Ersan Resort & Spa

Icmeler PK 357, Bodrum City 48400 Turkey
4 star hotel


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  • 3.5 room
  • 4 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 2.5 value
  • 4 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 3.5 location

24 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

super ersan


"just returned from club ersan a truly five star hotel nice spacious rooms good selection of food especialy desserts free turkish baths free use of peds and canoes good staff five minute bus service from hotel to bodrum what more do you need"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 24th of July 2008

OK if your not British


"Have just returned monday 14th july from the Erson...As the hotel is quite nice , the location leaves a lot to be desired...have to travell by dolmus if you need to go out any where...and as the dolmus drivers are always on the phone whilst driving it can get a bit scary especially at night..The hotel seems to cater for any nationality other than british where food is concerned , and whilst you are being a good brit by standing in turn at the food counters the other non british guests seem to have a god given right to just ignore you and pass you as if you were not visible in their haste to get fed first ...Also if you require a sun lounger get up at the crack of dawn otherwise you will be dissapointed ,as towells seem to appear from thin air and remain on the loungers all day with invisible occupants ...On the good side i suppose the hotel is clean....We would not return to the erson , rather go to BLACKPOOL"

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  • Travel date: Wed 16th of July 2008



"My boyfriend and I (age 21 and 20) stayed in club ersan from 16th june- 1st july 2008 and we had the best holiday we've ever had!

I truly dont understand why people have not written great reviews for this place.

We arrived at the hotel at about 4 in the morning where we checked in and a very friendly bell boy showed us to our room which was extremely spacious, modern and clean with free air con.

On our first day I was a little wary as many of the guests seemed to be European and i thought we'd be the only British there however I was wrong. As the holiday progressed we made great friends with many British people and every day my boyfriend joined in the organised football games where the french, dutch, russian, italian, british, spanish... every1 joined in and they became good friends.

Many people complained about the bar closing at 12 and the lights going off however this did not seem 2 bother my self or my boyfriend or any of the people we met. It was easy to order loads of drinks or fill up empty bottles with drink before 12 oclock to keep you going til 3 in the morning. As for the lights going of, for the 1st 5 minutes it was annoying but then your eyes adjusted and you forgot there was no lights on. If they kept the lights on, no doubt people who were sleeping would complain.
The bar staff were also really really friendly, as were all the staff in the hotel.

The food here was great too. Every night was kind of themed either turkish, italian etc. There was a great variety of food. A big salad buffet then a buffet with different kinds of meat and chips and potatoes and rice pasta spaghetti soup bread and the deserts were to die for!!

Through the day it was hard to get a sun bed at a pool, maybe because we never got up until 11am every morning, however the blue flag beach was great too where it was easy enough to get a bed. There was a big peer at the beach where you could jump of, floats to swim out to, great water sports and a boat trip every day for £28. The beach is also lovely to lie at at night time and watch the sunset and a photographer there who is really nice and if you just say no he will be fine with that and just chat to you like friends. We decided to get photographs taken at the sunset (there great, really profesional)

The animation team at the hotel were great too. soooo friendly and fun! Every night there show was brilliant, so funny. They also did an organised trip to halikarnas (not sure how 2 spell that) largest open air nightclub in europe. Every day they did aqua aerobics, pool games, dance classes, steps, darts and football. all great fun.

Over all this hotel was amazing, dont no why people moan about the location and it being in the 'middle of nowhere' because thats just not true. there are buses parked outside to take you to bodrum and it's only 10 mins down the road. (these buses go til 5 in the morning so u can have a night out in bodrum or gumbet).

