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  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • free internet
  • fitness center
  • bar lounge
  • free parking
  • spa
  • wifi
  • suites
  • public wifi
  • wheelchair access
  • free wireless internet in room
  • room service
  • dry cleaning
  • meeting room
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • flatscreen tv
  • concierge desk
  • banquet room
  • multilingual staff
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • conference facilities
  • parking
  • housekeeping
  • free breakfast
  • private balcony
  • breakfast available
  • beach
  • sauna
  • hot tub
  • heated pool
  • indoor pool
  • facilities for disabled guests
  • kids stay free
  • kids activities
  • tennis court
  • poolside bar
  • kids club
  • babysitting
  • tv channel one russia
  • tv rtr planeta russia
  • butler service
  • adult pool
  • water park
  • safe

Reviews summary

( 6482 reviews)
  • 3 room
  • 4 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 2 service
  • 2 value
  • 5 food
  • 2 cleanliness
  • 3 location

14 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Generally nice stay but I cannot recommend

Reviewed Mon 11th of August 2014

"I have just returned from a 2-week stay at this hotel and so far it has been as on a roller coaster. Absolutely stunning moments are being followed by very disappointing ones. I generally liked the stay but there have been way too many unpleasant and awkward experiences - so I cannot recommend it and I will be unlikely to return (as for the money there are better options).

I am not sure how it is in the executive villas but as a regular visitor of this hotel I must say the reality is vastly lagging behind what this hotel promises on its web page... Everything looks extremely nice and shiny from afar but if you look closer it really doesn’t correspond to what is advertised for this hotel.

I would not recommend this hotel for the following 5 reasons:

1. Inconsistency of service: to put it simply, if you order the same mixed drink 8 times (not even at different places around the hotel) you will get 8 different drinks. I am not speaking about proportions in which ingredients are mixed, sometimes even ingredients are totally changed. This doesn’t apply only to drinks, unfortunately you can find it everywhere around this hotel (Including services).

2. Rooms are not clean and cleaning as such could use major improvement. There is a lot of construction dirt and dust in our room and it was clearly not cleaned after the room redesign was made. It looks funny when you see the high-end design of the room (i.e. Mirror TV or luxurious bathroom accessories) with all these post-construction Dust and residues. It literally feels as the workers left the room 5 minutes ago. This applies to all hotel. It obviously was finished in an extreme hurry so they don’t miss this season. Not cool. At certain places (such as The beach Lotus bar) you can see cables hanging, speakers hanging up on the walls all under different angles and at different height- as if a 5-year-old had been putting them in. I am not going to write about the quality of regular housekeeping because this you would not expect even in a 3 star hotel (and I am a laid-back male who usually don’t care about these things - read: I am not cleaning obsessed :-))

Also, there is no dedicated room for the housekeeping carts and overnight they are all parked at one spot at each floor. If you are unfortunate and this spot it’s near your room (as it is in our case), you have to pass by very messy carts and vacuum cleaners every day.

3. No one really speaks English and the staff is heavily untrained: This really is irritating, but you are OK if you speak Turkish or Russian. The staff is extremely friendly and they would really go pass a brick wall for you. Problems is if you speak English/German they don’t understand you, and even if they did they lack proper training and tools to do it properly. This is not their fault and IT IS PURELY A MANAGEMENT FAULT. It’s a shame that after spending so much money on opulent niceties, no one really followed up with HR training to ensure the quality of service (either they forgot or just don’t care).

4. "Faux pas" are occurring way too often. Couple of examples for all (and trust me there was a mighty more): we made a reservation for 4 people to Michelin starred chef a la cart restaurant. They made a reservation mistake and we were refused that night. We were not offered any meaningful compensation and the PR guy did not even care to follow up with us that the compensation we asked for was not possible. Also, they serve XO Cognacs as part of all-inclusive package, which is nice. However, some of the bartenders were serving it with ice or lemon!!! Again, it was all in good faith with genuine effort to serve best as they can (they just lack training).

