Camping Castell Montgri

Ctra. Torroella-Estartit, Km. 4,700, 17258 L'Estartit Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 4.5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 1 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 3.5 cleanliness
  • 3.5 location

24 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

The Hills Have Sighs


"Just returned from the campsite after a ten day stay. My party of 6 stayed in a executive lodge half way up Mount Everest (or so it felt). Everyone in our group, bar myself, hated walking up the hills to the lodge.

The camp itself seems to suffer a little due to its overall size. Too big, not enough atmosphere for me, I like to mix with people but found it more difficult here. I have been to Camping La Siesta at Palafrugell three times and really enjoy it there, it is smaller and more personal.

My young boy enjoyed the camp, especially the gravel football pitch and the machines. Beware the football pitch though, there were lots of kids who suffered injuries due to falling on the gravel/grit.

The supermarket is expensive (but, ahem, bottles of San Miguel are apparently cheap!), so try using the local Lidl store - bargains galore.

Overall, it's an OK campsite, plenty to do, entertainment is OK on an evening, though did see a few drunken teenagers. Have already booked for Camping La Siesta at Calella de Palagrufell and the charms of Toni's Bar and La Franc for 2007.

Hasta pronto!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 13th of September 2006

steer clear. i need another holiday


"This was our first holiday abroad, and was extremely disappointed with this campsite, dirty, unfriendly, expensive the list for me unfortuately goes on and on. We arrived and it took 50 mins to book in at reception, this is the last thing you need after a long journey, especially with young children, and things did not improve after that, dreadful entertainment and music, and whoever goes there will be saying `ready steady go' for a couple of weeks after.
We picked this campsite as we have 1 teenage son, and as it said catered for teenagers, thought this would be ideal for him and ourselves, but the fighting between the netherlands and english made it imposible for us to feel we could let him go alone around the campsite very frustrating for a 13 year old to be cooped up with us for 2 weeks, young teens were seen drinking, fighting, being sick, and even having sex, with used condoms surrounding the sight early in the mornings. If you are an irresponsible parent and dont mind your child doing everything they should'nt then you will have the time of your lifes, otherwise steer clear.
I will definately use tripadvisor before booking anywhere else in the future."

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  • Travel date: Thu 24th of August 2006

Jurassic Campsite


"I have written this review with British tourists in mind.

I’ve been to this campsite 4 times now. Twice when I was a 13 and 14 back in the 1980’s and once with my wife (before we were married) back in 1989. With two teenage kids now, we decided to go back to re-live some of the magic we experienced during our trips in the eighties.

Our holidays over the last 10 years have always been at locations slightly away from any commercialised areas as we prefer to experience the cultures and cuisine of the locals rather than being subjected to the ‘Full English Breakfast’ and ‘Burger and chips’ locations that are so evident at some of the bigger European resorts. Anyway, we took the plunge and booked this holiday hoping that we could relax snorkelling at local beaches whilst the Kids had fun by the pool.

We arrived after a leisurely drive from the south of England and a great nights stop in Toulouse. Parking the car, we went for a drink at the bar next to the smaller pool, waiting for our reps arrival briefing at 4pm.
First impressions count and all of us were disgusted by the amount of litter all over the floor. We counted 12 empty coke cups on the floor around our table alone. This resulted in hordes of wasps annoying the hell out of you. NOT GOOD!!!!

We grabbed a table, sat down and ordered a drink. From our previous trips we were always delighted by the service the waiters offered. This was definitely not the case this time. Rather than a pleasant, experienced waiter taking the order with a smile, we got a spotty faced kid who refused to smile and seemed more interested in watching the football match that was being shown on the large cinema screen. Other waiters did not appear to be much more interested and annoyingly hovered for tips that they did not deserve.
Anyway, twenty minutes later, my ¾ of a pint of beer, two cokes and a Cuba Libré arrived with the bill. The price was ludicrous. Don’t get me wrong, money is not an issue at all for me, but when you consider that we found the same drinks in taverns off site at less than half the price it was clearly obvious that the campsite is exploiting the fact that most stay on camp and will blindly pay there prices. This was also evident in the seriously silly prices found in the supermarket. If you have a car, jump in it and go to one of the smaller towns. You can buy fresh food there at a fraction of the price you can on site. Again, (in my opinion) the campsite exploit the facts that a number of people do not have transport and are stuck to buying at these silly prices.
The main restaurant above the Karaoke bar is the only place we found good food. We ate there a couple of times and the service was very good. On one occasion, my sons Pizza turned up 5 minutes after our main courses had been served (annoying, but no big issue) and we were given a free bottle of wine.
The rest of the restaurants on the campsite serve your usual serving of fast food. Filling and quite tasty, but nothing special and again way over priced compared to off the beaten track tavernas.

