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Luzern, Switzerland,top view
Luzern, Switzerland,top view
Swiss towns never lose their appeal - whatever the time of year! Art, culture and culinary delights abound in Swiss towns. And if shopping is your particular love, the opportunities are practically limitless.
Add to this the many events which are held throughout the year: carnivals in spring, open-air festivals in summer, wine growing festivals in autumn and Christmas market fairs in winter. Each Swiss town is also individual in character due to its history, its unique buildings and the people who live in them.
Cultural life in Switzerland is rich and varied like its countryside. It feeds on the fertile friction between the four official languages and cultures - German, French, Italian and Romansh. Switzerland also features an astonishing mix of traditional and contemporary elements and manages to keep a happy balance between preserving its cultural heritage and allowing new impulses to bring about change.
Switzerland is the ideal destination for your family holidays. Everything can be reached quickly and easily, and even the journey to your final destination is never long and exhausting. Most trips in Switzerland last only a few hours,and then you can enjoy the gentle landscape, discover what it means to be free in a natural setting and really enjoy the thrill of a family holiday together. Switzerland caters to families and has much to offer.

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