Panorama of Benidorm in Spain.

Benidorm Holidays

Benidorm embodies every element of Spanish allure in just one region, with award-winning beaches, vibrant nightlife and dancing, authentic Spanish cuisine, and of course, a cobble stoned town nestled along the coast with shopping, mingling, and good company. Based on a history that extends back hundreds of years, contributing to the cobbled old town and Baroque domed church that have made up the quintessential skyline of the oceanic town.

The region didn’t become a fan-favorite just because of its sun, beaches, and luxurious relaxation options. And it didn’t become a sought-after destination because of its boisterous nightlife; it became one as a unique historical location that has managed to stand the test of time and offer us the best of Spain today. As many would say, Benidorm is a town that has a "surprise up its sleeve;" if you only know where to look to find it.

By day, enjoy a beach "trio" along the Costa Blanca, all of them winning their fair share of awards as some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world. While exploring beaches, Benidorm is also home to Levante, a bustling town with a gorgeous promenade and plenty of water sports equipment for the daring thrill seekers. Poniente, to the west, offers a secluded escape for those wishing to quiet down and enjoy some romantic one-on-one time. Don’t forget about Malpas, also a tiny strip of sand protected by rocks that includes the regions most secretive sunbathing spot you won’t want to miss with your camera.

By night, indulge in locally made tapas while scents of chorizo fill the air, atop the Flamenco dancers and singers in the streets. Enjoy some street entertainment in the form of comedians, tribute bands, and a lively LGBT scene, as well as karaoke that will have you singing all night long. There is something for everyone in this Spanish haven.

Things to know about Benidorm

Average temperatures (°c)
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  • Currency: Euro Exchange rate: £1.00 to € 1.13
  • Timezone: Europe/Madrid (UTC+1)
  • Language: Spanish
Closest airport: Alicante (ALC)
Average direct flight times to Benidorm:
  • Belfast International (BFS): 3:10
  • Birmingham International (BHX): 2:40
  • Edinburgh (EDI): 3:10
  • London Gatwick (LGW): 2:30
  • London Luton (LTN): 2:30
  • London Southend (SEN): 2:25
  • London Stansted (STN): 2:40
  • Manchester (MAN): 2:50

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Things to do in Benidorm

Top attractions

  • Benidorm Festival: Every year, towards the end of April, Benidorm erupts in a festival that takes to the streets with entertainment, food, and yes, Elvis impersonators. It’s really a sight you won’t want to miss if you’re able to make your way over there that time of year.
  • Hogueras de San Juan: On the 24th of June, a massive bonfire filled with paper characters takes place in the center of town, signifying the rejuvenation and rebirth of the region.
  • 4 X 4 Safaris: Located close to the mountains, try and adventure on a 4 X 4 safari for half the day, witnessing breathtaking views and the beautiful terrain that unfolds across Benidorm.
  • The Benidorm Palace: Known as Spain’s closest thing to Vegas, spend a night at the Palace and take in the risqué shows that are full of spectacle, grandeur, and minimal clothing.

Of course, make time to go shopping at the many designer boutiques, like Versace’s main street location, filled with items you can’t find anywhere else.

Additionally, Benidorm is just a 40-minute drive through the mountains to Alicante. There, you can check out a chic marina that provides the perfect setting for showing off your best clothes, museums, and even a Medieval castle that takes you back to the island’s founding. While there, check out the town hall, and Dalí’s sculpture of St. John the Baptist. Like the rest of Benidorm, meander around the side streets, cobble stoned walkways and sun-soaked plazas that are littered with open-air markets, boutiques, and little cafes.


Benidorm is known for having three main beaches that attract travellers from around the world. Nestled along the Costa Blanca, there is plenty of beach for the local resort guests, providing you with access to pristine coastline that you can feel is all your own. Starting with Levante, you can have the nearby town and populous feel, walking along their version of a boardwalk while feasting your eyes on jet-skis, parasails, and more. This is a great beach for families and travellers that want something more to do when laying on the beach. When you’re done, simply walk into the cobble stoned town and sit back at a café or bar with cocktails made from local ingredients.

And then there’s Poniente, known for its relaxing seclusion. More so made for the solo or romantic travellers, Poniente is an adult-based spot that comes with award-winning spas and other relaxing services, reserved specifically for those staying on its resorts. Like Poniente, Malpas, too, offers its fair-share of seclusion. Cut off by rocks on the street, Malpas is where you go to get that Instagram picture that no one else will see. It has a forbidden sunbathing spot that will make you feel like a ship-wrecked mermaid with no cares or obligations left in the world.

Packed with kilometers of sand, white sand views that extend to the horizon, private portions of beaches, and 300 days of sun year-round, it’s easy to say that beaches are Benidorm’s biggest draw today.

Food & drink

You would be remiss if you didn't spend time sampling the different tapas restaurants, cafes, and bars scattered throughout Benidorm. While walking around, you can literally smell the chorizo as it lifts off into the air, made locally or sourced from mainland Spain that day. If you’re more of a seafood culinary expert, the sky is the limit when you holiday on an island that is surrounded by some of the most beautiful water in the entire world.

Add the Vagabond at 17 Carrer De La Palma to your dining list, known as an award-winning intimate restaurant in old town with one of the best wine cellars in the region. Using a traditionally French menu, you can still taste locally sourced Spanish wine and ask the sommelier to pair it perfectly to your dinner for you.

By day, you can certainly eat your way through the enchanting towns of Benidorm by sampling foods, meats, cheese, chocolates, wines, and more at the markets in old town. Available on Wednesdays and Sundays, immerse your taste buds in Spanish culture, sampling small bites that you can ponder for your evening dinner plans. Lastly, add Tapas Alley to your itinerary, known as a strip of eating that is devoted specifically to the Spanish form of appetizers. Eat with locals or make a stop at the famed La Cava Aragonesa, home to some of the best locally sourced wine in all of Spain.


Benidorm has everything you could want when it comes to nightlife: it has the usual loud bars with dancing in the streets and DJ sets until midmorning. But, it also has the old, historic bars where you can get local wine, a delicious cocktail, or something more relaxing while you take in the smells wafting off the nearby ocean.

For those that like entertainment, there is plenty to do and see that doesn’t involve drinking or clubbing. Get tickets for the local comedian shows, which can take place in venues or just out in the streets. Look out for street performers and dancers who can put on quite a free show. You can also take a stab at karaoke and sing your heart out at the local bars with patrons cheering you on. For an added twist, attend a drag bar and dress up for drag karaoke, purchasing tickets to one of their many dancing shows while you’re in town. Lastly, look for tribute bands, and other kinds of free musical entertainment that can really add the perfect touch to your evening.

If you’re looking to go all in, Ibiza style, try a big night out on Avenue De Mallorca, which is located inside Levante. The strip has tons of clubs, bars, and DJ venues, where you can catch some of the biggest names in Electronic Dance Music showing off their talents for dancers in bikinis, sun dresses, and scantily clad attire.