H10 Estepona Palace

Avda del Carmen 99 Playa del Guadalobon, 29680, Estepona Spain
4 star hotel

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  • 2 room
  • 5 pool
  • 2 beach
  • 1 service
  • 3 value
  • 4 food
  • 5 cleanliness
  • 3 location

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Reviewed Thu 26th of May 2016

"The hotel is amazing, food is really good. It's clean and could potentially be a 5 star. But such a shame about the staff. The managers are rude, bar staff are moody. Only interested if your paying for your meals so they can get their tips. So if your all inclusive, no chance of a good service and not to mention 'privilege', doesn't mean anything, you might as well have a standard room. We went privilege on the 6th floor. The room was tiny and didn't have much of a balcony. We complained but they wouldn't move us. "

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  • Travel date: Thu 26th of May 2016

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  • 3 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

First impressions, huge reception area,...

Reviewed Sat 14th of June 2008

"First impressions, huge reception area, very spacious and clean. Offered a glass of Cava on arrival which was welcome as the journey from the airport takes over 1and a half hrs by private taxi! Imagine what it would take by coach transfer. The room was also huge, but very dark. Sea view, but no sun at all on the balcony. Bed was hard but all very clean. Went for a walk on the 'beach' that was our first disaapointment. The beach is grit, very dirty and large stones, there is nothing either side of the hotel to walk to, on the beach. By road, the marina is a good half hour walk away, and the town another half hour. The buses are cheap but do get a timetable as they vary each day. Taxi is the best option. There are no 'shops' in or near the hotel at all. You can't even buy a postcard! There is a fridge in the room but unless you buy from the bar or room service, there are two vending machines selling sot drinks ony. There is a Shell petrol station south of the hotel, about a 10mins walk away and you can get cans of beer, snacks and even wine from there. Walking towards Estapona there is a sign to your left saying Supermarket. Don't be fooled it is still along walk away.

At night is the biggest problem, after dinner, unless you feel like another hike, or splash the cash on taxis, there really is nothing to do near by.

The meals in the hotel are OK, not great but OK, all buffet only, and coffee is not included with dinner. Trip to Gibralter was good, and we went by bus to Marbella and Peurto Banus, but allow a whole day for each trip.

The pool area is very nice, we did manage to get sunbeds most of the time. The pool is cold though! Also for a 4star hotel, there is no poolside drinks service. There is a small restaurant/bar, but poorly staffed and expensive. A waiter coming round the captive audience on sun beds would have made a fortune, and plastic glasses would be acceptable I'm sure!

Would we go again...what do you think!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 14th of June 2008

The hotel itself is very nice, we had a...

Reviewed Thu 31st of January 2008

"The hotel itself is very nice, we had a large room with wonderful views. Eveyone was welcoming and i enjoyed my stay here. The food was of a very high standard, im a vegetarian but i always found lots of tasty dishes to enjoy. The pool area was wonderful to sit round and relax but i have to say the pool was quite cold at times. What i also liked about this hotel is that it had its own private beach just seconds from the hotel which was lovely too, it was so nice to just relax and listen to the waves. The only downside i would say is that there isnt a lot to do around the hotel and i was a little bored at night time but i suppose its not the type of hotel or area you go to if you want a lively atmosphere. The town was just a short bus ride away so its not too bad. I would say that this hotel is best suited to couples who wish to have a relaxing and peaceful holiday. "

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  • Travel date: Thu 31st of January 2008

Having actually been 'sent' to the Estep...

Reviewed Tue 25th of September 2007

"Having actually been 'sent' to the Estepona Palace by Thomas cook who had completely 'Thomas Cooked up' our holiday booking and double booking everywhere, we were apprehensive that this Hotel had rooms available...

Fair enough its a nice hotel, average four star, clean and the foods nice (not great but okay). The service is completely hit and miss, the first week it was busy and we ended up waiting half an hour at breakfast to get any coffee off the waitress, then the second week it was empty and the dining room became like a prison dining room with the staff waiting to pounce on you at any moment.

The same happened in the bar, as soon as more than 3 people wanted serving the staff couldn't cope. This is where the problems start as the only place to go in the evening is the hotel bar, this hotel is very isolated, it is a hike into the port and a long long walk into Estepona itself.