5. A la cart restaurants: they are pure waste of time. Food is OK but they serve it in a hurry (as if it was a race) and as soon as we finished with our food they ignored us completely (not refilling the glasses, etc. - feeling was they just wanted us to leave)

What is good:

There are only two things worth mentioning. First one is the food and I must say that the main restaurant (not A la cart) is serving better dishes than some of the best hotels in Dubai (which so far I believed could not be surpassed). Other thing is great staff extremely willing to help (shame is that most of them don’t speak English and they lack training or tools to serve you properly). The entertainment is quite extraordinary too...

All-in-all it was not a complete disaster but frankly if I could go back I would have chosen hotel differently...
This was my first posting ever, I can overlook a lot and I rarely complain (if ever); however in this case I decided to share my experiences...


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 11th of August 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 2 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

Honeymoon at Rixos!

Reviewed Fri 14th of November 2008

My husband and I stayed at the Rixos Premium in Turkey mid September for our Honeymoon. On arrival at the Hotel we were greeted by a smiling lady who gave us some Turkish Delight and a Cocktail. We didn’t have to stand waiting at Reception & were asked to sit in the Lobby with our drinks while another member of staff checked us in.

Our room was decorated with rose petals and a bottle of champagne was on ice waiting for us! Our hotel room was smaller than expected with a couple of marks on the carpet (not what we expected from a supposed 7 star!!). The shower was also broken and sprayed out from the ceiling all over the bathroom when you turned it on, we called reception and someone came up within 45 minutes and fixed the fault, not ideal for your first night but they did apologies and sort it out.

To say the Hotel is big is an understatement – we were given a map which we kept by our side for the first few days!! :-) Even though the hotel is enormous (Inc: A Bowling Alley, Tennis Courts, Full size Football Pitch, Cinema, Spa, Shopping Street, Outdoor Theatre & Water Park etc.) we found the Hotel easy to get around as all the main Restaurants & Pool etc are all quite close together & if you are interested in going to the Water Park there is a little boat that leaves every 20mins that will take you there in a pretty 5 minute ride through the Hotel Grounds.

The Shopping Street was pretty & realistic with even a coffee shop, the shops however are all Designer and extremely expensive so unless you are wanting to spend thousands it may just be worth just window shopping!! :-)

The Food was excellent & even the Buffet was impressive, with a large choice of food. The meat was always tender & bread would be made in front of our eyes - still warm from the oven! There are a choice of places to dine in the Buffet – A room for Adults Only, Family Room, Turkish Themed Room & a Main Room which made it feel different every time you went there. We tended to have lunch in the Fish Restaurant (also did Salads & Pizzas etc.) as it was by the beach, its all on decking & looks over a pretty stream – really pleasant!

There weren’t a lot a spare sun loungers by the pool but there was always space on the decking over looking the sea (on the beach) – which was much more romantic anyway (not great for families though). There seemed to be plenty of entertainment for children including a kids club & play area. There were watersports on the beach and plenty of adult activities to get involved with if you wanted (Football, WaterPolo, Yoga, Aerobics, Ping-Pong Championships, Volleyball etc).

Evening (A’La Carte) Restaurants were lovely and all have a different theme however were difficult to book. All Restaurants are booked through a Kiosk which you would swipe your room card through – choosing your restaurant, amount of people & time etc. Unfortunately you could only book up to 3 days in advance so a 12 midnight every night there was a rush of people at the Kiosks to trying and book the restaurants – this was fine for us as the nightlife was excellent but some of the older guests would go to bed and then set there alarms for midnight & come down in there dressing gowns … not quite the evening they had planned I’m sure!!

The evenings entertainment was good, with different themed nights, including a beach party & Turkish nights. As it was the end of Ramadan the week we stayed the Hotel was full of Turks celebrating & it was a really fantastic atmosphere! The Amphitheatre shows were also really impressive and the Light Show (everynight) was really good especially as some of the Restaurants look over it so you can sit having your glass of while watching the show! The Spa was great – with lots of treatment choices & plenty of Saunas & Stream Rooms (they even had an ice room!)

