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Gold River hotel - PortAventura

Reviewed Tue 8th of September 2009

"We stayed at the Gold River hotel just a month after it opened, having stayed at the El Paso hotel last year. Both are part of the PortAventura complex hotels.

The theme park was excellent as usual. We had our Express passes (one for each ride) but they now offer unlimited Express acess to hotel guests after 9pm. This was great but did mean the rides were very busy from 9pm until midnight when the park closed. Because the Gold River is new, the access is poor for public transport so a taxi to Salou was cost prohibitive (around 15 euros each way) but there was no other way to get off the hotel complex. This meant we were a captive audience for all our food and drinks so were unable to purchase the usual things like crisps, bottled water etc. unless it came from the hotel bar. Although there is a "shop" the prices are the same as the bar prices making it no better value.

The Gold River hotel was spacious; bedrooms have 2 double beds, plenty of floor space, public areas open and wide with loads of space for the children to run around and make friends. The staff were very tolerant of children running around playing cowboys and didn't ever complain.

The half board was OK, but not great. Restaurant staff were mostly inexperienced and standards of service varied from day to day. Food was always plentiful and varied but always warm and never hot and was rarely labelled so you didn't always know what you were eating. There was always "children's food" available but it was always hotdogs or burgers. When you only offer that sort of food, it's all you'll ever get them to eat. On day 9 of our 14 day stay, we worked out that bottled water was free with dinner but no-one ever told us that.

The 3 pools were a good size (1 shallow pool for children and 2 deeper ones) and were never busy but with a new swimmer who didn't want to be in the children's pool but the other pools had no shallow end, we were limited. The kids pool also has a concrete base so every child suffered from abrasions to their feet. Also, because the 3 pools are on different levels, if you have a family with a range of ages, you can't effective supervise them all in the pool if you have swimmers and non-swimmers. There were plenty of sunbeds available but very few parasols so you couldn't get any shade and as it was a new site, there were no established trees for shade. This kept us away from the pool area

Cleanliness was poor other than the ground floor. In the two weeks we stayed, the floor in our room (a wooden floor) wasn't swept once and neither were the bedroom corridors or lift lobby areas. There were sweets dropped outside the lifts on our third day and they were still there the morning we departed.

Having said all this, we'd still return because of the park but we'd get a hire car so that we could get to the beach and be more independent and not tied to the hotel and we'd go B&B so that we could eat out instead of it the hotel."

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  • Travel date: Thu 3rd of September 2009

Gold River is a 3 * Hotel not 4*!

Reviewed Mon 14th of September 2009

"Hotel Gold River is a 3 star hotel. The hotel complex is in quite a cramped space, that I couldn't even get a 1km staright run out of. All you can do at the hotel itself is eat, sleep, drink and swim. There is an small alcove with 2 pc's and a playstation though why parents would want their children sitting in front of a computer game after over paying for their stay I don't know!).

THERE IS NO SAFE DIRECT PEDESTRIAN ACCES OUT IF THE HOTEL! You either have to bustle through the park - adding at least 2kms to your journey, not to mention the time OR pay for a taxi into Salou (11 euros!) Of course if you walk through the park, you are restricted by the hours of park operation!

The other way to avoid hoofing miles out of your way - walking along a dual carriage way, to the main street down to Salou is to play chicken amongst cars and buses that go in and out of the park through thte car park. There is no pavement/sidewalk, just a narrow hard shoulder. No buses come to the hotel - they all pass it as they come to the theme park car park - the hotels drive joins the MULTI lane park entry and exit road. Again this adds nearly 2 kms to your journey. It's ridiculous - you can see wher you want ot be, The main street to Salou is maximum 50m from the end of the Hotel's drive. You can't get there though - you are fenced in!

The rooms do NOT have balconies and drying space is severely limited in the room. I stayed in a standard twin room, where there was nowhere near enough cupboard/drawer space to unpack all our clothes and knick naks. Everything is hidden behind closed doors. There is no atmosphere. The different accomodation blocks and table service in the bar make it very difficult to strike up conversation with other people! At the Gold river's sister hotels they have gyms, saunas, jacuzzis,steam room, tennis court, table games for children like air hockey and pool, a running circuit around the grounds of the Caribe!

