AR Imperial Park Spa Resort

Tossal de la Cometa 1-H, 03710 Calpe Spain
3 star hotel

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Great Break

Reviewed Thu 6th of November 2008

"Contrary to the previous review, we have just had an exactly opposite experience of Imperial Park. We rented a private bungalow directly, but made use of the restaurant and bars.

We have four children 11,9,4,2 - they all had a wonderful time. The food was excellent, the service first class - all staff spoke some or in case of the reception staff a lot of English and could not have been more welcoming or helpful.

Although the pools were open they were too cold to use, yet the children made friends and played in the sun and rain. We didn't have time to use the Spa, but it looks magnificent and the gym part although small is free. At a 50% discount rate of 14 euros for residents the full spa treatment looked good value. The views over Calpe and the Med are magnificent. If you were close to the town you wouldn't have them.

It is about 5 mins drive to Calpe town, which is very nice and has a lovely beach with climbing and play park facilities on it. Restaurants in town have a wide choice and the most we paid to feed six including drinks was 54 euros in any place."

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  • Travel date: Thu 6th of November 2008

The good points, this hotel looks nice a...

Reviewed Sun 2nd of March 2008

"The good points, this hotel looks nice and it is kept clean.
The bad points, it is not in walking distance of anything, its about a 10minutes drive to the nearest town, the staff were very rude you could clearly see that the English were not welcome (as they make most of their money by Spanish people coming there every weekend) the food was always cold, even if you got there as soon as it opened. We were all inclusive there was meant to be snacks laid on, outside the meal times but there never was, you didn’t get much drink choice either being all inclusive, the staff were not helpful or polite at all, hardly spoke a word of English there was no entertainment nothing to do there at all. They do have a really nice spa there, but you do have to pay extra."

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  • Travel date: Sun 2nd of March 2008

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AR Imperial Park Spa Resort is also called

  • Imperial Park Residencial
  • Imperial Park Residencial Calpe
  • Imperial Park Residencial Hotel Calpe

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