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  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • fitness center
  • free parking
  • wifi
  • kitchenette
  • air conditioning
  • refrigerator
  • non smoking rooms
  • non smoking hotel
  • flatscreen tv
  • microwave
  • multilingual staff
  • self serve laundry
  • outdoor pool
  • paid wifi
  • car hire
  • english amenities
  • hammam
  • private balcony
  • beach
  • sauna
  • spanish amenities
  • heated pool
  • paid internet
  • kids activities
  • tennis court
  • billiards
  • mini golf

Reviews summary

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6 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Our week in heaven

Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"Totally amazed at the first review above. Leila Playa has been a place of tranquility for us in the 10 years we have been travelling there. Apartments are rated Gold Star by RCI and rightly so, gardens are as beautiful as you would get anywhere in Spain, swimming pool is just the right size for the number of apartments, and the views are to die for.

The evening entertainment is very family oriented and the performers very talented, far from wishing to be far away I love sitting on our balcony of an evening listening to the entertainment whilst drifting away with the lapping waves and the moon and stars shining across the ocean. The bedrooms are at the rear of the apartments so even when I went to bed early one night, when the door was closed the music was blocked out even though we are the nearest apartment to the stage area.

There must have been an error in the last posters electricity bill. We had air conditioning and other electrics on all week, as well as the washing machine and dishwasher, cooked with the electric hob and oven, yet our bill was 14.95 euros.

We love Leila Playa, my brother and his wife where out with us last week and liked it so much they have purchased a week too."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 28th of September 2009

Good Enough, I Guess, But Did Not Meet My Expectations

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"The MacDonald Leila Playa Club is a mixed bag. Physically, it is a beautiful place that evokes Santorini style with its white washed villas flanking a well landscaped and inviting pool and a view of the Mediterranean. The resort leads to a pretty stretch of beach. In this sense it is ideal.

The villa interiors provoked my frustrated interior designer, however. They are so tired, so in need of refurbishing with their heavy curtains, massive wood furnishings, thick dark bed spreads, fake cut crystal stemware... Something lighter, fresher and a little less fuddy would make these units great. As it stands, they are just good.

All in all, the best of this property is it's intimate scale, physical beauty and location on a nice swath of beach that is not plagued by the overcrowding and over development of other beaches in the area.

There are several things about this property that are pretty hard to deal with. The variety shows are unbearable. Several times a week there is a tired lounge singer belting out hours worth of Abba and Carpenter songs over a blaring PA system. Good luck to you if you aren't one of the ones who likes this kind of "music" and you happen to be in one of the villas closer to the terrace where the shows take place.

The doubly frustrating thing about the noise at this resort is the direct contradiction with the noise policy as described in detail in the resort "log book" given to each occupant. The log books states that resort guests must be considerately quiet after 10 p.m, but the variety shows blast on well past 11:30 p.m and noisy guests prattle on until well past midnight on some nights. When I asked the reception about this contradiction I was told that what the resort really meant by "quiet" was that soft shoes must be worn in the units after 10. Still, I could have put on high heels and danced bulerias and not even have been audible to anyone over the blaring variety show and raucous drinking crowd on the patio. I must have had especially bad luck as I was allocated a room just behind the patio and there was an exceptionally unruly family who picked the area outside my children's bedroom as a place to let their own children shriek until the wee hours.

The management is well meaning but slightly ineffective. They can't really enforce their quiet policy because it doesn't really exist. "Legally", they explained, they cannot ask guests to refrain from noise making until midnight. But even at midnight when they ask for peace, they don't get it. If you are not a fan of being privy to loud holiday makers hee hawing and hours of Abba, I suggest that you request a room as far away from the terrace as possible. Things got so bad with the unruly family that the management placed me at Dona Lola for the remainder of my first week so that my kids and I could catch up on some sleep-- this I appreciated. During our second week at the Leila Playa we were placed in a room closer to the sea and we enjoyed some peace and quiet there at last.

The last grievance I wish to share is that of it's insane coffee-after-11 a.m policy. I'm a girl who wants a cafe solo in the morning. Not a drip American coffee in my room. How ludicrous that the cafe doesn't serve coffee until 11 a.m. It was an inconvenience to have to leave the resort each day in search of coffee. Especially unnerving on the first day I made the discovery, went to the reception and watched the man there sip on his cafe con leche while explaining the hours of operation of the cafe. It is such a simple thing, but one that makes a guests stay unpleasant. What hardship would it be to make a coffee available to guests in the morning? Crazy making.