The most disappointing aspect for me on the holiday was the entertainment. At 36 years old entertainment was difficult to find. There were some decent shows, but these only punctuated the awful music played by DJ Mark. I think that DJ mark died in 1985 and no one knows how to change the music. If you like spending 14 nights listening to the Birdy song, Time warp and a whole host of kiddie orientated dance music then fine, but maybe a little bit of music for us oldies would be fine. Even my kids got fed up with the music after 3-4 nights. (Trust me, the play list does not change. All he does is presses shuffle each night, so the same rubbish appears in a different order !!!)
Sit down and look around the main bar at 6-7 pm and you will find tables full of pint glasses. It’s happy hour and Brits abroad strike big time here. Lot’s of teenagers in England football tops and beer-bellied, red-faced fathers filling themselves up whilst watching second-class rubbish on stage.

So, with regards to entertainment, in summary, if you want to nip down your local pub at 7pm on a Friday night, you can save yourself two thousand pounds and get the same level of entertainment and glorious company.

In defence, the kids had great fun and made a lot of friends. This is the reason we came here and this is the only reason we did not leave early. The pools are busy but fun and the accommodation can be of very high quality depending on how much you spend.

Overall though, we found it very disappointing and would not consider returning.
If you want to spend 2 weeks sitting by the pool during the day and eating cheap fast food with limited entertainment for adults then this is the place for you.

If you prefer to sit by the caravan with a few friends eating good food and good wine whilst the kids disappear off, then in our opinion there are so many more locations in France and that are nearer and far superior.

Castell has not kept up with the times and our only comparison would be to say that it's a cross between Benidorm and Blackpool under canvass. Cheap British fun that I though disappeared with the birdie song!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 20th of August 2006

Perfect for letting teens try their wings


"We last holidayed here with Keycamp in August 2005 and are more than a little sad that we are not there right now. This has been our home from home for the last eight years while our children blossomed from naive teenagers to mature young women. This campsite provided us with the ideal opportunity to allow them freedom whilst knowing they were safe. The security at the main gate meant that they were safe to roam the site and all it's facilities with their friends and we were able to relax by the truly stunning pool with amazing views. The resort of L'estartit is a short walk away and the beach is clean and gently shelving making it safe for children. The restaurant in Castell Montgri would get a bit 'samey' if you ate there every night but there are loads of great (and cheap) restaurants on the way to, and in, the resort (there is no 'all inclusive' here after all!). Yes, it is very hilly and unsuitable for disabled travellers, not sure if they would accommodate you on the lower slopes if you had a problem with inclines. Keycamp have an area that seems to be the best....not too far from everything but far enough to avoid the noise! Everything stops at 12mn and then the underground disco is the only place to be if you are that way inclined....never heard any noise from that....the soundproofing must be excellent. All in all we had a great time here and I'm looking forward to bringing our grandchildren back one day!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 18th of August 2006

Chav city...


"You might as well go to Sheffield for a week....
Its full of chavs with bulldog tatoos and soverign rings...
Anywhere outside of Manchester that has a place called Norah Battys chippie or a 'british pub' called the fighting cocks needs a very wide berth....
Enough said"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 11th of August 2006

no way!!!


