Royal Wings Hotel

Lara, Antalya 07100 Turkey
5 star hotel

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  • 4.5 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 4.5 service
  • 5 dining
  • 4.5 amenities
  • 5 value
  • 5 food
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24 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog


Reviewed Mon 5th of November 2012

"Just returned having stayed at this hotel from the end of March until the beginning of June 2007. I have nothing but praise for the hotel and the staff. Wonderful set up and the pool is excellent.

To begin with the hotel is only a short distance - 20mins from the airport. We arrived early in the morning but were checked in and asleep within 15mins.

For the first 4 days of our holiday we were told that the hotel was full. Still we were able to get beds around the pool without any problems. There is a local rule that you can not reserve the beds until after 9am. If you do the staff remove your towels and it will cost you 10 euros to get them back. I found if you went down at about 8.40hrs with a book and read for 20mins whilst sitting on the beds of your choice this caused no problems. If you don't want to do this then no problems as there are loads of beds. However the "Animation" team and music can be a little loud by the pool bar during the day and usually if you go down at 11am like we did a few times the only beds available are near the bar. We discovered that there is an area set aside with Bean Bags far away from the pool bar but very close to the food and beverages counters. These make an excellent alternative to the loungers. Infact the are more comfortable. They don't overlook the pool but are only seconds away. If you don't have young children that need to be watched in the pool then I recommend the bean bags. For some reason nodody used them so turn up at 11am and lay on something really comfortable!!!

British are a minority here but this I felt was a plus. I had no problems with any other nationality and encountered no rudeness from anyone.

The animation team were excellent. They all worked exceptionally hard all day. The evening shows were generally good and my children loved them. On a couple of occassions my wife and I left them watching the show whilst we went to the pool bar. (not to our taste). My daughter liked Bob but Kenny is worth meeting (He is in his element when dressed as a girl) . lol !

Lara Beach is very new and as a result you are a little out on a limb. But here is a small shopping area a short walk away. Don't go to the big Aqaar Park - it is a little pricey you are better off crossing the road to the shops on the way. Be prepared to barter. We found saying no to the price and walking out - they usually agree to your figure.

TAKE EUROS!!!!!. We were told by the travel agency to take Turkish Lira. Bad mistake. Everything is priced in EUROs. Why when they are not in the ECU - I don't know. It saves you converting to pounds and then back to Euros.

I recommend on arrival going for a Turkish bath/body scrub. Fabulous. I've never felt smoother. We also went for one on the last day aswell. Smoooooth skin!!!

Are only gripe was you had to pay extra for fresh orange at breakfast - 2 euros. Also the pool table, darts and bowling cost extra.

We went into Antalya a few times using the Hotel bus. The walk down to the harbour is interesting! The dolmus is cheaper but they do look dodgy.

All in all we had a great time. I felt very safe for me and my children. Excelent service and quality."

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  • Travel date: Mon 11th of June 2007

Good rooms, bad service, the room is not safe

Reviewed Mon 5th of November 2012

"I was very impres when i arrived there. Beautyfull rooms and the resort is ok. But, I let some money in room and it disapear. When I left the hotel i forgot a pair of shoes in the room and they told me that is not true, they didn't find anything. I think that Turkey is ok but take care, not let money or thinks unsafe in rooms or other places."

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  • Travel date: Thu 31st of May 2007

Excellent Hotel

Reviewed Tue 13th of November 2012

"We stayed at the Royal Wings Hotel in March 2007. Having previously stayed in a beautiful all-inclusive resort in Mexico, we didnt expect too much from our bargain holiday.

But we were not disappointed - quite the contrary. The hotel is beautiful, with stunning landscaped gardens and an amazing outdoor pool. The rooms were comfortable, spacious and clean. The food in the main restaurant was outstanding, not to mention the a la carte restaurants and various snack bars. The staff are polite and friendly.

The only negative point is that the hotel is on a strip of all-inclusive hotels, so there isnt much to do locally outwith the hotel.