I would consider returning to Leila Playa with the right room placement, but really, next time, I might just rent a villa instead."

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  • Travel date: Wed 29th of July 2009

Surrounded by friends!

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"I am amazed by some of the reviews that I have read about Leila Playa. I guess it depends so much on what you look for and expect from a holiday.
If you want glitz and glamour, want to fight for a sunbed around a freezing cold pool, want a choice of restaurants with service from staff who are trained to be polite, then LP is NOT for you.
If your idea of a holiday home is warm comfortable surroundings, a tranquil paradise with a heated outdoor pool, plentiful sunbeds and staff who are genuinely pleased to see you then maybe I will see you there on one of my 6 visits per year.
We love Leila Playa. It is small, intimate and a home from home, where owners are valued and cared for by delightful staff."

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  • Travel date: Sun 18th of January 2009

Somewhere i look forward to going back to every year.

Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"I have been reading the reviews on Leila Playa resort and most definately have to disagree with some. I have been going there every year in May and October for the last 16 years and have hardly ever had or heard of any problems regarding apartments, the restaurant or the resort in general. It is brilliant for a family holiday and is suitable for young people aswell as its situated between Marbia, Fuengirola and isnt far away from livlier towns such as Benalmadena or Torremolinos. All of the staff there are very helpful and accomodating, and the apartments are all very close to the swimming pool and the bar area. There is entertainment every night which is provided from the entertainment managers etc. The food in the restaurant is very nice and there is always a good choice for children, the price is't too high and every night there is a good atmosphere. The apartments are very clean and safe, they have a nice sized balcony from the main room and a area at the front of the apartments which look out onto the sea and the lovely greenery. There is a large selection of activities available for all ages every day therefore you can keep yourself busy aswell as just relaxing by the pool. I would highly recommend this holiday as everyone is so friendly and the resort itself is of an excellent standard!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 15th of December 2008

A wonderful, relaxing place.

Reviewed Tue 9th of October 2012

"I know that the place is available for an exchange with the RCI, and that is how I've got to it, but no one really had taken time to write a review on Tripadvisor, so here I am.
The resort is small, but has that great home-like feeling, the units have everything you might need on vacation, including washing machine, so you don't need to bring tonns of clothes. We've stayed in 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo on the first floor on the outer side of the resort but we had a beautiful view of the sea and enjoyed dramatic sunsets. Some people made comments that Leila Playa is like a step-sister to Dona Lola. I guess it depends on what your idea of vacation is. We went to Dona Lola for Flamenco dinner and show (which was very nice, I mean the show), but I instantly had a feeling that I've got into an over-populated apartment complex that had no sense of relaxation and serenity. Leila Playa on the other hand will get your sences recharged with tranquility and beauty.
The grounds in Leila Playa are lush and kept in outstanding condition, the pool is a bit small, but it didn't seem to be a big problem. You might want to bring your water shoes with you since there are many sharp rocks in the sea, but it is the nature, isn't it?
Resort has a fee for electricity that was quite expensive in my opinion: they have charged me 90 euros per week, Internet is available at the front desk but is pretty expensive too. Those are probably the only things I didn't particularly liked.
The staff in the resort had been great and had quickly replied to any request that needed to be addressed. I've had a great time and will recommend this resort to anyone who needs relaxation in the great place."

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  • Travel date: Sat 20th of September 2008

We had a 3 bed apartment which we were d...

Reviewed Tue 20th of May 2008

"We had a 3 bed apartment which we were delighted with (and I'm fussy). The master bed had a 1st floor balcony with sunbeds and dining table/chairs - it had the most wonderful view of the sea. The beach is only feet away from this resort! Having a large car (5 adults) was wonderful - drove straight from the airport to resort - good directions. Entrance was fine - had read it was a nightmare but it's a busy main road - not that you hear the traffic once in the resort as water features abound and the sound of the waves on the beach are fab. Pool excellent - heated although weather was very good. Re the gym I heard it wasn't very good but hey didn't even poke my nose in. Food average at resort with excellent restaurants in the area. Best entertainment - Sangria making lesson - still use the receipe to this day thank you. Spainish night at sister resort - food only average - dancing excellent worth it for that alone - but if you go to the bar you can watch the dancing for only the price of your drinks."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 20th of May 2008

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