If you are thinking of booking this hotel then do. You will have a great time! I'd love to go back! I dont know what I can write to explain how much i Loved this holiday

ooop sala! (ul understand when u go)"

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  • Travel date: Fri 18th of July 2008

mixed feelings about Ersan


"have just returned from Ersan Resort. Newly modernised to a high standard with spacious, spotlessly clean rooms. Hotel is in an isolated but very beautiful location (a dolmus bus takes you into Bodrum in about 15 mins)
Food very good, however possibly not to everyones taste, but we enjoyed it very much.
We went with our 8 year old son and were dismayed to find only 5 British families in the resort. This is only a problem though if you are dependant on other children to play with! However, there were lots of Dutch families who speak excellent english, so problem solved!
There are lots of activities throughout the day; water polo, water gym, step aerobics, darts, football etc but the children are not allowed to join in- adults only which we found very disappointing. There is actually not much for children other than the mini club, but the girls who run this work exceptionally hard and try to have as much variety as possible.
Biggest disappointment was in the evenings- only 1 bar open which was completely soulless and at midnight, when the 'all inclusive' ends, the shutters come down and the lights are turned off, regardless of people finishing drinks. This was extremely annoying not to mention dangerous as it was pitch black in the bar.
Also, unless you are up at 6am you will have NO CHANCE of a sunbed by the main pool even though there are signs saying no towels before 8am.
To sum up, we did have a good holiday all in all,but would not return to Ersan Resort."

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  • Travel date: Wed 25th of June 2008

Best hotel in Bodrum!


"Stayed at the Club Ersan with my boyfriend from the 8th to the 15th of June 2008.
After being home nearly a week i felt it was about time to let others know what a fantsastic hotel the Ersan is. I was shocked at how nice the hotel was after being slightly put off by recent reviews pulling the hotel down. When we first arrived at Ersan, although it was early hours and we hadnt had any sleep, we were happy with the service & help we recieved. We were greeted straight away by hotel staff which checked us in quickly with no fuss and took our bags straight to our room, we were blown away with how impressive and modern the reception area was.
A slight dissapointment did arise when we realised that all the requests we had made for the room wernt matched. We had twin
beds, no sea view and were on a flow floor, although visitors must be aware that when booking at the Ersan, these are only requests and are not guarantees!! After all a hotel room is only for sleeping in and for us the holiday is made by much more than that. The room was clean and modern and had everything we needed..just like the rest of the hotel.

Club Ersan is a much bigger hotel than it looks on holiday websites, there is so much to do and there is something for everyone. A bad point would be that as the hotel complex is so big that you may find yourself having to walk a long distance to the nearest toilets or all inclusive bar.

The food is repetitive, like others have mentioned although i wouldnt find this a problem, as there is so much choice that you would be able to try something different everyday for a month, depending on how experimentive you are! there is everything from soups, fruits, cooked meats, lots of salad, bread, chips, deserts and anything at breakfast you desire!

Wouldnt rate the hotel entertainment if you are english, as the entertainment is quite focused at eastern europeans and i would say that english are the minority in this hotel. At nights we would go into bodrum!

The hotel is about 15 minutes away from the main part of bodrum, which to us wasnt a problem as the dolmus take you straight in to the centre almost every 10 minutes for only about 50pence each! They run all day from the hotel gates til about 2am!
If your wanting a hotel in the middle of everything..this is certainly not the place to stay.
the spa is amazing and you must try the massages there, after being recently renovated there is now a free sauna and steam room for quests to use along with a gym and indoor pool.
The massage and turkish bath do come with an extra charge.

As my review is turning into an essay i will leave it there and leave the rest of you lucky holiday makers to make your own decision but i would be shocked if anyone didnt like this resort!
To sum it up..Ersan is surrounded by gorgeous views..friendly staff and clean/modern facilities!

And after seeing the other hotels on offer in bodrum, we are certainly confident that we picked the best!

Hope this helps..may see you at Ersan again soon!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 22nd of June 2008

loved Club Ersan


"Loved Club Ersan
We had an brilliant holiday here!!!
Wasnt sure what to expect, but were bowled over by the whole resort. It had everything you could want and more.
Would recommend to family and friends.."

