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We arrived there and the room we were gi...

Reviewed Sun 27th of April 2008

"We arrived there and the room we were given was really spacious, clean and modern but no balcony. We were told we had to pay another 84 euros for a room with a balcony, it's my own fault because there were 2 options when I booked but I choose the cheapest one I didn't know the price I chooce didnt have a balcony. When we were upgraded the apartment was absolutely massive and you could happilly live in it long term if you lived over there it was that big. It consisted of a twin bedroom, and a large very comfortable double sofa bed.

The location is great poniente beach is literally outside the door, you can see it from all the balcony rooms, and you can also see the harbour. We used to enjoy sitting there on a morning on balcony watching the elderly spanish people doing arobics on beach.

The area was mainly elderly spanish people on holiday, but there are english bars within a very short walk as well as english cafes down side streets leading off from the street the hotel is on.

The only downside was the pool was very small, and the sunbeds were not by the pool you had to go through a corridoor to get to the pool from the sunbed area.

But overall I would definately go back to these apartments, I could never stay in the New Town I had a walk there and thought it was awful. I think Benidorm is a very nice place if you stay in the Old Town.


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  • Travel date: Sun 27th of April 2008

This year my friends and I decided to vi...

Reviewed Tue 19th of September 2006

"This year my friends and I decided to visit Benidorm and booked ourselves into Milord’s Aparthotel in the centre of the old town. First impressions, where quite good, exterior was nice, receptionist very friendly. So up we go to the 4th floor and room 401, nice but incredibly hot, considering there was air conditioning (or was there?). The rooms where nicely decorated but showing signs of ware and tear. The bedroom cupboards where full of sand and some walls had liquid stains running down them, these where clearly visible but no attempt had been made to clean them up. The balcony left a lot to be desired, it was extremely narrow and provided no comfort if you wished to sit out on it.

One of the reasons we booked Milord’s was the availability of air conditioning but this proved to be a great disappointment. On three separate occasions we informed reception that the air conditioning was not working, but they where having none of it, in the end we gave up the fight and bought a fan. Actually a few days later the air conditioning did kick in but instead of providing us with cooling air on a hot summers day we where treated to the wonderful essence of human excrement, ah what joy noting better that a good deep breath of ****, well moving on.

Next up the housekeeping, or indeed lack of housekeeping. We stayed at Milords Suites for two weeks and after 3 days became concerned that the bedding or towels had not been changed. We contacted reception and where informed that the sheets were only changed once a week, let me repeat that, once a week, three adults lying on beeches all day and going out on the town each night where expected to sleep in the same sheets for 7 days, maybe possible if the air conditioning worked. Now if that was not bad enough, we then had to ask for the towels to be replaced and where informed that this is only done every 3 days, what? Who made that decision, is there a premium on fresh towels and bedding in Benidorm or are Milords cutting corners to save some cash, what ever the answer, this level of service is totally unacceptable. When you pay almost £1000 for the accommodation can it seriously be deemed unreasonable to have your sheets and towels changed regularly?

To add insult to injury on our second last day, having arrived back from lunch I discovered that one of the house keepers had used my own beech towel to clean out an ashtray and then shoved it down the bidet and closed the lid, Milords personal touch I presume.

As Milord’s is in the centre of the old town you have got to expect and accept a certain level of noise but noting could have prepared us for the noise we experienced, from 7am until the early hours of the morning you are lambasted with car horns noisily expressing there drivers anger and frustration in mini gridlock, Benidorm style. If you believed a zebra crossing was for the safe passage of pedestrians from one side of the road to the other then that belief in Benidorm would see you in hospital or even dead. Drivers do not stop and allow you to cross, you have to build up the courage, cross your fingers (and everything else possible) and walk out onto the crossing, then and only then will they take note.

Milords was a major disappointment, from its useless air conditioning to its appalling level of customer service. I could not reasonably recommend it place to anyone.

As for Benidorm, well it is physically deeply depressing; it’s hard to understand why developers would create such a monstrous skyline, money perhaps, money definitely.

If you think you are getting a cheap holiday then think again, Benidorm is far from cheap and you can expect to pay prices equal to, and in some cases exceeding those in the UK. Lavante and Poniente beeches have got to be seen to be believed, Lavante is especially busy and at certain stages it becomes almost impossible to visibly see sand. Poniente is a little quieter but as you walk along you discover the slow death of this place, bar after bar, restaurant after restaurant boarded up.

On the plus side Playa Del Mal Pas cove is a lovely small beech right in the heart of town and overlooked by a beautiful Spanish church and bar. This area is easily the most picturesque place in Benidorm but hardly enough to keep you feeling positive for a period of two weeks (although we did try quite hard at the bar). Please be aware that the prices on the hill are higher than other parts of the town, but the views and sunsets make this worth that little bit extra.

Also we discovered some really nice places to eat, Rumours Café Bar, 14 Calle San Vicente in the old town was excellent and extremely cheap. Run by two English guys the breakfasts where wonderful and very cheap. The surroundings, modern and very clean, this place is highly recommended.

Aventi on Costera De l’Hostel again in the old town is a modern stylish restaurant serving some seriously tasty Italian and French dishes, maybe a little pricier that others but worth every penny.

So Benidorm was not exactly my idea of a holiday, physically it is deeply depressing, it suffers from the lack of a central shopping area with quality shopping and needs to get rid of some if not all of the tacky shops that litter every corner of the town. Although plus points are limited I would mention the cleanliness’ of the place, English councils could learn some serious lessons here.

I cannot think of one reason why you would want to spend your money and time in this place."

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  • Travel date: Tue 19th of September 2006

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