Balcon de Competa Hotel and Bungalows

Calle San Antonio 75, 29754 Competa Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 5 pool
  • 5 service
  • 5 value
  • 5 food
  • 5 cleanliness
  • 4 location

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beautifull hotell


"this is a lovely clean hotel with beautiful views .the food is very fresh and cooked to run and very friendly.nice for a break in winter and in summer has great swimming pool with bar and lovely food which will be cooked for you.the rooms are very clean. Lovely village and plenty of other places to visit.great if you have a car but if not Pepe the hotel driver will always take you to other places.he is a very good driver.i.v been to this hotel quite a lot of times and cannot fault it."

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  • Travel date: Fri 13th of March 2015

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  • 4 Location
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

dont stay at this hotel if you are british UK


"we stayed for one week on a half-board basis. "I would not recommend this unless you follow my tips, if you are english"
The hotel in general is very clean, and the room we had was ok and cleaned daily, "so no faults there"
Breakfast is a joke with regards to what you can have. In fact I have had better in a 2 star hostel in Ibiza. You have the choice of cold ham/cheese/melon/Toast and jam/ plus the normal tea or coffee. "forget the fruit juice, as this is something you would expect at a kids party" in other words, sweet/sickly/and made up of some form of consantrate & water.
There are no olives or tomatoes at breakfast, as they consider this to be a Tapas, and therefore do not serve it????
Forget the hopes of an egg, as this and other items are served as an extra, and you pay a lot of money for them. So all-in-all, the breakfast is rubbish. Lots of local spanish use the hotel in the morning and during the day. They come into the hotel and sit on the balcony where you will eat all your meals, and they come in force with there dogs also.
"so whilst you are eating your breakfast or any other meal, and dont mind a dog taking a Wee up your chair-leg or the hotel wall, then this might be ok for you. But for me, it made me sick and was a big PUT-OFF in continuing to eat.
"NOW FOR THE EVENING MEAL, if you go half-board" First, I must state that the menue has a very small choice to choose from. You will get a starter/main meal/and sweet, "but this is how it works" The waiter will ask you for all three choices. You will then get your starter first, but before you have finished/or just about to start eating your starter, the waiter will then bring you out your main course!!!! The main course is always warm-to-cold, so the time you are ready to eat this, it is so cold that you will just leave it.
We tried another stratergy, and that was to order the starter but tell the waiter you have not made the choice on the main dish as yet. This worked ok for one night, and then by the second night the waiter hooked on to what you was doing. Therefore once he new your stratagy, he would make you wait up to 1 hour for your main course!!! "so in a way, you cant beat them into the normal way a UK british person would want there meal served.
There deserts are stated on the menue as home-made??? "dont be fooled by this, as if you walk into the bar area, you will see them all froozen in a glass-fronted freezer.
Beware of one waiter in perticular, and that being the owners son. It seemed from what I was seeing, and how he treated us, he does not seem to like british people and seems to have a "chip-on-his-shoulder" and will treat you like something he has stepped on (IE: Dog-Poo) But all the other waiters and staff are very friendly.
This guy, being the owners son, should never-never-never be working in the hotel holiday trade for sure.
ENTERTAINMENT: "almost ziro" there is, however, one night at the weekend where they put on some form of show. When we where there, it was a Mexican Band which was very good. But again you will feel as if you should not be there, as all local spanish will book a table for the evening event, and they get A1 waiter service against you "the paying hotel holiday guest" Plus the food we had was very poor and basic, but the local spanish who where there got the best. The food they had looked so nice and to die for, "but again we walked away disapointed" :-(
NOTE: if you book direct with the hotel, going by there web site prices and discount offers, be very careful in what you pay. As a half board might be advertised around 75 euros a night, plus discount, but when I booked and paid it worked out to 103 euros per night, making the total bill 721 euros for a week. All-in-all, it was an expence that could have been cheaper staying in one of the other 2 main guest accomodations in this region.
WATER: being that this is one of the hotest regions in spain, water is a must for british also. Therefore I suggest you dont buy your water at the hotel, as this is well over priced. I would suggest you walk out the front of the hotel, cross the small road, and buy your water from the "one-and-only" local store. This will knock pound (sterling) of the cost of your stay.
WHERE TO DRINK OR EAT AT A GOOD PRICE: well, stay clear of the hotel, as there tapas is very expensive really. Go out the front hotel door and turn right. When you get to a fork in the road, you can turn right and follow the road down until you get to the first bar on the left. The drinks and food are good priced, and you can sit inside or outside, plus they are very friendly to all people.
If you turn left at the fork in the road, this will take you to the main square. There are two main places to eat or drink, and both are very friendly indeed. But from the main squire you will just about see a small bar at the corner of a side street. "you cant miss-it, as there are only a few streets of the main quaire. Head to this one, "which many brits who live there use also" and you will find the drinks are the cheapest, plus the tapas are the cheapest and very taistie to eat. The girl there is very friendly and makes you feel at home. "this one I recommend, and would make this your main aim, for quality and price"
ALL-IN-ALL, the region is very old spanish style, and is very laid-back in life style. Therefore I would recommend going there for sure, for a weeks holiday break. But if you are british, I would not recommend the Hotel Balcon De Competa. "if you are german/dutch/swedish/or spanish, then this is the hotel for you.
Being a well traveled guy, and worked overseas in many countries, and stayed in many hotels and regions, I without doubt would not recommend this to any UK british person.
"sorry hotel balcon, but the truth should be known to all my fellow brits" :-(

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  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of September 2009
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    "laid back/peaceful/but fully closed on sundays "

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    "any in or around the main plato "

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    "plenty of villages near to balcon.very restfull "

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