"no way!!!
montgri rocks!!!
i was working there this summer, and its one of the best campsites i remember being on!
the disco was admittedly not brilliant, but it got pretty crowded in high season, great for meetin all the younger people on the site!
yea its on a hill, but who cares?! the views from the top are great, exercise is good! considering the lovely croissants, pains au chocolat, and other lovely things u get in the site supermarket for breakfast, u need to exercise! the LIDL (not LIDI) is a 5 minute walk! hardly a marathon! (and u can now get a Rose bottle of wine for 50c!)
why do u need to be ringing people from your holiday anyway?! any emergency u can get help at main reception before 8pm, after that the phones are open til midnight, and yes there are only about 5 or 6 phones, but u dont need them! let alone ANOTHER lot at the top of the hill!!! the take-away prices are fine! beautiful delicious pizza for 7Euros is hardly gonna break the bank! and for 20 Euros u can have a meal in for 2 - pizzas, bottle of wine and a desert!!
so dont listen to the petty complaints, Castell Montgri is a great campsite and you should definitely check it out! (go with Keycamp!)"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 30th of July 2006

A real review


"The comments written below really do reflect Estartit well, but I totally disagree on the campsite.

My family and i have been to Castell Montgri now 4 times (over an eight year period). I have to say, that it really has let itself down this time. No longer is the term "cheap drink, cheap fags" there a reality. Sure, Spanish law has upped the ciggy prices as with the no smoking ban - all understandable, but it's still more expensive in Castell Montgri. When i can walk off the camp site and pay 1.50 euros a pint 9, as opposed to 3 euro's on site, alarm bells start ringing.

The on-site supermarket has basically everything you need, but at a huge price. I was advised beforehand to go to LIDI's, which is a small walk away from the bottom of the camp site. I was astonished at the related prices between the onsite supermarket and lidi's. On one trip to Lidi's, I noticed a bottle of win for 99c, obviously I thought this would be like vinegar, but to my surprise, it was actually quite nice. We managed to get a full weeks shopping in Lidi's for just under 60 euros. I'm sure (in fact, I'll bet my life on it), it would be more than quadruple in the campsite store.

As I said beforehand, my family has been going to Castell Montrgi for 8 years now (4 trips). All 3 trips before this one has been excellent, not a fault. But, they really are robbing people now. They know that people are going to shop in their store for convenience , and they KNOW people are going to pay those prices.

The entertainment on-site hasn't changed much for 8 years, infact neither has 'D.J. Mark's playlist', which comprises of agadoo, YMCA, Fast food song, etc... I know this is a family holiday, but for christ sake I'm only 35. I like fun too! The "niteclub" doesn't cut it for me, and probably anyone else over the age of 18.

To sum up...

Castell Montrgri WAS excellent (< 3 years ago), but times have changed. If they beefed up the tired "entertainment", got some new songs for the kids to dance too, made the takeaway food just as cheap as it was 3 years ago (and the bar). If the supermarket was fair priced, if they installed phoned on the UPPER part of the hill, if they allowed taxi's to take you to your caravan - it would all be perfect.

It's a shame, I've enjoyed 3 holidays to the resort beforehand, but now they really are just taking the piss. Stay well clear, trust me.

John Hardie"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 7th of July 2006

Camping at Castell Montgri


"We camped at Montgri for many years whilst the kids were growing up and we had many superb holidays under canvas. We were always treated to good service on the site and the entertainment was first class. We made many friends during our camping expeditions and every year was an adventure, driving all the way from Preston to the Costa Brava.The kids enjoyed the pools and even the pool at the top of hill which had spectacular views over the surrounding country side. The beach at Estratit can be a little bit on the windy side so we found a smart little resort not too far away called L'Escala. The beaches are in my view better for the children with pontoons anchored just a short distance from the shore. If you do go to L'Escala I would recomment the cliff top walk all the way to the end if you want an excellent vista of the Bay of Roses. This is picture postcard stuff, I can assure you.
The Chinese restaurants in Estartit are also excellent value for money. I cannot fault the entire area and it's facilities at all."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 5th of June 2006

A pretty, lively, campsite and great 4 Teens


"Camping Castell Montgri, 17258 L'Estartit, Costa Brava Spain.
Telephone +34 972 75 16 30

This campsite has almost everything for everyone, but especially good for families with older teens. They will love the underground disco for over 16's, but it is surprisingly quiet for everyone else!
All the major camping companies use this site, so there are plenty of British, and also many Dutch, and the staff are Spanish, which give a real European flavour.

