Delphin Diva Premiere

Kemeragzi Mevkii, Antalya 07110 Turkey
5 star hotel


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Great hotel, amazing service


"Definitely a 5* hotel, one of the best I've ever been to.

First, the room- we ordered the most basic room. Personally I can't say I like the decor, but it was spacious, clean and looked looked completely new. The tv had channels in a lot of languages. The mini bar was restocked daily with pepsi, pepsi light, beer, fanta, soda, mineral water, a bar of chocolate and peanuts.

The public areas in the hotel- many sitting areas, all look very fancy and well maintained, one bar that has a nice selection of imported alcohol, with generous portions (stay far from away from turkish wine and alcohol) and another patisserie that had desserts all day round.

location- this hotel is located on Lara beach, which is about a ten minute drive from the city. The hotel has an organized (free) bus that takes you to the city every day- departs at 10 AM and returns at 2PM. Around the hotel there are some shopping malls, mostly selling junk and souvenirs, and one mall that sells genuine labels, but was obviously pretty expensive. The hotel Delphin Palace is located next to this hotel, and you can use all their facilities between 10AM and 6PM (breakfast, lunch, pools, water slides and etc.) The hotel looks a bit fancier, and has more water slides and a larger pool, but basically I preferred our water slides (which were a bit scarier), and our pool with the fun sitting areas. The food in both hotels is exactly the same.

The service- excellent. When we arrived we were greeted with coktails and wet face towels to cool down. Around the pool there is always someone walking around with a cart of drinks, offering them to the guests. During the meals, our glasses were never empty. The reception staff and some of the pool bar staff had excellent English, we had no problem communicating. All the service is done with a smile, they never make you feel bad for asking anything.

Finally the food- surprisingly very good (I'm usually not a fan of buffets- large variety, poor quantity). The variety during all meals was huge, some things weren't very good, but there were always things that were excellent.
Breakfast had a large selection of cereal, vegetables and salads (there was also someone who chopped a fresh salad according to your request). Loads of really tasty cheeses, some sausages, some pastries (pretty average, except for the croissant that was excellent), lots of different bread and buns, lots of jams, freshly squeezed orange juice, a guy making omelets per request, Belgian waffles, pancakes, desserts (the Turkish type desserts were good, but once they try to make European style desserts- not so good), fresh fruit and fruit salad and probably lots of other things I don't remember.

Lunch & Dinner- again, the European style dishes aren't very good (mostly the cooked meat), but they make lots of barbecued meat- kebab, doner, chicken wings and etc, which was really good. A lot of variety, the side dishes were good as well, lots of good savory Turkish pastries as well. The buffet was never empty, always refilled, and always very clean and aesthetic. We went to one a la carte restaurant- the fish one, which was terrible, and went afterwards to the buffet.

During the day- at 12.30 by the pool- doner, a different type every day. At around 3, baked potato in a special oven with all sorts of toppings. at 5, Belgian waffles. All day there is ice cream and some cookies at the pool bar. Between 12-5, a woman making some kind of Turkish pastry (they call it pancake) filled with cheese and herbs, excellent! Between midnight and 6 AM, room service is free."

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  • Travel date: Sun 13th of September 2009

Excellent Hotel with excellent facilities


"We stayed at the Delphin Diva in mid August 2009. The hotel is all inclusive and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The hotel staff were courteous and helpful. This is a fairly new large hotel and is comfortably and attractively furnished in all of the lounge and lobby areas. It is located in the Lara Beach area of Antalya which is a few kilometers from the town but the hotel put on a free courtesy bus which takes you into the old town which is well worth exploring. It is also located only about 15 minutes from Antalya airport which makes the transfer from the airport to the hotel very convenient. Our departure was in the late evening but Delphin Diva made our last day very relaxing as they extended our room until late afternoon,well after normal checkout time but of course this was subject to availability and houskeeping schedules. One of the nice touches was that whilst on holiday it was my birthday and without advising the hotel they treated us to a bottle of wine in our room, extra fruit and a beach bag full of quite nice promotional goodies. I am well past the age where I care too much about my birthdays but it was very nice when we turned up at one of the five a la carte restaurants to find they too had been advised of my birthday and covered the table in flower petals and dressed up the table very nicely. Overall the facilities in this hotel are excellent, with a superbly appointed gym and fitness centre, a lovely very large pool where it is possible to get a sun lounger. There is of course also the beach which has private beach huts. Non motorised activities such as the pedelo or canoes are free. There are two smaller but good sized separate outdoor pools, one mainly for children and a further good sized pool which has water slides. In addition there is a further indoor pool. There are I think seven bars, certainly enough to keep you occupied . Ifyou choose to work you way through the cocktail list or stick to beer or wine all of which was palatable. Food was excellent in both the a la carte restaurants and in the main restaurant. Somewhere is open for food at every time of day. We arrived at nearly midnight and still were able to eat a good meal in the one restaurant which stays open through the night. In any event there is free room service after midnight which we did not need to use but if the standard is the same as the rest of the facilities, I think it would have been very good. We did not try the nightclub but fully road tested the bars and the service was invariably good. We tried all (except the chineese and "blue fish") of the themed restaurants which were turkish, italian, japaneese and mexican. the food and service was very good and if you are looking to be "picky" the only cricicism would be the relatively limited choices on menu offered but everything served was good to excellent. You have to book the a la carte restaurants by an automatic telephone booking service from your room. The minibar in our room was re stocked every day. Bottled water is freely available.