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  • Travel date: Sat 7th of June 2008

brillant holiday


"stayed at club erasan with my friend we had a brillant week . the hotel was clean the food you could not fault it at all .plentifull it was very good .the staff was friendly and helpfull,i would reccamend it to my family and friends i will be going again .its the first time i have been to turkey so i didnt no what to exspect you hear good and bad things so i thought i would go and see for my self and i loved the place it was good considering how much we paid brilliant .i am going again it was so relaxing . the only down fall was the drink it cost us 27£ for two brandys we should have none if you have inport drinks it costs we should have stuck to local drinks so be warned. but apart from that it was good and you must try the turkish bath brillant .the only money we spent was when we went into bodrum by local bus which cost 2 tukish lira each way wich is nothing thay run about every ten minutes.well with the drinks ha ha . go if you want a relaxing holiday."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 28th of May 2008

Best Holiday Ever


"We arrived at the hotel at 6am and concierge arrived quickly and whisked us away to our rooms.

The rooms were lovely and clean - looked better than pictures we had previously seen. Bathroom was grat especially the shower.

The complex was deffinately 5 star - the pools were great and the infinity pool was my favourite as it has the best sun loungers.

The food was lovely and so much choice - chefs come out in the evening and mixed with the guests, explaing some of the native dished. The food was catered for all - really good for kids too.

The entertainment was slightly repetative but so funny -OOOPSERLA!!!! if you go you will know what I mean! :D

The bar - Cafe Mocha - was our place to go to in the evening and the bar staff were very friendly and welcoming. The drinks are strong as the dont skimp on measures but great! Had a really nice atmosphere.

The actual site was beautiful - set in botanical gardens was not an exaggeration and was simply stunning. There are gardeners tending to it everywhere.

The beach is man made but beautiful wth decking stretching out to the sea. The sea was pebbly but still acessibly via the man steps leading into the sea. The sea was blue flag all the was and very clean - you can see fish and sea urchins. Our favourite was the snacks they put on near the infinity pool in the afternoons. We enjoyed feeding the fish everyday.

JJ the photographer in the complex, quickly became our friend and although insisted on taking our picture quite a lot, he would buzz off if we told him to.

Location wise I thought it was great - only 5 mintues by the Dolmas (bus) and only 2YTL. Stops all over the place and we ventured into Bodrum a couple of times, but the hotel offered so much we only went to look around and shop.

We booked our trips through Thomas Cook - which were cheap and the rep was available throughout. We booked our Haman treatments with them and we were took to a proper Haman just outside of Bodrum - only cost 10YTL each (about 5 quid) and tranport was inlcuded and the trip lasted about 2 hours. Much cheaper than the hotel spa.

Our last day was easier than expected and even thogh we checked out of our rooms at 12pm, we still had all inclusive use of the hotel until we left at 2am. We acquired useful info from the rep who tld us we could use the spa facilities to shower in if we wished, which was great as we spent the day by the pool. We spent the last hour or so in the hotel reception which was fine as its beautiful and lavishly adorned with comfy sofas. You can store your luggage in the Luggage Room all day too, which is secure.

In all I would say the holiday was perfect - except we only went for a week and I wanted two!!!

I would like to go back and reccommend this hotel greatly."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 26th of May 2008

A great place if you want a quiet, relaxing holiday


"We arrived at the hotel at 6:30am after our flight had been delayed for 3 hours (do not travel with onur air!) We were greeted pleasantly and promptly shown to our room.

Our first impressions were great, although the rooms are small i think they have been very recently refurbished as the decor was modern and there was even a smell of wood! The shower was great, it was a rain shower that comes from the ceiling. However, there is no door or curtain on the shower so you end up with a wet bathroom every time!

The first meal we had was breakfast and i was a little disappointed as there was very little choice of cooked foods it was mostly catering for foreigners with plently of salad and fresh fruit etc but no good old british breakfast!

However once we had the lunch and evening meals i could not possibly complain. There was a good choice, all was of good quality and the desserts were out of this world!! In all the times i have been abroad i have always had a dodgy tummy but this year i was fine so that shows the hygeine is also top notch.

The entertainment wasn't great unless u are happy to listen to wake me u before you go go four times in one night! We found the entertainment quite tacky and very repetitive but maybe that is what some people want. We often went back to the room early instead of sitting through another wake me up before you go go! We made do with the MTV turkey in the room instead!