The food in the buffet got progressively worse throughout the stay; the buffet was served in a room with just two windows and an emergency exit door. These were around the corner and obsured to most. There was no hand sanitiser on entry to the restaurant - despite the pandemic of swine flu! Flies were not abundant, but there were a fair few few on the food and hassling at tables. No fly deterents were visible anywhere!

Given the food for all restaurants at the hotel are prepared in the same kitchen, the buffet food did not enthuse me to use our 25 euro per person credit notes to 'dine around' in the hotel - Same chefs!! however, there are the restaurants in teh park, the prot aventura, the caribe and the beach club to consider using.

The reps argued we had direct access to the park and use of the beach resort. I pointed out that I'd stayed in the Port Aventura hotel and it had all that and the things that Hotel Gold River was missing!

Hotel Gold River is fine for people staying NO LONGER than a week; who want to use the park, and the beach club, the hotel pool and the bar and who don't want to see anything more of the Costa Dorada than that.

The Hotel Gold River would be ideal for school groups, as the students would cack themselves at the end of the drive if they even tried to escape the compound.

Given the compund style wooden perimeter fencing around the hotel isn't finished. There's no work going on, but there sure is alot to do.

Sure the Hotel Gold River is new, so everything looks new and sharp. In a couple of years, it will be a tired 3* hotel pretending to be a 4* hotel. If you are going to Salou and want to stay in a Port Aventura Hotel choose the Hotel Port Aventura or the Caribe - at least then, you will get the 4* you will be asked to pay for!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 2nd of September 2009

Great holiday, very enjoyable - but this hotel does have faults

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"Just back from Gold River and had a lovely holiday. The room we had was very clean and pleasant with a kitchenette but we really missed not having a balcony. However, our room looked out on a Wild West pretend grave yard complete with mounds of earth and grave stones. . There are lots of things I look out for when booking a holiday - but overlooking a graveyard (pretend or not) is not one of them. Perhaps if you feel this is not appropriate for a holiday, you might put in a request before you go that you do not have this view.
We were half board and the food was very good- service in the main restaurant very good, but the food wasn’t very hot.
The hotel is very isolated – with only the park nearby. To go into Salou is over €20 return which makes going out of the complex very expensive. The Water Park is very close but to get to it you have to walk through the park which takes about 20 mins.
The pool was lovely – hotel clean – beach club really nice with a quite beach cove (compared to Salou) but missed the balcony and felt very isolated. The view of the graveyard (which was illuminated from dusk to dawn) also was something I would not want to repeat."

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  • Travel date: Thu 20th of August 2009

A beautiful hotel in a good location.

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"We arrived the second week after the hotel had opened in July 2009. I am going to try to say it how it is, then you can make your own decision. We stayed in the main building - City Hall. The bell boy service is excellent and the lobby is stunning. The rooms are lovely and there is plenty of storage, nice flat screen tv with channels in loads of different languages. There is a fridge and a safe in the room. It is a short walk to the Theme Park which is great and the fast track passes you are given by the hotel are excellent. The grounds of the Hotel are great and the kids enjoyed the Wild West theme. Salou is not within walking distance - although we did do it the first day but it is not a friendly route as you initially walk on the road around the edge of the theme park - no pavements. The bus from the theme park is roughly 2.5/ 3 euros each, and a taxi was 10 euros for the 4 of us. The supermarket on the site was very poorly stocked and was extremely expensive. The gift shop was also very expensive. It was a look but don't touch type of shop! The pools were lovely on the surface, but my children did end up with scraped knees and fingers from the rough bottom of the pool. The life guards were over the top and did not allow any play - no balls, splashing, toys, etc. Their whistles and finger wagging were agrevating and the children/adults we observed were not being dangerous at all. It did affect how much time we spent at the pool. The staff in the reception and guest services were excellent though. They were efficient and helpful and we never had a language problem with anyone. It was difficult to explain that our safe wouldn't work but with help from the Spanish Phrase book and a mixture of English and Spanish we got there. The problem was sorted within half an hour.

There is an internet room with a few computers in - it is 1 euro for 10 minutes. There are some pre loaded games on here that my 7 year old enjoyed - a games controller is provided.