The hotel itself is an attractive building on a strip of hotels along a beach front. The hotels are all large, not quite Las Vegas proportions but are big and are separated by some distance from each other. Delphin Diva's sister hotel is next door and is about 10mins walk along the beach. Its a nice hotel too and you are welcome to use the daytime all inclusive facilities at either hotel, which adds a bit of variety if you fancy a beer at the beach bar at the end of their pier. The hotel looks especially nice when lit in the evening from the poolside bar area. Both hotels have a beach bar.

For families there is even a small funfair with dodgems, a big wheel and a pirate boat as well as a couple of other rides. The funfair runs for a few hours at night and is tucked away discretely. Entertainment was provided every night and it was amusing enough background noise but Simon Cowell would not let them through to the next round. But hey, what do you expect.

The hotel display guest statistics in the form or percentages of guest numbers from various countries. The occupancy was 1.6% British during our stay. The predominant occupancy was German followed by Duch and then various european countries which seemed to share similar percentages to Briish. There was no problem with language as just about everyone speaks english these days and if you are feeling lonely you will inevibably bump into other brits.

We stayed with Tompson Holidays. Most british guests stayed in the next door Delphin Palace but this year was the first time the Delphin Diva appeared in Tompson brocure. As a couple we would certainly recommend the Delphin Diva for a good standard hotel which deserves its 5 star status."

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  • Travel date: Sat 12th of September 2009

Excellent Holiday - highly recommend the Delphin Diva


"First a few grumbles - the hotel rooms are not 5* but I'm sure most people don't expect hotels in Turkey to live up to 5* hotels in other countries. They are clean, nice bathroom and large enough to squeeze a couple and 1 child. We tried 3 of the 5 A la Carte restaurants - all 3 were poor but the buffet made up for it (usually hate buffets). A bit annoying that taxis charge double from the hotel than from anywhere outside to the hotel and the hotel seems complicit in this.
However the rest of the hotel experience was excellent. There is loads to do for children - waterslides, a small amusement park, games room, kids club (the kids club is not really a drop and forget about your kid - you have to stay in the vicinity). The animation team is excellent and very friendly - you can tell they all get along really well and enjoy their job. Some of the shows were really good and a couple a bit dull.
Our daughter is 5 and obsessed with cats - there are loads in the hotel. This kept her occupied while we smoked Shisha in the evenings (Shisha not as good as Egypt).

Service is excellent with some going out of their way to make your stay better. There are very few services that are charged for - you even get free room service between midnight and 6am.

The beach is alright - sandy but gets deep really quickly. Too wavy to snorkel but not wavy enough to surf or boogie board - so only good for a bit of swimming.

There are very few English speaking tourists here - the vast majority are from Russia and Germany - also a lot of Romanians. With only 1 child I would prefer to go to a hotel with a few more English speaking clients as it makes it easier for her to make friends.

If you are comparing this to Delphin Palace as we did I believe we made the right choice. This is a smaller hotel with a much better feel to it. It is less crowded, a better swimming pool and amusement park. Palace has better water slides - although Diva also has water slides for smaller kids which the Palace does not have. However you can visit and use the facilities in Palace anytime from 10am - 6pm each day for free.

We booked independently and flew BA - turned out cheaper than Thompson."