Having travelled extensively, I can honestly say this is a fantastic hotel and we would happily return to enjoy another stay at the Royal Wings."

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  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of May 2007

A Frosty Holiday

Reviewed Sat 10th of November 2012

"The hotel is architecturally beautiful, clean, with a friendly
staff and good food.
I know that it is off season in January, but if you OPEN the hotel, whether you have one guest or 1000 guests, the hotel must cater to their needs.
The lobby and all public areas on the main and lower floor,(dining areas) were very very cold. We wore our coats all the time in these areas. It made sitting in these places extremely
uncomfortable and we could not enjoy ourselves.

The guest rooms themselves were very pleasant and were
warm as they had their own heating system. However, the
corridors leading to the rooms were quite dark and gave the approach to the rooms an imtimidating atmosphere.

The walls between the rooms are quite thin as you could
hear the person next door snoring.

We went to visit the Delphin Palace, up the road, and immediately upon entering the lobby we felt the warmth (as in heat) and the lively and bustling atmoshphere. A complete difference from the Royal Wings. The excuse that the Royal Wings gave that this is 'off season', doesn't really hold.

I think that this is a wonderful warm weather hotel, but not
for an off season vacation."

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  • Travel date: Sat 27th of January 2007

Don't Go to This Hotel

Reviewed Sat 20th of October 2012

"This was our 2nd stay at a 5* AI. (Previous was the Sun Zeynep in Belek). After carefully trawling through the reviews and we opted for a Thomas Cook package deal at the Royal Wings. We arrived at 4.00am in the morning and checked in ok. The room was the quality we had expected and everything looked very clean. So first impressions of the hotel were very good and it certainly looked a classy place. The first problem we had were the clothes hangers in the wardrobe which were all broken, so when you hung your clothes on them, the frame came away from the hook and your clothes ended up on the floor – not a good start.
In the morning, it became abundantly clear that we were in the minority as British guests, infact out of 1700 people staying at the hotel, my family and I made up all of twenty British people. 50% being German, 30% Dutch, 10% Russian and 5% Spanish. The other 5% consisting of Turks, French and British. Before this holiday, it never bothered me to be in and around foreign people but to have so many Germans in your face with their pushy ways and rude attitudes was intorrerable.
The staff in the hotel were very nice but only about a handful could speak English, Some others could only speak the basics and the rest none at all – but they could all speak German. There seemed to be an obvious bias towards the Germans as they always got attended to first in the dining room or bars.
The resort currently consists of a dual carriage way with about a dozen beachfront 5* AI hotels and a shopping centre on one side and apartment blocks and smaller shopping centre. The Royal Wings is at the eastern edge of the main resort (in its current stage of development) about 10 minutes walk from the shopping areas.
The Royal Wings has a central 10 storey high building. There are 6 lifts, 4 are glass, with 2 overlooking reception area and 2 looking over pool and gardens. The lifts were a bit of a nightmare at peak times with everyone calling them at the same time. I lost count of the number of times I saw what looked to be fit people getting in a lift to travel one floor.
All rooms have air conditioning controls which can be set at various temperatures; however the main unit is centrally controlled and as it was October, had been switched off although it was still 27 degrees through the day. This meant that the unit was only blowing normal air which made the room hot and sticky at night and difficult to sleep. To overcome this, we had to leave the door open, which led to an invasion of mosquitos.
On our second day, there began a 16 hour thunderstorm, which led to large expanses of water forming all around the hotel in the areas where building work was being carried out. On seeing this, I thought to myself that these would be breeding grounds for more mosquitos and sure enough, by the start of our second week they were everywhere. As the air conditioning was not on, the various doors were open frequently which led to most people going around with lots of visible bites. I was bitten over 30 times. There were even mosquito larvae in the lazy river.
The food in the main buffet restaurant was very continental, but plenty of choice
Breakfast consisted of pancakes, omelates, various breads-homebaked, fruit, pastries/cheese cold meats cereals etc. If you want fresh orange juice you will have to fork out 2 Euros per glass. The choice at breakfast & lunch did not seem to vary much from day to day and the evening meals were very repetitive. If you happened to use the main buffet restaurant at peak times, then be prepared to be patient – very patient. With about 800 people going around with food in their hands we saw quite a few spillages and broken crockery. When we were there, the in thing with the continental kids was roller blade type things that attached to your trainers; fine except it was often very difficult to avoid 25 – 30 kids in the dining room buzzing about on these things. I complained on two occasions to the hotel management that this was a health and safety issue in the dining room but nothing was done. I guess they did no want to offend their majority customers.
The food in general was at best average. Main dishes were repeated quite often and most times it was not very hot. Because the doors were open quite often (no air conditioning) there were lots of flies and mosquito’s around. Most of the fruit cocktail was always full of small flies. The outdoor food corners were OK except for the Kebabs. These being the most popular snack at lunch time attracted larger cue’s (something the Germans don’t like) and because of the pressure to serve everyone, I often seen part cooked meat being served up. My wife and I had upset stomachs for most of the holiday and for about a week after getting home which we blames squarely on the quality of food at this hotel.
Another aspect of the main dining room was that there was no clear no smoking area and most of the smokers just lit cigarettes whenever they felt like it which got on my nerves because there is nothing worse than getting smoke all over your not very warm rotten food.
I was very disappointed in the choice of international branded drinks available. My wife ordered a Southern Comfort which cost 5 Euros. There are a choice of about 10 alcoholic & a few non-alcoholic cocktails. The wine was disgusting except for one of the rose wines in the dining room. Soft drinks were a bit of a hit and miss depending on what bar you used. It is all draught soft drinks and most of the time there was either not enough concentrate or not enough CO2.