We went half board and the food was amazing. Yes there was a problem with the flies but during the week it improved as they brought in extra fridge units for the salads. Each night there was a different choice of food and bottles of water were free with your meal. The buffet style meant you could visit the counters as many times as you wanted. Meat was cooked for you and there was always a wide range of salads, meat, veg, fruit, and desserts. Breakfast was usually the same but had a wide range, continental, full English, different sausages, cold meats, range of hot and cold drinks. The restaurant was very professional and definitely a main feature of the hotel.

The room had 2 double beds in which didn't suit my 7 and 11 year old who refused to sleep in 1 bed. The room was beautiful, as was the bathroom, the only problem we found was that the drying line was over the bath and with no windows or ventilation in there, the clothes didn't dry! We hung ours out of the main window, from the tall light, or over the chair! It was a bit hopeless. That's where a balcony really would have helped. There were market researchers asking questions all the time though, and they seemed very interested in how things could be improved. Overall we really enjoyed our holiday. I'm sure the hotel will continue to improve and overcome these small teething troubles. It does deserve 4 star status and we have come away with many happy memories."

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  • Travel date: Thu 20th of August 2009

fabulous place, highly recommended

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"Me, the other half & our 5 year old daughter returned from 10 nights in gold river late last night - and what a great 10 nights we had. We went half board and stayed in Lucy's Mansion and loved every minute of it - from wonderful breakfasts through pool service all day in the mansion's private pool to great buffets or meals in the hotel's various restaurants.
Check-in: Arrived at the main City Hall entrance, waited 5 mins before being golf-carted to Lucy's Mansion with our bags following behind and taken to the room - 10/10
Room: Enormous bed, double fold out settee, large LCD TV, plenty of wardrobe space, huge tiled bathroom with double sinks, double shower, bathrobes, loads of fluffy towels etc etc
We had the park wristbands so had speedy access to all rides all day - what could be better than walking to the front of the queue all the time?!
Waterpark was enjoyable without being spectacular, Kid's club at the hotel was very friendly although quiet.
The comments about the language barrier are hilarious - typical 'Brits on Tour' attitude - how difficult is it to ask for "uno sprite light?"
The staff without exception were friendly, attentive and genuinely helpful."

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  • Travel date: Mon 17th of August 2009

Really enjoyed our stay!

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"After reading some of the previous reviews, all I can say is I'm glad we were half board! I do agree that there were teething problems, but the actual hotel is fabulous. The surroundings are suited to the theme of the hotel, rooms are spacious with 2 double beds, bathroom, built in wardrobes, one with a safe and a nice bathroom. I agree that a balcony would be nice, but there's so much to do that by the time you do get to your room all you want to do is sleep, but I totally understand that for families with younger children, it's nice to sit on a balcony and know your kids are safe in bed!

The pools are immaculate and yes the lifeguards are whislte happy, but then again there were no accidents around the pool area and they were quick to jump up even if a child started to splutter water, so I know what I would prefer, safety on all counts! The surfaces in and around the pool are quite rough and my young son did experience redness on his toes and tips of his fingers, but this is due to the amount of time he spent in the water and clinging on the edge of the pool. You can pay 15 euros deposit each for towels, but you can change them as often as you like so it means no damp towels in the room! It's probably best to change your towels after your day by the pool, as if you're an early riser, you may have to wait until around 10 am before the towel change area opens! Again this comes down to being organised, but nothing too major! and your deposit is fully refunded at the end of your stay. The hotel was quite quiet our first week and there was never a problem getting sun loungers, but may be more of an issue when it's full, but you get that wherever you go!

I did feel that the hotel staff should have catered more for English speaking guests, but we always made an effort to thank them in Spanish! I would guess that about 80% of guests staying at the hotel at the time of our visit were Spanish, some quite rude and have no Idea about waiting turn, but not all!

The breakfast and dinner were buffet style, good choice and you could eat as much as you wanted. We did have to mention to our rep that there were a lot of flies around the cold buffet, but this seemed to be in control after adjusting the temperature in the restaurant. General choice of salads, cheeses, fresh meats, soup, paella, pizza, hot freshly cooked meats, vegetables, potatoes in various forms and a nice sized children's self service hot plate! Fresh fruits, cakes and ice lollies available as dessert, but I did speak to a number of people who thought the food could have been hotter, but I asked for a number of meats to be heated on the grill, so it wasn't a problem. We did eat at one other place on the park, but it wasn't a patch on the selection at our hotel, so we ate there for nearly 2 weeks!

