Maritim Pine Beach Resort

Ileribasi Mevkii 5, Belek 07525 Turkey
5 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 4 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 3 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 2 location

26 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Fantastic Holiday


"Myself and my husband and 8 yr old boy stayed at the Maritim Pine Beach Resort (and not Club) for 2 wks. The weather was absolutely incredibly hot (bout 40 c) but was not too hot you were uncomfortable. The hotel has so much to offer facilitiy wise. There is a gym, health spa, tennis courts, aqua park which is great for the kids (and adults too), entertainment every hour or so in the day time for the adults and a kids club who provide entertainment for children also. I am shocked to see that some of the reviews don't rate the evening entertainment. I thought that in comparison to most hotels I have been too that this has been by far the best. The animation team were great and the compare spoke broken english but was able to understand him. The endless amounts of cakes and nibbles in the afternoon meant that there did not seem to be a spare moment in the day when there were no food available.
The bar staff did their best to understand and speak english, and so did the waiters.
Overall I would say that this has probably been one of the best if not the best hotel that I have stayed in.
Only one thing spoilt it for me was the russians. They are so rude so English beware, they will push, shove and jump the queues in order to be the first in the queue for anything."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 9th of September 2007

Fabulous Hotel - spoiled by rude Russians


"On arrival we were in awe, although I'd already seen pictures of the hotel on the internet, they really don't do it any jutice; has to be seen to be believed. Every inch of the hotel is spotless, the domestic staff seem to be cleaning 24 hours a day... on first appearances, our room seemed to be spotless too, but as the days went by, we came to realise that our room was only been given a quick tidy... so that's an area which could be improved on.

Food was in abundance.. loads of choice and I relished in tasting new dishes; all beautifully presented ... no complaints there, although I did suffer with 'Turkish tummy' on the last few days... and still I'm feeling a bit 'iffy' after two days home!! Could've been anything though.... I really doubt it was the food !!

Evening entertainment could've been better - seemed to be geared towards the Russian and German Guests, but I suppose it's difficult to please everyone... the animation team worked really hard and produced some first class dance shows. The late night Disco was great - especially enjoyed by teenagers.

The Aqua pool with slides was brilliant - we spent many a happy hour whizzing down the slides on our lilo's!

I couldn't fault the staff - always smiling, although they work very long hours... nothing is too much trouble.

What spoiled the holiday for me and many other Brit's were the rude Russian guests... they seemed to think that they didn't have to queue for anything... they never said 'please' or 'thank you' and rarely smiled. Also, I was absolutely disgusted at the amount of food they wasted - they'd pile their plates high with huge amounts of everything, place it all in the centre of the table and then walk off and leave most of it to be thrown out. Fruit, bread, freshly cooked fish, cakes..... everything they could get their hands on....eyes bigger than their belly springs to mind!! Us English are taught to get what we want and then go back for more if we're still hungry, thus ensuring there's enough to go round. The amount of food that was wasted made me so angry....

So apart from the rude, obnoxious, self indulgent Russians... this hotel is everything and more than I expected, but I wouldn't go back unless there were more English people which I very much doubt will happen in the near future."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 4th of September 2007

What a great place


"We had a lovely time in the pine beach resort, very cosmoplitan albeit a slight bias towards the Russians, but thats what we enjoy. Not a single union jack pair of shorts on a tatooed moron from the Uk or a "full english breakfast" to be seen anywhere. We enjoyed the beach, the big pool (with everything including nice cakes and sweet served in the afternoon, very popular!), the little pool with its own bar abd friendly staff. We had days in the main flume pool and the odd morning "hagling" in the town of Belek. Hagling was the secret to get good deals on anything so whatever they charge (including jet skis on the each) be sure to knock them down and aim for half price and settle at a third maximum. So if you love benidorm you will hate this place but if you have a varied outlook, looking to learn new ways and culture, open minded and enjoy a variety of foods then you will love this place.
One downside, the evening entertaiment is pretty lame and some nights really bad, but as I said the bias is towards Russians so compared to what they have to put up with at home, they loved it!!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 28th of August 2007

Fantastic Hotel


"I visited the Pine Beach hotel for a specially organised trip to see the total solar eclipse. Not being a lover of package type holidays I was a amazed to by this place, and it wasn't at all what I expected. The complex is huge and there was so much to do, infact I didn't get to see most of it due to the fact we only had a couple of days there. We stayed all inclusive and I have never seen so much food, honestly! The choice was unbelievable and was so well presented, at breakfast the chefs prepare the hot food fresh infront of you. Also at the bars the free drinks included a good choice of cocktails. Whilst there we treated ourselves to a morning in the health spa which wonderful and the prices very reasonable. The added bonus I think of this complex is the fact it is literally on the sea front too, and the beach and sea beautifully clean. Also the rooms are spotless large and airy. I really could go on for ages about the choice of bars, restaurants, pools etc but you really must see it for yourself I would definately go again and certainly all inclusive, apart from the spa we didn't need to spend a penny."

