Alanya Holidays

Drone photo of old town in Alanya and surroundings
Drone photo of old town in Alanya and surroundings
Nicknamed, ‘Where the Sun Smiles,’ the Turkish city of Alanya is a little different from most up and coming coastal resorts on the Mediterranean. Dating back 20,000 years or more, the area is not a sleepy fishing village gone large, but an intriguing blend of ancient culture and modern activities. This ranges from the Citadel, which sits perched above the resort, to the 20km (8 mile) stretch of white, sandy beach to the east of the city. Holidays in Alanya combine modern hotels with swimming pools with medieval streets. It’s where new and old mix.

This combination allows you to choose between 5-star resorts lined up along the beach, overlooking the Eastern Mediterranean or going inland to an older style, Turkish hotel or bed and breakfast. Staying in an all-inclusive hotel resort does not have to be expensive and package holidays in Alanya are cheaper than many places on the Med; especially with an all inclusive package holiday deal.

The city also spoils you for choice in terms of activities. It is not just a city to explore or a beach to sunbathe on. Local tour operators have a wide range of excursions planned, so you can explore this region of Turkey, while close to the city you can let out your inner daredevil by paragliding, jeep safari trekking and quad bike touring. Alternatively, you can take a boat into the blue waters of the Med and maybe go scuba diving.

Alanya is popular with British, German and Scandinavian tourists, but it is also easy to escape the microcosm of the resort and mix with the locals. Restaurants in the city reflect the mixed background and heritage of the region; allowing you to explore Turkish and Mediterranean dishes that go beyond the kebab. Like the resorts, all of these come at affordable prices and will leave you wanting more.
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