Marconfort Griego Hotel

Avenida de Sorolla 7, 29620 Torremolinos Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 3.5 room
  • 3 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 4 service
  • 4 dining
  • 3.5 amenities
  • 3 value
  • 4 food
  • 3.5 cleanliness
  • 3 location

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"having just returned from this hotel not impressed having arrived at 11 am with 2 children could not check in till 2 pm. having then checked in rooms in bad need of decor 1 pool for 300 people and a kiddies corner fit for 1 child this cant have been all inclusive for long. this is a big no no for little ones place itself is surrounded by high rise buildings just like benidorm without the night life"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 17th of August 2005

Was it......wasn't it?


"On arriving at the hotel our first impressions were posistive! Our room was a little small and very basic but more do you need! However on comparing it to other hotels we've stayed at it was average. We stayed in August and there was no chance of getting a sun bed as it was like a stampede at 9 in the morning. We wern't getting up until 10 because we stayed out some nights til 3 on the town (which we had no complaints about) so therefore there was little chance of getting one. There's little room around the pool as the sun beds were back to back! So it was off to the beach for us! The beach is about a 15 minute walk away with hundreds of steps to climb up and down to gain access! There is a lift but it isn't well signposted and we came across it by complete accident! For someone of an older age or finds it difficult to walk long distances a trek to the beach is out of the question! The beach itself was clean, although for the swimmers amongst you its very pebbly to get into and the water isn't in our opinion very desirable! If going half board/all inclusive the food was nice but theere wasnt a very big variety! During the nights the hotel put on entertainment which infact didnt entertain us at all! Expect one night when they got the audience involved and one of the women we met out there took part! One of the better nights! The night life was good if you like that kind of thing. Although again was a little walk away. But all in all the holiday was enjoyed!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 12th of August 2005

Life as a battery hen


"Ive just returned following a one week all inclusive stay at this hotel. I was holidaying with my wife and two young children aged 23 months and 4years of age. The hotel is situated in a residential part of Torremolinos (see photo) which is a bit run down however a 10 minute wak with a pram and 4 year old takes you to a much more pleasant part of town. This hotel unfortunately was totally unsuitable for my family. The rooms were a disgrace in that it was a double room with two extra beds leaving almost no free floor space to walk about the room. This is despite contacting my tour operator on several occasions prior to departure to ensure a "family room" Only one adult could move at any one time around the room. (See photo) The room itself looked out onto a pile of rubbble below (See photo) however one advantage of this extremely poor position was that the lack of sunlight meant that the room didnt heat up as much as it may have otherwise done which was fortunate as the air conditioning was a joke -- a very bad joke. The communal areas are just totally inadequate in space for the number of guests that this hotel caters for and it is best to avoid the restaurant at busy periods as it is absolutely chaos. The pool area was like the rooms in that there was no free space to walk about and there is no kiddies pool so if your children are as small as mine then there might as well be no pool at all as its just not safe for them. The biggest asset this hotel has is its staff who work tirelessly to compensate for the obvious lack of adequate facilities. They were friendly at all times especially to the children. The hotel is cleaned daily as were the rooms but it was very untidy first thing in the morning (after the night before) however this can not be blamed on the staff as it would have been the clientelle that left the mess in the first place. On my last morning as I was taking one last look at the pool with my 4 year old and I spotted a condom in the pool. Again this is not the fault of the hotel however it does highlight some of the problems that it faces with some of the clientelle it serves. On a positive note we went all inclusive and this is the best option to avail of. The food was adequate and the queues at the bar were not as bad as expected. Overall this was a disappointing hotel and it certainly didnt fit our family's requirements. I would therefore not recommend this hotel to anyone I know."

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  • Travel date: Sat 6th of August 2005

Great Enviroment!!!!!!!! Luved it!!!!!!


"Hi, jus arrived bk from hotel yesterday, me 19 bf 20 & brova 12 we went all incl.

Had a great time, met loads of people it was a laugh n we didnt move out of the hotel only to aqua park which is brill 5 mins away n beech is georgeous but the sand was too HOT!!!!

Food was nice & room for a 3* service was great etc... wud defo recomend it.....

Loads of entertainment day and night for all ages it was great!


11.30pm get 2/3 drinks at a time coz service stops at 12.00 so fill ur boots - we did lol!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 27th of July 2005

Hmm - it was ok - read on...


"Stayed here recently, and when we first arrived the first few days, the hotel was stupidly overcrowded. Sunbeds were all taken, no room around the pool because of the sunbeds and breakfast and lunch tables hard to get.

However, after two days the crowd seemed to disappear, didnt really get quiet as such, but much quieter which was better.

The weather all week was beautiful averaging at a storming 38 degrees.

Rooms were brilliant, i had no complaints - i thought they were super comfy beds and the air con worked well all through the night/day. Cleaned every day too so i was happy. TV was a bit crap but i had CNN to watch Conan o Brien which was good.