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  • Travel date: Fri 24th of August 2007

Fantastic Holiday and hardly a brussel sprout anywhere


"We came back yesterday from the maritim pine beach hotel (not the club/villa side) and we have had a thoroughly wonderful holiday. The staff couldn't have been anymore helpful and friendly and the hotel was comfortable, clean and there was plenty to do and plenty to eat (we particularly liked the cake and cookies). Even if you skipped breakfast like we did, we couldn't have gone hungry if we'd tried. We did see some brussel sprouts but there were hardly the only choice in the excellent restaurant. We have realised that there are nicer hotels in the belek area but this was still absolutely lovely (4 star). Our only downside was that we flew with thomas cook but on a turkish sun express flight which was not too good. Our rep at the hotel was fantastic and the choice of excursions was brilliant. The beach was lovely and the weather was perfect. The sea was a little rough and a bit too deep for children but it's all cordened off so there were plenty of little ones in there with mum or dad and a rubber ring! Both the pools (hotel and clubside) were lovely and there was always a sunlounger and parasol available and the aqua park (included in the price) was brilliant fun. We went all inclusive and happily got tipsy on cocktails most nights but there was a good animation programme both day and night. There are a lot of people from other countries here too but that wasn't an issue for us as we just wanted to relax on the beach and by the pool. Our only tip would be to take euros because they go a lot further!! Oh and if you want a holiday that serves british food with british people- go to benidorm!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 12th of August 2007

Maritim Pine Beach


"The hotel was full of russians, the eating area was like a dreary canteen that wouldn't pass food hygiene standard here and the food was dreadful, who wants brussel sprouts with every meal?"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 23rd of June 2007

great place


"fantastic hotel. great food and facilities. we had a wonderful time and will be going back next year. there are lots of people from other countries staying here also but thats a bonus not a disadvantage. there are lots of different styles of food to try because of the different people and who wants to stay somewhere where they only cater to us brits with just chips and fry ups?
the staff are great and friendly, unlimited supply of drinks pools are large, plenty of sunbeds and the beach is large enough, sandy with covered ares if you want to stay out of the sun.
water sports available on the beach.
the therapy pool is a must for relaxation.
take euros rather than turkish lira, every thing is now done in euros but you can still use lira just means trying harder to convert everything twice
market in Belek on saturdays was great, lots of the ususal bartering for the "genuine fakes" but if you say no the locals don't push you too hard.
all in all we loved it and are going back with more people next year."

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  • Travel date: Wed 6th of June 2007

5* Hotel


"Hotel was of excellent standard.

We were a bit worried about the food before going but neednt be because it was absolutely superb.

Pools were very nice albeit cold. Hotel had a private beach which was sandy and clean.

Most of the guests were German with the remainder Russian and Turkish. Only a very small amount of British there.

Reception didnt speak good english, but bar staff, waiters and kids club spoke good English.

If you get chance to go to a Gala evening it is not to be missed.

Indoor turkish bath, sauna and pool good. Overall 10 out of 10"

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  • Travel date: Sun 17th of September 2006

What a great place!


"We returned yeterday from Club Pine Beach and can honestly say that we had a wonderful time. The resort is clean and accomodated couples and families fantastically. Having been to Turkey last year and had a dreadful time (courtesy of Pegasos Tropical Hotel), we had some reservations about Turkey. These reservations have now completely dissapeared as a result of spending 7 days at Club Pine Beach. The food is simply fantastic. There is so much choice that I challenge anyone to say they could not find something to eat! Not one dodgy tummy! The pools were clean and appear to be checked everyday. The beach is not by any means powder white but is great for finding some breeze in the hot afternoons and we swam in the sea every day! The English are definately a minority in this resort but does it matter when so many of the staff could speak reasonable English?
As said, a wonderful 7 days, a return visit to Belek is on the cards for the future. If you are considering going, it's well worth it! Just a small hint though, take euros! The resort and surrounding areas only seem to want to take euros. You can pay in Turkish Lira but you seem to then pay over the odds by doing so!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 5th of September 2006

Turkey 1, Russians 0


"We, a couple with a 15 year old son, arrived at the hotel at 02:30 on the 8 August 2006 for a 2 week all inclusive holiday and were allocated a room in the Club complex, not the Resort Hotel. Thought this may be a problem with distance from the hotel and activities, but it was not, as the grounds were lovely and nothing was actually too far away. The Turkish hotel staff were excellent with very attentive waiters for whom assisting guests was never too much trouble. The food was very good with a huge variety, something for all tastes; chips for breakfast was strange but if you do not want them, then do not have them. The hotel is a German franchise and has the usual cheese and meats which they like for breakfast but there was also a choice of cereals, yoghurt, breads, toast, eggs, juices etc. Lunch and dinner were again excellent with a large choice; soup, fish, meat, pasta etc followed by a choice of deserts and fruit.
The hotel, grounds and pool areas were always clean and sunloungers were available anytime during the day, beach towels provided and changed daily if required. Drinks, both soft and alcoholic were available all day but charged for after midnight, along with snacks at the times stated in the brouchere. Ice cream was only served once a day, 16:00, but it was enough.
The on site aquapark is good for all guests, young and old and certainly kept our son happy as he made a great many friends there and was his daily meeting venue.
The only downside to the holiday was the number of Russian guests, 70%. They can be overpowering in both number and attitude as they are rude to other guests and hotel staff, never smile or make eye contact in friendly manner.
Would we go again? probably, but only for 1 week, as there was not really enough to do to keep us interested for two weeks."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 27th of August 2006

