Club Asteria Belek

Uc Kum Tepesi, Belek 07525 Turkey
5 star hotel


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  • 3 room
  • 5 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 4 service
  • 5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 5 food

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A great family holiday


"We travelled to Belek with two children aged 4 and 6. The journey itself wasn’t too bad and were met at the airport by a very friendly holiday rep. We were at the resort within half an hour and check in was relatively painless, even with my four year old asleep in my arms!

The resort is a large resort and we arrived in peak season and estimated about 2000 people were there. However the resort is spread out over a huge area, the rooms are divided up into small ‘villa’ complexes of generally two floors so you don’t get the feeling that you are living on top of each other! The landscaping is fantastic and very green. My only comment on the accommodation is that it is comfortable but could do with an upgrade, but to be honest we weren’t in the room that much! It was such a joy to have adjoining rooms for my children and a relief to have so much space spread over two rooms. The air conditioning is regulated at the management’s discretion and normally only switched on from late afternoon to early evening. Luckily ours was on all the time so we didn’t complain.

The food and drink was good. You will never starve here and although the brochure doesn’t mention it, you can drink alcohol 24 hours a day! The food is varied and good, although as any all inclusive a bit repetitive during the second week. Kids are well catered for with pasta, pizza and chips offered throughout the day. There are three restaurants; Italian, Chinese and Turkish which each guest can book once during their stay. These three restaurants are small and serve a la carte. The Italian was fantastic.

There is a huge swimming pool with two slides and a children’s pool with a smaller slide. The slides were very popular for both adults and children. There is a quieter pool by the beach. There is a large, quiet beach with chargeable water sports.

The resort is a very active resort with the ‘animators’ doing a fantastic job of entertaining everyone. They really do work hard and are fantastic with the children. There is a mini club which my children dropped into but is not like most kids clubs. It is a drop in and out as and when you please, you do not sign your children in and out so we ended up staying close by as the children could leave when they pleased. However the activities were varied and the animators were fantastic. The mini disco was a huge success and we were dragged along every evening. The one bonus is that the kids entertainment is separate from the main bar area so if you don’t want to sit and listen to the same songs every evening, you can have a quiet drink at the bar. There were other activities arranged for older children and adults and surprisingly had high participation.

The resort caters for all nationalities but generally speak English, Turkish and German.

There is a doctor on site, who was great when our daughter fell ill. She had a four day stay in the local hospital which dampened our holiday spirits somewhat but can’t complain about the treatment we received there. They truly couldn’t do enough for us and are grateful for their help when we needed it.

All the staff work incredibly hard here and they really do look after you. We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and met some lovely people. I would recommend this resort for families – you will never be bored, but at the same time you can lie back and read a book in the luscious green surroundings!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 10th of August 2006

Wow - great place


"Fantastic resort

So good I don't know where to start - - -

Rooms very nice and kept clean and mini bar stocked, had a family room which was large.
Grounds in the complex are very well kept
Swimming pool lovely and clean and the water slides are great even for the adults!!

Loads of sunbeds ( get up early for those round the pool ) if your happy to lie in the gardens you can easily get a sunbed as you can still get them at 10am.

Beach is clean and again there is no fight for the sunbeds

Not a lot of English mainly German, Belgiums and french, but no issues

Animation team work really hard as do all the staff from the waiters to the gardeners

Resturant - loads to eat and loads of variety so there is something for everyone

Met some great people ( yes we did eat those nuts / Robbie from England is the banker )

Booked for next year ( robbie are you coming?? )

Highly recommend the hotel - will say though if you like to be surrounded by loads of English then this isn't for you and if you like the hustle and bustle then again this isn't the place but for a truely relaxing holiday with great service, food, drink and something for the kids then go to Club Asteria"

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  • Travel date: Sun 6th of August 2006



