Playabonita Hotel

Crta. N-340 Km. 217 - Urbanizacion Torremuelle, 29639, Benalmadena Spain
4 star hotel

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Playa Bonita is a super hotel. All bedro...


"Playa Bonita is a super hotel. All bedrooms have a sea view with 2 queen sized beds!

The food is excellent, the only problem being that you don't have a 'fixed ' table, so that if you arrive in the dining room at a busy time, you may have to hunt down a free table!

The hotel is out on a limb and I knew that, as I have stayed at this hotel when it was a mere 3 star and called Costa Azul, but there are some courtesy buses that go a couple of times a day into Benalmadena or Torremolinos, plus the bus stops outside the hotel.

What no-one talks about is the fantastic, air conditioned train service that operates every half hour. There is a station up the road from the hotel - yes, it's a bit of a hill to get there but there's a small bar if the effort is a bit much!

Use the ticket machine at the side of the platform - yes, you will be able to understand it, I managed and if you're going to Benalmadena then you want Arroya del Miel.

Benalmadena beach, marina etc is downhill from the train but take your time to enjoy the shops, bars etc.

I would recommend Playa Bonita to anyone who prefers not being in the thick of things and is looking for a luxury hotel, but being a couple who like to go out and about on an evening, I found it expensive and a farce getting a taxi back at night!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 7th of January 2007

Unfortunately for us the weather was pre...


"Unfortunately for us the weather was pretty awful, which did spoil the holiday for us and the kids. We only managed 2 nice days out of 7. We went in the October kids holiday week and found that the hotel was winding down for the winter.

The hotel and rooms are very clean and maid service is very good. However, the hotel is situated on a cliff and the layout is very unusual and took some time to adjust to. The restaurant is on floor 7 and the reception on floor 8. Another disadvantage is the walk along to the outdoor pool. This was accessed through a metal gate which you need to use an access card for.

However, the kids club was excellent and my kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Top marks to Raffa, Victoria and Rebecca. They made my kid’s holiday enjoyable and really work hard day and night.

The restaurant was disorganised chaos and was not an enjoyable experience. The staff are very slow to replenish the food and the choice was very limited. They obviously did not anticipate how busy the school holiday week would be and did not have enough tables or staff on to accommodate.

I was also not impressed with Benalmadena and it was quite a long way from anywhere. A bus stop is situated nearby but be where the buses get very busy especially when the weather is not good as everybody is trying to find something different to do. The only places I would recommend would be Fuengirola zoo and the town of Mijas which is also a nice escape from the awful towns below.

I would not return to this hotel or place.

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  • Travel date: Sun 29th of October 2006
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