Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa

Kargi Mevki, Alanya 7410 Turkey
5 star hotel


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  • 1.5 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 3 service
  • 3 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 1.5 cleanliness
  • 4.5 location

16 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Excellent get away!


"I visited the long beach hotel in april for one week with my boyfriend for a get away! The hotel itself was amazing, we found that all the staff were so helpful and friendly, especially the animation team! The hotel was very big, with lots of different things to do which we enjoyed, especially the animation activities that were held around the pool through the course of the day.
There was a wide selection of food which we thought was great, we faithfully went for soup of the day each lunch and evening which was so yummy along with the mountainous variriety of fresh crusty bread!!!
There was a brilliant range of different salads and dips to start, followed by each dinner time the chefs would bbq diffent meats on the outside patios which was a lovely touch. The chefs were always floating round the food hall making sure everything was amazingly presented, of a very high standard, and constanly topping up the dishes that need re-filling.
The desserts were also verryyyy delicious! Each night that was something new to try with such a wide variety to choose from!

Room service: We thought the maids did a fantastic job, as everywhere in the hotels, and especially are rooms were always spotless. They were always a quick phone call away if we ever needed anything extra, as were all the other staff that worked at this hotel. They would bend over backwards to help you in any way they could!

Although there wernt many english in the hotel, all the staff were able to ommunicate reasonablly well with all the guests!

As for the evening entertainment......We watched this every night as we found we were stuck for things to do at night time as a young couple as the hotel is not particularly in the ebst location. However, the entertainment on most nights was quite good!

Overall, we had an amzing holiday, was just what we needed for an easter break!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 21st of April 2009

A little too big!!


"Generally the hotel was good. Impressive to look at however due to the sheer size we did find it a little overwhelming. This was our second 'All inclusive' holiday, last summer we went to Cozumel, Mexico staying at the Palace Resort, and sadly this has spoilt us a little for any other all inclusive holiday.

Rooms: size was good for 2 adults 2 children, unlike the review posted a week before this one, we did have to wait 4 days before our room was changed to one with a sea-view. (Ensure you're not staying in one of the rooms facing the waste land at the side of the hotel!). However the hotel was booked to full capacity the week we arrived so it was much appreciated that the reception staff were able to changing our room at all.

Cleanliness: This was a little hit and miss and some days our room was not cleaned until 4 or 5 in the afternoon also if the room sleeps 4 then surely 4 towels should be provided every day, and not have to 'ambush' the housekeeping lady every evening!

Pools/Water Park: Great however you do did need to mark your territory every morning (as thats what everyone else seems to do) to ensure you got beds and inparticular parasols. The Water park was one of the reasons we booked the hotel but this is closed from 12pm to 2pm and then closes for the evening at 4pm- the kids enjoyed it and there weren't the usual mile long queues for the slides.

Beach: Sandy but there are stones as you enter the water which were a little painful to tread. Lovely warm Med sea, plenty of sunbeds and shade, which came in the form of 2 lines mass shade which spaned most of the length of the beach (not very private), but at least you had shade and it was cool.

Food: Plentiful in the main dining room, lots of salad choices always hot skewered chicken/fish and other meats (not good if you are a vegetarian as we are!). There are also 4 A La Carte Restaurants but beware their interpretation of A La Carte and ours was quite different, it is basically a set menu the same for every day and they cannot make anything to order!. So you may as well eat with the rest of the crowd in the main dining hall which was a bit like running the gunlet every breakfast/supper time.

Clientel: Mainly Russians Some Dutch, Turkish and Isrealies, not too many Brits.

Entertainment: They did try very hard and there was a show every evening in the Amphi-Theatre, we went 3 times perhaps better for small children.

Overview: The hotel was nice to look at, service was pretty good, food was ok (a little repetitive -but what do you expect when you are catering for over 2000 people every night!).

