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The hotel far exceeds the 3 star standar...

Reviewed Wed 30th of June 2004

"The hotel far exceeds the 3 star standard I have received in other Spanish hotels.

The policy of turning off the air conditioning for defrosting was waved during the heat in 2004 . If balcony door were kept closed, the rooms were comfortable. Rooms were clean, ensuite with balcony.

The food was varied and lots of choice. If you were willing to try new dishes. For those people who would not try, the standard sausage and chips is always available.

Staff are polite and tried very hard to speak the languages of all guests. At my last count, they managed about four different ones. The pool was small but kept clean by the food ban, for those guests who adhere to it. The Greigo is excellent value.

My only complaint was moaning guests . Mosquitoes don’t just live at the Greigo.
With lots of people, you may have to wait to be served at the bar. But what’s the rush it’s a holiday? I have sent both family and friends to this hotel and no one has complained. Paying for a 3 star holiday, I was impressed."

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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of June 2004

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