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  • Travel date: Mon 7th of September 2009

What a wonderful holiday at the Diva


"We booked at the Delphin Palace but were moved to the Diva duplex room. We have 2 kids 14 and 9.

This was the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. The service was better than excellent, the staff were proactive in making your stay special, and were not just chasing tips. One evening our waiter prepared us a fruit plate which was really lovely.

The food was great. Even the buffet restaurant made me Wow! several times - one night they had a whole tuna hung up, and cut off fresh slices and fried it while you waited -incredible. The a la carte restaurants were as good as really eating out! - excellent.

The swimming pools and aqua park, and indeed the grounds were really lovely, and there was a fun fair for the kids in the evening.

I have to say that there were not many UK folks there, mainly Russian and German - but quite a lot of nice Dutch people. Therefore sometimes language was a little tricky - but then the English speaking waiters gravitated towards you, as they wanted to practice their skills ;)

One last thing - as you sit around the pool, drinks and food trolleys come round - great idea. At 11:30 you could have a rice snack, such as a lovely paella. Also a lad came round in the afternoon with iced Turkish tea - which I really miss. The pool snacks were also very simple but great. There was a vitamin bar with fresh smoothies - they were top.

The bowling and pool tables in the games area were also free!

A great holiday - I would have no hesitation in recommending."

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  • Travel date: Mon 31st of August 2009

Best service and freindly staff


"I stayed at Delphin Diva hotel for one week in late June and I truly enjoyed my holiday.
the staff were so kind and helpful and they did their best to fulfill my request in a minute.
the quality and variety of foods in main restaurant were good and I enjoyed the A’la Carte restaurants too especially the Italian one. the extra point is you can use the Delphin Palace facilities located beside the Delphin Diva until 6 p.m but I found Delphin Palace a bit crowded . the only disappointing point was our room .it was small and the room facilities were not enough for 5 star hotel."

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  • Travel date: Sat 11th of July 2009

paradise perfection


"Hotel recpetion lovely on arrival and very welcoming staff, once in rom we were even further delighted, as it was very spacious, tastfully decorated and immaculate, bathroom was also very spacious.

We had room with partial sea view over looking the wonderful pool and was so pleasant and relaxing to look out at.

Room was very quiet and beds very comfortable and clean.

Mini bar replenished every day, with drinks, beers, nuts chocolate bars etc.

Food was great and we were two couples and both men were head chef's and they raved about the food, so it takes a lot for a chef to comment on such wonderful food, several restaurants to eat in, so varied choice.

Entertainment was not great, but we were there for three weeks of this paradise, and therey had a good few gala nights which were very well organised, so on the hole about 2 great nights a week and the rest were varied.

The private beach was amazing, and we sat out on the jetty withthe leather cusions and luxurious sun loungers, and was great to hear the waves underneath.

There is a fairly good shopping centre within easy walking distance about 5 mins from the hotel and has well stocked chemist and shops, nice for a wander round.

There is also a hotel bus which takes you into Antalya which is lovely, we all did the boat trip round the waterfalls, which only cost about 12 eurs each and the boat was very upmarket, we just went down to the harbour and booked on our own.

We also went to Topicur market as we got taxi from Antalya, this cost about 12 eurs and was a bit of fun, some nice bags and things but nice day out, but a lot of haggling!!!

We also went to the salt mountain, and booked this through the hotel, but this was disappointing as you stopped at so many carpet makers, glass makers, you got very little time to spend at the salt mountain spa, which was a pity, so good idea to either hire a car, if brave enough ofif a group, find out how much in a taxi.

We are hoping to go back this year, we were at the Delphin Palce but felt the Delphin Diva was nicer.

No complaints. !!! and that says a lot for a professional complainer!! ha ha

Happy holidays."