"WE arrived at the asteria 3am wed morning met in recption with cocktails while we checked in bags were brought to room about 30 mins after we got to room.Room we had family room 2 rooms in one lots of space mini bar stoked with cold drinks daily. grouds of hotel are outstanding well kept nice on the before you go diet for a year as thers so much to eat all cooked in dining room by different chefs while you watch , cakes fantastic. pools and slide great kept clean kids had ex time on slides , pool towels clean ones evey day from towel bar nice touch .if you want a pool bed you have to get down early but if you not bothered plent of beds all round grounds . beach lovely beds under cover sea nice and warm calm in morning waves in afternoon, quite pool right next to beach also nice. not many british there about 30% british mainly germans / russians but dont let that put you off. animation team outstanding they never stop all day all night great bunch of people. bar area good waiter service is nice . we met some good people when we were there had some good laughs ( eat the nuts / brenden is the banker ha ha) you know who you are cheers. over all fantastic holiday would i go back already lookind for next year, enjoy"

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  • Travel date: Thu 3rd of August 2006

Club Asteria...zzzz...


"The Club Asteria hotel in Turkey is a large complex made up of individual blocks of rooms set amongst sub-tropical gardens and centred around a big, circular pool. As with all hotels, one must be open minded and expect some negative aspects to accompany the positive. However, I was somewhat disappointed with the stay overall. I am 19 and went on holiday with my family from 8-22 July '06. I was bored during the 2 week stay and so were the rest of my family.

Notable negative aspects:
1. The hotel complex is in the middle of nowhere, do not be fooled by travel companies who claim otherwise. Kadriye, the nearest town is about 20 mins away on the back of a tractor, which is fun once, after which it becomes tiresome. Also, Kadriye is a ghost town, even at night.
2. The entertainment/animation team were arrogant, unpleasant and noisy. They appealed only to the swarms of younger children at the hotel.
3. Other guests and staff were, on the whole, quite unfriendly and rude.
4. The listed activities available at the hotel were run by the animation team and, as a result, were worth avoiding.
5. The 'live' music in the evening was intrusive and amateurish.
6. Most of the guests were from Germany and Russia, not only in the hotel but in the locality, so little English was spoken and food was often aimed at those tastes.
7. Annoying little plastic wristband you have to wear for the duration of the stay, to prove you're on the AI programme.
8. The pool was noisy, always full and the waterslide was dominating. Also lots of children had ear infections, possibly from the pool.

1. The beach was super, blue flag, sandy, and lifeguards - the sea was lovely and warm, very still in the mornings; an offshore breeze built up during the day so there were some fun waves in the afternoon. Shelves though, so out of depth quickly. Canoes etc included in AI, go use them in the morning since they didn't seem to let them out once it got a bit choppy.
2. The food was good quality, wide ranging and plentiful throughout the day. Guys come round with carts full of fruit in the afternoon - nice. A la carte worth visiting is the Turkish. Drinks also fine, apple tea refreshing if you can't face an alcoholic drink in the heat. Also you get served quickly if you're a pretty girl, so bear that in mind if you want a drink, ie let your daughter or sister or girlfriend or wife get it!
3. Turkish bath - very nice and relaxing, included in the AI programme.
4. Hotel itself was well kept, always clean and tidy.
5. Greedy people who go and take all the food and pile it on their table get armys of hungry birds waiting for opportunities to attack - highly amusing for me. Justice for a change.
6. Few insects - I think they may have a pest control team who go and spray insecticide around the hotel to prevent any infestations, nests, etc. No mosquito bites at all during 2 week stay.
7. Antalya is a nice place to visit, if you can get there.
8. The towel service is good, you needn't worry about taking a towel as they are provided - clean everyday.

That's about it really. My father likened it to Butlins, then changed his mind and decided Colditz was a better description. Security was everwhere and it was based around a routine, so prison like in that sense. The friendly staff we did meet were always concerned about socialising with guests and constantly spoke of being 'forbidden' to do anything apart from what they had been ordered to do. Apparently there is a huge beach party on Kadriye beach quite regularly so if you're there and need something to do, perhaps you should find out where that is. I apologise for the lengthy review, but I tried to be fair and descriptive, which I think is most useful."

