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  • free internet
  • bar lounge
  • wifi
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Reviews summary

( 1961 reviews)
  • 5 room
  • 3 pool
  • 3 service

68 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

good hotel bad food!

Reviewed Tue 4th of January 2011

"i stayed here with my mum on a last minute holiday in july 2009. for peak season it seemed to be deserted the whole time we were there.

we booked to stay at another hotel were transferred to this as our original hotel was full!

we found the decor dark and dated but clean. the rooms were cleaned and we had fresh towels daily.

there is a big pool and a lot of sun beds but like i said it was deserted!

the staff were rude at first but were helpful once we complained!!

the food was horrendous me and my mum went down to to the buffet dinner with an open mind, we looked at the food and just walked out we didnt even speak it was that bad. it looked and smelled awful!

breakfast was better than lunch and dinner, fresh fruit and cereals if you like warm milk! there was however a toaster where you can make fresh toast :)

the lunch time snacks were a lot better than the buffet and often found a que of children waiting for burgers and chicken nuggets around 11.30am!

the bar had a range of drinks but there were 2 parts to the bar...the free ai part and the paying customers part...they were always served first by the 1 bar man!!

there was entertainment planned but cancelled every day, i assume due to lack of guests. i never saw the indoor pool or the gym again i assume closed due to lack of guests!!

all in all i would go back to stay but i would not eat there....we chose the local wetherspoons as it was lovely and owned by an english man."

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  • Travel date: Sun 2nd of January 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 3 Service

Same as Normal

Reviewed Mon 9th of November 2009

"This trip was the 3rd time I have stayed in venecia park. The hotel was same as before. The only thing that improved in the hotel is the food. But i liked this hotel when i first went to it. THe food over the past 3 years have been improving, and this year the food was the best. The Rooms were neat and tidy as normal. Very Clean, Hotel cleaners come in every morning to clean the room, We go in october so we expect that they wont be as many cleans as there is less guests. The staff were helpfull as normal and all the staff in the hotel we know as they have worked there since we started going. When reading reviews on this hotel people expect too much. it is a 3 star hotel, We paid 311.53p for 2 people for 1 week. for 156 each there is no complaining to be made. it is a cheap hotel but it provides a service which i think is top notch for a 3 star hotel, I have allready booked for my next trip to venecia park. IF you want a cheap and cheerfull holiday then book into this hotel. if you want to expect a 5 star service dont go to this hotel as it will not be for you. Its cheap because its cheerfull and a 3 STAR HOTEL"

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  • Travel date: Sat 7th of November 2009

Hotel from hell

Reviewed Mon 24th of August 2009

"After reading several reviews about this hotel, we decided to go there with an open mind, and only to find that everything we had read was correct.
Upon arrival we were left standing at the reception desk, with the receptionist knowing we were waiting to be checked in but this was deemed not important enough to end her conversation with another colleague. Once seen to, we were given no information about the hotel, we were not welcomed in anyway, she did not even say hello!
The room seemed ok, until the night we discovered ANTS!! When this was reported to the receptionist, she rudely replied 'nothing can be done, I am on my own' as it was 11.30pm. The only solution we was given was to use some mosquito spray, which we used but then could not breath. Then eventually we were moved to another room, but there was NO apology.
The food was just repetitive, and the smell going down into the restaurant was disgusting and put you off the food before you even entered.
The overall staff were very rude and unfriendly, only some of the bar staff were ok.

Salou itself is nice and a good place to go with family, however I would not recommend this hotel to anyone and would never stay there again.

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  • Travel date: Sun 23rd of August 2009

dont go

Reviewed Fri 15th of May 2009

"i do not recommend this hotel the only thing i can say was good was the bedroom the food was cold no enteratmment pool was dirty i asked to see the in door pool and got told it was closed down and the bar staff are miserble we"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of May 2009

Nice hotel, shame about the guests

Reviewed Tue 28th of April 2009

"We had our booking changed to Valencia Park at the last minute, we looked at some reviews and thought "it can't be that bad" we thought that it was just people being overly fussy. We were quite wrong, whilst the food was pretty good and the rooms were ok, the staff were quite unhelpful except for a couple.

We ordered drinks at the bar, for which we paid a considerable amount. We were just our way out to the pool when we were told "no, that is for all inclusive guests only" I exlplained that we were also guests at the hotel and was told that we would have to finish our drinks before we could sit by the pool with all of the all inclusive guests.

We were having a good holiday and up until the 3rd day everything was ok, not great but ok; at that point approximately 100 French teenagers arrived intent on causing havoc. They were jumping from balcony to balcoy, screaming, whistling, and shouting all night. Upon complaining to the manager the next morning with numerous other guests we were told "they're just kids having a good time, I can't do anything". I explained our frustrations and that they were ruining our holiday, again nothing was done.