The lagoon style swimming pool meanders through the grounds & together with the profusion of palm trees and straw thatched bars & restaurants had a Polynesian feel. The pools are not heated and to be honest are very cold when you first go in. The sea was actually warmer. We had no problem getting a sunbed at any of the pools or the beach but we did notice lots of people ignoring the rules of not reserving sunbeds before 9.00am and getting away with it. If you like the shade, there were plenty of shaded sun beds on the beach. Towels are provided, which you can change once each day. If you lose a towel you will be charged 10 Euro. The aqua park was on the whole quite good although it was very busy. Again the Germans took over especially at the rubber ring slides where they tried to take turn after turn without giving up the ring to the cue of people waiting for them. There were very few rings and this caused some arguments. On a couple of occasions we witnessed grown men wrestling with each other over these rings. We ended up buying a ring for our son so that he did not have to bother with the hassle surrounding these flumes. The area around the aqua park gets very wet at peak times and we found this to be slippery and dangerous as it is not non slip tiling around the pools.
The beach in front of the hotel is very nice being mostly sand with some single at the sea edge. It was more peaceful lying at the beach away from the endless noise around the pools. Water sports like parasailing, Jet Ski catamaran etc are available from the beach (additional charge about £20 for 15mins) there are a wide range of activities available during the day. I did the archery & airgun and won, much to the disgust of one German Guy who thought he was Robin Hood!
The entertainment team seem to work hard during the day to please those who want to take part in the activities, although they did tend to annoy you to take part and won’t take no the first time of asking.
Hot water was a problem if you wanted to shower at around 6 – 7pm. It seemed to be that everyone in the hotel was showering at this time and the hot water just runs out.
Night time entertainment consisted of either going to the nightly shows or sitting around one of the bars in the lobby area listening to a couple of Turks trying to sing English Songs. We went to the shows a couple of times which we found to be absolute rubbish but it was quite funny to see the entertainers making a fool of themselves. After the show there is always a mad rush to get a seat around the lobby bars as this is where everyone hangs out at night. There is only a very small area for non smokers and these seats are usually gone pretty fast
If you were really bored at night you could always retire to your room early and watch one of the many German Channels on the TV or you could watch the one British channel – BBC World.
Except for the shopping mall there is nothing in the immediate resort and unless you have transport or prepared to pay big taxi fares, you are very isolated. You can get the resort bus (out 1000 ret 1600) into Antalya for 5 Euro or the local Dolmus for 1 Euro each way. It takes about 30mins to get to Antalya on the resort bus.
Antalya is quite a large city with lots to see and a quaint little harbour in the old town. There is a large shopping centre and a couple of Bazaars which sell the usual fake rubbish. Going round these bazaars is not for the faint hearted because the traders are in your face from the moment you walk in. If you happen to go there with a female be prepared for some sleaze bags to be leering all over the top of her and making suggestive comments. If you do want to buy anything always haggle with them as they start of at a ridiculously high price for their goods. I found it a good tactic to start at an equally ridiculous low price and meet somewhere in the middle. Prices in the hotel shops and the local shopping mall are expensive, so it is best to travel to Antalya if you want to buy anything.