The hotel was a bit maze-like with all the main parts of it located on different floors - ie. reception on ground floor, pool and pool bar on 2 and other stuff across the other side of floor 2, so it was a pain having to walk that, but i suppose its only minor.

Only spent time in the hotel when sleeping, eating breakfast/dinner or sunbathing. Apart from that, we were out everyday.

Torremolinos is a lovely little resort with nice shops and a very friendly atmosphere. Defintely suitable for families.

In the center of town at night there were always little acts on such as singing indians, or dancing spanish old people :) Which was nice. Shops stayed open till late, and there was a huuuuge choice for food.

Nightlife in torremolinos is ususally criticised, but i thought it was brill. Lots of little bars for drinks (the place is full of PRs who will try there hardest to take u to there bar but i didnt mind that)

Now, benalmadena is the place to go for a night out, its about 8 mins away on bus (which run all night) at 1 euro. U can go out in 24 hour square (awesomely busy and cheap) or go down hill a little to the marina which is also full of clubs and bars which stay open all night. So thats a recommendation there.

The beach in torremolinos is busyish but lovely. It is a fair walk from the hotel but if u dont mind walking 20mins you wont mind obviously :) Sea is fairly warm compared to britain, although a little murky compared to the seas in other places like greece.

Well, thats about it. The holiday was good and fairly cheap, but from the looks of this site not many people enjoyed there stay at griego mar.

I suppose if you're looking for a top quality 4-5 star hotel then you wont like it here, but if ur just normal and want a nice place to stay which will cater well enough for you without trying to be too posh then its perfect.


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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of July 2005

give it a chance


"I stayed in this hotel last june with some friends. i have read some of the reviews of this hotel recently which were quite bad but i had a great experince there so if anyone going soon- dont believe everything u read! we were half board so only ate breakfast which was good. there were cereals, juices, fresh baguettes with fresh ham and cheese( lovely). we had dinner there the 1st night which wasnt great so after that we just had lunch which was pasta, chips, salads etc which was fine.
room was great- massive with a huge bathroom, safe, air con, balcony overlooking pool. cleaned every day. no complaints about room at all.
pool was sometimes cold early in the morning but got warmer as the day went on. thought it was a bit small for the size of the hotel but was ok. was cleaned every day. not enough umbrellas or sun-beds but i dont really lie out in the sun anyway.
entertainment wasnt great so we headed to a few irish bars just down the street which were great fun. its a quiet enough area. went to benalmadena to the 24hr square one night- its a lot noisier and busier only about 7/8 euros in a taxi.
beach is about 20 minute walk and down alot of steps but there are some nice wee shops on the way so it doesnt seem that far away
water park is about 20 min walk in opposite direction. walk out of hotel and turn left, easy to find. it was brilliant- that was the best day there!
overall hotel is dated and needs renovated but we paid a bargain price, got a good breakfast, a brilliant room and an ok pool so we couldnt really complain!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 9th of July 2005

didnt think much of it


"When I went to this hotel in June i was withmy partner, my daughter and my parnters brother and sister-in-law, the room was pretty basic but always cleaned, no matter what time we got out of bed. The staff couldn't do enough for you eg; we got extra pillows on request, and when we enquired about the air conditioning it was just getting put on due to the heat. The beds were very uncomfortable and the food didn't suit our tastes but we are fussy and always eat out anyway when we go on all-inclusives. The staff did not let you get more than two drinks but they are also working very hard and were still very pleasant, it must be hard when there are all-inclusive and paying customers as well. There isn't enough sun beds for the amount of people in the hotel, but if you wait long enough there is always someone leaving. I didnt think much of this hotel but i disliked it that much we are going back in July as well. One of the good things is that the kids will play and leave you alone to sunbathe and they can go and get themselves juice and ice lollies. The other good thing was that you could pay a little extra for the likes of Smirnoff or other named alcoholic drinks. I must say this hotel was not too bad"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 5th of July 2005

hotel el grotto


"i,ve just returned from 5 days all inclusive at the griego mar with my wife and our two friends. on arrival at the hotel 12pm saturday we were told our rooms would not be ready till 2pm.not a good start.but we later found out this was a every day event. armed with our all inc. bracelets we headed for the first bar,not allowed we were told,in this bar you must pay. we found one bar that we cold use with a long cue,one barman serving, two others standing watching.eventually the four of us got a drink,then we decided on some food at the ajoining kiosk,not allowed you must pay here we were told.we spent 5 days at this misserable hotel, no choice of food,only one bar ,dirty floors,misserable staff,The best entertianment was too sit in reception and listen to all the unhappy customers trying to get some help."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 1st of July 2005

Can't say I loved it....