I would say if you are looking for a boozy holiday in the sun then it is perfect as long as you don't mind noise all night long and not geting any sleep. However, if you value a good nights sleep and friendly, helpful staff then don't bother!!

Salou is nice, try the more out of town English bars if you're stuck as the prices are cheap and the staff are very friendly. Unfortunately you will get mithered to death to go in every bar and restaurant - choose wisely! The bars on the sea front cost a fortune whereas Temple Bar and Champions Bar serve very nice cocktails and beers at a very reasonable price, sometimes less than half as much as the bars on the seafront."

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  • Travel date: Mon 27th of April 2009

Never again

Reviewed Mon 10th of November 2008

"Sorry for the delay in my review, I've had a busy couple of months, well here goes:-

Not a bad hotel per se, it is, after all, a 3 star, but leaves a lot to be desired.
The rooms were adequate, although the cleanliness was sadly lacking, our rooms were cleaned, & I use the term loosely, 3 times in 2 weeks, towels changed 4 times & the bed linen wasn't changed at all during the 2nd week!!
The public areas are dismal & dated, although the pool area is OK.

Not many, those that are there were usually 'Out of Order' or closed.

Pool area.
Nice pool area, but try playing a game called "Hunt the ashtray" & when you find one play "Hide the ashtray" there were about 6 of them for everyone to share.

Sub 3 star, it was absolutely diabolical & geared solely for the many Spanish guests.

Ha ha ha, queues a mile long in our own section for AI punters, forget about service if there are Spanish guests at the 'pay bar' which there invariably was, they WILL get served first, while our queue gets longer.

Snacks were a joke, I ordered 1 hot dog & 2 chips, 15 minutes later 3 portions of chips turned up "Where's my hot dog please?" "On way" another 15 minutes elapsed & I asked again, "Run out" was the answer, this was the prevailent theme throughout.
Drinks are served all day & evening in little plastic tumblers, fair enough during the day or around the pool, but at night?
Hot drinks were also served in the same tumblers, which I refused to use on the grounds of safety, I managed to persaude them to use proper cups. This wouldn't be so bad, but if you actually paid for a drink you got glass/cup.

On the one occassion I dared to complain about the service, after waiting for nearly 20 minutes for a drink, I was stunned by the receptionists response..."So what do you want me to do about it?" I pointed out that, as a guest, my first 'point of contact' was reception & would she please ensure that the Manager was informed, "Nothing to do with me" was all I got, next time I walked through reception the Manager asked me to go into his office, this I did, he asked me if I'd had a problem, I told him about the waiting, his reply stunned me even more .... "If you complain again I will call the police & have you arrested" needless to say that was the first & last complaint.

See above comments.
Plus, there are 3 members of staff that won't be there for long ..... they are to good, they are happy, they are pleased to be of service, they are helpful, they are friendly. Unfortunately the only name I can remember is Michael in reception, the other 2 worked behind the bar, the rest of them I found to be surly, arrogant & downright rude, that includes the management.
I know you're all thinking that they were like that because I probably was, but I can assure you I treat everyone with civility, I try to speak their language, I am friendly & polite, I always say 'por favor' & 'gracias'.

Quite a good location, close to the small beach, not much further to the big beach.
Close enough to all the amenities of Salou, although it's 2/3rds of the way up a steep hill.

Would I go again? ............... Not if you paid me 10 grand!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 10th of November 2008

Not Bad

Reviewed Tue 14th of October 2008

"On arrival to the hotel we thought it was very nice the man on reception was very friendly, the rooms were very clean, the food was lovely for the first 2 days, after that it was rubbish, it was chicken every lunch and every night, we both ended up with the runs for a couple of days, we ended up eating out at the 19th hole its a great little pub just round the corner.

The hotel itself is nice, it's clean and the staff were friendly enough, the dissapointing thing was the food and there was only entertainment 2 nights out of the 7 we were there, as for salou it's lovely the main beach is really clean loads of shops and plenty to do, i would go back to salou but don't think i would go back to the hotel. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 13th of October 2008

my partner,step-son and myself stayed he...

Reviewed Wed 10th of September 2008

"my partner,step-son and myself stayed here for one week all-inclusive...... weather great, hotel good the only thing that put us off was we were supposed to be all-inclusive but not everything is .there was a seperate part for all-inclusive and another part for paying customers . when you went to the bar if there was paying customers standing then they got priority ,we were left waiting until someone was available there was no staff,and the ones that were there im afraid were not very nice....they made you feel like a second hand citizen.....but that didnt put us off.... the containers that you got through the day were the same one's you got at night small and plastic...... food i thought was good that was a first for me normally i cant eat the food again in the restuarant ths staff the rooms were big enough and got tidied up most days.....you get what you pay for in the end "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 10th of September 2008

"Fab Hotel" The Venencia Park is a grea...