A short walk from the small town of L'Estartit this large campsite is set on a steep hillside. There are some lovely views of the surrounding countryside from the pool and top bar.

The swimming pools are lovely and never seem too crowded. There is plenty of room to sit or sunbathe around the area too.The supermarket is well stocked for British tastes with a Spanish influence.

A reasonably short drive from Barcelona airport and plenty to see in the surrounding area.

Only down-side for us was the evening entertainment did not cater for our needs (40 somethings parents who still like fun!)
There was plenty for kids and teens, but we would have liked a dance too. Most people were not interested in magic shows or novelty acts.

However I would still recommend this campsite and would return myself."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 16th of February 2006



"Stayed at Castell Montgri for 1 week. The people are friendly, very young area, the resort was nice.

Apart from ants and the odd Black water (apparantly happens once in a while...) I can't really fault it.

The scenery is visually beautiful. This is a young resort and filled with thirTEENs going on 25 but hey we were all young once.

Drinks were fine, but food was a problem, best to take many home comforts as the resort supermarket is a rip off and the nearest known shop was Lidl!

Will go back again and actually see the sights, I have heard there is a theme park situated at the top of a summit plus the castle looked pretty...."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 11th of October 2004

Bad public relations


"Last night my father was physically assaulted by another person on the campsite in front of a security officer for the campsite.
My father was pushed so hard he slide right across the ground and hit his head very hard of a chair and the ground and my eight year old daughters foot was also hurt.
We asked for the police, the security guard was going to call the police, until he spoke to his boss. This man spoke to me, asked me what had happened and as i was trying to tell him he would not let me finish explaining properly and told me not to make a big deal of it. He told the security guard not to call the police.
This man was to interested in recording the show,
My Father did not get an apology from any one and the man who assaulted my father was left to stay at the panorama area and on the campsite.
I am so upset that this has happened as we have been coming here on and of since 1994 all together around 13yrs and where thinking of coming back next year, but now we will need to think very hard if it is worth spending money to come here, when we are treated in this way."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of July 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

Sun Holiday's


"You get what you pay for, or do you?
We booked a weeks holiday with The Sun Newspaper who also booked our ferry....if you are deciding to do the same please check, they booked us on a 6.40am ferry on the day we started our took us 24 hrs in total to get to the campsite with a 2 hr nap, we wouldn't of got to the campsite until around 2am, so had to book our own ferry & lose £75 that they had taken to book our previous ferry
We booked travel insurance which didn't turn up so I rang & asked if they could email, sorry we don't email, we'll send another insurance paperwork out,still didn't arrive so rang again, it should of been with us but...yes...they'll send out another lot of insurance paperwork
We've been back now two weeks & still no travel insurance paperwork has arrived
The caravan was the highest part of the camp you could get but didn't mind too much until I had a chest pain from trying to move the marble parasol base
The caravan was very basic, clean but that was about it, bad worktops, dirty basin taps, marked toilet
The outdoor BBQ was a no-no
No air con just a fan when we asked for an upgrade which we would gladly pay we were told by the obnoxious Eurocamp courier there were non at the present yet a caravan next door stood empty for a week?
You do get what you pay for or rather don't get what you don't pay for
Entertainment was disappointing from previous years, monotonous, boring
Unless you book mid June-August the La Bassa pool (3rd pool) is closed
They did run a free bus into Estartit which was welcome at 32c
Club was good for over 16's, midnight until 3.45am
Pool staff very poor as baby was sick & vomit left there for over an hour
Waiters brilliant also serving staff
Daily meal offers repetitive
Supermarket expensive, Nutella 8eur 45, B&P just down the road 5eur 10
Gordan's Gin 14eur 99, Supermarket up the road 11euro 99
Yes I would go back there, NOT with Eurocamp & NOT with Sun Holidays"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 27th of June 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness
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    "Harveys on the front for good food and if you need to watch the match. bar Lestartit for good value "

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    "Make sure you have air con "

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