get ripped off. I will neva return to this place in my life again. Its ok if u are young and are going just for clubbing and to get pissed. The stairs are a nightmare. If u have a disability with walking up n down stairs u might as well forget it, u have to walk up n down stairs all day long to get everywhere its so tiring. The scenery from our rooms balcony was nice. It was an experiance. There is hardly anyinformation on this hotel online so i thought i better warn everyone. Breakfast wasnt even worth waking up for, There was no scrabled egg, fried egg, toast or even a proper cup of tea. I dont recommend this hotel at all and if u are booking somewhere in this area makesure u have read reviews abd have done plenty of research as many people from other hotels complained too about food and rooms. And do not book any excursions with ur rep or the hotel go out and find out about them. We went on a boat trip which stopped at 3 spots in the sea, and a beach that wasnt far from the hotel it costed us £20 on our last day there we saw an offer £17 to go to the greek island Kos on a cruise which had the dame facilities if not better. Very disapointing and a waste of money."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 15th of June 2007

Fabulous hotel, great staff!


"We have just returned from this hotel in Turkey and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We were worried as it was one of the cheapest going and I could not find any reviews on the hotel. But Im glad we booked it as I couldn't of chose better!

The food was lovely, the staff were really friendly and the hotel was
clean. The entertainment staff really made our holiday, they were great fun and got us included in everything. There are 3 nice pools and the hotel has a great view over Gumbet.

The hotel is situated on the top of a hill but the whole area is hilly so there are few hotels not on hills. There is however, a bus that runs every 5 minutes into town that only costs about £1 if you don't fancy the hill.

Overall we had a great time and I cried when we had to leave. The entertainment boys just made me feel at home, plus there were some kittens at the hotel that we fed every night so that made me want to stay! Make sure you feed them if you do come here! They like the chicken.

Please say hi to the 2 entertainment boys from Louise if you decide to go!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 11th of June 2007

package holiday


"we went to the Art bodrum last yr and had a fab time. all the staff were friendly and the rooms were clean..:) entertaiment staff were fantastic had a right laugh with them all...:) food was nice a different selection of cuisine which was good..! hoping to return again there this yr lovely hotel... For a budget holidays is brill...:)"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 10th of June 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

4 Star hotel I would barely give it a 3 star!


"My friend and I had a bad experience with the hotel from the start to finish. When we checked in it took the receptionist a good 20 minutes to give us the key to the room. We then had to follow a staff member to show us the room, which involved lots of steps whilst carrying our luggage, only the member of staff couldn't locate the room. After 40 minutes of walking around up and down stairs with our luggage we found the room. I requested a club twin bedroom on my booking and when we entered the room it was a double bed, the room you couldn't swing a cat in it and smelled of damp. As my friend was making her way to reception, she saw the door ajar in the room opposite where the ceiling had completely collapsed. When she got to reception to make a complaint it took the hotel 2 hours to allocate us a new room situated in the main building. The room was slightly bigger and better. The downside the door had signs of previous forced entry. However, we were near 24 hour reception area. The following morning I was woken up to the noise of JCB's and lorries, directly outside our room from 6am and this continued for the remainder of the week. I went to take a shower to find the water was trickling through, after considerable amount of time I went to use the towel provided by the hotel which had green mold stains all over it. I made reception of aware of it and they did send maintenance around to repair the shower along with clean towels within 20 minutes .
I booked this hotel because it had a gym, when we went to the so called gym, I was completely shocked by the equipment, it was literally obsolete technology. The cycling bike was made for a 10 year old and the treadmill didn't work and the cable was hanging out of the wall.
We were later approached by the spa manager and asked us if we wanted a Turkish bath and massage, which cost us £30, only to find out later that we could have gone elsewhere for the third of the price. The massage was painful for the both of us. By the following morning we looked like victims of assault, covered in bruises to the point I had hand prints all over my left calve.
The food was terrible, I am a vegetarian and all they had was least 20 bowls of salad, and hot food that I couldn't eat, which was repeated during lunch and dinner and through the entire week, not once during my stay I saw any fish on display. My friend and I got ill during the week as a result of the food, on the plus side we did lose weight. I cannot comment about the breakfast as I didn't eat it, but other told us it was worse than lunch and dinner.
The restaurant manager was overly friendly at the beginning of the holiday, which we felt he had interior motives, when we made him aware we weren't interested, he refused to look or speak to us throughout the rest of the holiday. I thought that was every unprofessional.
I didn't speak to one person staying at the hotel that had a positive thing to say about the hotel and majority of them paid for an upgrade.
I was aware there was quite a few steps, but it was literally walking up the wall of China. The Art is not suitable if you have small children or for the elderly as they don't have lifts or wheel chair access.
We feel we were completely miss sold and thought the development was beach front, it was at least a 15 to 20 minute walk away, although they did have a bus service during morning hours. The hotel needs to be downgraded to a 2 -3star. During our holiday we did visit a few hotels and they were a 4 star and I was completely blown away with the standards, this left me feeling even more depressed knowing the hotel I was staying in was a complete mess and out dated!
If you don't know by now I don't recommend this hotel and if you have booked, then upgrade to a different hotel. I have been to many hotels of the years and I've stayed in 3 stars better than this!!!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 24th of May 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 2 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness
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Top traveller tips for Riva Bodrum Resort

  • K&G Norwich by K&G Norwich

    "Typical Turkish Hassle in shops which you either enjoy or ignore! "

  • K&G Norwich by K&G Norwich

    "Walking .the views are magnificent, "

  • trashcan by trashcan

    "lots of hassle from shops "

  • trashcan by trashcan

    "china town restaurant "

  • halil koroglu by halil koroglu

    "atik/campannella bodrum. barlar sokagi "

  • the mulligans by the mulligans

    "Tip the Bar staff £2.00 a day its worth it. Catch the bus to the beach, Ask to stay in the hotel. "

  • the mulligans by the mulligans

    "The views from our room. "

  • natagle by natagle

    "bodrum is not a nice place to go...i will neber return to such an awful place. the men are so awful "

  • Diane/Mick from Doncaster by Diane/Mick from Doncaster

    "lots of unavoidable steps, grubby,only 2 star,put me off Turkey. "

  • jessica by jessica

    "don't waste your money "

  • berry by berry

    "make sure u have lots of money with you "

  • Claire K by Claire K

    "bar stayed open until 12 with all inclusive "

  • Sheri L by Sheri L

    "Just relax and make the most of it, you make your holiday, the hotel is lovely "

  • Sarah W by Sarah W

    "just chill n relax take in all the scenery around lovely...:) "

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  • Art Bodrum Hotel
  • ArtBodrum Hotel
  • Art Hotel Bodrum

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