Reviewed Fri 22nd of August 2008

""Fab Hotel"

The Venencia Park is a great hotel rooms very clean, same goes for the rest of the hotel. In the centre of everything (lots of shops and pubs/clubs near by) also only a 10 minute walk from the beach where all along the beach there is more cocktail bars although can be difficult to get a seat down at the beach as everyone has the same idea of going down there for the breeze at night. We were all inclusive and the food was ok plenty of selection and snacks served all day (hot dogs, chips, burger and toastie) they also had a large variety of sea food most nights for dinner with the usual meats potatoes and chips along with fresh salad with lots of choice everyday for lunch and dinner. Don't have a bad word really to say about this hotel yeah its not 5 star but if you didn't pay for 5* then please do not expect that as some of the reviews I read before I went made this place seem like the hotel from hell and I was a bit put off but what a lot of nonsence I soon realise this was people complaining just for the sake of complaining. Trust me this hotel is very clean, staff were friendly and great location and that is all you need for a good holiday.

Bad Points - smell of sewage every so often but Salou is know for this, bar staff give you silly wee plastic cups but nothing that will ruin your hols we had a great time and would stay at this hotel again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of August 2008

like everyone else, we were very nervous...

Reviewed Tue 19th of August 2008

"like everyone else, we were very nervous about going after reading the reviews.
damn good job we didnt listen to them and went anyway.
we went with 2 kids, 5 and 7, both have asked if we can go back for 2 weeks next year, i dont think i need to say anything more than that!!
but i will.....
the hotel was clean, the staff were friendly, the room was very basic and the only english speaking channel on the TV was CNN, but who cares about the tv!
the air con didnt work on our arrival but a quick trip to reception and it was fixed.
other people have complained about the staff being rude, we only had one incident with rude staff, my partner was at the bar, the bar man was very grumpy and a bit rude, but then he was being shouted at by about 10 english guests who didnt like to queue!
the following day the barman made a point of apologising to my partner even though we made no complaint.
so to all you out there reading the other reviews and thinking oh god what have we let ourselves in for, the answer is simple, a very good holiday that we plan on doing again next year."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 19th of August 2008

Having read the previews reviews I was d...

Reviewed Mon 18th of August 2008

"Having read the previews reviews I was dreading what this would be like. Its really not that bad, you get what you pay for. My partner and I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old and they had an absolute ball. Basically, the rooms were fine and safe and had everything we needed. The childrens pool was basic but adequate and the adult pool was large and also adequate and clean. There is a lifeguard who is on the ball and does not let anything go past him!! It was a safe environment and the food and drink on an all inclusive basis was perfectly acceptable. There was nothing for us to complain about at all and we couldnt understand why so many people had written horror stories about it. I think if you are looking for something to complain about then you will find it. Its a great family hotel, and nothing to worry about. The only thing we could pick fault with was that the bar staff were a bit grumpy and certainly took their time making snacks and getting drinks but to be honest who could blame them!!! You have to remember that this a 3 star hotel in Spain, not Britain and you should be ready to accept the fact that you wont get the same service over there as you get in England. The food was a bit repetitive but there was plenty of choice, its not a la carte but again, it was more than adequate. There is entertainment on at night for the kids, its not total quality but the children dont know that and they loved it regardless. The bar area shuts at midnight and they are prompt at getting you out but there are plenty of family bars directly across the road which stay open later if you want to stay out. All in all we had a lovely family holiday, no disasters and nothing substantial to moan about so everyone else that has slated it, you need to pay more money if you want perfection!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 18th of August 2008

I don't understand what people mean when...

Reviewed Fri 25th of July 2008

"I don't understand what people mean when they say this holiday was the worst holiday they've ever been on. Obviously they've never been to Kos in Greece then they'd have something to complain about!
I came to Salou with my boyfriend for a week and we had a great time.
We had no problems with the food and thought there was a huge choice and it all tasted lovely.
The only problems we did have was that the air conditioning in the room was faulty and our shower wasn't fixed on the wall properly and we didn't have hot water for a couple of days - however, saying this, we reported it to reception both days and both times the hot water was back on within the hour which wasn't really a problem.

Some of the staff aren't too polite but I wouldn't say they were particularly rude and it didn't bother us at all.

Salou is a lovely place and although the night life wasn't really busy, e.g. big clubs, etc. there was lots going on and we loved it!
The beaches were lovely and are really close to the hotel - you can easily walk there in like 5mins or 10mins if you go to the big beach.

Overall, I loved this holiday and didn't want to come home. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 25th of July 2008

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