This was by far one of the worst holidays we have had all points considered but at least the weather was good -sunny 26 -27c most days. We could not do Turkey again as we have been put off by everything that happened to us this year. We certainly would never plan to stay in any hotel with so much a minority of British people.
The Royal Wings is a nice looking hotel but it’s a pity there is so much wrong that make it for me quite a bit short of the 5 star we expected."

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  • Travel date: Mon 13th of November 2006

lovely pool & gardens

Reviewed Thu 11th of October 2012

"This was my 3rd stay at a 5* AI. (previous were Kremlin Palace & Sandals Grande St Lucian). After spending hours reading reviews and brochures I opted for Thomas Cook Superdealz as both the Royal Wings & Barut Lara (& Topkapi Palace would've been OK) were on my shortlist.My criteria were new 5* AI with good choice of A'la Carte restaurants and international branded drinks( & good reviews.) There were 12 English in the hotel during our stay( & at least 2 other couples had booked the Superdeal.) As like most of the hotels in this resort the majority of guests are German or Russian.
The resort currently consists of a dual carriage way with about a dozen beachfront 5* AI hotels( standing cheek to jowel)and a shopping centre on one side and apartment blocks and smaller shopping centre on the other, Riva Diva and Delphin Palace seem to be the most central( Ie closest to the shopping mall).The Royal Wings is at the eastern edge of the main resort (in its current stage of developement) sandwiched between the Sherwood Breezes & the new Kervensary Kundu. The Kremlin Palace & Topkapi are 2-3 km further east(it took us 45mins to walk to them along the beach)
The Royal Wings has a central 10 storey high oval atrium, with the rooms arranged around wing shaped atriums on either side. Ther are 6 lifts, 4 are are glass, with 2 overlooking reception area and 2 looking over pool and gardens.On arrival (especially if you arrive on a night flight) the hotel appears dark & gloomy -because of the chocolate carpet and concealed lighting in the corridors, but don't let this put you off as the hotel is stylish. The room was of a standard size that you would expect of a 5* hotel, but my first reaction to the bathroom was that it was a bit small. We had a good size( 5'+) double bed and a single. The mattresses were good quality,being firm but comfortable with thick cotton sheets & lightweight duvet.The room was furnished in a combination of light & dark wood with aqua,cream and chocolate colour scheme. The cleaner did an excellent job,even arranging bed throw, nightclothes & netcurtain in different shapes of wings.We were on the 4th floor overlooking the aquapark with a view much like that on previous posts. I must say the aquapark was amazing and although most of the other hotels seemed to have a few slides, you would be hard pushed to match the one at RW. The funfair was also open between 1930 and 2200 (as well as during the day) -when it was illuminated.
The food in the main buffet restaurant was very continental, as this is a muslim country, do not expect to see bacon for breakfast.
Breakfast consisted of pancakes,omelates,various breads-homebaked,fruit,pastries/cheese cold meats cereals etc. The choice at breakfast & lunch did not seem to vary much from day to day. I noticed that,in the evening, when the fish & Turkish a la carte restaurants were closed ,then that was the theme in the main restaurant that night.There is quite a large area ,set out in smaller sections, for al freco dining as well as the main restaurant area.The service in all the bars and restaurants was excellent with drinks brought to you table, and tables cleared & reset promptly. The a la carte restaurants were all excellent and we had no problem booking them You book with guest relations up to 2 days in advance. You can eat in EACH restaurant once, with an additional charge if you want to eat in any for a second time. Most of the restaurants have a meze style cold & hot appetizer with your choice of main course & dessert.The outdoor fish & Thai restaurants are closed if the weather is bad.