Drinks were very expensive, and we were also told by our rep that Lidl and Aldi were only 10 mins down the road, me and my husband actually walked for 45 mins before eventually finding it! However there is going to be a supermarket in the complex opposite the site, but you have to walk around the perimeter fence and down a main road to get to it! Not sure exactly when it will be open, but it's a new complex, with cinema, bowling etc

The trip to Barcelona was worth every penny, well organised in a luxury coach, arranged with First Choice Rep, who was really helpful, I think she was called Donna.

We did take advantage of using our fast passes for early morning wet rides, so we could dry out around the park, returned to the hotel to lay by the pool early afternoon and re-visited the park after 9, using our hotel key to gain fast access again, so queuing for us wasn't a problem.

we were actually staying in the main hotel area, and I would say it was worth every penny, but we did speak to people who were self catering and they were really struggling. This hotel had only opened around the 16th of July, so I don't think it was fully prepared for some guests and may have spoilt there holiday. We would definitely return to this hotel, but the price has risen incredibly for next year, but this is also down to the Euro at present!

All in all, we were very impressed by this hotel, but everyone has different tastes, outcomes so it comes down to individuals, my children want to return next year, so it must have been good!! I would be happy to answer any questions if I can help?"

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  • Travel date: Fri 14th of August 2009


Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"We arrived at the Gold River after a four hour flight delay at 12 noon but were told we couldn't get in our room till 3pm but could use the pool and park (a bit difficult when our cases were with the bell boys) When we finally got our 'self catering' room which was after the 3pm you were supposed to, we thought we'd been given the wrong room. It wasn't the two bedroomed fully fitted kitchen with balcony we were expecting. It was one room, no balcony and the fitted kitchen consisted of a sink, two hot rings, (no oven) a fridge (no ice compartment) and a microwave. Worse was to come there were no plates, cutlery, pots, kettle, an empty shell basically, and no suitcases. Oh and the hot rings didn't work! After several frustrating phone calls to reception eventually at 8pm bits and pieces started to arrive. When I mentioned that we had nothing to cook on or eat off or even make a cup of tea (and I couldn't agree more with the review about the mini-market) I was told to use the restaurant, 100 euros for a family of four, as over 12's are classed as adults!
There are no supermarkets nearby, there is an aldi and lidl in villa seca but this is a taxi journey away 8 to 10 euros one way. There are the supermarkets in Salou but slightly more expensive.
Salou isn't walking distance, it's either taxi, or a bus that are located at the park entrance, which is a walk in itself as the hotel entrance to the park is the other side.
On the plus side the park access is brilliant, the express passes a god send and the beach club is well worth a visit, as is the water park.
But, this isn't a self catering hotel by any stretch of the imagination, and could have been very stressful, but we ate out every evening."

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  • Travel date: Thu 13th of August 2009

