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The hotel itself was very clean and the...

Reviewed Wed 20th of September 2006

"The hotel itself was very clean and the cleaning staff are excellent. The apartments were ok but the view from the balcony on the left hand side apartments was appalling. There was a car park with a very dusty road and each time a car drove past you can imagine what blew into the apartment. Also the people from the cars would walk past you as you sat there.

We could not believe the kitchen had a locked pull down shutter, just like what they cover shops with and you didn’t have access to it unless you paid 70 euros which was refunded, providing you didn’t steal or break anything, but it was a lot to deposit especially if you were leaving very early on the day of departure as what use is 70 euros then.

How can you call this self catering if you haven’t got the use of a kitchen? The resort was great and the best place to eat was called THE ORIENT EXPRESS about a 10 minute walk along the front. Don’t bother staying in at night as the entertainment was absolutely awful, the kids were bored stiff. It was the same two people singing in Spanish 3 nights out of 7 and they were the cheapest entertainment the hotel must have found. With the price of the bar drinks they could well afford to spend a little on entertaining their guests. The pool area is fabulous. Would we go again? I doubt it.

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  • Travel date: Wed 20th of September 2006

The Tour operator provides tickets for W...

Reviewed Mon 21st of August 2006

"The Tour operator provides tickets for Water World Park, however you can get a family ticket cheaper. The free bus is a nightmare to get on (both to and from the park) there is no queuing system in operation and gets a bit scary for some especially if you have children; we got a taxi there and walked back.

There is another "theme park" called marine world, which is far more family friendly, which also provides a free bus, the scramble for this is slightly more bearable.

The hotel/apartments themselves are first class, very clean with fantastic amenities, and very well located, the only downside is the evening entertainment, which on 2 or 4 of the evenings is like a throwback from the 70's, and would send a glass eye to sleep. There are predominantly occupied by Europeans (French, German, Spanish and Greek) with very few British occupants, this is not always a downside however it did prove to be a slight problem for the kids when it came to mixing with other children."

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  • Travel date: Mon 21st of August 2006

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