The Hotel staff were friendly & helpful (though some of there English wasn’t fantastic!) but it didn’t really matter. The maids even decorated our room with balloons and a chocolate cake for my husbands birthday while we were there (we didn’t even tell them – they must have seen his date of birth on his passport when we checked in)

We have stayed in various 5 star All-Inclusive hotels across Europe (including the Rixos Bodrum) and this is certainly the best one we have stayed in (but it’s also the most expensive). We would stay at the Rixos Premium again & recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing 5 star (not 7!) all inclusive holiday! :-)

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 14th of November 2008

Everything about the hotel was fantastic...

Reviewed Fri 13th of June 2008

"Everything about the hotel was fantastic. The Hotel Staff were so friendly and helpful, they all spoke English which was great. The food was wonderful, especially the Fish, Chinese, French Restaurants. You had to book for these restaurants but we never had a problem booking the days we wanted. Our room was large and cleaned to a very high standard each day. The entertainment in the evening was very good for all ages. The grounds of the hotel were imaculate and a pleasure to stroll round. The service whilst sitting round the pool or beach was constant and extremely good. There were only a few English people staying at the hotel. The all inclusive covered everything that you could possibly want! A wonderful experience. We will certainly be returning next year."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 13th of June 2008

An oasis of luxury: the good life!

Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2012

"We went to the Rixos Premium last year and had a wonderful time. We have been to Turkey several times (6) and this was by far the best holiday ever! The hotel breathes luxury and quietness in so many aspects (unlike some of the 'loud' resorts with poolside entertainment). The private pier is sublime! With a lot of comfortable sunbeds. The food was excellent. Check out the pictures!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 19th of July 2007

Great holiday in Russia :-))

Reviewed Mon 3rd of December 2012

"Really great hotel with luxurious spa, longest beach from all hotels on whole coast (800m?), great (about 400m long) pool, nice fitness, super, nice gondolas for transport and fun in hotel area,great, great dancing waters, very proffesional night shows made by shaolins, russian balet etc, very very nice and big aquapark troy, real dolphinarium, lot of restaurants (best for sure italian, french and russian.. really delicious with good atmosphere). Two real soccer fields! Lot of top brands stores inside hotel... Huge interior of hotel.. I was in more than hundred of other hotels, there are hotels with something better, but I never see hotel with so complex portfolio of highly above standard all services.. One point what really needs to be improved - Russians (guests) are not expecting good service (usual in all top hotels around world) from people staff in hotel and it is visible on them. Staff in restaurants and bars is desorganised, slow (of course there are exeptions), but they WANT to serve you well - this is important - they DO NOT KNOW HOW - this is pure management mistake..... One more point was little bit dissapointment for me that watersports on our beach were twice more expensive than in all other Water sport stands (also 10m from our stand was other one for half prices but if you are from Rixos they do not want to serve you..!!)... Other thing is - there were around 80% people from post Soviet Union countries (big part of them is group of supermodels :-) (smile but they really looked like this )) - and as I heard there are nations which prefer to stay due to this fact in other hotels ( it was not my case - to be honest they were during whole stay very good party and I had just one bad experience - and it was not with post Soviet Union people but with arrogant Serbiens...).. I will recommend this hotel to everybody. Nice holidays!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 16th of July 2007

High standard

Reviewed Fri 12th of October 2012

"We have just returned from a 9 days holiday spent to Rixos Premium Belek. We spent all those days in the resort and we did not have time to get bored. The hotel has much to offer: from nice swimming pools to 1 km length beach and spa, from bars to restaurants, from dancing waters to night shows with fireworks, from Troy Aqua Park to Dolphinarium, from the shopping French Street to the lake with its boats.
The hotel is luxurious, elegant, very clean and polished every day in every little corner. The room was big and nice decorated, but we did not like the missing door at the bathroom. We changed 3 rooms hopping to get a bathroom with a door, but the only one which had one was one for handicapped people.
There are 8 a la carte restaurants and it is advisable to get a reservation from the beginning of your holiday to be sure you get a table. We were enchanted especially by Fishbone Restaurant and Gornitsa Restaurant ( a Russian restaurant).
The reservation system works also for Dolphinarium. In order to enter the show you also have to pay 25 Euros per person.
The resort is huge; that’s an advantage because you have many opportunities to spend your time in a pleasant way, but also a disadvantage thinking of the big distances you have to walk from your room to the restaurant or to the beach (especially when you have children with you ).
As a last remark, the hotel is full of Russians and all the employees speak Russian, but many of them did not understand English - a thing that bothered us.
Anyway, we think we took the right decision choosing Rixos for our holiday..."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 19th of June 2007

Everything is just perfect. We spend one...