very dissapointed,

Reviewed Fri 28th of December 2012

"right,if you have stayed in the half board accomadation or are about to i imagine you did and you will have a great time.however if you are go for self catering read on....
firstly "when travelling to spain its common knowledge that you cant book in to hotel till 3pm"the words of our invisible rep (if you want to know what company he works for and the company email me @[email protected] as we are taking the whole issue further and cannot name them at this moment).well we didnt know this "common knowledge"and im guessing some of you reading this wont either,so you get up in the uk at 3 am to get into spain at about 10 am!!
then you sit around the hotel for 5 hours while your room is alledgeley being cleaned,in the meantime your cases are taking away by one of the three lazy bickering bell boys and you will be told they will be in your room(what room)at 3 pm.
in the meantime you can go and get a drink in the no you cant.because you havnt got a room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so after finally being given a room at 4pm after watching many people try and get one before 3pm,which is a waste of time because NONE of the staff speak english!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we got to our room and of course theres no cases and i say room too as it is not a fabulous two room apartment it is in fact one large room with a double wardrobe dividing it from you in on one side and your kids the other (the so called kitchen area),oh and yes it did have four coat hangers as mentioned earlier by another review ,but on one of the few plus sides did have a safe in the one side of the wardrobe.
the kitchen area has a fridge(no ice compartment) two hot rings(thats yer cooker,ours was broke,stange as it was brand new)and well thats about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
our room had ..........nothing.
im not kidding we had no towels no cuttlery no plates no cups no toaster no pots no pans and no flipping cases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so another walk down to reception where they now know our surnames and avoid us like the plague and at one stage even calling people in the quee BEHIND us to come forward(spanish people!!!!!!!!!!!!).
so as you can imagine we at this time are very frustrated,it is then that we realise that we are not the only family in this position as more and more people are joining our quee.
so at this time of our first day(which is getting later and later)we want to go home.
we"ve a room with nothing in it,we are hugry and a fantastic pool(one of three spectacular (the middle one for toddlers)pools outside our window but no costumes to swim with(and of course no towels).
three times a maintenance man came to check the hot rings before he finally conceeded it was broke and replaced it.another walk down to reception and two phone calls and our cases finally appeared,oh and a bundle of towels,great at least we can swim,everyone seems to have a brown portaventura towel so we wander around the pools looking to see where you have to get a towel from(its just off the todler pool)great,we ask for 4 towels and are told 60 euros,then in broken english we gather we have to pay 15 euros a towel for hire which is fair enough,but none of us has cash as we are in our swimming gear,so......................back to the room and suprise suprise we have cups we have cuttlery(loads of)one saucepan,a toaster some plates and dishes kettle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so we"ve finally got the stuff to make a cuppa but no kettle,no problem we"ll ring down as we are sure its an oversight.we are then told and im not kidding there are no kettles in the hotel oops sorry in fact there are no kettles in the whole of spain!!!!!!
however there was ONE but it had been hired we head back to the pool (with eouros for the towels of course)tottally bewildred and hungry but just hoping things will get better.(the dunkirk spirit my sister mentioned when i rang her !!)
so we have our swim and get changed(btw we had four suitcases and beleive me we had to live out of those as there is hardly anywhere to put your stuff)
we decide to look for the SO CALLED supermarket on the hotel site,er what supermarket on the site!!!!!!!!!!!
there is a souvenier shop in the hotel itself which sells english papers at 2 eoros(2.20 at the weekend) each,(the sun and express hang your heads in shame).,
there is in fact NO supermarket on site,its a little so called shop that sells ice cream and the odd baguette(if you get there early enough as we found out later in our stay).it opens when it wants and it shuts when it wants,although you dont know because for some reason they dont have the lights we find out there are two supermarkets(an aldi and lidl)within so called walikng distance.but you want to after what youve been through so far.,we ask guest services for a taxi(this is the only english he understands)and we head off for salou me it is to far to walk,10 to 12 euros for a taxi(one way!),we eat out and bring stuff back to the scourers washing up liquid etc.we decide to have a night cap and go the bar,we cant get served,its chaos.staff are running around and taking orders but not it seems doing them!!!!!!!!!!!!
my wife actually looks as if she is going to have a breakdown as we had so looked forward to this holiday and had boasted about it for months.we get up to fantastic sunshine and countdown the time till our rep is visiting.he"s having none of it and defends the hotel(amazingly)and his company to the hilt.oh well perhaps we are to fussy.after all i remember my grandad telling me he used to make cups of tea in a saucepan... BEFORE THEY WERE INVENTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we never see the rep again,although he shoved a note under our door to say hi,but thats another matter.
the next day we had another letter under the door this time from reception saying they had a kettle for us and to come and collect it which we duly did and turned on our heels to our room.the next day we had a letter under the door asking us for 20 euros for the hire of the kettle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! useless.
there are so many things i could write down but there are things on the plus side too,the hotel is absolutley beautifull,the pools excellent, the barman with one arm is the pleasantist member of staff there,the bar when not buisy was quite pleasant.the bar and food place by the pool are a nice touch and offers welcomed shade.the hotel itself is actually on the theme park and the windows in your room appear somehow soundproof which is great as the park is open till almost twelve o clock at night.the beach club is stunning(dont take a towel as they give you loveley fresh cleans ones on entering(for free!!)),if you go in the lift to the fith floor (in the half board accomadation)and look at the view from the window it is stunning.we had an evening meal(buffet style)on our last night which was 100 euros(25 a head,kids over 12 are classed as adults)and it was excellent,steak cooked while you wait etc,
there are to many negative things for me to mention as i so wanted to enjoy our holiday as much as possible.but do look out for.
dont.....expect to be served in the bar as they do a riddiclous waiter/tress service outside which takes up the barmans time so he cannot possibly serve you.
the trip to aldi/lidl is in fact a twenty euro round trip taxi fair and not a walk.i beleive the hotel should offer a shuttle to these shops(which are next to each other)for free to self caterers.
the reception staff are absolutley useless as are the bell boys and the so called guest services.
the maids come when they want(daily),all they do is change the sheets(sometimes) and change the towels,the ONE time the floor was cleaned was when we were actually present when the maid was there as we we eating our lunch
the taxi trip to salou and back is 20 to 22 euros.we got a bus which is a total nightmare as you have to walk through the theme park and back with all your stuff(our choice i know)in the draining inflatables in the pool as the baywatch style life guards are very very fussy and whistle happy.
if you do consider buying breakfast whie you stay there it is 780 euros for a family of four.we know this as a family we made very good freinds with payed this on the second or third day(they loved the breakfasts by the way).
expect to be ignored by the older woman in the so called supermarket unless your spanish and also expect to be queu jumped by everyone it seems except the british.
dont get me wrong i know its in spain etc but they need english speaking staff if uk tour operators are to include this hotel in their brochures and encourage english people to go there.
at the end of the day we tried to make the most of our stay there and dont get me wrong sitting by a gourgeous pool with the sun beating down is fantastic and the one thing we will miss the most but this hotel DOES NOT CATER FOR SELF CATERING!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of August 2009