Around the edge of the amphi theatre are various food stalls open at differing times during the day for a couple of hours each serving pizza,kebabs,jacket potatoes,fruit, cakes and ice cream. The patisserie in the main builidng is open from 1630-2400. There is also a nice waiter served snack bar and turkish tent close to the beach.
I was a bit disappointed in the choice of international branded drinks available. Gordons and Smirnoff seemed to the only available on AI with drinks like Baileys and Jack Daniels being charged extra for. There are a choice of about 10 alcoholic & a few non-alcoholic cocktails. The wine was very drinkable & local champagne available.
The lagoon style swimming pool meanders through the grounds & together with the profusion of palm trees and straw thatched bars & restaurants had a Polynesian feel. We had no problem getting a sunbed. There were also plenty of shaded sunbeds on the beach.For sunworshippers,there is wooden pier (like most of the hotels have) with foam mattresses and large cushions-very comfortable.Towels are provided, which you can change once each day. If you lose a towel you will be charged 10 Euro.
Watersports like parasailing, jetski catamaran etc are available from the beach(additional charge) There are a wide range of activities availabe during the day. We did the archery & airgun. Except for the midday cocktail games ,it was not in your face. The entertaiment team are primarily dancers with shows like the Lion King being mimed to the English soundtrack. I did like the fact that they involved children from the kids club in the Lion king show.I was not surprised to see a transvestite show included!.By midweek I had given up on the shows but it was quite nice to sit on the terrace of the lobby bar overlooking the illuminated pool or at the pool bar. If you are going to watch the shows ,get your drinks in before the show starts,as the amphi theatre bar closes at 2130, when the show starts.
Except for the shopping mall there is nothing in the immediate resort.You can get the resort bus (out 1000 ret 1600)into Antalya for 5 Euro or the local Dolmus for 1 Euro each way. We chose the Dolmus knowing it goes the long way, as we also wanted to see some of the local villages. It does drop you quite a way from the harbour and old city. Pick up a local map from reception before you leave. The old town was nice with several small shops selling carpets,jewellery, Turkish Delight etc. We were not pestered as much as we had expected.The cobbled streets lead down to the harbour where there are several gulet ships competing for business. We did an hour cruise for 5euro.
The other hotels are happy to show you around. We had a look at the Concorde, Sherwood Breezes & Delphin Palace. Although I loved the pool,gardens, aquapark and A la carte restaurants at the Royal Wings, if I was to return to Lara Beach I would give the Delphin Palace a try as it seemed a more central location, Inside it is very grand & ornate, (whereas the RW is quite contempary.) There was a good choice of cocktails on their menu. The food on display in the main restaurant looked lovely and they have more a la carte restaurants. There is, however a piece of land next door to the Delphin which looks like it could be built on soon.
We had a lovely time & the weather was perfect -sunny 27-30c every day. I could not do Turkey in July or August as I would find it too hot. I would certainly recommend Turkey as a destination as it has everything stunning scenery-we would've had a lovely view of the mountains from the beach if the haze had cleared. Great weather,history(we also did the excursion to Perge,Aspendos & Kunsulu Waterfall)friendly people and so cheap.I am already planning to come back in June 2007(possibly Club Voyager Sorgun in Side)
Get a peel and bubble massage (25 Euro) folloewed by an oil massage(25Euro) at the start of your holiday to prepare your skin for tan.
Take insect repellent & plenty of sun lotion.
If booking latedeal take the extra luggage allowance-you will most likely need it for the return journey.
Leave the soap shampoo ,conditioner & shower gel at home-provided.
Take mainly Euros & only a small amount of Lira.
Recommended for people who just want to relax around great pool & beach but not particularly interested in experiencing real Turkey.
The Royal Wings is a lovely hotel and although it did not offer as much on AI, I preferred it to the Kremlin, which is much larger & the food & service not as good.Sandals was better,but 3 times the price."