Would we go again- Probably not it was far to big for us just felt a little impersonal."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 5th of September 2008

Excellent for children


"Summary: a good choice for a holiday with children.
1. Entertainment: 7/10 - good for children. The mini club, which was supposed to ease your staying by taking the kids from 10 to 16 and leave you some time for rest actually worked from 10 to 12, and then from 14 to 16, which is extremely inconvenient, since you can't go rafting or do any other activity outside the hotel because of this stupid break in the middle.
Moreover, the slides too have a break from 12 to 14, therefore if you want use slides (which is fun with children) - then you give up the second half of the mini club. And if you get up not at 7:00, but at 9, take a bath and then go to breakfast, then the first half of the mini club time looses its meaning too. At short, the mini club actually pointless, prepare to be with the children most of the time. The children are happy though. 8-)
Notice: at the official site of the hotel they don't mention any break during the mini club time.
2. Clean: 10/10 (I read somewhere that there can be problems with room cleaners - we had no problems at all, moreover - the room was not only accurately cleaned, but also decoratively and humoristicaly set up)
3. Quality of service: 10/10 (at first we got quite small room, but since we where with 2 children, we wanted a bigger room - no problemo, in 5 minutes they gave us another room, facing to the sea)
4. Food: 7/10 - of course, it's a matter of individual taste, but we didn't find anything worth describing. Fish and chicken... Since our children eat almost only chicken at home, we can't look at it anymore and therefore where a bit disappointed by the food. Almost no pork, turkey or any other kind of meat except chicken in its varieties. The assortment though was quite rich and we never left the table hungry.
5. All inclusiveness: 9/10 - we had an all-included holiday for the first time and where shocked (positively) by the amount of food and drinks you can get almost everywhere - by each pool there is some kind of bar or snack-bar where cocktails and hamburgers are served almost all the time. The only thing that was bad was those stupid breaks - the snack bars have breaks at different times (e.g., from 17:00 to 19:00) and if you accidentally fall at this break - you might get something to eat, but will feel like a beggar for food.

First thing you should do after getting a room is to ask:
1. What are the working hours of mini club (I suppose it changes from time to time)
2. What are the working hours of the slides and hammam
3. What are the working hours of all snack-bars and main meal hours
4. What are the times for the discotheque and the entertainment at evening"

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  • Travel date: Mon 4th of August 2008



"We stayed for 7 days at this hotel in April 2008. We had a warm welcome at reception and shown to our room which was great overlooking the pools and the beach. The room was very clean and the bed was really really comfortable. Everyday the food was wonderful and displayed beautifully. I had read reviews earlier on the hotel and took the advise of going to dinner when the restaurant opened. The pools were all very clean the gardens were very well maintained. The water park was not open at the time of our visit but we are a couple so not really bothered with water parks. The entertainment team were great and kept us well entertained every night I even won the bingo! The bar staff were all really nice and friendly and made us some lovely cocktails. We found all the staff fantastic they even ironed my skirt one night for no charge. The road was no problem as there was an underpath we really did not notice it. It is due to the local authorities with regards to the road there is nothing the hotel could do about it. The gym was small but okay. We used the spa which was a bit expensive but what do you expect your staying in a 5 star hotel. The town centre was about 30 mins we went there by dolmus for approx 2 euro each. We would highly recommend this hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 26th of May 2008

Fabulous time had by all


"Well have to say just returned from Long Beach on a two week holiday and had a fabulous time. We booked a family duplex but were given a junior suite which was amazing. We had our two young children aged 4 & 7 and they loved the kids club, and yes a lot of German/Russian but they did make friends and had a great time.
Aquapark Slides were only on at certain times of the day, but great fun!
Only 1 powercut for seconds the whole time we were there. Animation & bar staff we found very friendly and over the holiday obviously got to know you more. Food - well we found it to be excellent choice if anything too much! Last morning breakfast was very sparce but the hotel really seemed to have filled up so maybe caught unaware.
Would def go back to this hotel but not in peak season as the sheer size could make it very busy."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 29th of April 2008