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  • Travel date: Tue 25th of July 2006

Club Asteria


"We stayed at the Club Asteria last August and loved it. We've booked again for 2006 and we do not normally go to the same place twice.
If you like seeing local sights ,walking to towns,shopping or clubbing then it's not for you.
Belek is a one horse town and a decent walk from the hotel. The beach resort is basically a dozen hotels,each with a private strip of beach. The Asteria is the first in the row and is bordered on one side by a golf course followed by a nature reserve. Therefore the stretch of beach to the right is long and completly empty.
Why go? The rooms are comfortable. (aircon is from 3pm till about 10 a.m) although the balcony is more of a token gesture in a lot of rooms.
They fill your fridge with coke,fanta and water every day. You don't need beach towels as they are provided and you can change them every day for clean ones.
The Rooms are in a series of blocks so you never feel you are in a hotel. The gardens are tropical and beautiful. Two big connected swimming pools with two big slides. A beach pool that looks straight out onto the sand. Great food with 9 different places to eat with lots of variety. You can pretty much eat whenever you want so you are not regimented by the 8 till 10 breakfast. If you want a chill-out then this is a great place.
...and the drinks are free!!
Only gripe is the lengthy check in process which,when you are tired can be a pain."

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  • Travel date: Mon 10th of July 2006

nice place shame about the kids


"Myself and a friend have just got back from spending 2 weeks at the club asteria.
Firstly i must say that the hotel and surroundings are one of the prettiest i have ever seen. The gardens are outstanding and are maintained to a very high level. The staff there are pleasant and friendly. We had a mix up with our room on arrival but was eventually sorted. The weather was hot and sunny but we did experience a nasty storm on one of the days and as the hotel is mainly geared for outdoor living/entertainment this caused a bit of a problem. The beach although i think man made is not too bad but in parts the sand is more like concrete dust and very hard on the feet. But in spite of that a good supply of sun beds sun shades and matresses for the sun beds. The quality of food is excellent and the al la carte restaurants are outstanding. Overall the complex was kept very clean and to a good standard. The entertainment is good shows every night and a live band in the main bar area.
Unfortunately the hotel was full of russians and germans not many brits at all. The amount of children out numbered adults at least 2/1which really spoilt our holiday.
Trying to get a place round one of the pools was impossible. Although management state that the saving od sunbeds is not allowed i dont think our german and russian friends understood this rule.
The main restaurant affectionately named by us as "the canteen" was a complete nightmare for the evening meal. Some times we would have to stand around for 10 minutes or more trying to find a table. We tried at different times to see if it helped but it didnt. The hotel really need to review the seating arrangements and sort this free for all out.
The room was clean on arrival but the maintaining of this over the fortnight was very very poor.


On the whole we had a good holiday but it could have been brilliant.
Far to many children which really spoilt it for us.
Would we go back?
maybe but there would have to be changes."

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  • Travel date: Fri 23rd of June 2006

Great for kids, and families. Not for couples



We went to Club Asteria in early June as a 60th birthday present for my mum (4 adults in 3 rooms). Overall the resort is okay no major complaints, though please take note of the following if nothing else in this review. 1) The resort is full of Germans & Russains 2) all the prices are in Euro's NOT Lira in face taking Lira is almost an inconvieniance 3) Great for kids of young ages but if your a couple dont go there kids outnumber adults 2 to 1


Basic rooms, twin beds nothing much more interesting to say about them. Though beware the air conditioning is NOT 24hrs it works between 17:30 and 02:30 ONLY so your room could be hot after a day on the beach


Great really couldn't fault it. Well presented and plenty of choice (my mum is an extremly fussy eater and even she was happy) though getting a table can be a pain. The amount of children at this resort was a pain though as they were everywhere and small children vs. hot ovens could be a recipe for disaster

Pools & Beach

Excellent, clean and well maintained with good entertainment and the music is not too loud either. Though if you are going your going to have to get to the pool at around 08:00am to get you towles down, there are rules about doing it but no-one obeys them so you have to join in."

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  • Travel date: Tue 13th of June 2006

1st class


"what can i say food fantastic, staff really freindly and the accomadation the best that we've stayed in (family room)sleeps up to 5 2 huge rooms an 2 immaculate bathrooms with 2 kids 11 an 13 it was spot on, animation team got the kids involved an we had a great time would definetley recommend this hotel though only drawback was that it was the last of half a dozen all inclusive hotels on the beach so nowhere else to go at night but complex but if your a/i who cares, went a day trip with lets go travel(based in Kadrye nearest village) an if you can speak russian or german it would suit you however we were the only brits on board the boat an no one else could speak english, if you like snorkling you'll have to get up early in the morning as the wind generally gets up in afternoon and the surf gets silty you cannae see the fish but don't let that put you off i will be going back to this hotel in the future its a wee bit of luxury an the gardens/setting just set it off..we loved it.."

