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Worst ever hotel

Reviewed Sun 18th of January 2009

"We booked a last minute holiday with Airtours. We were told when we booked that it was a nice modern hotel.
If you see this hotel advertised, give it a wide berth. The food is atrocious, the rooms are terrible. If you go anytime through the winter months it is freezing. The bathroom has slatted windows and the wind gusts through them. In all, we had a nightmare there, and many guests checked out and booked into another hotel at their own expense.
There was a party of 30 people from the Manchester area. Everey single day when we waited to speak to the Airtours rep, they were thyere waiting too. They had the same freezing rooms and could not eat the food.
I went to see the hotel manager who was sitting in his office with an electric fire full on. When I asked if we could have a heater for our room he said that the hotels central heating was enough. He wouldn't listen that there was no heating coming through any of the rooms on any floor.
Even after one day, we wished we was back home, we counted the hours and the minutes to get out of there."

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  • Travel date: Sun 18th of January 2009

this was the worst holiday we have ever...

Reviewed Fri 1st of February 2008

"this was the worst holiday we have ever been on, one bar open which was the pool bar, one pool open for adults but filthy dirty, one baby pool open but filthy dirty, no entertainment for a week out of our 2 week holiday, the hotel was shut for 2 weeks prior to us arriving, no exchange currancy for 3 days,for the entire holiday of 2 weeks there was no gift shop open,no open bars inside the hotel, a closed entertainment hall, the gym equipment was broken and the mirrors were smashed, aircon wasnt working all the time, food was tasteless, cold,no suitable food for my 3 year old, same discusting food all the time hence we ended up eating out the whole time.

everyone was complaining, do i need to go on, my advice is dont go there.

we are now taking this matter further and suggest you also do the same. "

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  • Travel date: Fri 1st of February 2008

Where do I start! We arrived to find th...

Reviewed Tue 11th of September 2007

"Where do I start!

We arrived to find that none of the staff spoke any English, the entertainment (that there was) was ALL in Spanish, the food was awful, the bars and restaurant staff all spoke Spanish so our order was wrong 9 times out of 10 and the list goes on and on!

We were also told there was 2 swimming pools, 3 bars, sauna, gym, all day entertainment and evening entertainment, snacks and also a lounge bar out off all of this there was only 1 pool and one pool bar open.

The beds in our rooms was made, nothing other than that! The maid even spilt a drink and left it up to us to clean it!

All I can say is don’t go!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 11th of September 2007

We spent a week at the Golf Trinidad. Th...

Reviewed Mon 9th of July 2007

"We spent a week at the Golf Trinidad. The hotel is about 25 years old and has had little refurbishment in that time.

The style is eccentric with much use of conservatory Perspex in some areas, particularly the dining room (or canteen as we called it).

The rooms are quite big with a small lounge area and are not unpleasant in a basic sort of way. The bathrooms are large but dated. However everything worked ok.

The cleaning of the bedrooms was excellent.

The pool area is dated with hard surfaces instead of lawns. There appears to be enough sunbeds and you can hire mattresses for 2 Euros.

The main negatives are the lack of decent entertainment(when we went in late June the hotel had only one bar open - the pool bar! Plus the dining room which is really lacking in atmosphere and feels more like a canteen- it requires a complete makeover. It is clean however. Watch out for the house white. If you are not vigilant you will get house yellow which is past its sell by date.

The food is generally awful. There is the occasional dish which is fine . Most of the time it is of poor quality, cold and very unappetising. After a week we were climbing the wall!

Be warned.

Overall I felt the hotel or its group had financial constraints which may have led to staff cutbacks - hence the closed bars etc. In our view the restaurant manager should be sacked together with all the cooks!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 9th of July 2007

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