Great Week Away


We have just returned from a week at the Long Beach and have to say we've had a great time. I would agree with most of the comments about the food and service but as it was late in the season we didn't have any problems if anything there were too many staff.
I would like to say that the 50 minute transfer from Antalya was a stretch of the imagination turning out to be 2 hours ish, and I'd advise anyone to pre pay the transfer option it cost us £64 return for the two of us, compared to the taxi that we took into Avsellar (3 miles max) at £6 each way.
The only problem we had was that there was at least one power cut everyday and most days 3 or 4. They only lasted minutes but were frustrating. One our last night they had some serious problems leaving us without power for 10 minutes at a time but worse than that they lost all water to the rooms. There was no information given as to why. At this time of year take plenty of Mossie cream I got ambushed in a big way.
We were the only British couple there for the week and as said before it's not geared up for the British market.
I dont want this to sound negative we really did have a great time but all we wanted was a relaxing week in the sun."

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  • Travel date: Thu 18th of October 2007

Bad service, bad food, endless queues, no lights in dark corridors


"We just returned from 5 days at the hotel. First it smell of smoke everywhere. The dinning restaurant is not air conditioned and even in the evenings it was like a Turkish "hamam" inside.
The near swimming pool bar-b-q is located 2 meters from the restaurant, so you can inhale all the smoke while you have your dinner.
Food is based on very basic and simple products. Nothing is really tasty. Forget about any standard juice during your stay. All the non bubble drinks are sugar syrups.

Although it is quite a new hootel the gardening and outside trees look really ugly and un-treated. Some pavements are broken.

Our room was not cleaned during all our stay! We had to find towels at the corridor to change them.
The dark corridors of the rooms are not lit during day hours, as well the underground passage to the beach.
It seems the hotel management is trying to save on expenses in a ridiculous way! We tried to speak with the hotel manager but the staff did not allow us to make any contact with him.
Very bad experience for a 5 starts hotel and resort location!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 6th of October 2007

Maybe I'm not too demanding persone, but...


"Just returned from the week in this hotel and I must admit I’m satisfied. Now, I’ll tell you good and bad things about this hotel from my point of view, without any emotions.
Positive sides: new, beautiful hotel; good animation team that provides plenty of different activities all over the day; waterslides which are fun for kids; the food is good and service in the al-a-carte restaurant is perfect.
Negative: service in the main restaurant could be organized better – when I was looking for the free table staff was slowly cleaning couple of tables in parallel. IMHO they should fast prepare one table after another. Actually, most of the time I had to take partially cleaned table and run after the staff in order to get forks and knives. Also, the juices provided on all-inclusive basis are bad. Looks like they prepared from non-natural syrups. And smoking, smoking is everywhere…"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of September 2007

Absolutely terrible experience


"We have just arrived home from a long weekend in this hotel and we need another holiday to get over it. Ok, it's peak time (I'm a teacher so what can I do!) so we expected it to be busy, and it's an all inclusive, so we knew it wouldn't be gourmet food or pesonal service. But we have been on all-inclusives in Turkey before and had a great time.
Also, it is personal what you like or dislike. Some people there seemed to really have a great time, so to start with the positives - if you are going as a family, there are plenty of attractions for the kids and loads of food etc. Er, that's about it!
Negatives - if you happen to get a room at the "River View" side (ie the back of the hotel) be prepared that rather than a river is a car park, the air conditioner outlets and a stagnant stream of green water. At peak time (July and August) the place is jam packed - and considering we counted almost 1000 rooms that's a lot of people. The main tourists seem to be Russian, Eastern European and German. They appear quite rude and standoffish and are military in their approah to getting towels on beds and tables outside the dining room. But they have well behaved kids which is always a pleasure! The staff speak almost no English so it's very frustrating getting any information at all. They are always harassed and sweaty (rubbish air conditioning in the hotel - we were so hot all the time!).
As it was packed there were endless queues for everything. Getting a sunbed after 6am is impossible and getting food is a battle of wits. If you wish to dine in the al-a-carte restaurants you also need to wait in line and they wont have room anyway.
Food was plentiful but I am a vegetarian and survived on bread a pasta as everything else has meat in. Certain things are extra price - like fresh orange juice and the games room etc.
Accomodation - we were put in a back room initially. Not even a double bed - tiny bathroom - no refreshments except a bottle of water in the minibar - balcony measuring one square metre (we couldn't sit there together at the same time!). We eventually moved into a larger room at the front of the hotel after creating one heck of a fuss at reception. I was in tears at this point so I think they took pity on me! The room wasn't too bad but if you are over the main pool and dining area I doubt you will get any sleep......
There is a highway (I am not exaggerating) separating the hotel from the beach so they have built an underpass to get there. Nuff said!
Finally, if you are non-smokers - forget it! The whole hotel (which is huge!) stinks of smoke. Everyone smokes, inside, outside, by the pool, in the dining room, you name it, they smoke. If you are a non-smoker it will really really bother you. I am a smoker and it even bothered me!
There was nothing of quality or taste in this place. From the design, to the food, to the rooms, etc etc. If you want to have a relaxing holiday - don't go, please, don't go.
I could go on and on about how terrible this place was. Maybe if we had gone off peak it may have been better but I seriously doubt it. Do yourselves a big favour and don't bother. It was a nightmare and we are really upset that we spent such a lot of money on such a terrible place. The only way we got through the 3 nights there was thanks to the free alcohol!
I will update some photos soon so watch this space...."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 26th of August 2007