As theres no where for guests to go the pool area was always packed out by 10am, often most sunbeds were 'reserved' well before 9am, even though there were notices about not reserving sunbeds! totally ignored!

The beach was also very dirty and full of rotting seaweed, there was also no pool bar, only a very over priced 'snack bar'. It seemed to me that the hotel knew it had a captive audience and calculated their prices to reflect this.

If you like to remain in your hotel and never leave the premises, maybe this could be for you, but by the end of two weeks, without a hire car, you'll be stir crazy!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 25th of September 2007

We arrived in Malaga with no accommodati...

Reviewed Wed 12th of September 2007

"We arrived in Malaga with no accommodation, hit tourist info and amongst their recommendations was the H10 Estepona Palace. We phoned the hotel for availability to be told there was nothing left to offer us. We didn't give up and went on-line at the local internet cafe and found that a booking could be made, B&B for 11 nights.

Upon arrival in the hotel we found the staff to be very helpful, got to our room which was a good size, well equipped and sea view on the 2nd floor. We explored the hotel and our impression of the hotel was pleasing, the pool area and being on the sea front was simply perfect. We had a poor sleep as the bed was quite hard but the maid sorted this out for us with a blanket under the sheets (hotel had recently replaced all the beds).

Breakfast the next morning was a bit like a canteen atmosphere so we elected to sit outside and this was an entirely different experience. Food was vast in selection but average in quality. The staff seemed overworked and stressed and this impacted availability of some items from glasses to certain foods which were obviously popular. It was however o.k.

Sunbeds was the next focus and often the towels were already out reserving the bed even though there was a hotel rule not before 9 and if left for 30mins it would be removed. Of course we are Scottish and this is certainly not something we do. So, we ended up with beds at the very end of the stretch of beds which coincided with the children's play area. Followed the rules for 3 days and kept ending up in the same area where nobody wanted to be. Guess what? We joined the ranks and booked the sunbeds with our towels 5 mins after 9 and this was the only way we could have the area we wanted to be in. The hotel attempted to rectify the situation with post it notes with times on, an idle threat that didn't get carried through, obviously others had complained when experiencing this themselves.

Had lunch a few times and again noticed that the staff were under pressure, turns out they were staff down. We enjoyed a few lunches, I usually stuck to the healthier options tuna sandwiches and had enjoyed them all but one particular day I chose a cheese burger and when served it looked very appetising. I cut it in half simply because it was too big and to my horror it was raw. Sent it back only to have it returned on a new bun but still raw and still the same burger (I had cut it in half remember!), but it was only warm which showed there was no attempt to even cook it further. I sent it back and asked for it to be deducted from the bill. My husband spoke with a manager who profusely apologised but there was no going back for me except for purchasing coffees!!!

The f&b manager did attempt to resolve by initiation to discuss but we were on holiday and didn't pursue this to be fair. The meal and drinks were not charged and we were given a free coffee. We noticed several other customers complaining which I felt was a real shame as the staff were taking the brunt of a situation which clearly could not be managed as there was such a lack of resource.

We found the staff to be wonderful, all of them from the reception, to the maids and cleaners to the entertainment and bar areas... all of them so pleasant and courteous! Would we go back? Yes but certainly as a minimum b&b basis only. We are so glad we didn't take half or full board, that was a good move.

I certainly think there is room for improvement in the hotel but I can honestly say the ambience, setting and amenities all added to a very relaxing holiday for the 2 of us, one of the most chilled out holidays I have had. My husband enjoyed the activities on occasions, I simply soaked up the sun and the waves lashing in the background... bliss!!!!