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  • Travel date: Mon 9th of October 2006

Very good, could be excellent

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"We are a couple in our early thirties and we stayed at Royal Wings for 2 weeks from mid to the end of Sep. We booked a month before on a Thomas Cook superdeal. This was a random allocation of 1 of 3 named hotels, either the RW, Barut Lara or Topkapi. We hoped for the Barut because as always after checking the reviews on Trip Advisor it has top marks. So we were a bit disappointed to be told at the airport we were off to RW and surprise, was the cheapest of the 3 at brochure price. We transfered to RW at night and saw hotel after hotel lit up like Las Vegas and we knew Lara Beach was a good choice.
On arrival at RW we were immediately in awe of the size & design of the hotel, it's stunning!! We were impressed.
Weather over the 2 weeks was very good hot & sunny every day bar 2 days. Averaged 30' degress by day & a comfortable 20' by night.

Good points:
Large modern, stylish hotel, great layout with lots of facilities and the best & biggest free form pool we have seen to date.
Buffet resturant: european, good quality & huge amount enough to feed an army
A la cartes: Turkish, Italian, Fish & now Thai. All excellent.
Plenty of daytime activities, excellent shows on evenings, they are all mimed & european but the sets, costumes & acting?/efforts are brilliant. Comedy nights were very funny though a bit unsuitable for small childern.
Even though hotel was full it was never overcrowded, great idea about no towels on sun beds before 9am. even with that policy you could always find a sun bed at any time of the day. Another great touch was that all the sun beds were put back in their original positions every evening
Rooms good size, comtemporary styling and very clean, in fact the hotel was very clean everywhere.
Spa area: very good we both had the "classic" massage which was 30mins head to toe and felt sooo relaxed and at 25euros great value too!

Bad points:
Buffet can be a bit repetative and steer clear of the soup we only tried it twice and on both times it gave us stomach aches. the soup makes regular appearences at lunch,dinner & midnight buffet.
the popular game of Queue-jumping at meal times, some people think it's ok to just push past you when you are about to get served and when you can't speak the same language it's difficult to tell them this is wrong. Also i noticed twice on different days the rather disgusting habit of people going up to the sauce pots and using the serving spoon (which we all have to use) to taste the sauce to decide if they want it on their plate or not and then once it has been in thier mouth putting it back in the pot for the next person to use. we stopped using sauces after that but what else have they been doing that with? yuk!!!
Thai a la carte although excellent is really Chinese and not Thai.
Daytime animation staff are very pushy to get you join in the activities. i think they must be on comission. if i say no more than 5 times don't be surprised if i get annoyed
Apart from the evening shows "showtime" there isn't much to do at night. The "piano bar" had a piano that was covered up and not used at all during our stay what a shame! should rename that bar "just bar"
Cinema would have been good if you could find it as it didn't any signs on it, it's just an unmarked door near the arcades.
Mini bar was missing drinks on arrival at 2am, luckly they have a 24hour bar so we could have a beer.
Even for the time of year there was lots of kids, hotel is vey family oriented and we wanted a quietier break.
When you leave your room for the day you obviously take your room keycard with you, the only problem with this is the keycard controls the electricity for the room so when you leave the aircon & mini bar powers down. You then return to a warm room & drinks???
Lack of international brand drinks and the cocktails were poor, not a patch on the caribbean

