Santa Susanna Holidays

Boats on the beach at Pineda Del Mar near Santa Susanna
Boats on the beach at Pineda Del Mar near Santa Susanna
Santa Susanna is located in northern Spain and is one of the closest holiday resorts to the city of Barcelona. Although the town dates back to the 12th Century, much of what you’ll see today was constructed in the last few years as the resort underwent rapid growth. You’ll still find well-preserved medieval ruins in the town, and there are some beautiful ancient churches and chapels to visit if you feel like exploring the local culture.

Although a rather small town, Santa Susanna has a huge number of fantastic cafes and bars. International, Spanish and British dishes are widely served and local seafood features heavily on menus. Nightlife is mostly found near the hotels and many of the larger complexes frequented by those on package holiday deals have comprehensive entertainment programmes. There are some bars in Santa Susanna but the emphasis here is on families and relaxation rather than partying.

Holidays in Santa Susanna often involve long, lazy days on the breathtaking sandy beaches. Boasting three main beaches, Santa Susanna is the ideal destination for those who want to spend their days swimming, relaxing and soaking up the sun. Llevant Beach is perfect for families as it has its own activity club for kids during peak season, as well as volleyball, football and water-sports. Caletes Beach and Dunes Beach are both slightly more laid-back but still have excellent facilities.

Those on package holidays in Santa Susanna will almost certainly want to take advantage of the resort’s proximity to Barcelona and spend a day or two in this amazing city. Easily accessible by train or bus, it’s a great way to spend a day, but remember that the city gets extremely hot and humid in the summer months, so try to visit on cooler days.
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