The beach is a stony area but it is pleasant and the views are spectacular. The watersports were also plentiful but were not to cheap, it was about £30 for the 2 of us on a jet ski for 10minutes!

Although it is all inclusive some things are extra. There was only 1beer on draught which i could not drink. Then there was a choice of red or white wine and vodka, gin, brandy, rum or raki (turkish spirit) So i had "small vodka" and put apple juice in. They make the drinks very strong unless u ask for a small measure, they are probably equivalent to a triple measure of what we get!

The only complaint about the hotel is the location. The views are amazing but you are so far out of the centre of Bodrum and as for Icmeler i am none the wiser as to where it is! We decided to walk into Bodrum one day, we got about 2miles and then the bus driver rescued us and took us the further 3miles or so! The bus is very frequent and only costs 2ytl (about 80p) each. Because of the location and the poor entertainment we found the nights to be boring and so it would have been better if we were nearer the centre so we could escape!

We also sampled the spa treatments, we had a turkish bath (hammam) which was a great experience but didn't come cheap. My partner had a massage and i had a cellulite massage which i would say is the most painful experience of my life! We were pampered within the spa but when u have paid over £100 for the treatments u should expect it! The turkish bath made our skin very soft and apparently helps u tan better. I would recommend it if you are not worried about how much you spend.

Overall i would say the hotel is good, the views are beautiful, the rooms are spotless and modern and the food is great. However, if u want to be closer to the action you should look at staying nearer to the centre."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 18th of May 2008

Love It!


"Just returned from here on Monday. Stayed with three girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. what a fab time we had. The hotel is clean & friendly and recently undergone lots of refurbishment. We were the first to stay in our rooms.

The food was delicious, plenty of choice for all tastes.

The entertainment and bar staff were great, we made some lovely friends. I cannot rate Stacy, Arkan, Ishmael, Veron, Turguy and DJ high enough. They were lovely people who made us laugh the whole week. Ithink we made them laugh too!

Love to go back next year or even later this year :)"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of May 2008