Other things to consider:
As mentioned in previous reviews this hotel is very multinational and does not have many Brits here. We only knew of about 30 in over 1000 guests. We thought this wouldn't bother us as we are friendly enough people but things did bother us like the food tasting, queue-jumping and people just smoking wherever they like (on the table next to you at breakfast). i'm sure this this probably accepted in thier own countries but i ask you to think about that carefully before you book.
If you go with Thomas Cook check your a la carte allowance. it's not clear in the brochure how many visits you get.. The hotel states 1 visit to any 1 a la carte per week. So for a 2 week holiday that's just 2 a la cartes. We Queried this with the rep and after a few days we were told the allowance is 1 visit to each a la carte per week of your stay so a 2 week holiday would be 8 a la cartes.
Also the brochure staes a Turkish bath was included, the hotel stated it is not included. again we queried this with the rep and was told we could visit the turish bath, sit there & watch it being done to other people but we would have to pay for it to be done to ourselves, which made no sense at all. Thats a bit like saying there's a swimming pool included which you can sit by & look at but you'll have to pay to swim in!
Take euros for spening money
Take insect repellant
Watch out for "Turkey Tummy" it got me just 1 hour before boarding the plane home, make sure you take some "Andrews" etc.
And be aware TC's planes have the smallest seats i have ever been in. If you're over 6ft like me you will struggle...a lot!!!

Very impressed with hotel, it's a high standard not quite 5* but a good 4*. Very good value for money. Very good standard in a lot of areas that just needs that standard all round to make this an excellent hotel. We would visit Lara Beach again but would probably try another hotel like the Barut.

Hello to all the friends we met, you know who you are!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 7th of October 2006

Best hotel i've visited to date!

Reviewed Tue 13th of November 2012

"We stayed at the Royal Wings hotel from 13th Aug - 27th Aug and had an amazing time. We booked through Thomas Cook. I went with a group of 18 family members ranging from 9 yrs old - 50+. We all had a fantastic time, not one of us could say any different.

All of the good reviews below i totally agree with, the hotel was immaculate, i could not fault them in that department.

The staff were amazing, the Entertainment team especially! Charlie, Michael, Metin and Katia were amongst a few who made our stay very enjoyable. I have never been to a hotel that has this kind of high standard in entertainers. Their shows in the evening were highly entertaining and funny, their dance shows/musicals were so impressive that some of them could be in West End musicals! I do suggest that if you stay at Royal Wings that you become familiar with the entertainers i have mentioned above, they made our holiday what it was and we were sad to say good bye to them.

Charlie is the chief entertainer, you'll see him wondering about the hotel in the day smiling and saying hello to anyone who will listen, he is also the star of most of their shows. Michael ran the air gun competition everyday and was also in majority of the evening shows. Metin ran Darts twice a day, at 11am and again at 3.30pm, we as a family played twice a day! Katia ran anything to do with dancing and was also the star alongside Charlie in the evening shows. Definitely say hi to all these entertainers if you visit Royal Wings. Most of the guys are turkish and most of the girls are russian but they all speak english and more than capable of having a conversation with you.

So much to do at the hotel and so little time, i didn't get to do most things i wanted to do as there was always something else that i was doing! Great hotel, guaranteed great time if you go here.

Everywhere you go in the hotel there is a bar! Every bar, apart from poolside and disco, has waiter service, if they even see you go up to the bar they insist you take a seat so they can get your drinks for you, 1st class service.

Only downside is that in peak season you'll be queing for a while for your food, especially at lunch time at the pizza/kebab stand. As in previous reviews, there are very few british and the shows are aimed more at the russian/turkish guests, this doesn't mean you won't enjoy them though.

Overall, i would recommend this hotel to anyone, the hotel is so lovely and faultless. All the staff, especially the entertainment team made our family holiday the best that we have been on. We was in Turkey 4 years ago and didn't think any holiday could top that, well this one certainly did.