Reviewed Thu 31st of May 2007

"Everything is just perfect. We spend one week and this was the best place we ever been.

Some of the spa activities are overpriced. The gym is excellent and the gym instructor is very good."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 31st of May 2007

Luxury Hotel in Belek

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"Rixos is a huuuge hotel, luxurious in the style of opulant Dubai hotels. It is marketed as 7 star. All inclusive but is very flexible. You can eat at the main restaurant, which is nice, or book in one of the 8 or 9 a la carte restaurants. Many drinks are free including many imported drinks, except expensive whiskeys, cognac and champagne. Room service between 2-7am is free as well.
Rooms are roomy but carpeted which I don't like. The bathroom does not have a door, toilet area a glass door that does not close properly which may be a problem for some, I personally did not like it. The room does not have an extra shower cubicle which I think it should have as jumping into the bath tub for a shower may be very difficult for older guests.
Huge shopping area with luxury brands, nice bars, a great lake in the middle of the land and hotel, wonderful gardens. Beach and Pool area is nice too but I found the pool area small.
The spa is very very nice. Let me see, there is a sauna, a russian sauna, a snow room, plunge pool, rain room, relaxations rooms and a wonderful Hamam. I felt like the sultan's wife in the cooling area in a curtained booth surrounded by candles and drinking Turkish Coffee. Treatments are extra like massage, kese, etc. The hotel also owns the aqua park adjacent to it where hotel guests go for free, there is even a dolphin show there. And it goes on and on, the hotel has eveything. There is a seperate area with luxury villas, there is another area with low built rooms with shopping arcade around. All kinds of sports, the list goes on and on, I only stayed 4 days so I probably missed many.
This hotel is a great luxury hotel and I had nice 4 days but it is not exactly my style. The pool areas were crowded but because the place is huge I could find secluded parts on the beach and jetties. It feels more like a winter hotel with heavy furnishings. The a la carte restaurants are booked well in advace so they are usually full. Lots of rich Russians around spending money on champagne. I really liked the Spa but everything was big and opoulant and had a Las Vegas feel to it.
This hotels would be good in Winter as well, there are around 10 golf courses now in Belek, another 10 will be open shortly. If you are into more hip hotels, in this same trip I also stayed in Adam & Eve hotel in Belek so check out my review on that one as well."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 29th of May 2007

A wonderful experience

Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2012

"Absolutely one of the BEST hotels I have been to in my entire life.

Excellent service and very competent staff with excellent language skills. Delicious food, wonderful turkish, italian and japanese cuisine and extremely friendly environment.

The surrounding is untouched and stunnigly beatiful...

I wish you a nice journey to Belek-Turkey...you will enjoy every minute of it."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 25th of May 2007

Seven Star Hotel with Very bad Service

Reviewed Mon 15th of October 2012

"My trip to Turkey was fantastic until we got to Antalya's so call 7 star hotel Rixos Premium Belek. I must say the overall layout of the hotel is beautiful with it's superb interior. But the people who works there hardly speaks english and the service standard is extremly poor. It took me 1 and a half hour and 8 phone calls to wait for the room services people to bring me a pot of hot water for me to make my baby's milk because the hotel do not provide water cattle in the room. My advice to any other traveller who wants to go to this hotel do not go in april because all the facilities are not fully operational. The Italian and Turkish restraunt is excellent for dinner but the japanese restraunt is not really japanese so dont bother going there. We love having our dinners at the italian n turkish restraunt as those are the only places in the hotel that have very good waiters and chefs, not to mention excellent services. I was also disappointed with the hotel's business center because they cant print fax messages or print anything from the computer. To any one who wishes to have a good holiday please think twice before you book yourself for a vacation at Rixos."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 22nd of April 2007

Loved Rixos Premium!