Not that popular with British & more a 4* hotel but great overall for a break


"I have just returned from a week all inclusive at the Long Beach Resort in Alanya, Turkey.

We arrived very early in the morning after a night flight and our rooms were immediately available and exceeded expectations in terms of size and decoration. We had two twin rooms and having seen some of the double rooms in the hotel, ours were almost double their size so would definitely recommend opting for twin rooms.

The hotel and grounds are huge, however we found the pool area layout meant that it often got very overcrowded so we opted for the beach via the underpass (not a problem at all) for the whole week. There is a lovely jetty with sunbeds, beanbags and umbrellas where we spent most of the time away from the crowds and many children. As we went in peak time though it was definitely necessary to get up in time to put towels on beds!

There were 2 factors that made the hotel more of a 4* than a 5* in our opinion which were the food and the service. Neither were dreadful but there was not much in the way of variation over the week for lunch and dinner ,but suppose it is hard to cater for som many people on an all inclusive basis. It was possible to eat in a la carte restaurants but the booking system for these was very unorganised so you would be lucky to be able to make a reservation. In the main restaurant service was haphazard with plates not being cleared from tables resulting in starter/main course/dessert plates for 4 on the table by the end of the meal. Be warned that dinner is cleared away at 9pm regardless of whether you arrive in the restaurant at about 8.45 to eat. We also found some of the bar staff to be rude but then again this is not a particularly English resort so there was an element of 'lost in translation' at times.

We only ventured to the town once and used the local bus which stops right outside the hotel. The resort itself mirrored many Meditteranean lively resorts with plenty of neon, bars and restaurants - but again many of these catered for a German/Russian customer base.

There was a fabulous spa in the hotel where massages and turkish baths were gorgeous.

On the whole though the positives did outweigh the negatives for what we paid for the week as we were only looking for a no hassle, sun filled relaxing week."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 30th of July 2007

WORST customer service ever


"This hotel has the worst customer service ever! the employees don't know how to smile, they are very rude and impolite and treat you with disrespect. They don't respect children. It was our first and last visit to this resort. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 30th of July 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 2 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

Review of Long Beach Turkey


"In general, it was really good. I have a BIG COMPLAIN about the room. The housekeeping is HORRIBLE. They do not change the sheets daily. When the lady comes and cleans it is JUST SUPERFICIAL. She doesn't dust, doesn't clean the bathroom. She finishes the cleaning for 2 minutes. I totally understand that they have a lot of other rooms to clean, but this is not an excuse. The food is amazing. The people and the front desk are great. The entertainment is very good. The only problem for me was the cleaning of the room. I would have given a 5, but because I have so much trouble with cleanliness, I would give them a 3.5. (Right now I am still in this hotel on vacation) "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 27th of July 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness
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