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  • Travel date: Thu 8th of June 2006

If you want a laid-back holiday, this is the place to go!


"Club Asteria is, so far, our only experience of an all-inclusive holiday. If this is what they're like, then we'll try some more!

The hotel itself is based around the huge double-pool. This is intelligently planned, with one end being more for families with kids and the other more adult based. If you want away from the main pools, there is a third (infinity) pool, which is nice for swimming.

There is also a private beach where you can try out a range of activities (for an additional price of course). There is also Turkish Bath on site, which we did not go to but we understand is wonderful. The complex also runs a series of activities like archery and aerobics, should you want to get a little more active.

If you want to get away from the pool/s, there is a quiet area based under palm trees where you can just relax and read a book. That is, if you can tear yourself away from the lady that makes wonderful sweet and savoury pancakes from 11am to 4pm!

Talking food - it is possible to get something to eat pretty much throughout the day. And the standard of food is good - we cannot recall a meal that we did not enjoy. As regards drinks, local drinks are free - and they make up some nice cocktails to have whilst sitting in the gazebo.

Aside from the main buffet/pancake lady and the frequent pool snacks, there are also three "posh" restaurants. These need to be reserved, so make sure you get your booking in when you arrive - don't wait like we did (we were told by our rep to book 3 days before - only to find all three were full).

The rooms are large, comfortable and have a safe (for which you set a number code). Aircon is effective - useful in Turkey.

Drawbacks? Well the complex is remote - and to be honest Belek is pretty much a one-street town. If it rains, then you will have problems - almost all of the complex is outdoors (tribute to the weather they get most of the time).

And we found the excursions put on by our travel company (Thomas Cook) were annoying, as every one of them combined something fun and interesting with yet another 2 hour trip to some awful market where you could barter for fake bling and replica t-shirts! No thank you!

But the latter is not the fault of Club Asteria, where they do seem genuinely interested in you and keen to ensure you have a good holiday.

As you can guess, we enjoyed our week at the Club Asteria - so much so we're going back for 2 weeks in 2006!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 29th of November 2005

Good Value for money


"Good holiday, very good food. Staff very friendly and excellent with kids. Rooms cleaned everyday. Great kids club."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 21st of May 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 5 Food



"I cannot say enough about this place. Awesome, just awesome!!!!
We stayed in Club Asteria between 17th and 24th of May09.

Every single facilities, food, rooms, entertainment, hygiene, surroundings (beatifuly designed) and most importantly every single employee is very friendly and helpful. I cannot believe there can be anyone, unless extremely fussy, who doesn't like this place.

I would like to thank Tunc at reception who has been extremely helpful throughout our stay.

I also would like to thank all the employees for their hard work and kindness. I cannot believe how they can work so hard for long hours and still they can smile. Amazing!

Ohh, needless to mention the food. Delicious Turkish cousin for everyone’s taste!

I cannot emphasize enough. “You will NOT regret going there!!”. It is the best hotel I have ever stayed.

We are definitely going there next summer. It wasn't enough:)

If you go there, you will see people’s hard work, so please please tip them at least before you leave the place which can be a nice way of showing your appreciation. That is what we did!


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 4th of June 2009

Fantastic Luxury Family Holiday


"We travelled to this resort last year with our son who was 18 months at the time. I cannot praise this hotel enough. The facilities were fantastic you can do as much or as little as you wish. The resort has three pools one with water slides there was a good choice of food, and as usual with all inclusive you can eat a la carte for two nights a week. This was our first holiday with a child and we could not have asked for more. Although my son was too young for the childrens clubs there was plently for the toddlers to do and lots of ride on's which he loved! The only downside was the hotel was so great we only ventured out twice! I have worked in the within the travel industry so have seen a lot of hotels and I have no hesitation in recommending Club Asteria! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of December 2008
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