A new love affair


"I HAD an affair with Greece for 20 years and spent my holidays, twice a year, on the sunshine isle of Kos where I made many Greek friends, went to Greek weddings and made the island virtually a second home.
Gradually the island became too commercialised, ruined by poor planning, wrecked by endless summer's of lager lout behaviour and a total lack of investment. I then found a new 'love' in Tunisia and for the last three years enjoyed the friendliness of the Tunisian people, looked forward to the bartering with traders in the many shopping markets, as well as meeting new and interesting local people.
But I must confess I have just had another affair with a Turkish hotel called the
Ersan Resort and Spa in Icmeler, just outside Bodrum. And I must be honest
this is the romance I have been looking for, a welcoming, loving, caring 'mistress'
who catered for my every need.
As a special treat for my wife's 60th birthday we decided to find somewhere
new, exciting, appealing and chose Turkey. And it was the vast majority of
positive reviews that persuaded us to go to the all-inclusive
Ersan Resort and Spa.
It is tucked away about 20 minutes from Bodrum centre (possibly quicker if you go by taxi) and you are greeted by a charming man dressed in black and gold, like an iconic doorman at London's Savoy or Ritz hotels. The charm offensive continues at reception and although the staff are not too comfortable speaking English, they do everything with a smile and a joke and it is easy to understand each other.
Our rooms were comfortable and clean and although the balcony is tiny with just one chair, there are larger room options for larger families and, of course, bigger balconies. The rooms have a free safe (most resorts charge for this), flat screen television, two beds and are tastefully furnished.
The reception area is huge and is dominated by a massive four sided tropical fish tank surrounded by white-cushioned wicker settees and chairs. This area has open plan rooms for the reps and also the guest relations team (Loubna and Gokcehan were the most charming and helpful people I have met) while outside there is a terrace offering tea, coffee and soft drinks that overlooked the picturesque pool and beyond that the inviting blue ocean.
There are two bars catering for guests (my concern is that it may not be enough when the hotel is fully booked) and in addition to the main restaurant there are two other restaurants to use during the day while as part of your all inclusive package you get the opportunity to dine a la carte at the Italian, Mexican or Turkish restaurants all worth trying.
I won't bore you about the weather because it was scorching from the day we arrived and getting hotter on the day we left. Most travellers will want to know whether the food is palatable or is just another lot of "foreign muck." Take it from me the five stars the Ersan has been given are well deserved because I have never seen such variety of food at every sitting and I am all the more inclined to praise the restaurant after hearing horror stories from other travellers about other hotels on our way back to the airport at the end of the holiday.
At breakfast there were cereals, boiled eggs, fried eggs, omelettes, fried mushrooms and peppers, fruit, endless brands of bread, and sufficient fare for any Brit wanting traditional breakfast.
Lunch and dinner were something of a diner's paradise. I could have had a different meal at every sitting and I doubt I would have covered the huge choice that was available.
The salad bar was endless and for those who prefer watching their waistlines even while on holiday this was total enjoyment. If you didn't worry about what you ate then there were always two soups on offer, mini burgers, chopped steak and onions, chicken kebabs, spaghetti, chicken legs, slices of tender meat, rice, liver, poached fish and fish in breadcrumbs, turkey cutlets, pastas and all this with endless sauces too.
And if this wasn't enough there must have been 30 different desserts to add even more inches to the waistline. Who cares, I'm on holiday.
During the day you could relax on the expansive decking area that substitutes for a beach (I still think they should have proper sand between these rather than than the stony substance they are using) and watch the many ships and boats that sail in and out of the bay.
It's picturesque and tranquil and the perfect way to enjoy any holiday. If you prefer being more active then join in the petanque, archery, football, dancing, keep fit, or fun and games all brilliantly organised by an efficient, friendly and professional animation team.
For those who prefer to do a spot of shopping there are about half a dozen shops within the hotel grounds, but you must get the bus to Bodrum market (just over £1) where you will be confronted by a sea of fake watches, t-shirts, handbags ('three for a tenner' is the cry), belts, and sunglasses or you can shop outside the market or simply enjoy a beer or a meal down by the marina.
All in all I was surprised by Turkey. Surprised by the friendliness of its people. Surprised by the beauty of the resort. Surprised by what the island has to offer.
Thanks to the Ersan Resort and Spa for a memorable seven days and thank you again to two attractive and charming hosts - Loubna and Gokcehan, I hope you are both there when I come back in May.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 29th of March 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

not value for money


"we could not get a room change or upgrade even though many things in the room were broken 4 of us had to share one small room certainly not 5* or value for money £3,000 for 4 people one week stay! the reception staff were very unhelpful and rude the guest relation staff could never be found and were not very helpful. none of the staff spoke english so everything was a constant battle to be understood not very good for an international 5* hotel. we paid for the all inclusive package which is not value at all orange juice is £2.50 a glass at breakfast. you get 500ml of water a day thats one large glass. water has to be bought at the resort shop which is at least 200m away from the nearest sunbed (does not sound far but if your sunbed is 600m away and you drink 4-5 small bottles a day that is not very relaxing in 40'c, as there is no service) sunbeds must be reserved before 7.30am or you dont get one !!the 4 al a carte resturants are the only places here that offer service but drinks here are also not inclusive and expensive and the service definatly dips when you refuse to buy drinks.the bars that serve all inclusive drinks serve watered down poor quality drinks and shut at 10pm one bar is open till 2am but drinks are none inclusive and expensive. if you choose to eat all inclusive the main dinning hall is a free for all 600-800 people no service no organisation. we found it cheaper to get a bus to bodrum town have a meal and drinks till what time we liked than it was to eat in our own all inclusive hotel !!!!!!far to many daily complaints to list here worst hotel i have ever stayed in they advertise themselves as 5* but offer zero service do not go here you will be very dissapointed !!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of August 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness
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  • bodrum belle by bodrum belle

    "Expensive for what it is but at least its alive "

  • jane by jane

    "not central or beachy "

  • JodieT69 by JodieT69

    "Recommended especially those with young children "

  • Collette A by Collette A

    "dont set your expectations too high "

  • peter2491 by peter2491

    "Ideal place for relaxing and unwinding "

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