"i am an 18 year old female and I went with my mum jst couple days back. Can't say i loved the hotel... air conditioning wasnt put on till a couple of days before we left even tho the temps were reaching 35 degrees!! some sleepness nights i tell ya. There were alot of kids wen i was there and the kids entertainment was really good !. They were all kept occupied and there is a sunterrace for those who want to get away from the noise and splashin in the pool!. We were all inclusive and the drinks and snack bar were good ! Al l the staff were really friendly !! Food was good too...GREAT selection and enjoied it alot
Were on th 9th floor and the lifts did have a tendancy of not being quick and taking a while to get to you. The rooms were 'average'...wudnt quite grade them as 3 * rooms. There were 3 bars in the grounds , one for adults only which opened at 11 but shut at 1 !!
There is like NO nightlife in torrelmolinos. I went along to the 24hour square in benelmadena which is about 7 euros.. not bad really cos there is loads of pubs and clubs there to be enjoied ! beware of the PRS will get attacked wen you get outta taxi wantin u to go to their bars ! lol...
Was a good holiday ! jst wudnt go back! def a place for people wanting a quiet holiday or with kids. Altho the beach is 20 mins away..down steps... hard to walk up again!!!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 6th of June 2005



"Our party consisted of Six adults, one child and a 14month old baby.
We went for the last six days in May. On arrival we had been allocated our three rooms, but they were all doubles instead of two doubles and a familly room. When we complained, they just put another bed and a cot in one of the double rooms. The hotels adverts say that there is airconditioning (One the prime reasons we booked this hotel), but it's not switched on till June.
We thought the food was usually undercooked and lacked variety. We spent a lot of time and money eating out.
The entertainment was very poor and with all activities being centred around one room (The other entertainment venue didnt open till 11.00pm) it meant that if you didn't like what was on you had to go out.
Our 'All inclusive' package, didn't include drinks in one of the bars, and the drinks that you did have pay for, changed from bar to bar and so did the price, also the Hotel employs a very strange rule that only allows each guest to order a maximum of two drinks from it's bars. When you are in a party like we were, you have to form your own familly queue to a buy a round of drinks? Plus most snacks had to be paid for.
There wern't enough sun beds (In May?) and the hotel Animation staff encouraged the children to play football between the terrace bar tables.
The whole hotel is tired and in need of a good clean and redecoration, and the staff need a lesson in manners. We found them all very short and abrupt.
We would have to se considerable change to revisit."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 31st of May 2005

no sun


"Stayed at hotel 30oct for 1 wk.
The only sun u get is 10yds round the pool which is always taken.
Everywhere else in shade no sun at all on balconies.
Entertainment nonexistent except the animation team do try in the daytime.
But if u want to wait in a bar till 10 o clock with Spanish music. then u will get a parrot show.
Rooms cleaned daily. but u could grow potatoes in the bathroom on the mildew around the plugs and for everyone try the Gigondas restaurant.
if u want the sun don't go .there is a free bus which will take you down to the beach.
and there is a snack bar there too free to all inclusive guests. this is the positive side of the hotel.
The bus only runs peak times so check it out .we were lucky as they extended for a further week.
Other wise you would not see any sun at all. read all reviews before going there the good reviews must have been from the people staying in the rooms that had been done up.
The people who get up at 6o.clock and put their beds out round the pool with towels on.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 10th of October 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 2 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

pool from hell


"The hotel was good, good food, good staff, also room was cleaned every day the only problem we had was the pool you could not get near it as people were up at 6 o, clock so they could put chairs round the pool and other area,s the entertainment was terrible it was more catered for the kids than adults. I would go back but not if there was kids there.and also if they stop people putting chairs round the pool to book there space."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 8th of July 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness
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  • ward3 by ward3

    "Lovely area, something for everyone. "

  • ward3 by ward3

    "Hotel restaurant / Crocodile Park / local harbour...catamarin boat trip "

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    "Train station - visit Feungirola for just 3 euros RETURN! Trains every 30 minutes. "

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    "Visit the beach and crocodile park. "

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    "Not your typical spanish holiday resort, more like a city but with nothing to do! "

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    "very nice..choose right hotel "

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    "had a great time here "

  • mike71 by mike71

    "Torremollinos has nice parts to it but not here "

  • Mouse by Mouse

    "I'd definitely go there for a short break again. "

  • Loz by Loz

    "Go to the tourist office for information, as the reception do not hold much information. "

  • ellie by ellie

    "eat in the chinese across the street- lovely! :) beach is gr8, go there but get a taxi, its about €7! "

  • sharon62 by sharon62

    "great food and polite staff "

  • NottsK by NottsK

    "Do explore all of the hotel not just the pool areas, there is a lot more if you look around "

  • paulj1960 by paulj1960

    "free packets of crisps back off bar "

  • Carol P by Carol P

    "Clean rooms, better food.change bar arrangements, so able to be served "

  • john0384 by john0384

    "change the way the pool is run and also the entertainment "

  • cliff12 by cliff12

    "book rooms in the higher numbers "

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