Hotel Estepona : get the food right and you have one superb facility or are we simply to choosy? I don't think so as we believe you know you have a problem there! "

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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of September 2007

shame it rained all week and the spa was closed down

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"arrived on the sunday at 2.30pm and went and sat on a lounger had a lovely sunny three hours and then it went down hill from then on.

dinner is a buffet style affair great fro oldies but we found it very disruptive having to keep getting up for each item, rather had waitress service in a four star hotel.

next day it started raining and it hasnt stopped yet, we thought as we copuldnt go outside we would us the Wellness spa, but the hotel has decided to close it for the winter, no gym, no sauna, no steam room, or no jacuzi , only items that you need to pay for like treatments, or even if you fancy a game of scrabble to keep you occupied it will cost you 24euros and a 10 euro deposit, this hotel is costly for deposits, they like to charge deposits for everything and you need to keep tabs on all the reciepts as you will need them on departing to claim back your deposits, staff are okay, Gloria on reception is helpful, she ordered our taxis as the hotel has nothing to offer if it is raining .

we stayed in room 573 and we had a lovely view of the large building site next door which starts up at around 7.30am or maybe you could make friends with the dog that continually barks in the derelict rubbish tip to the side of the hotel.

All in all we needed a break as we work long hours ourselves but we would not recommend H10 estapona for a holiday it is more for corporate business men not English tourists wanting a nice beach holiday or use of the advertised fascilities in your holiday brochure, beware the hotel may have decidied to close them down for a hoiliday. Our recomendation is eat out of the hotel, the port has a couple of nice bars etc, breakfast is okay at the hotel , but everything else is awful"

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  • Travel date: Wed 18th of October 2006

Comedy Breakfast!

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"My boyfriend and I stayed at the Estepona Palace for a week in September. The hotel is really nice, and rooms have a great sea view, and are very spacious and always kept clean. The pool area was never busy, and finding a sunbed never proved to be a problem, though the temperature of the pool was ice cold!
We stayed on a half board basis, and breakfast was a comedy of errors. Whilst there was great choice of food, the service was horrendous! Very rarely did we find a table that was set and ready for us to sit down at. More often than not we had to clear up from the previous guests! There was one poor woman behind the counter serving the hot breakfasts, and she was trying but failing to serve a long line of people with eggs, bacon etc. By the time you'd got these, the rest of your breakfast was cold! Dinner wasn't quite so bad, as it was less busy, and food was of a decent quality with lots of variety.
Beware of drinks prices in the hotel. They are very expensive, and as the hotel is not central, they seem to have a license to charge whatever they want. If Gin is your tipple, opt for Larios as opposed to Gordons or Bombay Sapphire, as they are about 3 euros more than Larios!
I would recommend that you get a taxi into Estepona on an evening. This only costs 5 euros each way, and drinks are much cheaper.
We both decided to have a massage in the Wellness centre in the hotel. Whilst my boyfriend loved his Sports massage, I am still recovering from my Slimming massage, which was excrutiatingly painful and left my legs black and blue, which is never a good look when you're wearing a bikini most of the time!
Needless to say, we had a great relaxing time."

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of September 2006

Shame about the service

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"Everthing was great about this hotel...the pool, the food, the location, the rooms plus more. However the big big negative was the quality of service. In fact it was terrible. For example, there was never anyone at the information desk, and when asked of the staffs whereabouts we were told she was on a three hour lunch break. I know this is Spain but that is unacceptable. The hotel bar actually ran out of beer one night, and often there wasnt anyone there to serve in the first place. The mini bar was empty on arrival, and when a request was put forward to get it filled, it simply never took place. Another complaint was one of the cleaners threw away some important medication while cleaning my room. All rather bizarre and unacceptable. Shame because I dont expect royaly treatment, the basics would have been just fine."

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  • Travel date: Mon 11th of September 2006

A Mixed Bag

Reviewed Tue 4th of December 2012

"We lucked out in that I notice reviewers complaining about having to walk to the Puerto or downtown, but our travel agent booked us a rental car so we were able to drive. The guidebooks generally list Estepona as the best (or least objectionable) of the coastal towns.
The downtown is not fascinating but it is authentic.

I agree with the reviewer who said avoid rooms that end in '79. We had such a room which had a skimpy view of the sea but lengthy shuttered windows which blocked a huge hillside under construction
across the street. The hotel and rooms were very clean.

The food from room service was very bad. The staff seemed to have trouble understanding that I wanted a bucket of ice on a number of occasions and once refused me because it was past 2200 hours.
They suggested I go to the piano bar who considerately filled two paper cups with ice for me.