Nice but not perfect


"This resort is not for English speakers, unless, of course, you are part of a tour group. When we were there, it was frequentented primarily by Russians, Germans and Italians. Most amentities, services, and staff were/spoke only Russian, German and Turkish, and it was often frustrating trying to get help or trying to understand how things work. Even people on duty at the front desk often could not speak a word or English or direct us to anyone for any help.

The resort is beautiful, very large, has many pools, bars and restaurants. But, air-conditioning left something to be desired. While it was a relief to come in from the extremely humid and hot weather outside, it was often quite warm in the rooms, and the thermostat was set at a point beyond which you could not turn it down, so nights were often quite uncomfortable. Additionally, each time you left the room, even for a brief period, it turned itself off (to turn on your room key needs to be inserted), so if you were out for any amount of time, you would come back to a sweltering heat.

We were on an "all inclusive" arrangement, so food and lodging was covered, however, any other services and amenities were quite costly. For instance, getting a haircut and color cost nearly 120 euros. The various shops sold some necessities at exhorbitant prices. Going to nearby Belek was one possibility, but too time-consuming and difficult for one or two things one might have forgotten to bring on one's vacation.

The buffets were quite nice, however, after a while became somewhat monotonous. When you go, go early, because not much food is added toward the end, especially in the last hour or so. However, on the positive side, restaurants are open almost always in one part or the resort or other, so it is unlikely that you will go hungry.

We thought the manners of some of the visitors left something to be desired. Russians, apparently, are not used to waiting in line politely, and meals were distressing, with them not only pushing and cutting in line, but piling their plates up so hight, that one had to wait for additional fare to be brought or cooked quite frequently. Pool manners of both Russian and Italian occupants were something else that made us uncomfortable. The Russians would dominate the pool with their improvised water polo games, such that the kids were unable to swim, another pool dominated by Italians was completely unruly with unsupervised kids jumping on each others heads, taking our rafts, and other rude behavior.

The resort has programs for kids, but again, nothing much in English, and there is not much to do in the evenings. One or two programs which seemed kid-oriented, tended to be quite risque and a bit more than we wanted our 5 and 9 year old to experience. We wanted to eat at the "a la carte" restaurants but were told kids of certain ages were not allowed. I am not sure why this is so, especially since there are a number of them. Certainly they could designate some for kids and others for adults if some adults prefer a "childless" environment.

Fireworks at night were a nice touch, although late night sounds from a nearby resort, into the small hours of the morning were most unwelcome.

Finally, we wanted to go on a number of tours, but could not find any English-speaking ones, or anyone to help us to arrange one, so, were mostly confined to the resort, which was a bit unpleasant. We ventured out a few times with a non-English speaking tour but, obviously, other than just sight-seeing, we didn't get too much out of it.

Our kids enjoyed themselves, neverthless, however, between the rudeness of some of the guests and the language barrier, I don't think this would be my first choice for a vacation."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 25th of June 2006

Great time!


"Entering the resort is like bringing yourself to botanic garden. Tropical flora and sharp-clean alleys. In front of the hotel entrance a minigolf field, covering a pool, I guess a decorating one.
Well, the entrance is quite impressive, as it guides you to the conference halls at ground floor and underground – having a nice indoor waterfall, with palm trees aside and to the rooms – open glass elevator to floors. A bit of a labyrinth.
Rooms: we were 2 adults, 2 children [4 and 9 years old] – lot of space, like 36sqm if I correctly remember. We had land view, but amazing landscape in the morning, when the mountains are half-lighted by the sun.
Everything impeccably clean. Please keep in mind this for rooms, pools, restaurants, beach, alleys, anything you call.
Hotel: is a long-leg Y: „hands” aiming up to the entrance, the „leg”aiming down to the sea; so if you stay somewhere on „ hands” area – like we did, it’s a long journey to the beach – but a pleasant one. It continuously reminds you the heaven where you are.
Restaurant area is near the beach, the same for pools and the open theatre.
Plenty of animation in the night, at least for families. The mini-stage was a big attraction for our children every evening because of the Italian kids making show with animators together. Very nice! Our 5yrs daughter still whispers the songs.
Peaceful, relaxing and
.... and the food! It is a festival. Unbelievable volumes of food, sometimes wasted because you really can not eat everything you see. We tried for 2 days then quit.
Beach: water sports, beach sports with animators, sandy beach, clean water, very hot during the day.
Come again? Certainly!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 31st of May 2006
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    "water park very good for children "

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