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"Absolutely wonderful resort to stay for vacation, we loved every minute! Where should I start: luxorious, clean, friendly staff, huge (!!) variety of food and drinks in all the restaurants, lots of things to do, nice area etc.

This was our first "ultra all inclusive" vacation and we loved it. The quality of food was excellent, different a la carte restaurants and a huge buffet restaurant to serve you each evening. If you are still hungry (which I highly doubt!), there is a night buffet at 24 - 02 each nights again with dozens of different types of food, and free room service from 2 am to 7 am each night.

One really does not need to leave the resort at all, they even have a huge shopping area inside the hotel with at least 20 different brand stores.

We were there the first week of April, which is the end of winter season, This meant that all things were not yet open and running based on the summer schedule. The outdoor pool was still empty, many restaurants and bars were still closed and the big aqua park was also closed. We heard that from May 1 to the mid-October everything is fully open. I would recommend going then, especially if you have children.

The SpA (biggest in Turkey) was excellent, best SpA we have ever visited. We enjoyes three different massages (for those you have to pay separately), and the Bali massages were from heaven, amazingly good!

The gym is big and light with huge windows, right at the SpA entrance so many people were training, like us as well.

It was so amazingly wonderful to drink and eat whenever you want and whatever you want wihtout having to pay for it. And not just the basic beverages but a large variety of drinks and liqours are inclusive, Only well-known imported brands are not inclusive but can be bought.

The guests were mainly from Turkey, Russia and Israel. Many of the staff said that they had never before seen any Finnish people in their entire life (!) so not so many Scandinavians in this hotel. We had not spent any vacation before with Russian, Israeli and Turkish people, but we found it different and exciting, not annoying.

The only downside for me was the ability to smoke practically everywhere, which almost all the guests seem to do. I don't like to smell cigarettes everywhere you aer. There are non-smoking dining rooms and non-smoking areas in the restaurants but still it was a bit annoying.

We will definitely go back to Rixos Premium, and will go during the Summer Season to be able to enjoy full programme and services. Our hearts were left there - thank you to all of the staff!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 9th of April 2007

5 star holiday

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"Me and my husband stayed at Rixos Hotel Premium for two weeks i august. We can really recommed this hotel.
The pool area was so very big that the pool was never crowded no matter how many people were in it, and the water was very warm. It was just lovely to be able to get right into the pool and the water wasn´t cold at all.
The sea was also very warm and the beach very large. We thougt that there were more little stones rolling under the feet when going into the water than the other hotels had. There was also seaweeds floating up on the beach. Cornelia for example has a much better and softer sandbeach(but it is much smaller). Maybe Rixos hadn´t had enough time to clean up the sand because the hotel was so new. Maybe it has been done by now.
There was always lots of things to do for those who wanted and a big club for children with their own playground and even a special restaurant with the kind of food children usually like.
There was also the Troy Aqua park that was really fun but very crowded.
The All-Inclusive package really included a lot. We could eat at all restaurants as often as we wanted and there were tables available, and almost everything was included. There were a few things that costed a little extra, but we didn´t even feel a need to try them since there was not enough time to try everything that was free. The food was really good. We liked the Italian, French and Russian restaurants most. Almost all alcohol was free and the house wine. There are so many bars that we haven´t even tried them all.
We LOVED the "Patisserie". The pasties were so incredibly lovely that I gained weight after eating loths of them every day.
The evening entertainment was very good so we really enjoyed ourselves. Great shows and very good music and dance parties.
The hotel is very luxurious and the only thing we missed was a normal door to the bathroom. It was just a glass-door so it was possible to see, hear and smell what was going on in there.
If you wonder what to wear I would recommend you to bring quite nice clothes. People mostly did dress nice for dinner which is something we also appreciate. There were also many short skirts and dresses.
There were many good shops at the hotel, but we found them very expensive.
Most of the guests were russians.
One of the friendliest members of the staff worked in guest relations desk and we think his name was Ugur.
We had a wonderful stay at this hotel and would recommend it to anyone."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 31st of October 2006

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