The desk staff is officious but friendly but overwhelmed. There were no beach towels one day ($15 deposit per towel) because it was too late. The next day they weren't back from the cleaners.
There is a mountain of deposits and receipts to keep track of.
The towels, deposit and receipt for the key to the room safe, parking permit, hotel "passport" to allow you to charge things.
The most fun was going to the pool and there is a public beach right below where the Mediterranean was just great.
Overall, they seemed to have trouble running a hotel that size.
It reminded me of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach except at the Fontainebleau everyone speaks Spanish and at the Estepona they speak English!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 24th of August 2006

Excellent all round

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"We have just returned from a wonderful fortnight at the H10 Estepona Palace. From as you walk in to the beautiful reception area, to the minute you leave, you are served by friendly, efficient staff; in fact, they are easily the best staff we have ever encountered at a hotel. We stayed half board, and the food was just first class: breakfasts comprised plenty of fresh fruit, full cooked, cereals, toast, salads, yoghurts... you name it. Dinner again offered a fantastic choice, easily the best we've seen. There must have been a choice of ten main courses, plus delicious vegetables, salads and desserts. Included in the main courses, every day, there were at least two fish options (eg sole, hake, salmon, trout, tuna, swordfish). We had a magnificent room, overlooking the Med, with balcony, and went to bed every night with the sound of the waves breaking on the beach. The rooms are spacious, clean and tastefully furnished in modern Spanish style (lots of light-coloured marble). The location of the hotel is right on the beach, and is about 20 minutes' (fast) walk from Estepona town centre. If you need things like drinking water or snacks, there is a garage about 100 metres if you turn left outside the hotel. If you turn right and walk fairly fast for 15 minutes along the same road that the hotel is in, towards the port, you will find an OpenCor supermarket, open seven days a week till about 2am. For a better supermarket, at the same location as the OpenCor, look up over the top of the roundabout, and up an embankment, partially hidden, is a superSol. This is open six days a week, 9/9, and closed Sundays. Lastly, if you have any problems at all, the hotel has an excellent PR lady called Anna, who will sort out anything and everything for you."

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  • Travel date: Sun 21st of May 2006

This was billed as a 4* star hotel but d...

Reviewed Sat 20th of May 2006

"This was billed as a 4* star hotel but did not live up to the ratings. First impressions were very good but as the week went on the overall feeling was not good. The service in the restaurant and bar was not good.

The staff were very friendly but seemed to be all new and didn't have a clue what they were supposed to be doing. There were no daily activities the week we were there as the brochure had promised. The mini bar was only restocked once, bed linen only changed once and pool towels had to be collected from reception with a large deposit.

I would not go there again, it does not compare with other 4* hotels we have stayed in. "

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  • Travel date: Sat 20th of May 2006

very bad service

Reviewed Wed 28th of November 2012

"The service in this hotel is the worst we have ever experienced. We stayed there for 5 nights. When we checked in, we were shown to our room which was bright, modern and clean with a good view. The adjoining door to the next room was open on both sides, there were people arriving in that room also! We had to wait for 20 mins for them to send up someone to close it. The mini bar was completely empty (we only wanted some cold water) and we had to ask 4 times over 2 days for it to be filled. Eventually it was filled and we discovered that the fridge was broken and everything was warm. When it was filled the manager left a note in the room to say he was sorry for the delay and to attend the PR desk if we had any other problems.
Friends of ours were staying in the hotel on their honeymoon at the same time and we wanted to send them a bottle of cava to their room. We went straight to the PR desk to order it in the hope that the service would be better. We asked that it would be in their room at 1pm when they were due to arrive. It of course was not there when they arrived so we asked again and they said it would be there at 3pm, it did not appear and then they said it would be sent up at 7pm. Eventually, it was delivered to an empty room as our friends went out for dinner at 8pm and they returned to warm cava and melted ice! Incidentally, when we checked out 3 days later, they tried to charge us for 2 bottles of cava!
Breakfast is served until 10.30am. Each morning we would go down at 10am or slightly before and there was NEVER a clean, set table ready. The dining room would be less than half full with the remaining tables dirty or without any table settings. The dining room manager did not seem to care! At night time when we went into the bar for a drink, the service was extremely slow (due to understaffing) and you could be waiting 20 mins for a drink each time you ordered one.
It is such a pity that this modern, clean hotel is so poorly staffed and managed."

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  • Travel date: Sun 30th of April 2006

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