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  • Travel date: Wed 29th of April 2009

Very disappointed


"Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel, Antalya – not 5*
November 13 – 16, 2008
Rishon Lezion, Israel

Appearance of hotel luxurious - English speakers don't stay in this hotel, only for German groups.
We requested a quiet room with view and were given a room on the ground floor opposite the lobby facing a pebbled roof which looked like a cemetery and view of a neglected weedy field area. The terrace was certainly not a place to sit and we were frightened to leave the window open at night. We requested change of room and were told the hotel was full. We didn't sleep all night as after the bingo and music at the lobby, the staff were hoovering and cleaning the area.
The hotel is strictly for Germans, luckily I can speak German and told them that if we were Germans and not from Israel they would quickly transfer us to another room. On the second day at lunch time, I managed to speak to another manager. I told her that I write reviews and that to my mind the hotel deserved 3 stars, and that the previous hotel we stayed in Concorde deserved 6* compared to the Delphin. We immediately got a room on the 3rd floor with a beautiful view, but as we only stayed 3 nights the whole atmosphere and our holiday ruined. We booked all inclusive; the mini bar was empty and no cosmetics in the room.
The decoration of buffet1st class, looked very enticing but the food was not tasty, cold and variety of meat very poor. There wasn't one dish that we could honestly say we enjoyed.
Personnel only speak German, at reception or elsewhere in the hotel.
We did not enjoy our stay and luckily only stayed 3 nights, certainly not value for money."

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  • Travel date: Mon 17th of November 2008

Delphin Diva. Food... So much food...


"Let me start my review by saying this: If heaven does exist, it is the Delphin Diva, except with Swedish bikini babes instead of the local staff.

We were two couples with two 1.5 year old toddlers. The staff was very friendly from the beginning, almost over-friendly at times. Every worker at the hotel felt obliged to pick up, hug and kiss my daughter, ignoring her protests and repeated requests to be returned to her father. The only real complaint I had is that most of them didn't speak a word of english, which meant that I had to resort to gestures for communication.

The room we got was rather small, but sufficient, and in perfect condition. Our view was of the mall behind the hotel, which we didn't mind since we were hardly in the room.

The hotel facilities are endless. From the pools, water slides, beach, bungalows, luna-park, turkish hamam, spa and other things I may have missed since the place is so huge. Even fully booked the place didn't feel crowded at all.

There was food avalible everywhere, all the time. There was no avoding it, it even comes looking for you. Every now and then one of the waiters comes with a cart to the pool area to offer food and drinks. There are several a-la-carte restaurants, but In my opinion, the main buffet was much better.

Even the location is great. Just 10 minutes from the airport and a minute walk away from a large mall.

I wouldn't reccomend this place for singles and young couples without childern. This is strictly a family resort.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did."

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  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of September 2008

very nice hotel


"We have stayed in Delphin Diva for 12 days in the second half of June. It was a very nice experience. The hotel is kept very clean, the rooms are spacious, we had even an extra bed for our 3 year old daughter and yet there was plenty of space in the room.

The cleaning service of the rooms is also very good. The beach is sandy, very clean and the sea was perfect. The only downside is that many guests 'reserve' sun beds and sun houses even during the night, but after a couple of days the management of the hotel reacted and the situation was much better.

The hotel has three pools, the big main one,- very nice and clean, the kids pool-also very nice, with slides etc but for my taste a bit 'untidy' and the third one is with slides and tube for adults-very interesting.

There is a mini club mostly for Russian speaking, but the mini disco organized every night was a big HIT for our daughter and lot of kids really enjoyed it night after night :)

The food is also ok, always somewhere something to eat. In the main restaurant there is always KIDS corner with food that every child all around the world likes :) (Pastas, French fries, meatballs etc) Also, there is DIET corner where you can find a lot of steamed vegetables and steamed meat, also interesting for small children.

All in all, we were really satisfied with the hotel, facilities and the service and would go back easaly.It is a perfect place for families with children.

The only downside is that outside of the hotel there isn’t much to see, except the local shops and mini bazaars. If you go to Antalya itself it is probably more interesting.

The only real downside of the hotel is the reception staff, their English is really bad and we are not even native English speakers. It can be really difficult to understand each other and there was only ONE woman that really spoke English."

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  • Travel date: Wed 9th of July 2008

Great hotel, loved it


"We have just returned from this hotel. We have spent there 2 weeks. The vacation was excellent. I went there with my sister (19 from Estonia and 20 years old from Russia). If to be honest, there are not too much young people, but if you go there with friends or family, than it won't be boring. The majority is elderly people from Germany, but they were also intresting to communicate with. Rooms are very good - clean and capacious. The hotel is very beautiful, maintenance staff is very friendly. Food was very delicious. Animation team was also quite good. Evening shows were intresting, but some of them were a little bit vulgar, but funny). Hotel territory is very green and beautiful, a lot of trees and flowers. Great place for people, who just want to have a good vacation."

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  • Travel date: Mon 9th of June 2008
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