Don't delay, book this hotel for a fantastic stay!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 5th of September 2006

Loved this hotel

Reviewed Sat 10th of November 2012

"We stayed here for a week at the end of June. [ Me, my partner and 3 boys 11, 11 and 13] We booked a Thomas Cook Square deal and knew it would be 1 of 3 hotels Don't think we could have done better than Royal Wings

On arrival we requested adjoining rooms but were told there were none available. I thought this was the taste of things to come but i was very wrong! The receptionist told us the manager was on his way to show us a 'special room'. Great, i had visions of being in the basement! He showed us to a suite on the 2nd floor. Two interconnecting rooms with 2 balconies, bathrooms, fridges and TVs and a huge jacuzzi in the corner! It was perfect.

the hotel itself was lovely. Only a year old and very nicely decorated with marble everywhere. There was a waterpark with numerous slides for the kids, a small funfair, trampolines, an indoor games room, bowling alley and internet access for a small charge. The main restaurant was buffet style and had a huge choice of food. It also had speciality nights. All the kids found something to eat that they liked and they can be very fussy eaters! We tried the Thai and seafood a la carte restaurants which were very good. My favourite was the Thai. Never made it to the Italian.

The main pool was free form, very large and beautiful. We never had a problem getting sunbeds any time of day. There were several bars dotted around and also a variety of snack places doing pizza, burgers, kebabs, jacket pots etc.

There is a shopping complex about 10 mins walk up the road but not a lot else. We never wanted to leave the hotel as it had everything we needed. We all agreed a week was just not long enough!
I have been to Turkey about 6 times and always stayed at all inclusive hotels. I thought the Topkapi Palace was the nicest hotel but this hotel has topped that. We would definitely return.

Jane, Derek, Tom David and Max. Sunderland"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 15th of August 2006

Great relaxing holiday highly recommended

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"Royal Wings hotel Antalya

What a fantastic holiday. Relaxing and hot. The hotel was excellent, rooms very well maintained. Food was mostly continental but such a wide choice to choose from. Not very many British people mostly Germans and Russians. Staff always very friendly and helpful. Everything you need is on site in the hotel, shops, ten-pin bowling, Internet access, and pool table. The beach was fantastic with plenty of sun beds and shade. The pool was brilliant also plenty of beds and parasols. Would advise not to reserve beds before 9.00 am as the staff do remove towels, which you have to collect from reception. Great idea as we find this so annoying when people reserve beds then do not arrive until later that day. Plenty of entertainment and great for young children. Plenty to eat and drink all day. The only problem we had during our stay was we decided to take sterling travellers cheques, which the hotel did not exchange, was told by rep that we could change them in Antalaya at the bank. We went to about a dozen banks and none of them would change them finally managed to change them at an exchange who charged us 5%. Would advise visitors to take Turkish lira or euros. Brilliant holiday highly recommend this hotel well worth the visit."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 18th of July 2006

Cormack Family

Reviewed Tue 20th of September 2016

"We had a lovely time and its our 4th time at this hotel.

Food is excellent and the pools /activities and fun fair are loved by our 6 year old.

This year we discovered kids club which was very well run for the children , extremely professional and very safe. Particular mention to Bella and Eva who work very hard for the children and provide great variety of activities...we will be going back next year"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 7th of September 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness


Reviewed Mon 16th of May 2011

"We stayed here from 10 April until 18 April and what can i say it was amazing from start to finish, the staff were so friendly and accomodating we just could not believe it, our son was 9 months old and he was spoilt by all the attention that he got, my daughter jenna just loved everything about it from the minute we arrived till the minute we left the one thing that i would say was that one week was just not enough we should have booked for ten days or even two weeks.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 14th of May 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

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  • sabzero by sabzero

    "It's not good for adults too boring "

  • sabzero by sabzero

    "it's good for families only "

  • Nic by Nic

    "I loved the hotel, has been the best one I have stayed in! "

  • lindyloo by lindyloo

    "make sure you go for longer than one week "

  • Adrian C by Adrian C

    "try to find a waiter that works for you,only criticism is the service from some of the staff is awful. Most however are friendly and attentive. "

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