Great and Awful

Reviewed Wed 26th of December 2012

"Lot`s to commend this hotel on, everything for the family including Portaventura Park and the nightime entertainment for the kids, Trinny the maddest friendliest childrens entertainer I`ve ever met was fantastic.

Wild West Theme everywhere was very very good, express tickets were a Godsend but heres a tip, if the kids are old enough to wait use the express passes to do the water rides in the park during the day then use your room keys for express after 9pm in the evenings. We went in three or four days for the water rides then chilled out in the evenings, then went in after dinner another 3-4 nights using the room keys in the express lanes, double the value and no queing.

Bad points:

Our tickets said family room with Balcony, we got a standard room with no balcony and the tour operator just shrugged their shoulders, their argument being that the Hotel called Standard rooms Family which the did`nt then they changed the website to match what we had been given for our €5400 for two adults and one child. They couldn`t magic a balcony either which was a disgrace.

Sewage smells in Mary Joes House where we were, other couples had to be moved the smell was so bad.

Prices were steep for Drinks, they kept running out and the waiters grasp of any other language than Spanish was appalling, I know some may say well you can`t speak Spanish but my job does not entail serving people from Spain who make up 50% of my customers, they could`nt even understand Diet Coke.

The shop on site was a waste of space, we were half board but the selection in there was so bad I thought originally it was part of the scenery to show how people in the wild west had to survive on meagre rations.

Overall it was not a disaster but it was not up to the standard of the Portaventura Hotel itself which I stayed at two years ago."

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  • Travel date: Tue 11th of August 2009


Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"We arrived at 11.30am with three young children and were not allowed into our room until 3pm, even though the hotel was only half full. Although we were in a self-catering room we had no kettle and only one pan to cook with. We were told that a kettle was available at reception for 15euros deposit but when we asked for one they said that they had run out.
Whoever decided to build a 4 star plus hotel with no balconies has made a big mistake and should be sacked. This was a major issue as being able to sit out in the evening while my young children were in bed was not possible, instead we had to sit in and look at four walls.
The swimming pools also have a major problem. They are not lined with tiles, they are made of some type of concrete that has the same texture as sand paper, and thus every time my children climbed out it took the skin off their knees and ends of fingers.
Although we did expect high prices on site we were very shocked to find that they were not just high they were extortionate. For example 4.50 euro for a shot of vodka, 2.50 euro for water, coke or any other kids drink. The buffet restaurant cost 95 euro’s for two adults, one 9 year old and two 3 year olds.
The site supermarket which was western themed was shocking there was very little stock in it, if fact the little house on the prairie would have been better stocked. There are no shops or supermarkets nearby off site. We were told that we could get a taxi to Salou and it would cost 6 to 7 euro, the reality is that the taxi actually cost 10.50 to 12.00 euro depending on what day you went. Apparently it costs more on a Sunday as it is a holiday.
Again being a four star plus hotel we did expect a much better service. There was no pool side waiter service and on the day we were leaving we had to be in reception for 7.30am. I rang the reception and asked for a porter to help with my five cases as my three children were not able to carry them. They told me that the porter did not start until 8.00am and the only thing they could offer me was to lend the porters trolley.
Some of the rules regarding what young children can or cannot do in this hotel are very strange and need looking at for example my three year olds were allowed in the pool with no armbands and no supervision but not allowed in the pool with armbands without supervision. They were also not allowed on the park with or without supervision.
If you want a four star plus hotel that caters for young families this is not for you. You will end up very stressed and certainly out of pocket due to being trapped on site and having to pay extortionate prices."

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  • Travel date: Sat 8th of August 2009

Excellent Hotel in PortAventura

Reviewed Fri 28th of December 2012

"It's all finished now and they are getting over the teething problems - responding very quickly! We loved the location making it so easy for the Theme Park. The surroundings are great with the Wild West Theme. We all loved the pools - with loads of space, loads of loungers! The Buffet restaurant had good selection and a fast service. The Opera House Restaurant - we would recommend for a lovely a la carte menu. The Texan Restaurant was neither Tex nor Mex, and we would avoid that again.
The Dine around option with PortAventura gives great choice, to get away from the Buffet (Though that is very nice).
The Hotel keys gave us Express pass (limited before 9pm - 2 fast passes each, unlimited after 9pm) - which was great for getting around the big rides quickly at night.

The Beach Club is well worth a visit (included) !
Overall the Hotel is very relaxed and friendly. The only downside is that the rooms do not have balconies."

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of August 2009

Portaventura's newest hotel!

Reviewed Thu 6th of August 2009

"having booked the El Paso hotel 2 weeks before departure we were offered the new Hotel Gold River as El Paso was being refurbished.
Wild West Theme;
The Hotel Gold River opened on 15/7/09 and is highly themed as a Wild West Hotel complete with 3 river coloured pools and Country and western music in all public places and a saloon bar. If you don't like country and western music stay away!! All rooms are behind facades such as the bank or the sheriffs office in the main street or in the City Hall or the very posh Lucy's mansion.It's like walking onto a Universal studios set- fantastic but very unusual!
Has direct access to the super Portaventura theme park- a 5 mins level walk. Courtesy train provided to the exclusive Beach Club (well worth a visit or 2). However the nearest public buses are at the main entrance to the park (approx 20min walk through the park) Taxi to Salou was 20 Euro return trip. so access to areas outside of the park is not easy or cheap.Taxi from Reus airport was 30euros for a 10 minute run!- prebook a transfer if you can.
Excellent food but do try the 'dine around' option, You are given a 25Euro voucher per adult from the hotel and can use this in many of the Portaventura park restaurants and any portaventura hotel restaurants- you just pay the difference - if there is one. For a family of 4 we never paid more than an extra 5 euros.The Raco di Mar restaurant is excellent! Poolside bar was good but expensive 8.50 euros for a cheeseburger and chips, all drinks start at 2.50 euros.On site supermarket very expensive and very limited range.
Still waiting to be developed! the 10pm nightly show was always country and western and poor in quality- the hotel is aware of this from th questionnaires completed by guests so hopefully it should improve over time. During the day there is nothing and no inflateables / balls atc are allowed in pools so children not well provided for- just a mini disco in the evening. most entertainment in spanish only.
Beautifully furnished and obviously brand new. All rooms have 2 double beds no twin beds in any of the Portaventura hotels. We had 2 teenage children a boy and a girl and this caused us a lot of difficulties- so be aware. The self catering apartments are lovely but not very big as a family of 4 we struggled for storage space, S/c facilities were good but why s/c is more expensive than half board i'll never understand!

The park,
- whilst not U.S Disney, is very enjoyable, clean and safe. It has a few big rides, several shows such as the Far West Stunt Show and the Polynesian Show which are very good, lots of eating places, rather expensive as you'd expect. It was busy in the day time but much more manageable and atmospheric in the evenings.Caribe water park was great- lots of fun!

I would definitely return but perhaps try a more central hotel such as the Hotel Portaventura.not a cheap holiday but worth it."

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  • Travel date: Sun 2nd of August 2009

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